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vrm.5.12 To me who had gone for the other shore of the ocean what will the old Jambavan say? What would that Angada and vanaras who meet say?
vrm.5.46 "Earlier, I saw the Vanaras of a great prowess like Vali and Sugreeva, the mighty Jambavan, Nila the Chief of army and so on like Dvivida.
vrm.5.57 The Jambavan, the foremot among the Vanaras and Rikshas, with his mind thrilled with joy, having summoned all the Vanaras, spoke the follwoing words:
vrm.5.57 Then, Hanuma the excellent one among the Vanaras, on his part, offered his salutation to venerable persons and elders like Jambavan in the first place, as also Angada, the prince.
vrm.5.57 Jambavan and Angada honoured that victorious and venerable Hanuma.
vrm.5.57 encircling Angada, Hanuma and Jambavan.
vrm.5.58 Then, Jambavan, thrilling with rapture, asked the delighted Hanuma, the great Vanara about the particulars of that actual occurrence of seeing Seetha as follows How did you see Seetha? How was she there? How was that Ravana of terrible deeds behaving towards her? O Hanuma! Tell us entirely, in truth whatever has occurred.
vrm.5.58 Thus commanded by Jambavan, Hanuma, with his hair standing on end mentally offered his salutation to Seetha, the princess, by bowing his head and replied as follows: With an intention to reach the southern shore of the ocean, I leapt into the sky, indeed before your presence, from the summit of Mount Mahendra.
vrm.5.59 It is indeed proper to see those two princes Rama and Lakshmana along with Seetha, after taking permission from all the great Vanaras headed by Jambavan.
vrm.5.59 But, in battle, no army of adversaries can stagger Jambavan.
vrm.5.60 Jambavan, the foremost among the forest animals, understanding the sense, was very much pleased and spoke the following meaningful words to that Angada, who thus formed a resolution.
vrm.5.61 Thereupon, the heroic Vanaras like Angada and others as also Hanuma, the great one among the Vanaras accepted the words of Jambavan.
vrm.5.61 Thereupon, Angada the prince, taking approval from those elders like Jambavan and others, gave the Vanaras a liberty to drink honey there.
vrm.5.63 "Where Jambavan as well as Angada are leaders and Hanuma is an administrator, the progress of that work cannot be as otherwise.
vrm.5.64 "Where Jambavan is a leader Angada as the commander of troops and moreover Hanuma as the administer, the progress of that work cannot be as otherwise.
vrm.6.3 Oh, Rama! What is the use for the rest of the forces to you? Angada, Dvivida, Mainda, Jambavan, Panasa, Anala and Nila the commander in chief alone, by reaching that great city of Ravana leaping and storming Lanka with its mountains and woods, moats and archways, protective walls and buildings, will recover Seetha.
vrm.6.4 Let the highly strong, Jambavan with Sushena and the Vanara called Vegadarshi, all three, guard the middle part of the army.
vrm.6.17 Then, the discerning Jambavan on his part, perceiving the matter through his learning derived from scriptures, advised the following fault less and qualitative words: This Vibhishana came from sinful Ravana who has contracted hostility with you and that too at a wrong place and time.
vrm.6.24 I shall stand alert in the forefront of the army along with Lakshmana and let Jambavan, Sushena and Vegadarshi the Vanara those three exceedingly wise persons and the leaders of Rikshas protect the belly portion of the army.
vrm.6.27 He as such is a commander of even the mighty generals called Jambavan, who is setting on the march for the battle.
vrm.6.27 By the intelligent Jambavan, a great help was rendered to Indra in a battle between Devas and Asuras and many boons were obtained.
vrm.6.29 Beholding those foremost of Vanara leaders pointed out by Shuka the most valiant Lakshmana Ramas right arm, his own brother Vibhishana standing close to Rama, the terribly powerful Sugreeva the king of all Vanaras, the strong Angada grandson of Indra the wielder of thunderbolt, the powerful Hanuman, the imincible Jambavan, Sushena, Kumuda, Nila, Nala the excellent of Vanaras, Gaja, Gavaksha, Sharabha, Mainda and Dvivida that Ravana his heart became agitated a little, was enraged and then abused those two heroes Shuka and Sarana who had completed their report.
vrm.6.30 Here is the son of Gadgada, famously called as Jambavan.
vrm.6.31 Thereafter Jambavan who was rising up on his knees was killed in the battle.
vrm.6.37 Meanwhile, Rama the king of men and Sugreeva the Sovereign of Vanaras, Hanuman the son of Vayu, Jambavan the king of the Rikshas, Vibhishana the Rakshasa, Angada the son of Vali, Lakshmana, Sushena along with his kinsfolk, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaja, Gavaksha, Kumuda, Nala and Panasa, all having reached the enemy s territory, assembled to take counsel together.
vrm.6.37 "Let the mighty Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, the valiant Jambavan the king of Riksha and Vibhishana, the younger brother of the Lord of Rakshasas occupy the central position of the army.
vrm.6.38 Hanuman, Angada, Nila, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamadana, Panasa, Kumuda, Hara, Rambha the chief of the troop, Jambavan, sushena, the greatly wise Rishabha, Durmukha of great splendour, Shatabali the Vanara and other hundreds of Vanaras which are fast moving, which can wander easily on mountains with a speed akin to that of wind, ascended that Suvela mountain which Rama ascended.
vrm.6.41 Then, Vibhishana, Sugreeva, Hanuman, Jambavan the king of Rikshas, Nala, Nila and Lakshmana accompanied that Rama.
vrm.6.41 Behind Rama and not far from him, Sushena together with Jambavan, followed by a multitude of forces, stood at the intermediate post.
vrm.6.42 Accompanied by a crore of Rikshas having terrific rage, Dhumra brother of Jambavan, the king of Rikshas of great prowess and the annihilator of enemies, took up his position by the side of Rama.
vrm.6.46 Indrajit the wielder of a great bow smacked the chest region of Jambavan with an arrow and released ten arrows towards Hanuman, the swift Vanara.
vrm.6.47 Hanuman, Angada, Nila, Sushena, Kumuda, Nala, Gaja, Gavaksha, Panasa, Sanuprastha and the mighty Jambavan with Sunda, Rambha, Shatabali and Prithu all these Vanaras, armed with trees, reorganized their ranks, stood alert, surveyed the quarters of the sky up and down and on every side and, even if a grass stirred, they exclaimed, It is a Rakshasa!
vrm.6.49 "I am fully satisfied by the great military exploit, done by Jambavan the king of Rikshas and the General of the Vanaras, which was impossible to any other in battle.
vrm.6.50 Observing Vibhishana to be the cause of panic among the Vanaras, Sugreeva spoke to the illustrious Jambavan the king of Rikshas who stood near as follows:
vrm.6.50 "You reassemble those Vanaras immediately, who in fear have scattered in many directions and inform them that it is Vibhishana who has come!" Thus spoken by Sugreeva, Jambavan the king of Rikshas called the fugitive Vanaras back and restored them to confidence.
vrm.6.50 Hearing the words of Jambavan the king of Rikshas, all those Vanaras, on perceiving Vibhishana, retraced their steps, shaking off their fear.
vrm.6.58 The energetic Jambavan with a great fury seized a huge rock and threw it on the chest region of Mahanada.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit then struck Jambavan with ten arrows and Nila with thirty arrows.
vrm.6.73 With lances, spikes and sharp arrows, charged with sacred texts, Indrajit the excellent Rakshasa struck all those foremost of Vanaras, namely Hanuman, Sugreeva, Angada, Gandhamadana, Jambavan, Sushena, Vegadarshina, Mainda, Dvivida, Nila, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Kesari, Hariloma, Vidyuddamshtra, Suryanana, Jyotimukha, a Vanara called Dadhimukha, Pavakaksha, Nala as also a Vanara named Kumuda.
vrm.6.74 Sugreeva, Nila, Angada and Jambavan could not understand what to do.
vrm.6.74 Hanuma, along with Vibhishana, began to search for Jambavan, while looking at the terrific army wounded by the arrows which appeared like the tide of an ocean.
vrm.6.74 Looking at Jambavan, the son of Brahma, who was naturally bequeathed with old age, an elderly person, with his body conspicuous of hundreds of arrows and a valiant person looking like an extinguishing fire, Vibhishana approached him and spoke as follows: O Vibhishana, the leader of Rakshasas, with a great prowess! I am able to recognize you by your voice alone.
vrm.6.74 Hearing the words of Jambavan, Vibhishana spoke the following words, why do you enquire about Hanuman, passing over the venerable sons of Dasaratha? O venerable one! The exceptional affection, you are showing towards Hanuma, is not being shown towards Sugreeva or Angada or even Rama.
vrm.6.74 Hearing the words of Vibhishana, Jambavan replied as follows: O the foremost among Rakshasas! Listen to me, why I am enquiring about Hanuma.
vrm.6.74 Thereafter, Hanuma the son of Vayu approaching the elderly Jambavan, offered his salutation, by grasping the feet of Jambavan with modesty.
vrm.6.74 Hearing the voice of Hanuma, Jambavan, the foremost among Vanaras, with perturbed senses, considered himself as though born again.
vrm.6.74 Thereafter, that Jambavan of great splendour spoke to Hanuma as follows: Come on, O foremost of Vanaras! You ought to protect the lives of Vanaras.
vrm.6.74 Hearing the words of Jambavan, Hanuma the son of Vayu was infused with animated strength, as the ocean gets animated with the force of the wind.
vrm.6.74 Remembering the words of Jambavan, Hanuma the great Vanara with a terrific stride, suddenly saw Mount Himalaya too.
vrm.6.76 Hearing of Angada being seized with anguish in that great combat, Rama sent out for help, leaders of Vanaras, headed by Jambavan.
vrm.6.76 The enraged Jambavan, Sushena and Vegadarshi, the Vanara ran up towards Kumbha the son of Kumbhakarna to attack him.
vrm.6.83 On hearing that great tumult of battle between Rakshasas and Vanaras, Rama spoke to Jambavan as follows:
vrm.6.83 O excellent Jambavan! From the way in which a very great terrible rattling sound of arms in heard, it seems an exceedingly difficult feat has been performed by Hanuma.
vrm.6.83 Saying Yes, so be it and surrounded by his own army, Jambavan came to the western gate, where the Vanara, Hanuma was.
vrm.6.83 Thereupon, Jambavan saw Hanuma, coming with Vanaras, who had given fight and were sighing on account of grief caused by the destruction of Seetha.
vrm.6.85 Having known the toughness of the conjuring tricks of the evil minded adversary, Rama spoke to the illustrious Lakshmana as follows: "O Lakshmana! You, accompanied by that entire army which stands at the disposal of Sugreeva, along with troop commanders with Hanuma as their head and protected by Jambavan the lord of Rikshas, who will be accompanied by his army, kill that Indrajit the prince of Rakshasas, rich in the power of conjuring tricks.
vrm.6.85 That Lakshmana, quickly surrounded by a large army of Vanaras, saw the army of Jambavan also stationed in the way.
vrm.6.89 Even Jambavan and those Vanaras, accompanied by all those, who belong to their identical troops, began to strike the Rakshasas with stones, nails and teeth.
vrm.6.89 Those mighty Rakshasas, having various kinds of weapons, abandoning their fear, surrounded that Jambavan, who was playing havoc on them.
vrm.6.89 They struck Jambavan, who was killing the army of Rakshasas in battle, with sharp axes, spears with sharp edges, sticks and javelins.
vrm.6.90 Vibhishana, Hanuma and Jambavan the chief of Rikshas were pleased at Lakshmana for his victor and applauded him too.
vrm.6.91 Having offered salutation to Jambavan, Hanuma and all those Vanaras, that valiant Lakshmana of great brilliance then quickly came from there to the place where Sugreeva and Rama were there, by leaning himself upon vibhishana and Hanuma.
vrm.6.91 Then, on seeing Lakshmana standing up with sound health, Rama, Sugreeva, Vibhishana and the valiant Jambavan along with the army were rejoiced for a long time.
vrm.6.93 Then, the virtuous Rama spoke also to Sugreeva, Vibhishana, Hanuma the Vanara, Jambavan, Mainda the foremost of Vanaras and even Dvivida, who were in close proximity to him as follows "Such wonderful power of this missile exists either with me or with the three eyed Rudra the lord of destruction.
vrm.6.98 By that blow, that Mahaparshva dropped senseless and unconscious on the ground from his chariot along with is charioteer The energetic Jambavan, looking like a heap of black collyrium, who was exceedingly powerful, battalion which resembled a black cloud a mountain peak, killed his Horses with his strength and broke that chariot too.
vrm.6.98 He struck Jambavan, the king of Rikshas with three arrows in his chest and struck Gavaksha too with many arrows.
vrm.6.98 Seeing Gavaksha and Jambavan tormented by the arrows, that Angada was infatuated with anger and seized hold of a terrific iron rod.
vrm.6.99 "In the battle, I will cut down the tree in the shape of Rama, which is going to yield fruit through its flower in the form of Seetha, whose principal branches are Sugreeva, Jambavan, Kumuda, Nala, Dvivida, Mainda, Angada, Gandhamadana, Hanuma, Sushena and all the chiefs of Vanara warriors.
vrm.6.101 Having addressed the words thus to Rama, the highly learned Sushena spoke the following words to Hanuma the great Vanara, who was standing nearby: "Proceeding from this place with full speed, O gentle one!, to the mountain called Oushadhi Mahodaya, which was already described to you previously by Jambavan, O brave one! Bring here for restoring the great souled and heroic Lakshmana to consciousness, the precious herb Vishalyakarani by name which was sprung up on its southern peak, Savarnakarnani Samjivakarani and the precious herb, Samdhanakarani
vrm.6.127 Then, Bharata embraced Sugreeva, Jambavan, Angada, Mainda, Dvivida, Neela and Rishabha.
vrm.6.128 Jambavan, Hanuma, a Vanara called Vegadarshi and Rishabha brought water jars filled with water.
vrm.6.128 Rama, who was unwearied in action, then suitably honoured Vibhishana, Sugreeva, Hanuma, Jambavan and all other eminent Vanaras with desired objects and abundant gifts.
vrm.7.49 Thereupon having welcomed and casting loving looks upon the highly powerful and leading Vanaras such as Neela, Kesarin, Kumuda, Gandhamadana, Sushena, Panasa, Mainda, Dvivida, Jambavan, Gabaksha, Dhuara, Baleemukha, Prajaghna, Saunada, Dariimukha, Dadhimuka, Indrajanu and others, he addressed them all in sweet accents, saying: You are all my friends like unto my limbs and brothers.
vrm.7.50 Do thou, O Sugriva, protect lovingly the highly powerful Hanuman, Nala, thy father in law Sushena, the mighty Tara, irrepressible Kumada, the powerful Neela, the heroic Satabali, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaya, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sarava, the irresprcssible and powerful king of Rikshas Jambavan, Gandhamadana, valiant Rishava, Supatala, Kesari, Sarabha and Sumbha these and other heroic Vanaras who dedicated their lives to my service.
vrm.7.121 Thereupon he said to the Jambavan, Brahma s son, Mainda, Dvivida and five others in his company: "As long as the Kali Yuga exists do ye all live.

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