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vrm.1.1 Seetha", the best one among ladies, a possessor of all best qualities befitting to an ideal lady, the one who is as though fashioned by a Divine marvel, born in Janaka s family and became Dasharatha s daughter in law, and she who is the loving wife and an ever amiable alter ego of Rama, even she followed Rama to forests, as with Lady Rohini following the Moon.
vrm.1.1 Sugreeva" being the ablest among Vanaras summoned all of the Vanaras and sent them forth in all directions in search of Seetha, the daughter of Janaka.
vrm.1.13 b, a "You personally invite Janaka the king of Mithila, a valiant one and an advocate of truth, honouring his well and duly bearing in mind that he is a long time associate of our King Dasharatha, hence I am telling you in the first instance.
vrm.1.31 "Oh, best one among men, a highly righteous Vedic ritual belonging to King Janaka of Mithila is going to take place, and we the sages are going over there.
vrm.1.31 "Once Devaraata, the grandparent of the present king Janaka of Mithila, conducted a Vedic ritual and he indeed prayed only for this supreme bow with a best grip handle as the fruit of that ritual from all of the Gods and oh, tigerly man Rama, he got the same from them.
vrm.1.47 Today" we may gladly go to sleep here for a night, and oh, best one among men, and it will be apt of you to see Janaka, the King of Mithila tomorrow morning.
vrm.1.48 On seeing Janaka s auspicious city Mithila, all of the saints who are accompanying Vishvamitra, Rama, and Lakshmana, extolled it saying, "Splendid! Splendid!" and admired it highly.
vrm.1.50 Rama then travelled along with Lakshmana towards northeast direction keeping Vishvamitra afore and neared the hall of Vedic ritual of Janaka in Mithila kingdom.
vrm.1.50 Rama who is with Lakshmana spoke to the tigerly saint Vishvamitra, the Vedic ritual of noble souled Janaka is excellent, indeed with bountifully garnered paraphernalia of the ritual.
vrm.1.50 On hearing that Vishvamitra has arrived in Mithila, then the best king Janaka instantly forged ahead towards Vishvamitra, keeping his unreprovable priest Shataananda afore of the team, in deference to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.50 a Even the Ritvik s, the administrators of that Vedic ritual, of the great souled king Janaka arrived with post haste taking holy waters, and they have ritualistically offered that sanctified water to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.50 b, a On receiving that veneration from the great souled Janaka, Vishvamitra asked after the well being of the king Janaka, as well about the unhindered proceedings of that Vedic ritual.
vrm.1.50 b, a The king Janaka adjoining his palms then spoke to that eminent sage Vishvamitra, "oh, reverend sage, please be seated on this high seat, along with these eminent saints in their respective seats.
vrm.1.50 Thus Janaka spoke to Vishvamitra b, a On hearing the words of Janaka that great sage Vishvamitra took his seat, and king Janaka also took seat along with his royal priest Shataananda, and the administrators of that Vedic ritual, namely Ritvik s, and along with his ministers.
vrm.1.50 On beholding all of them seated all about in their respective seats as demanded by procedure king Janaka then spoke to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.50 So said king Janaka to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.50 On hearing the words of great souled Janaka, Vishvamitra whose anima is immeasurable, has announced that those two as the sons of king Dasharatha.
vrm.1.50 The highly resplendent great saint Vishvamitra has informed the high souled Janaka about the coming of Rama and Lakshmana to the Hermitage of Accomplishment, their stopping over there and elimination of Rakshasas at that place, their indefatigable travel along with him, beholding City of Vishala, seeing Ahalya, her reuniting with Sage Gautama, likewise their coming hitherward to gain a grasp of great bow of Shiva.
vrm.1.50 On informing all these incidents to Janaka as well as to Shataananda, who incidentally is the son of Ahalya, sage Vishvamitra paused.
vrm.1.65 And on listening the narration of Sage Shataananda said in the presence of Rama and Lakshmana, king Janaka said this sentence to Kushika s son, Vishvamitra, with suppliantly adjoined palms.
vrm.1.65 Thus Janaka sought leave from Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.65 When he is spoken in that way, the best saint Vishvamitra is pleased at heart, and praising Janaka, who too is pleased to meet the sage, immediately bid farewell to the best one among men, namely Janaka.
vrm.1.66 Then on performing morning time rites in the aurora of next morning, king Janaka invited great souled Vishvamitra, along with Raghava s.
vrm.1.66 On reverencing Vishvamitra and the noble souled Raghava s according to the formalities envisaged by scriptures, then the virtue souled Janaka spoke these words, indeed.
vrm.1.66 When said thus by the foreseer Janaka, who can foresee as to why Vishvamitra came with Raghava s this far, and thus asked him as to what next is to be done, that sage Vishvamitra, for he is presager and wordsmith, and who knows what is to be done next, said these words in reply to that valiant king Janaka.
vrm.1.66 But Janaka replied the great sage Vishvamitra when he was addressed thus, I shall firstly tell by which reason that bow has its place here.
vrm.1.66 So said Janaka to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.67 On listening to the words of Janaka, the eminent saint Vishvamitra indeed said to the king Janaka thus as, let the bow be displayed to Rama.
vrm.1.67 Then king Janaka indeed ordered his ministers, bring the divine bow which is decorated with sandalwood paste and garlands.
vrm.1.67 Thus clearly instructed by Janaka those high souled ministers have gone out from there and entered the palace chambers, and they came out with an eight wheeled coffer in which the bow of Shiva is ensconced, and those ministers got it tugged by five thousand tall men of illimitable energy who somehow tugged it very difficultly, and thus the ministers have re entered there keeping that bow afore of them.
vrm.1.67 ministers of the king have reported to their godlike King Janaka.
vrm.1.67 Here is that exquisite bow, oh, Brahman, which is held as a time honoured bow by the lineage of Janaka kings, and with which even the highly forceful kings are rendered inefficient to take aim with it, previously.
vrm.1.67 Thus Janaka said to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.67 Vishvamitra on listening the sentence of Janaka along with Rama, on his part said to Raghava, oh, boy Rama.
vrm.1.67 people swooned, except for that eminent saint Vishvamitra, king Janaka, and those two Raghava s, namely Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.1.67 While the people are being reaccustomed after their undergoing the shock, at that moment that sententious king Janaka, whose discomfiture has completely departed by now has said this to the eminent saint Vishvamitra with a reverent palm fold.
vrm.1.67 My daughter Seetha on getting Dasharatha s Rama as her husband, she will bring celebrity to the lineage of Janaka s.
vrm.1.67 So said Janaka to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.67 Vishvamitra said, so be it, quot and then that right minded king Janaka on consulting with his ministers started to send his ministers, plenipotentiaries, to Ayodhya to inform Dasharatha in detail as to what has happened, and likewise to bring him to Mithila.
vrm.1.68 Those envoys who are clearly ordered by Janaka entered the city of Ayodhya on sojourning for three nights en route, and whose Horses are overtired for they are galloped so fast to loose no time.
vrm.1.68 Oh, exalted emperor Dasharatha! Janaka, the lineal king of Janaka s and the present sovereign of Mithila is asking time and time again with mellowly words instilled with friendliness, after the wellbeing and after the
vrm.1.68 His highness Janaka of Videha, and the sovereign of Mithila, having asked after your highness wellbeing is sensibly saying this word to your highness, with the indorse of Kaushika.
vrm.1.68 On observing the valour of Kakutstha Rama, noble souled Janaka wishes to gift his daughter as bride to Raghava Rama.
vrm.1.68 If you all favour the tidings from the noble souled Janaka as to what has happened in Mithila, we quickly proceed to that city, let not the time lapse.
vrm.1.68 quot The ministers of king Janaka who are gifted with all talents are given grateful hospitality by Dasharatha, and they all dwelt that night in Ayodhya, overjoyed at the successful completion of their august legatine, called Seetha kalyaan.
vrm.1.69 and let Horses be yoked to my royal cariole, and as the messengers of Janaka are hastening me arrange for the travel without time lapse.
vrm.1.69 Travelling on a four day route Dasharatha reached the fringes of Videha kingdom, and on hearing this, the illustrious king Janaka arranged for welcome ceremonies at the outskirts of the city.
vrm.1.69 Then the king Janaka who is by far gladdened went into a state of ecstatic elation when he met the senescent king and paladin of people, namely Dasharatha, as the pace for the marriage celebrations is quickened because of the immediate arrival of Dasharatha.
vrm.1.69 And the best one among men, king Janaka, gleefully said this commendable sentence to Dasharatha, the best legatee of Raghu, "oh, king, a hearty welcome to you.
vrm.1.69 b, a On hearing that sentence of king Janaka the sententious king Dasharatha replied the king Janaka from amongst the sages.
vrm.1.69 On seeing his two sons, the super medallists in Raghu s dynasty, King Dasharatha is highly rejoiced and he resided in Mithila with a high contentment, for the reverence of Janaka is that high.
vrm.1.69 Even the great resplendent Janaka on performing ritual acts according to scriptures for the Vedic ritual on hand, and the preparatory rituals for handing out both of his daughters in marriage, went into the sleep of the just, with his palm on his chest.
vrm.1.70 Then on the next day morning after getting the ritual liturgies performed through sages, he that articulator Janaka articulated this to sage
vrm.1.70 So said Janaka to Shataananda.
vrm.1.70 That way when Janaka asseverated that enunciation in the presence of Shataananda, Shataananda in turn ordered and summoned envoys, and then some alacritous envoys have come, whom Janaka ordered to proceed to his brother.
vrm.1.70 On arriving in city Saankaasya those envoys have seen king Kushadhvaja and on submitting what has happened to the king about Rama s breaking of Shiva s bow, and they have also submitted the point of view of Janaka regarding marriages of four daughters.
vrm.1.70 On hearing that event from the worthy envoys whose speed is praiseworthy, king Kushadhvaja came right away to Mithila by the order of king Janaka.
vrm.1.70 Kushadhvaja addressed himself to the insightful one and a compassionate person in the duty of an elder brother, namely Janaka, and on reverencing sage Shataananda firstly, next he has reverenced his fondly affectionate brother Janaka, and then he sat upon a majestic seat, that which is befitting to kings.
vrm.1.70 Thus Janaka ordered Sudaamana, the minister.
vrm.1.70 On hearing that best minister s words, then king Dasharatha came to the place where Janaka is available, along with his kinsmen and the assemblages of sages.
vrm.1.70 b, a That sententious king Dasharatha said this to the king from the lineage of Videha kings, Janaka, who is with his mentors, kinsfolk, and ministers.
vrm.1.70 Oh, exalted king Janaka, you already appreciate that this godly sage Vashishta is godlike to the bloodline of Ikshvaku s, and in all affairs he is our internuncio.
vrm.1.70 his men of the cloth said these sentences to the king of Videha, namely Janaka.
vrm.1.70 Oh, best one among men, Janaka, from the beginning this bloodline of Ikshvaku s is spotlessly immaculate, immensely impeccable, indomitable, and irreproachable, and in respect of these kings born in this line of blood, oh, king Janaka, I espouse that it will be meetly of you to offer your seemly daughters to this seemly pair of Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.1.70 So said Vashishta to king Janaka.
vrm.1.71 When sage Vashishta said that way, Janaka reverentially made palm fold and said this in reply, "oh, sage, let safeness betide you all.
vrm.1.71 "And his son was named as Mithi, and Janaka was Mithi s son.
vrm.1.71 the first one to be designated as Janaka.
vrm.1.71 and even from that Janaka it is Udaavasu who took birth.
vrm.1.72 Then the eminent saint Vishvamitra together with Vashishta said these words to Janaka, the valiant king of Videha, who has just said about his lineage.
vrm.1.72 The Ikshvaku s and Videha s are unimaginably admirable and immeasurably distinguished dynasties, oh, Janaka, the best one among all men, there is no single king comparable to one from these dynasties.
vrm.1.72 Oh, king Janaka, these espousals of Seetha with Rama and Urmila with Lakshmana is behovely to each other s dynastical prestige and even it is befitting to the winsome charms of the brides and bridegrooms, but that being so.
vrm.1.72 Thus Vishvamitra advised Janaka.
vrm.1.72 On hearing the words of Vishvamitra that have the concurrence of Vashishta then Janaka reverently said this to those two eminent saints.
vrm.1.72 So said Janaka to the marriage party.
vrm.1.72 On saying those gracious words thus, king Janaka got up from his throne and coming nigh of both of the eminent saints, Vishvamitra and Vashishta, reverently said this sentence.
vrm.1.72 So said Janaka to the sages.
vrm.1.72 legatee of Videha is talking in such a hobnobbing way, and he replied king Janaka in this way.
vrm.1.72 Oh, kings of Mithila, Janaka and Kushadhvaja, you two brothers have reverenced inestimable sages and coteries of kings, as such inestimable good manners are treasured in both of you.
vrm.1.72 On seeking leave of absence from the sovereign of people, Janaka, that highly renowned king Dasharatha promptly departed from there, keeping both of the eminent saints afore, namely Vishvamitra and Vashishta.
vrm.1.73 Then that godly sage Vashishta on going from Vedic ritual hall to marriage hall said this to Janaka, Oh, best one among best people, oh, king Janaka, having performed the auspicious marriage thread ceremony, Dasharatha along with his sons is looking forward for the donor.
vrm.1.73 Janaka is not just a decidedly valiant king but he is the profound knower of probity also, besides being an unreservedly generous king, hence he has already made all arrangements, and when he is spoken in this way by Vashishta that king replied this sentence to that right honourable Vashishta.
vrm.1.73 So said Janaka to Vashishta.
vrm.1.73 On hearing that sentence of Janaka, then Dasharatha started
vrm.1.73 Then that king from Videha bloodline, Janaka, said in this way to Vashishta, Oh, the knower of punctilios, oh, Brahma sage, oh, masterly sage, along with other sages you make happen all of the marriage ceremonies of Rama, the rejoicer of the world.
vrm.1.73 Thus Janaka spoke to Vashishta.
vrm.1.73 Thus said, that godly sage Vashishta on saying, so be it, to Janaka, embarked on arranging Altar of Fire keeping sage Vishvamitra and the virtuous sage Shataananda afore of him, and that sage with great ascesis, Vashishta, has arranged an Altar of Fire in the midpoint of the cool thatched manorial marriage shed, decorating it with sandal paste and flowers.
vrm.1.73 b, Then that king Janaka led forth Seetha, who by now is decorated with every variety of bridal jewellery, and on positioning her en face Raghava
vrm.1.73 in the presence of Altar of Fire, then Janaka addressed Rama who is the enhancer of his mother Kausalya s rejoice.
vrm.1.73 So saying that king Janaka then poured forth water into the palms of Rama, which is sanctified with hymns.
vrm.1.73 On handing over his daughter Seetha who is duly sanctified with sanctified waters, King Janaka is completely overwhelmed with exhilaration for the successful performance of his bit as a father and he said this.
vrm.1.73 Janaka having said to Lakshmana that way, he also addressed Bharata, Oh, Bharata, the delight of Raghu s, take Maandavi s palm into your palm.
vrm.1.73 So said Janaka to bridegrooms.
vrm.1.73 b, a All the four bridegrooms are palminpalmed with all the four brides, paying heed to Janaka s words, and abiding in Vashishta s orchestration of Vedic hymns and procedures.
vrm.1.73 On performing circumambulations along with their wives around the Ritual fire, and around the Altar of Fire, and that way, around king Janaka, the awarder of wives, and around sages as well for they conducted the marriages well, those great souled bridegrooms that have emerged from Raghu s dynasty on performing further deeds of ritual consistent with custom as directed by Vashishta, they are all wed.
vrm.1.74 When that night is elapsing into the wee hours of next day, then the eminent saint Vishvamitra on asking for the leave of absence from those kings, Dasharatha and Janaka, and from both Rama and Lakshmana, he set out to northern mountains, namely Himalayas.
vrm.1.74 When Vishvamitra departed that ruler to the delight of people, namely Dasharatha, on asking leave of absence with king Janaka who outvies
vrm.1.74 Then that king Janaka of Mithila, the one from Videha lineage, gave innumerable patrimonial riches.
vrm.1.74 King Janaka gave beau idal bridal riches in gold, silver, pearls and corals even, for he is very highly gladdened as Seetha s marriage came true.
vrm.1.74 b, a Having given many kinds of bridal gifts and having accompanied his daughters for a distance, then having received a bid adieu from Dasharatha, that sovereign of Mithila, Janaka, re entered is own palace in Mithila.
vrm.1.77 b, a In her mien Seetha is identical with goddesses, and she is like personified Goddess Lakshmi, thus she is the reshaped Divine Prosperity, and as she hails from Holy Mithila she shall be held Holy, and since she is the daughter of Janaka, a loftiest sagacious and invincible king, she is sagely and stately, besides being shapely, and she with all these heaps of natural traits and characteristics, Seetha is rejoicing the heart of Rama.
vrm.1.77 When passionately conjugated with such a princess from the irreproachable king Janaka, Rama, the son of sagely king Dasharatha, has enthusiastically shone forth like the God of Gods and the Efficient Cause, namely Vishnu, when He is together with Goddess Lakshmi.
vrm.2.1 The hurried Dasaratha did not call for the king Kekaya, the maternal uncle of Bharata or the King Janaka as he thought they both could hear the good news even afterwards.
vrm.2.30 Seetha daughter of Janaka being pacified by Rama in the matter of living in the forest, spoke the following words to her husband.
vrm.2.31 "Oh, Lakshmana! At a grand sacrifice perfomed by Janaka, the great souled Varuna personally gave heavently bows which are dreadful to look at, divine impenetrable pices of armour, quivers containing an inexhanstible stock of arms, two swords decked with gold and with spotless lustre like that of a sun all these were kept at the residence of our receptor Vasishta, after paying due reverence.
vrm.2.38 "has this pitiable daughter of Janaka, the jewel of kings, done any harm to any one that, having obtained a bark of tree she is standing like a hermitess dumbfounded in the midst of men?" Seetha" the daughter of Janaka need not wear these barks of trees.
vrm.2.40 Look upon Seetha the daughter of Janaka as myself.
vrm.2.42 The daughter of Janaka, who was always accustomed to comforts, will wander exhausted in the forest through the thorny undergrowth Sita who was not earlier accustomed to woodlands, from now on will live in terror, hearing the roaring sound of wild beasts ,which was thundering
vrm.2.49 That hot tempered Kaikeyi is behaving in a rude manner, transgressing the bounds of propriety How Sita the venerable woman, the daughter of Janaka, who was delighted always in homely comforts can now experience hardships in the forest? What a surprise! The king Dasaratha, having no love for his son, now wants to abandon Rama who is so beloved to the people and is even faultless.
vrm.2.54 "Here is my blessed and irreproachable wife Seetha, daughter of Janaka who has accompanied me to the lonely forest suitable for religious austerities.
vrm.2.54 See some excellent Seetha suitable for a hermitage in some lonely place, Oh venerable sir, where Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, who is worthy of every comfort, may find delight in it.
vrm.2.55 Then Seetha the daughter of King Janaka was please to see the River Yamuna with wonderful sands and waters re echoing to the cry of swans and cranes.
vrm.2.66 Hearing Rama along with his wife have been sent to exile by the king as he was coerced as he was Kaikeyi to do an unworthy act, Janaka will profusely lament as I do.
vrm.2.66 Janaka too who is aged, and who is not having sons, will be thinking of Sita, over whelmed with grief and will surely abandon his life.
vrm.2.95 The lotus eyed Rama spoke to Seetha, the daughter of Janaka who was having an elegant waist and whose face resembled the moon: "Behold this charming river of Mandakini, with its multi coloured sandy beaches, frequented by swans and geese and laden with flowers.
vrm.2.98 Seetha", the illustrious daughter of Janaka, who is following the steps of Rama the Lord of the earth extending to the sea, has fulfilled her object.
vrm.2.104 Kausalya embraced the miserable Seetha as a mother her daughter, she who was emaciated because of her stay in the forest and afflicted with grief, and spoke the following words: "How has the daughter of King Janaka, the daughter in law of King Dasaratha and Rama s wife, fallen into such a wretched plight that she is living in a desolate forest?"
vrm.2.118 "A king of Mithila kingdom, named Janaka who was valiant and a knower of righteousness, was devoted to the duty of his warrior class and was ruling the earth in a fitting manner.
vrm.2.118 "The king Janaka, who was absorbed in scattering handfuls of seeds was surprised to see me, with all my limbs covered with dust.
vrm.2.118 "Placing me personally in his lap with affection, that childless king Janaka called one as his daughter, and was very fond of me since then.
vrm.2.118 "Perceiving that ill treatment threatening him at no distant date, the king Janaka was plunged into an ocean of anxiety and did not reach its end any more than a man without a bark would reach the end of a sea.
vrm.2.118 "In ancient days, Janaka received with affection from Varuna, an excellent bow with two quivers that should never lack arrows.
vrm.2.118 "Hearing the words of Vivamitra, Janaka caused the bow to be brought there.
vrm.3.2 b a On listening those arrogant words spoken in bad intent by that evil minded Viradha, Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, is much panicked.
vrm.3.2 "See! Gentle Lakshmana, see that illustrious princes Seetha, the daughter of emperor Janaka, one who is brought up comfortably in immense comfort, and my auspiciously traditional wife.
vrm.3.6 Thus giving his aegis to the sages, that valiant Rama who is firmly virtue souled, journeyed towards Sage Suteekshna with Lakshmana and the sages, and along with the one given by Honourable Janaka, namely Seetha.
vrm.3.10 "You have said beneficial, friendlily words that are seemlier to your disposition, oh, lady, which are apt to speak of your familial brought up, for you are the daughter of virtue knowing Janaka.
vrm.3.10 b, c That exalted soul Rama on saying those words to Seetha, his dear wife and the daughter of Janaka, wielding his bow proceeded further with Lakshmana to the picturesque woodlands of hermits.
vrm.3.12 b, a Then on going out to the exterior of that hermitage along with that disciple, Lakshmana has shown him Rama and Janaka s daughter Seetha.
vrm.3.13 The well worn trail of yours on pathway is strenuousness and painful for you two, and it is evident from the sweat above your necks, even much more for Janaka s daughter, Maithili.
vrm.3.30 b, a Janaka s daughter Seetha on seeing the hordes of Rakshasas eliminated, and even on observing her husband is also scatheless, she is all smiles for him smiling sniggeringly.
vrm.3.30 She whose face is beaming with delight that Seetha, the daughter Janaka, on seeing Rama who has eliminated Rakshasa troops, and whom great sages are worshipping, again embraced him and became rapturous.
vrm.3.37 "Has this Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, taken birth to end your life, or what! And because of this Seetha will there be a great disaster, so to speak! "Egocentric and rampant, such as you are, on acquiring you as her lord, will the City of Lanka be doomed along with her Rakshasas, and you put together, or what! "Any king of your like who is with a self will, ill will, ensorcelled by evil, and malicious in intent, that king alone ruins his own city state, his own people, even himself, as a matter of actual fact.
vrm.3.37 "Which Rama s wife is Janaka s daughter that Rama is indeed an inestimable resplendence, and it will be incapable of you to steal Seetha while such a Rama s bow safeguards her in the forest, besides the firewall called his resplendence.
vrm.3.42 b, a To see such a deer which is hitherto unseen, and which is as though studded with numerous gems, the daughter of Janaka, Seetha, went in to an intense wonderment.
vrm.3.45 b, a Although she spoke a lot to him in this way, Lakshmana on his part has not moved out remembering his brother s order to stay guard to Seetha, and hence that Janaki, the daughter of Janaka, who is already agitated for Rama further spoke to him in the paradox of his not going out of hermitage.
vrm.3.45 b, Women" by their nature are unbound by the etiquette of decency, whimsical, cantankerous and they tend to become the artificers of vicissitudes, and oh, Vaidehi, the daughter of Janaka, indeed unbearable are this kind of words that are much the same as burnt iron arrows thrust in between my two ears.
vrm.3.45 When Lakshmana spoke to that wailful daughter of Janaka, she on her part spoke this curt sentence to him, while tears whelmed her to a fault.
vrm.3.47 "I am the daughter of noble souled Janaka, the king of Mithila, by name I am Seetha, and the dear wife and queen of Rama, let safety betide you.
vrm.3.47 When Ravana said in this way, Seetha the daughter of Janaka, a flawless one by her physique, dishonoured and replied that Rakshasa.
vrm.3.51 The highly resplendent king of Eagles Jatayu swiftly rose to sky dashing practically to forestall Ravana, which Rakshasa s assault devices are all demolished by now save for a single sword, but who is cheerful to spirit away the daughter of Janaka, and actually spiriting away holding her onto his flank, and Jatayu spoke this to such Ravana.
vrm.3.51 But then Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, whose face vies with moonshine hugged eagle Jatayu, whom Ravana has subjugated with his forcefulness and felled down onto the surface of earth, and she wept over incessantly.
vrm.3.52 Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, with a complexion that is goldenly yellowish in the tinge of a lotus, moreover with her ornaments of purified gold, flashed like a lightning possessed in a dark cloud, when that stonehearted Ravana possessed her.
vrm.3.53 Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, on seeing the skyward flight of Ravana taking her along became highly frantic and remaining in highest dismay she is distraught.
vrm.3.55 b, c That Dasamukha Ravana on speaking thus to Maithili, who is the daughter of Janaka, deemed that she is mine, as he has gone under the sway of the Terminator.
vrm.3.56 But she that Janaka s daughter Maithili whose body is with a coverall of anguish, further on obtaining the control of Rakshasi s, she is as good as a she deer under the coverall of tigresses.
vrm.3.56 Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, who is already consumed by utmost agony has not obtained any placidity now as with a she deer bound by tether where timorousness is common to both.
vrm.3.57 "Oh, brave one, according to these many inauspicious forebodings that have manifested themselves to me, we might have lost Janaka s daughter Seetha, or the forest ranging Rakshasas might have devoured her, or else they might have kidnapped her, I am doubtless about it.
vrm.3.57 b, "Oh, tigerly man Lakshmana, I wonder whether we can at least make out the daughter of Janaka Seetha in her intactness and aliveness.
vrm.3.58 "I am unambitious for the rulership either on heavens or on the earth, oh, Lakshmana, without the daughter of Janaka whose aspect glisters like gold.
vrm.3.60 Otherwise, thou Arjuna tree, if thou knowest her who is a lover of thine Arjuna flowers and the ladylove of mine, thou telleth whether that slender waisted daughter of Janaka liveth or otherwise.
vrm.3.61 Though that legatee of Raghu is desperate for seeing Seetha, though he is highly anguished and agonised, though he bewailed this way, that Rama has not found Janaka s daughter, Seetha.
vrm.3.61 Oh, Rama of Kakutstha, if you consider that we shall search the forest in its entirety to locate where she that Janaka s daughter might be, let us quickly do so.
vrm.3.61 Oh, insightful brother, you will reacquire Janaka s daughter Maithili, as Vishnu once subjugated Emperor Bali and reacquired this earth.
vrm.3.62 b, a When the king of Mithila Janaka asks after the wellbeing of all the three of us after the completion of forest living, how do I have the
vrm.3.64 In the absence of Vaidehi, oh Lakshmana, really what is that unpleasant word I have to say to Vaidehi s father king Janaka, also thus to Vaidehi s mother in law and my mother Kausalya, when I meet them! a Which Vaidehi is the remover of all my sadness who am a destitute of kingdom and surviving in forests on forest produce, such as she is,
vrm.3.68 b, c Impractical is your anguishing for the daughter of Janaka, as you will delight yourself with Vaidehi in no time, on killing that Ravana in the vanguard of a war.
vrm.4.1 "That youthful, lotus petal eyed beloved of mine, that Janaka s daughter.
vrm.4.1 "What sort of well being can I say to that virtuous and truth speaking King Janaka, if he enquires about Seetha s well being among hosts of people? "She who accompanied me, an unfortunate one whom his father sent to forests, taking up a virtuous course.
vrm.4.6 Then Sugreeva who is gladdened again spoke to Rama of Raghu s dynasty, "My best minister and this servant of yours Hanuma informed me of the reason for which you have come to uninhabited forests along with your brother Lakshmana, and that while living in the forest, and when you and this courageous Lakshmana are not her alongside a Rakshasa stole your wife Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, wailing as she was.
vrm.4.44 "By this emblematic ring, oh, best Vanara, Janaka s daughter Seetha identifies you to have reached her from my proximity, without apprehension.
vrm.4.44 "Oh, highly powerful Hanuma, I rely upon your vivacity, being the best venturesome Vanara, oh, son of Vayu, showing your adventures that are not inconsequential you make happen as to how access can be gained to Janaka s daughter, Seetha.
vrm.4.45 "I will kill Ravana single handedly if he chances on battlefield, and then on drubbing the other Rakshasas I will quickly bring back Janaka s daughter, Seetha.
vrm.4.48 Though all of those brave vanara s have searched in all directions they have not noticed the princess of Mithila and the daughter of Janaka, namely Seetha.
vrm.4.48 But not finding the daughter of Janaka or even her kidnapper Ravana there, those Vanaras who are the perfecters of that which is acceptable to Sugreeva, have entered another fearsome forest.
vrm.4.49 Let all of you search in such a way how best we can find the daughter of Janaka, Seetha.
vrm.4.58 a Therein that Lanka pitiable Vaidehi wearing ochry silk sari is lodged in the palace chambers of Ravana, highly sentineled and baulked by Rakshasi s, and you can find king Janaka s daughter Maithili in there.
vrm.4.59 Then those Siddha s, have informed me on showing her whose ornaments and ochry silk sari are disorderly, and who is vanquished by the speediness of her anguish, and who is yelling both the names of Rama and Lakshmana, as the wife of Dasharatha s Rama, the daughter of Janaka.
vrm.4.63 and then journeyed on to the southern direction, as they are the pioneers in searching Seetha, the daughter of Janaka.
vrm.5.1 If I do not see the daughter of Janaka there, I will go with the same speed to the abode of Gods.
vrm.5.2 I will think all this later, after seeing that daughter of Janaka".
vrm.5.2 "By what idea can I see Seetha the daughter of Janaka, unseen by the wicked Ravana, the king of the Rakshasas.
vrm.5.9 There, even one woman had not been obtained forcefully by the strong Ravana, except for that daughter of Janaka, Seetha.
vrm.5.12 That daughter of King Janaka died of fear seeing the wives of Ravana with crooked appearances horrible ones without radiance with great faces with long and crooked eyes.
vrm.5.13 The simian Hanuma went far from the house of Ravana and not seeing Seetha, the daughter of King Janaka, said these words: The city of Lanka has been mostly explored by me attempting for the pleasure of Rama.
vrm.5.13 Otherwise Seetha belonging to Videha born in Mithila and daughter of king Janaka Can she be helplessly together with the evil minded Ravana.
vrm.5.13 How can the daughter of King Janaka, Ramas wife Seetha with a beautiful waist, with eyes like black lotus petals obtain Ravanas capture.
vrm.5.14 The beloved wife of Sri Rama, the daughter of king Janaka, the chaste wife, earlier always was interested the denizens of the garden.
vrm.5.16 Among three worlds, if it is a choice between kingdom or Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, all the kingdom of three worlds will not approach a sixteenth part of Seetha.
vrm.5.16 This She is that Seetha, the daughter of king Janaka of Mithila, the great soul, and noble one with a firm resolution towards husband.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma the glorious one saw that Seetha, the princess, daughter of Janaka, unblemished one below that tree.
vrm.5.20 "O charmful lady! Conquering the entire earth together with chain of various cities for your sake, I can give to king Janaka.
vrm.5.22 "O Rakshasas! How the daughter of Janaka, Seetha becomes under my control quickly, thus all of you together do that task.
vrm.5.27 You will not eat Seetha who is the dear daughter of king Janaka and daughter in law of king Dasaratha.
vrm.5.27 "O Rakshasis! This Seetha daughter of Janaka, pleased with prostration is competent to protect us from great danger.
vrm.5.32 May it be well with Rama together with Lakshmana and with my father, King Janaka.
vrm.5.33 "I am the daughter of the noble natured Janaka, the king of Videha kingdom.
vrm.5.34 Then, that slender waisted Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, thus having made up her mind, did not reply in return anything further to Hanuman.
vrm.5.35 O Seetha the daughter of Janaka! Rama has his eyes resembling the petals of a lotus.
vrm.5.35 O Seetha the daughter of Janaka! That Rama the excellent of men will receive you, soon after, killing Ravana along with Ravana s friends and relatives.
vrm.5.42 "Eventhough questioned in many ways by us, Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, having eyes similar to those of a doe, is not inclined to tell about the Vanara.
vrm.5.42 Only that place, where Seetha the daughter of Janaka was sitting, was not destroyed by him.
vrm.5.51 Seetha", wife of Rama, devoted to her husband and daughter of the high souled king, named Janaka, the head of Videha kingdom, got lost in the forest.
vrm.5.57 Then, the pleased Hanuma spoke the following words to those excellent Vanaras: I saw that Seetha, the duaghter of Janaka, who was staying in Ashoka garden, guarded unblemished by highly dreadful female Rakshasas and wearing a single braid, young woman, as she was, longing to see Rama, thoroughly fatigued due to her fasting, with her hair twisted together, wearing soiled clothes and looking emaciated.
vrm.5.58 Trijata", rising from the midst of those female Rakshasas, spoke the following words Feed on yourself quickly rather than on Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, a virtuous woman and the daughter in law of Dasaratha who des not get destroyed
vrm.5.58 Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, indeed will be pleased on receiving a salutation
vrm.5.58 "Hearing my words and understanding them, Seetha the daughter of Janaka said as follows: Let Rama take me back, after killing Ravana
vrm.5.59 His body, which touched Seetha the daughter of Janaka, was not destroyed because of his askesis.
vrm.5.65 "Having gone across the ocean, a hundred Yojanas wide, I reached the southern shore looking in search of Seetha, Janaka s daughter, with a wish to see her.
vrm.5.66 "O gentle Sugreeva! Seeing now this excellent jewel, I am considering it as surely as obtaining the sight of my father as well as Janaka, the king of Videha.
vrm.6.4 Hence, let us depart today itself with all the troops accompanying us, Oh, Sugreeva! By seeing the omens which are becoming visible, I deduce that I shall bring back Seetha the daughter of Janaka, by killing Ravana.
vrm.6.5 How Seetha the daughter of King Janaka, my darling and Dasarathas daughter in law is sleeping among Rakshasis?
vrm.6.6 Seetha the daughter of Janaka was also discovered by him.
vrm.6.31 Ravana the lord of Rakshasas spoke to Vidyujjihva, who was a knower of conjuring tricks as follows: With your spells, create an illusion in order to deceive Seetha, daughter of Janaka.
vrm.6.31 That Rama s head and bow on the ground in front of Seetha the illustrious daughter of Janaka, saying: You now become submissive to my desire.
vrm.6.42 He said to himself, Here is that daughter of Janaka, whose eyes resemble those of a fawn, tormented with grief, emacitated, with a bare ground as her bed and suffering here on my account.
vrm.6.47 The dark eyed Seetha the daughter of Janaka with her faultless limbs, beholding her lord and Lakshmana lying in the dust, burst into sobs.
vrm.6.60 The same Vedavati is born as the highly fortunate Seetha the daughter of Janaka.
vrm.6.94 Ravana" cannot obtain Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, but an endless enmity has been built with the mighty Rama.
vrm.6.113 Hearing those words of Hanuma, Seetha the daughter of Janaka thereupon spoke the following auspicious words to Hanuma.
vrm.6.113 Thus spoken by Hanuma, that Seetha the daughter of Janaka spoke as follows: O the foremost of Vanaras! I long to see my husband.
vrm.6.116 "O knower of virtuous conduct! My birth was from Janaka in disguise but was actually from the earth.
vrm.6.118 Shaking off that funeral pile and taking that Seetha, the daughter of Janaka in his arms, the Agni forthwith sprang up at once in a personified form.
vrm.6.118 "I also know that Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, who ever revolves in my mind, is undivided in her affection to me.
vrm.6.118 Seetha", the daughter of Janaka, is completely pure in her character, in all the three worlds and can no longer be renounced by me, as a good name cannot be cast aside by a prudent man.
vrm.6.128 Looking towards Hanuma the Vanara, Seetha, daughter of Janaka, having taken off the pearl string from her neck, repeatedly caught the glimpse of all the Vanaras and her husband.
vrm.7.17 O Lord, this is she that hath been born as the daughter of king Janaka, thy wife, O mighty armed one.
vrm.7.17 This one named Vedavati was born in the Krita age; and in the Treta age, for compassing the destruction of that Raksha, she was born in the Maithila line of the high souled Janaka.
vrm.7.44 She will be born as the daughter of Janaka.
vrm.7.45 O high minded Rama, having long arms, it is for this reason that the vicious souled Ravana stole away Janaki, the daughter of king Janaka.
vrm.7.46 It is for thee that she hath been born in the race of Janaka.
vrm.7.48 Some days having elapsed, he, with folded hands, said to Janaka, the king of Mithila, "Thou art our only refuge we have been reared by thee and by the help of thy dreadful prowess we have been able to destroy Ravana.
vrm.7.48 Saying "so be it" the king Janaka bespoke Rama "O king, I have been delighted with seeing thee and thy courteous manners.
vrm.7.48 The royal saint Janaka having gone away, Rama, with folded hands and humbly said to his maternal uncle Kaikeya "O king, this kingdom, myself, Bharata and Lakshmana are all at thy disposal.
vrm.7.48 Hearing that Sita, the daughter of Janaka, had been stolen away from the forest the high minded Bharata did bring you all but fortunately you were not constrained to go through miseries.
vrm.7.52 What desires of thine can we satisfy ?"Smiling a little the daughter of Janaka said "O Raghava, I wish to behold the holy hermitages.
vrm.7.52 Having thus addressed Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, Rama, the descendant of Kakutstha, then issued out of the inner apatment and entered the middle one filled with his friends.
vrm.7.55 Sita hath beeh born also in the holy family of the great Janaka; gentle Lakshmana, hou knowest how in the solitary forest of Dandaka, Sita was stolen away by Ravana and how have I slain him.
vrm.7.55 In the precence of all the Rishis and gods, the Sun and Moon announced the innocence of the daughter of Janaka.
vrm.7.55 O foremost of men, what to speak of the daughter of Janaka I can even renounce my life and yourselves in fear of a bad name.
vrm.7.56 In no time the daughter of Janaka having expansive eyes, arrived at the banks of the Ganges removing all sins.
vrm.7.57 Sita having addressed him thus, Lakshmana, with a poorly heart and suppressed tone, said "O worshipful queen; I have kept within my heat all those words, which the king said, before he entered his palace, rendered sorry and impatient on hearing in the assembly the report of censure regarding thee, O daughter of king Janaka.
vrm.7.57 O daughter of Janaka, approaching that high souled saint, do thou spend thy days happily keeping Rama always in thy mind.
vrm.7.58 Hearing the ruthless words of Lakshmana,the of Janaka, greatly sorry, fell down on earth.
vrm.7.59 Thereupon proceeding a little on foot with Arghya in his hands, the wise Valmiki reached the banks of the river and saw that Raghava s spouse was bewailing like a helpless woman, Having gladdened a little the aggrieved Sita by virtue his own effulgence the great ascetic Valmiki addressed in following sweet accents "O chaste damsel, thou the daughter in law of Dasaratha, the beloved wife Rama and the daughter of Janaka; thy coming here is auspicious.
vrm.7.59 By the eyes of asceticism, I perceive, O daughter of Janaka, that thou art innocent.
vrm.7.59 Hearing their words the great Valmiki replied in worthy accents "This Sita is the wife of the intelligent Rama, the daughter in law of Dasaratha and the daughter of Janaka.
vrm.7.60 His spouse the daughter of Janaka, is perfectly pure ;what can be more painful than that Rama is living alone having renounced her ?It is clear unto me, O Sumantra, that this separation of Rama, hath been brought about by the influence of destiny for it is hard to get over accident.
vrm.7.62 Being greatly pained at the sight, Saumitri touched his feet and with folded palms said: O worshipful sir, having obeyed thy behests I have left the daughter of Janaka at the holy hermitage of Valmiki near the banks of the Ganges.
vrm.7.67 He was called Mandhata?? for he originated from Manthana ;he was called Janaka for his having sprung up from Janan and Vaideha having been born from Videha.
vrm.7.67 In this wise Janaka, the king of Videhas, was born.
vrm.7.108 To uphold her as well as mine purity, let Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, swear before the assembly.
vrm.7.110 After the great Rishi Valmiki had said this, Rama, on beholding the daughter of Janaka resembling a celestial, in the midst of the assembly, with folded hands, said
vrm.7.110 Thereupon beholding all people assembled there, Janaka s daughter, wearing a red cloth, with her face and looks downwards and folded palms said "I have never thought of any other person in my mind but Rama; by the strength of this vitue let the goddess Vasundhara give me room.
vrm.7.111 Thou art my mother in law, since the royal saint Janaka obtained Sita from thy womb while cultivating thee with plough share.

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