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vrm.1.2 A while after the departure of Narada to heavens, Valmiki proceed to the riverbanks of Tamasa, which are not far off form River Jahnavi i.
vrm.1.43 Therefore Ganga became the daughter of sage Jahnu, and she is also renowned as Jahnavi, after the name of that sage.
vrm.2.117 Atri excellent sage spoke to the illustrious Anasuya, rich in asceticism and who lived a pious life, saying "You welcome Videha s daughter!" and thereafter introduced that virtuous female ascetic to Rama as follows: "O, Irreproachable Rama! When the earth was burnt up by drought without break for ten years, this virtuous woman produced fruit and roots, caused the River Jahnavi to flow here, undergoing a rigid mortification enriched by pious observances, by whom the most severe asceticism was practised for ten thousand years and obstacles were done away with and by whom for the reason of a divine command, in a great hurry ten nights were reduced to one night.
vrm.7.58 But how shall I O gentle one, live in the hermitage being divorced from all my kith and kin ?And being afflicted to whom shall I express my sorrow ?What reply shall I offer unto the ascetics when they shall ask me Child"; why hath the high souled Raghava renounced thee ?What sin hast thou committed O Saumitri, I shall just renounce my life in the waters of Jahnavi ?But I desist from this for it shall bring about the termination O my husband s race.

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