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vrm.1.3 Narrated are very many other amusing stories, Rama s breaking the great bow his marriage with Janaki after with the help of Sage Vishvamitra.
vrm.3.10 On hearing all of the words said by Vaidehi, in adoration of her husband, he who abides by virtue alone that Rama replied Janaki.
vrm.3.45 b, a Although she spoke a lot to him in this way, Lakshmana on his part has not moved out remembering his brother s order to stay guard to Seetha, and hence that Janaki, the daughter of Janaka, who is already agitated for Rama further spoke to him in the paradox of his not going out of hermitage.
vrm.3.51 That Jatayu on seeing teary eyed Janaki in the chariot of the Rakshasa forcefully lunged towards that Rakshasa heedless of arrows that are lunging at him.
vrm.3.68 a On stealing your ladylove Janaki, that chief of Rakshasas,
vrm.4.30 "Oh, the lord of human kindred, with you as her husband Janaki is not an easily attainable one for others, oh, highly honourable one, if it is said that none will be burnt if he nears the tongues of flaming fire, oh, brave one, it is not so, for Janaki is a flaming fire, and anyone nearing her in ill will will be burnt to ashes like a grass hopper.
vrm.4.40 Janaki" shall be scouted out on all those mountains, caverns and forests that are indicated by me, and even at places that are not indicated by me.
vrm.4.42 "There you have to put yourself in devoir and search for Janaki.
vrm.4.45 "I alone will bring back Janaki even from netherworlds, who might be shivering owing to enervation, and you my Vanara soldier colleagues, you all may stay behind now.
vrm.4.49 "We in oneness have searched there and thereabouts in the impassable forests, mountains, and rivers, and unfathomable cavities and in mountain caves up to their end, but we have not seen Janaki, so also that ill natured Rakshasa, the abductor of Seetha, is not seen.
vrm.4.58 Staying here I am clearly seeing Ravana and like that Janaki.
vrm.5.11 The strong Hanuma observing girls from Devas, Gandharvas and girls from Nagas did not see Janaki.
vrm.5.14 The wife of Sri Rama dear to Sri Rama, a chaste wife, soul captivating one, expert at moving in forest, that Janaki will definitely come.
vrm.5.60 What work is remaining to be done by us? We will go, after taking Janaki.
vrm.7.45 O high minded Rama, having long arms, it is for this reason that the vicious souled Ravana stole away Janaki, the daughter of king Janaka.
vrm.7.56 Hearing the words of the high souled Lakshmana, Janaki attained to excessive delight and became anxious to go.
vrm.7.108 And understanding from the story that Kusa and Lava were Janaki s sons, Rama mentioning her name said before the assembly "Send a good emissary unto the illustious Valmiki and let him communicate unto the ascetics that if Janaki is sinless and has lead pure life in the forest; let her give proof of purety by the great ascetic s permission.
vrm.7.110 By thy words shorn of sin, I have been convinced that Janaki is of pure ways.
vrm.7.110 Although I know that Janaki has not been touched by any sin still I have renounced her.
vrm.7.110 Yet if Janaki gives evidence of her own purity before the assembly I shall be greatly satisfied.
vrm.7.111 And being possessed by grief and anger and shedding tears he wept for some time and then said "My mind is about to be possessed by grief, which I had never experienced before, for in the very presence of mine the graceful Janaki, like Lakshmi herself, hath disappeared from view.
vrm.7.111 Formerly, in my absence, Janaki was once carried away into the city of Lanka, on the other side of the great ocean and I brought her back ;what wonder it is that I shall get her back from Patala ?O goddess Vasudha, do thou soon bring Sita in my view, or else, worked up with fire I shall give thee the fruits of thy negligence.
vrm.7.112 In Janaki s absence the whole world appeared to him as blank.

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