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vrm.1.51 "I have done whatever good is to be done and nothing is left undone, and the wife of the sage, namely Ahalya, is reunited with her husband sage Gautama, as with Renuka who was reunited with sage Jamadagni, the descendent of Bhrigu.
vrm.1.74 b, a In that catastrophic darkness, that sand muffled military of king Dasharatha has seen the son of Sage Jamadagni, namely Bhargava Rama, the
vrm.1.74 inexorable Rama of Jamadagni started to talk to Rama of Dasharatha.
vrm.1.75 "This alone is that catastrophic bow received through Sage Jamadagni.
vrm.1.75 While Dasharatha is speaking in that way that intransigent Bhargava Rama of Sage Jamadagni uncaring for those merciful words of Dasharatha addressed Rama of Dasharatha alone.
vrm.1.75 b, a "That great resplendent Sage Riciika on his part has handed over this divine bow to his son with unmatchable deeds of religious merit, who is my father Sage Jamadagni.
vrm.1.76 On hearing that sentence of Rama of Jamadagni, then Rama of Dasharatha said this to him in a courtly owing to the presence of his father Dasharatha.
vrm.1.76 On lifting up the bow that is already fitted with an arrow on bowstring, then Rama started to take aim with it, but being indecisive about the target, then Rama of Dasharatha irefully said this to Rama of Jamadagni.
vrm.1.76 Then, when Rama is ready to take aim with the arrow on that inscrutable longbow, and when the worlds are being rendered as insentient, then that Rama of Jamadagni is rendered vigourless and he stared up at Rama of Dasharatha.
vrm.1.76 Rama of Jamadagni is calloused as his vitality is subdued by the radiance of that lotus petal eyed Rama of Dasharatha, and he spoke to Rama of Dasharatha, slowly and softly.
vrm.1.76 While Rama of Jamadagni is speaking that way, that venturesome and blessed Rama of Dasharatha shot off that nonpareil arrow from that longbow of Vishnu.
vrm.1.76 On seeing all of his realms of heavens are shot blasted by Rama of Dasharatha, Rama of Jamadagni vanished in a trice to Mountain Mahendra, the heavenly mountain.
vrm.1.76 Then that dab hand at axe, Rama of Jamadagni, on acclaiming, and even on making circumambulations to Rama of Dasharatha, went on his own way into oblivion.
vrm.1.77 On the departure of Rama of Jamadagni, that most glorious Rama of Dasharatha is quietened at heart, and he gave away that longbow of Vishnu into the hand of inimitable Rain god.
vrm.1.77 Rama" of Jamadagni has gone on his way, you may now order the army under your wardship, for which you are the lord, to move on towards Ayodhya.
vrm.2.21 Parasu Rama, the son of Jamadagni personally slayed his mother Renuka in the forest with an axe as per his fathers words.
vrm.7.1 And Vasishta and Kasyapa and Atri and Viswamitra with Gautama and Jamadagni and Bharadwaja and also the seven sages, who for aye resided in the northern quarter, came there.

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