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vrm.1.6 High bred from the classes of Iravata, the Elephant of Lord Indra, and from Mahapadma, Anjana and Vamana, too.
vrm.3.23 b, a "If I am infuriated I can eliminate even the king of Gods, wielder of Thunderbolt and a trekker on ruttish Elephant Iravata, namely Indra in a war, then why talk about these two humans.
vrm.5.6 That Hanuma in that house saw Horses in red colour and in white colour, slightly whitish, capable of great speed, Elephants born in a good breed having good appearance capable of harassing enemy s Elephants, skilled in good Elephant training, equalling Iravata, capable of killing enemies armies in war, rutting like raining clouds, like mountains with water falls that are pouring down, with trumpeting resembling thundering of clouds, unassailable by enemies in a battle.
vrm.5.10 Those arms had wounds made by stabbing from the pointed edges of tusks of Iravata and fleshy shoulders smeared with diamond and hit by Vishnu chakra.

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