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vrm.7.6 Thus accosted by the deities, that god of gods Janardana who bringeth fear unto foes cheering up the Devas, said unto them, I know the Rakshasa, Sukesa, as flushed with the boon bestowed by Isana.
vrm.7.6 Thus addressed by the mighty Vishnu, the gods, highly rejoiced, went to their respective quarters, extolling Janardana.
vrm.7.6 Do ye seek the shelter of him who holdcth the discus and mace in his hands, and who is clad in a yellow attire, of Janardana, Hari, even of the auspicious Narayana.
vrm.7.43 O king, all the monarchs, slain by Janardana.
vrm.7.61 And angry on beholding his wife slain, Bhrigu, imprecated a curse on Vishnu, the slayer of enemies race, saying "Being beside thyself with anger thou hast slain my wife, not worthy of being killed ;therefore, O Janardana, thou shalt be born in the region of mortals.

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