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vrm.1.1 b, "While Rama is living there in Dandaka forest, a guise changing Rakshasi named Shuurpanakha, who is a resident of Janasthana, a place in Dandaka forest, is disfigured.
vrm.2.116 "O, darling! Here, a Rakshasa called Khara, Ravana s younger brother who is a boaster, victorious in battle, cruel and eater of human flesh, haughty and sinful having uprooted all the ascetics who dwell in Janasthana, is unable to endure you also.
vrm.3.18 Then she who is deformed neared her brother Khara who possess violent vigour, who is abiding in Janasthana and who is presently surrounded by his band of his hench Rakshasas, and before him she that Shuurpanakha fell onto ground like a thunderbolt from the sky.
vrm.3.21 b, "Kill those two, Rama and Lakshmana, as they are just humans, or else, if you are incapable of doing so, really what for is your stay here in Janasthana with your trivial stamina and trifling sinews like a stupid blemishing his clan, then get out of this Janasthana at once along with your hench Rakshasas.
vrm.3.22 Then that Rakshasa force with their ghoulish skin shields, weaponry and flags, issued forth from Janasthana, blaring blatantly and foraying dashingly.
vrm.3.22 Wielding maces, dart bolts, and spears, and also razor sharp axes, swords and discs, and dreadful power darts and power bolts that are flashing, iron maces, unusual bows, clubs, scimitars and pounding shafts, and even thunderbolt like weapons that are calamitous in look, that army which comprises fourteen thousand fiendish Rakshasas that are the followers of Khara s whim, has started from Janasthana.
vrm.3.23 Cacophonous and carnivorous predators and Vultures took over the nearby places of Janasthana and they made raucous sounds of many kinds.
vrm.3.27 "If I were to kill Rama you may gladly proceed to Janasthana, else if Rama kills me then you can adventurously proceed against him for a combat.
vrm.3.30 "When the strongholds of Rakshasas in your Janasthana are ruined with my arrows, the sages in this forest will move about everywhere, fearlessly.
vrm.3.31 Then on going hurriedly from Janasthana and on speedily entering Lanka Akampana spoke these words to Ravana.
vrm.3.31 "Oh, king, many Rakshasas positioned in Janasthana are killed, Khara is also killed in war, and somehow I have come here.
vrm.3.31 "Who is that dead and gone that has destroyed my indomitable Janasthana? Who is it that has indeed opted for no recourse in all of the worlds?
vrm.3.31 "He is blue black in complexion, a highly renowned one with matchless might and valour, a magnificent one such as he is he slew Duushana along with Khara in Janasthana.
vrm.3.31 "The question is whether that Rama arrived at Janasthana associated with Indra and along with all of the immortal Gods? Oh, Akampana, speak about it.
vrm.3.31 "Alike the wind associating with fire this Lakshmana is associated with that glorious and nonpareil prince Rama, and that firestorm, namely Rama, destroyed Janasthana.
vrm.3.31 "To whichever nook those Rakshasas smitten by fear of those serpent like are fleeing, they have seeing Rama alone standing afore them in that corner, and oh, merited king Ravana, in this way your Janasthana is totally ruined by that Rama.
vrm.3.31 b, On hearing the words of Akampana Ravana said these words, "I will to go to Janasthana to kill Rama along with Lakshmana.
vrm.3.31 "Oh, sire, Rama who is indefatigable in warring has ruined my security stationed at Janasthana, and in war he even brought down all of Janasthana which is undefeatable so far, such as I am, to me you have to render friendly help in kidnapping Rama s wife.
vrm.3.33 "I believe that you have no spies worth their profession, yet you are associated with artless ministers worthy to worship you, hence you are incognisant of the ruination of all of your subjects in Janasthana, including Janasthana.
vrm.3.33 "A single soul called Rama has eliminated fourteen thousand Rakshasas of dreadful deeds in Janasthana, even Duushana is killed, even Khara is also killed.
vrm.3.33 "That indefatigable champion Rama gave security to the sages, rendered Dandaka forest safeguarded, and he put Janasthana to rout.
vrm.3.34 "On recognising that Rama with his straight shooting arrows destroyed the night walkers positioned at Janasthana, and further on distinguishing that Duushana, and even Khara, is dispatched, it is apt of you to awake to a workable action.
vrm.3.36 "You are aware as to how my brother Khara, and the mighty armed Duushana, also my sister Shuurpanakha, and even the highly fiery Rakshasa and devourer of raw flesh Trishira, and even numerous other night walking Rakshasas who are cocksure of hitting their targets have made Janasthana as their residency, and while residing there they put the sages of that great forest that tread a righteous path to torture, of course, all this as assigned by me.
vrm.3.36 "You are equally aware of the stationing fourteen thousand braving Rakshasas in Janasthana, who are the followers of the wish of Khara, who are with fiendish exploits, and who are the troublemakers to the sages of Dandaka forest or to the intruders therein, aren t you.
vrm.3.36 "But recently those great mighty Rakshasas that are the residents of Janasthana, namely Khara and others, preparing themselves inordinately and wielding diverse weapons and assaulters, for their part had an encounter with Rama in a combat.
vrm.3.36 b, a "By whom my sister is disfigured stripping off her nose and ears, that too, without any enmity but just depending upon his own brawn, I would like to inveigle such a man s nymphean wife Seetha holding sway on her in Janasthana, and in that matter I want you to be my aide in Dandaka forest.
vrm.3.39 "If Khara positioned in Janasthana has firstly overstepped his bounds and attacked Rama, that too owing to Shuurpanakha, and if Rama of uncomplicated actions has eliminated Khara in self defence, what really is the transgression of Rama in that matter, you tell of that in the final analysis.
vrm.3.44 Raghava then on killing another spotted deer and on taking its flesh, he hurried himself towards Janasthana.
vrm.3.45 a "Oh, gracious lady, we have become the adversaries of these night walkers insofar as the elimination of Khara and others, and concerning the eradication of Janasthana.
vrm.3.46 b, a On observing ferocious Ravana whose activities are iniquitous, the trees of Janasthana are not in full sway, nor the wind is in full swing.
vrm.3.49 "I call the attention of the flowered Karnikara trees of Janasthana, you inform Rama that Ravana is thieving Seetha.
vrm.3.50 "If Rama of indefatigable deeds firstly eliminated Khara who is stationed at Janasthana, and who transgressed for the sake of Shuurpanakha, tell me what in actuality is the highly overstepping behaviour of Rama in that matter, whereupon you are stealing off with the wife of such a lord of world? "Instantly deliver up Vaidehi.
vrm.3.54 "You immediately take up multiple assaultive weaponry and begone from here to Janasthana speedily, a place now deadpanned for Rakshasas, which earlier was the placement of Khara.
vrm.3.54 "Throwaway your fright faraway and you stay in that Janasthana which fell void as the Rakshasas are voided by someone called Rama, and there you shall stay self assuredly and self confidently.
vrm.3.54 "Though highly forceful forces are deployed in Janasthana, Rama s arrows have utterly destroyed them, together with Khara and Duushana.
vrm.3.54 "While you remain in Janasthana you have to accurately bring me the information about Rama s activities and deportment.
vrm.3.54 "I am aware of your might in battle fronts for a number of times, as such I have commissioned you all in that Janasthana.
vrm.3.54 Then on picking up those words amiable to all intents and purposes of Ravana, those eight Rakshasas departed from Lanka on hailing Ravana, and they collectively journeyed in the direction of Janasthana with their imperceivable appearances.
vrm.3.56 "Had I been forcibly humiliated by you in the presence of Rama, you too would have been killed by Rama in combat and by now you too would be sprawling on earth, as with Khara in Janasthana, but you foxed him.
vrm.3.57 Owing to my devastating Janasthana I have become a harboured grudge for Rakshasas, am not I! As such, foretokens are appearing now, severely and severally.
vrm.3.57 b, Raghava came to Janasthana doubting overly, and the animals and Birds of Janasthana which look doleful have neared him whose heart has become doleful.
vrm.3.58 In this way while thinking emotively about that curvaceous Seetha, Raghava hurriedly returned to Janasthana along with Lakshmana.
vrm.3.64 b, a I will search all these places of Godavari, Janasthana and
vrm.3.67 To such a Rama who is tormented by anguish, Lakshmana said, "it will be apt of you to search this Janasthana alone which is rife with many Rakshasas, and replete with manifold trees and climber plants.
vrm.3.69 Thereafter, both the highly vigorous Raghava s have entered the impassable Krauncha forest, on going three krosa s from Janasthana.
vrm.3.71 b, a Ravana" conveniently stole my illustrious wife when myself and my brother exited from Janasthana.
vrm.4.52 "The king of all the world and one similar to Mahendra and Rain god, such an illustrious Rama of Dasharatha entered Dandaka forest with his bother Lakshmana, even along with his wife Vaidehi, but Ravana coercively abducted his wife from Janasthana.
vrm.4.56 "Just by giving boons to Kaikeyi, the quandaries like Rama s dwelling in forests along with Seetha and Lakshmana, as a result Rama s fury eliminating complete Rakshasas of Janasthana, and as a result Raghava s arrow exterminating Vali have come to pass.
vrm.4.56 "Who speaks to announce as though to quake my heart that Jatayu, the more precious brother of mine than my own lives, is slain? "How a combat occasioned between that eagle and a Rakshasa in Janasthana, and how am I hearing this name of my brother after a long time.
vrm.4.56 a "Thereby, oh, best vanara s, I wish to listen about the death of my brother Jatayu when he was in Janasthana.
vrm.4.57 Ravana" forcibly abducted his wife from Janasthana, namely Seetha, the princess from Videha kingdom, and a kingly eagle named Jatayu, who is a friend of Rama s father Dasharatha, has seen her while she was being abducted by skyway.
vrm.4.61 "I supposed that Jatayu as has fallen in Janasthana, but I have fallen on Mountain Vindhya, as a wing burnt and insensate eagle.
vrm.4.62 A Rakshasa named Ravana, the chief of Rakshasas, and an unkillable one even for Gods or Rakshasas abducts Rama s wife from Janasthana.
vrm.5.16 At Janasthana fourteen thousands of rakshasas of terrible deed have been killed by arrows equalling tongues of fires.
vrm.5.21 "O Rakshasa! While the army of Rakshasas was being killed at Janasthana which became the land of dead, this bad deed has been done by you being powerless.
vrm.5.31 Thereafter, hearing about the killing of Rakshasas in Janasthana, a part of Dandaka forest, in addition to killing of Khara and Dushana the Rakshasas, the enraged Ravana took away, Seetha, by deceiving Rama in creating an illusive image of deer in the forest.
vrm.5.33 "If you are Seetha stolen per force by Ravana from Janasthana, tell it to me who is asking if you please!"
vrm.5.34 You are indeed the same Ravana, who, abandoning your real form, appeared to me in the guise of a vagrant religious mendicant in Janasthana.
vrm.5.35 Then, Angada told Sampati a detailed account of events which led to the killing of that great bird at Janasthana, by a Rakshasa of terrific form, for your sake.
vrm.5.37 "Which Rama, who without the help of Lakshmana his brother, killed fourteen thousand Rakshasas in Janasthana what adversary will not have fear of such a man?" Rama", the excellent among men, is not compelled to be moved by troubles.
vrm.5.51 "Recognizing the killing of Rakshasas in the forest of Janasthana, about the killing of Vali and about the friendship between Rama and Sugreeva, realize your own interest.
vrm.6.9 What offence was done earlier to the king of Rakshasas by the illustrious Rama, whose wife that he bore away from Janasthana?
vrm.6.17 It is Ravana who, having killed a bird Jatayu, took away Sita from Janasthana.
vrm.6.28 Nearby is a warrior, dark of hue with eyes like lotuses, a chief warrior among Ikshvakus, his heroism is well known in the world, his sense of duty never wavers, nor does he ever transgress the righteousness, he knows to loose Brahmas weapon and is conversant with Veda, he is the most learned of the Vedic scholars, he shatters the firmament with his arrows, and rends even the earth, his anger is akin to that of Death, his valour equal to that of Indra his consort is Seetha who was taken away by you from a place called Janasthana, he is Rama who has come to wage war on you, O king! This man, having the radiance of pure gold, with a broad chest, having red eyes, with black and curled hair, standing at the right side of Rama, he is called Lakshmana, who is interested in the care and welfare of his brother, skilled in leadership of combat and excellent among the wielders of all weapons.
vrm.6.30 No man on this earth is able to narrate the qualities of Rama, by whom all the Rakshasas staying in Janasthana were killed.
vrm.6.34 That wonderful thing happened in Janasthana is an enough eye opener to you.
vrm.6.59 Here is he, under whose blows of arrows, fourteen thousand Rakshasas of terrible form perished, who had established themselves in Janasthana and were furnished with excellent weapons.
vrm.6.64 "How will you conquer, single handed, that Rama by whom several mighty Rakshasas were destroyed in Janasthana earlier.
vrm.6.64 "Are you not seeing those frightened Rakshasas though highly energetic who are now staying in the City, but who were earlier conquered by Rama in Janasthana?"
vrm.6.94 "Seeing that instance of Rama killing single handedly Viradha the Rakshasa, who was yearning for Seetha, is enough indeed to convince Ravana of Rama s strength and ability" "In Janasthana, Rama killed fourteen thousand Rakshasas who were doing terrific feats, with his arrows resembling tongues of fire.
vrm.6.103 O the worst of Rakshasas! Since you took away my helpless wife without my notice from Janasthana, hence you are not a person of prowess.
vrm.6.111 "The moment your brother Khara was killed by Rama in Janasthana, though surrounded by a multitude of Rakshasas, it became evident that Rama was really no mortal.
vrm.6.111 "The moment your brother Khara was killed by Rama in Janasthana, though surrounded by a multitude of Rakshasas, it became evident that Rama was really no mortal.
vrm.6.123 "And over there is seen in the forest of Janasthana, O Seetha, that illustrious tree under which the highly brilliant and mighty Jatayu, the foremost among the Birds, was killed by Ravana, for your sake, O sporting lady!.
vrm.6.124 "That joy and sorrow experienced by you in abundance while residing in Janasthana forest in completely known to me, O Rama!" "While you were busy in protecting all the ascetics who prayed you for safeguarding the interests of Brahmanas, this irreproachable wife of yours was taken away by Ravana.
vrm.6.126 "Offering salutation to all the hermits when Sharabhanga ascended to heaven, Rama who truly mighty, reached the region of Janasthana.
vrm.6.126 Fourteen" thousand Rakshasas, inhabiting Janasthana region, were killed by the great souled Rama, while sojourning that region.
vrm.7.94 From that time it passes by the name of Dandaka forest And it is otherwise called Janasthana because the ascetics used to perform austerities there.

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