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vrm.2.87 "Here at this fort of Ingudi Tree, on just this grass, on which both Rama and Seetha slept that night.
vrm.2.88 Having heard all that perfectly, Bharata approached the foot of Ingudi Tree along with his ministers and gazed on that grass bed on which Rama had slept.
vrm.2.103 Rama consoled that Seetha who was weeping and himself stricken with grief, spoke to the lamenting Lakshmana as follows: "Bring the crushed pulp of Ingudi Tree and bring a piece of bark for being wrapped about my loins and another for being used as my loins and another for being used as an upper garment, so that we may proceed to offer libations of water for our magnanimous father.
vrm.2.103 Rama placed the pulp of the Ingudi tree mixed with the pulp of plums on a mat of Kusa grass and overcome with sadness, weeping, spoke the following words: "O, Great King! Be pleased to partake of this, which we eat for, that which man eats, is also consumed by his Gods.
vrm.2.104 The large eyed Kausalya observed a ball made of Ingudi pulp, which was placed by Rama in honour of his father on the ground, on aheap of Darbha grass, the raised spikes of which pointed towards the south.
vrm.2.104 "How can that Lord of the earth, Dasaratha, equal to and a mighty man, having enjoyed the earth with its four quarters, the boundaries of which are the oceans, eat a cake of Ingudi pulp?" "I do not consider any thing painful to me on earth than when Rama the man of fortune offering a cake of Ingudi pulp to his father.
vrm.2.104 "Seeing this offering, a cake of Ingudi pulp, of Rama to his father, why does my heart not break into a thousand pieces with anguish?"

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