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vrm.2.15 It was like Indras mansion.
vrm.3.3 Shattered by Ramas blazing shafts that spear fallen on ground like the boulder mass of Mountain Meru when it is shattered by Indras Thunderbolt.
vrm.3.5 b, "Of which Horses we have earlier heard from our teachers telling that they belong to Indra, the Chief Invitee in Vedic rituals, they are these divinely green Horses that now abide in the firmament, and definitely these must be Indras Horses.
vrm.6.22 The excellent Vanaras, the forest animals lifted and brought, like Indras flag posts, some trees with roots intact and some others without roots.
vrm.6.30 The young Angada, Indras grandson, the strong and invincible one, both the mighty Mainda and Dvinda born of the two divinties of Ashvin as well as Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha and Gandhamadana the five sons of Yama all of them resembling Yama at the time of dissolution of the world, the valiant ten crores of Vanaras who are yearning for battle are all here.
vrm.6.69 After seeing Narantaka, the vastly splendoured Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras spoke thus, to Angada, the valiant prince, having a prowess equal to Indras as follows: Go out and quickly detach the lives of this valiant Rakshasa, who is riding a Horse and consuming the army of his enemies.
vrm.6.73 In that battle, those mountain like Vanaras as victims of conjuring tricks with their bodies torn into pieces by Indrajits arrows and roaring as they were with discordant notes, fell down on earth, like mountains struck by Indras thunder bolt.
vrm.6.76 While all the Rakshasas were looking on, Angada hurled that tree which was tall like Indras banner and resembled Mount Mandara in size.
vrm.6.88 Hit by Lakshmana with arrows, which invaded all his senses, like the hit of Indras thunderbolt, Indrajit became stupefied for a moment.
vrm.6.88 At first, both of you along with your foremost warriors in a major encounter, were indeed laid down unconscious on the ground, by my arrows which were equal to Indras thunderbolt.
vrm.6.106 Seeing that chariot, releasing streams of arrows, like a cloud releasing streams of rain, with a noise equal to that of a bursting mountain, struck with a diamond, Rama after stretching his bow in a crescent shape, spoke to Matali, Indras charioteer as follows: O Matali! From the way in which the enemy is marching forward from left to right with a great speed in his chariot more, it appears that heart has been set by him upon destroying himself in the battle.
vrm.6.106 Meeting fortitude with anger, though provoked with assault, Rama took hold of Indras bow, which was possessed of extra ordinary impulse in the battle field.
vrm.7.24 The person, who is standing at the door, hath brought into subjection, in thousands of years, a thousand of Indras, an Ayuta of Devas and hundreds of great Rishis.

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