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vrm.1.1 "On wiping out five army chiefs, seven sons of ministers, and on kneading down a gallant Rakshasa named Aksha Kumara, Hanuma had to enter into the captivity of a powerful weapon darted by Indrajit, the son of Ravana.
vrm.1.3 The capture of Hanuma, the son of Vayu, by the magical missile of Indrajit, son of Ravana, and also Hanuma s burning down Lanka, and his blaring at the Rakshasas, also his return flight from Lanka.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma the commander of Vanara army with great radiance went for the intellectual Suka s house, for Sarana s house, and in the same way for the house of Indrajit.
vrm.5.27 Ravana" by a Pig, Indrajit by a Porpoise, Kumbhakarna by a Camel set out in southern direction.
vrm.5.48 Filled with anger on his son Aksha having been killed by Hanuma, yet reconciling his mind, the high minded Ravana the king of Rakshasas for his part then instructed Indrajit his eldest son possessing the qualities of god as follows:
vrm.5.48 Hearing the words of his father, Indrajit the strong Rakshasa, possessing a power similar to that of Gods, with an undepressed mind and with his intellect resolved to fight, performed a circumambulation in honour of Ravana the lord.
vrm.5.48 Acclaimed by the beloved people of his own class, Indrajit who was violent in battle then entered the battle field with an accomplished enthusiasm.
vrm.5.48 Indrajit, the illustrious son of Ravana, having eyes like lotus petals and endowed with extra ordinary energy, rushed forth like an ocean on full moon days.
vrm.5.48 That Indrajit, alike Indra, ascended a chariot with unchecked speed and yoked with four sharp toothed Tigers, having their swiftness similar to Garuda the king of Eagles.
vrm.5.48 That Indrajit, the chariot warrior, best among the wielders of bow, skilled in the use of weapons and excellent among those proficient in the use of missiles, went swiftly in his chariot to where Hanuma was.
vrm.5.48 Indrajit, skilled in warfare, taking a very big bow with pointed arrows, went aiming towards Hanuma.
vrm.5.48 While that Indrajit who was energetic in battle, was going ahead to the combat, with a bow in his hand, all the quarters became gloomy and ferocious animals howled in many ways.
vrm.5.48 Seeing Indrajit coming swiftly with the chariot, Hanuma made a noise with great resonance and grew up his body speedily.
vrm.5.48 Ascending on his wonderful chariot and wielding a colourful bow, Indrajit on his part, stretched his bow, which made a glaring sound like that accompanying a stroke lightning.
vrm.5.48 Those two warriors, Hanuma and Indrajit, possessing great velocity and a great strength as also fearless in combat, confronted in the battle like Indra and Ravana the Lord of Rakshasas who tightened hostility with each other.
vrm.5.48 Hanuma, of immeasurable strength, having expanded his body, aborted the swiftness of arrows of that Indrajit, the great chariot warrior, the wielder of a bow and well renowned in battle.
vrm.5.48 Then, the heroic Indrajit, the destroyer of strong enemies, discharged long and sharp pointed arrows, having beautiful feathers, provided with picturesque golden shafts, with good inclination and as swift as lightning.
vrm.5.48 Making the total target of Indrajit who was skilled in hitting his target useless, Hanuma the great Vanara swiftly wheeled about between the arrows.
vrm.5.48 Indrajit could not know the weakness of Hanuma, nor did Hanuma know the weakness of high minded Indrajit.
vrm.5.48 The aim of his arrows getting aborted and even his unfailing arrows falling down, the high minded Indrajit, who was well known for hitting his target, got hold of a great thought.
vrm.5.48 Keeping in view of that Vanara being incapable of being slain, Indrajit, Ravanas son then formed an idea as to how to resort to capture of that Hanuma the chief of Vanara warriors.
vrm.5.48 That warrior, Indrajit, excellent among the knowers of missiles and possessing a great splendor, then fitted to his bow, a missile presided over by Brahma the creator.
vrm.5.48 Indrajit, who knows the true nature of missiles, feeling certain that he was incapable of being killed, bound that Hanuma, the son of Vayu, by that presided over by Brahma the creator.
vrm.5.48 Conceiving that Hanuma the foremost among the Vanaras, bound with the bark of trees, as having been relieved of the missile, the heroic Indrajit, on his part, then became thoughtful as follows: A person tied with other means cannot indeed be bound again by the missile.
vrm.5.48 Then, recognizing that Hanuma, tied with barks of trees and ropes, but liberated by the missile, Indrajit slowed that mighty Hanuma the jewel among the Vanaras, to Ravana there sitting along with a body of his attendants.
vrm.5.49 He was surprised by that deed of Indrajit.
vrm.5.58 "Hearing of the death of Aksha in combat, that ten headed Ravana was very much enraged and thereupon dispatched his second son, by name Indrajit, who was strong but foolishly arrogant in battle.
vrm.5.58 "By conquering all that army in battle and making that Indrajit the foremost among Rakshasas lusterless, I experienced a great joy.
vrm.5.58 Ravana" himself dispatched, with a great confidence, that long armed and mighty Indrajit along with valiant Rakshasas excited with their arrogance.
vrm.5.58 "Knowing me to be irresistible and his own army being perishable, that Indrajit with a great haste, captured me with a Brahma missile.
vrm.5.59 In the battle, I can blow out the missiles presided over by Indra Brahma the creator, Rudra the god of destruction, Vayu the wind god, Varuna and even those missiles even if they are difficult to be looked at, employed by Indrajit Ravanas eldest son.
vrm.6.7 Oh, emperor! This Indrajit alone can destroy the Vanaras.
vrm.6.7 "Oh, Emperor! You send that Indrajit alone, so that the army of Vanaras together with Rama will be brought to an end.
vrm.6.9 Then, Nikumbha, Rabhasa, the exceedingly strong Surya satru, Suptaghna, Yajakopa, Mahaparshva and Mahodara, the unconquerable Rakshasas Agniketu and Rasmiketu, then the powerful son of Ravana named Indrajit endowed with great energy, Prahasta and Virupaksha, Vajradamshtra who was extraordinarily strong, Dhumarksha and Atikaya and the Rakshasa by name Durmukha, carrying iron clubs, sharp edged spears, spikes, darts, javelins and axes, bows with excellent arrows and swords shining like a vast expanse of water, and who were all extremely enraged, and flaming as it were with glory, those Rakshasas rose up and spoke to Ravana as follows.
vrm.6.13 Kumbhakarna and Indrajit of great might together with us are capable of keeping off even Devendra, wielding the weapon of a thunderbolt.
vrm.6.14 O, king! Either Kumbhakarna or Indrajit and either Mahaparshva or Mahodara and either Nikumbha or Kumbha or even Atikaya cannot withstand Rama in battle.
vrm.6.14 Ravana or Triseersha, with great strength or Nikumbha the son of Kumbhakarna or Indrajit or yourself are not capable to withstand Rama, who is equal in strength to Indra, in battle.
vrm.6.15 Carefully hearing the words of Vibhishana, whose intellect was equal to that of Brihaspati the high spirited Indrajit, the chief of army of Rakshasas spoke as follows:
vrm.6.15 How can I, with great valor, who suppressed the arrogance of even the Devas and who made the lives of even excellent of the Daityas miserable, not capable of conquering the two princes who are ordinary human beings? Hearing those words of Indrajit, who was equal to Indra, dangerous to be approached, and possessing great vital power, Vibhishana the excellent one among bearers of weapons spoke then the following highly meaningful words:
vrm.6.15 In the guise of a son, O, Indrajit, you are an enemy of Ravana putting on the mask of a well wisher in that even hearing from me of his destruction at the hands of Rama, you are blindly agreeing with him.
vrm.6.15 O, Indrajit! You are a stupid, irresolute, without humility, rude natured unwise evil person, inexperienced and highly evil minded.
vrm.6.19 When furnished with gloves made of the skin of Iguana to prevent injury from the bowstring and when clad in armor that no arrow can pierce, that Indrajit son of Ravana standing in battle wielding a bow, becomes invisible.
vrm.6.19 O, Rama! The glorious Indrajit, having propitiated the God of Fire, strikes his enemy while remaining invisible in the battle field with a huge battle array on both sides Mahodara and Mahaparshva along with a Rakshasa called Akampana who are equal to the guardians of the world in battle they are the commanders of his army.
vrm.6.19 After killing Ravana along with Prahasta and his son Indrajit, I will make you the king.
vrm.6.36 At the western gate, he placed his son Indrajit, a powerful conjuror, with considerable force of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.37 Indrajit", the son of Ravana is at the western gate along with many Rakshasas armed with harpoons, swords, bows, spears and hammers together with warriors furnished with weapons of various kinds.
vrm.6.43 The Rakshasa Indrajit of immense energy fought with Angada the son of Vali, as the Rakshasa Andhaka fought with Shiva the Lord of destruction.
vrm.6.43 The enraged Indrajit struck the valiant Angada who can tear asunder the enemy forces with a mace, like Indra with his thunder bolt.
vrm.6.44 Angada on his part, who came to annihilate the enemies in that battle field, struck Indrajit, his charioteer and the Horses all at once.
vrm.6.44 While that awful and very intense battle was going on, Indrajit a great trickster, leaving the chariot, with its Horses and charioteer killed by Angada, vanished from that very spot itself.
vrm.6.44 Since all the living beings knew the supernatural powers of Indrajit in battle, they were pleased on seeing that highly gifted Rakshasa being defeated by Angada.
vrm.6.44 Indrajit, on the other hand, then was driven to a very terrible rage, as he was defeated in battle by Angada the son of Vali a dreadful Vanara.
vrm.6.44 That Indrajit the son of Ravana, the sinful Rakshasa who had gone out of sight and was cruel in battle, rendered himself as invisible again and hurled forth sharp arrows, bright as lightning.
vrm.6.44 Being enraged in battle, Indrajit bursted out serpent like terrible arrows into all the limbs of Rama and Lakshmana who were born in Raghu dynasty.
vrm.6.44 Enveloped by illusion, he sought to confuse Rama and Lakshmana in the struggle there and invisible to all beings through his magic arts, Indrajit the ranger of the night bound those two brothers Rama and Lakshmana with a net work of arrows.
vrm.6.44 Not being able to hurt those two princes in his manifest form, Indrajit the son of the king of Rakshasas with his perverse mind, had recourse to magic in order to make them captive.
vrm.6.45 That very strong and powerful Rama the son of Dasaratha ordered ten Vanara generals to search for the whereabouts of Indrajit.
vrm.6.45 Indrajit, the son of Ravana, who was skilled in the use of magic weapons, by means of his arrows with great speed, released from his most excellent of bows, arrested the impetuous outbreak of the Vanaras.
vrm.6.45 Those Vanaras of terrific bound, whose bodes were cruelly pierced by those shafts, were unable to see Indrajit in the darkness, as the sun is obscured when veiled in clouds.
vrm.6.45 Indrajit, the victorious in battle, transfixed Rama and Lakshmana with those arrows that lacerated their flesh in great measure.
vrm.6.45 The bodies of both those warriors, Rama and Lakshmana were densely transfixed with serpentine arrows by the enraged Indrajit.
vrm.6.45 At that instant, though still invisible, Indrajit, Ravanas son, with his inflamed eyes, which resembled a mass of collyrium mixed with oil, spoke the following words to those two brothers.
vrm.6.45 Speaking thus to the brothers Rama and Lakshmana, who were aware of righteousness, Indrajit pierced them with pointed arrows and shouted too exultantly.
vrm.6.45 Indrajit, who was as black as a heap of shattered collyrium, stretching his immense bow, discharged formidable arrows even once more, in that great fight.
vrm.6.45 That warrior, Indrajit, who was aware of their vital parts, set up a continual shouting, digging sharp arrows into the vital parts of Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.45 Rama fell first, his vital parts pierced by arrows of the wrathful Indrajit, who had formerly vanquished Indra
vrm.6.45 Indrajit pierced Rama by arrows with golden shafts, with sharp points, which had downward movement, which go fast, Narachas, demi Narachas, Bhallas with wide tips, Anjalis, Vatsa dantas, Simha dantas and those shafts like unto razors.
vrm.6.46 Then, along with Sugreeva, Vibhishana came to that place, after Indrajit finished his work and retired even as Indra would, after raining.
vrm.6.46 The Vanaras surveyed all the quarters in the sky, without being able to discover Indrajit the son of Ravana, who was veiled by his magic powers in the fight.
vrm.6.46 Contemplating his own feat, Indrajit gazed on those two warriors, stretched on the earth and in excess of joy, wishing to share it with all the Rakshasas, said.
vrm.6.46 Thus speaking to all those Rakshasas, Indrajit the son of Ravana by his arrows struck the Vanara chief.
vrm.6.46 Striking Nila with nine arrows, Indrajit the destroyer of foes tormented Mainda and Dvivida with three superb arrows on each.
vrm.6.46 Indrajit the wielder of a great bow smacked the chest region of Jambavan with an arrow and released ten arrows towards Hanuman, the swift Vanara.
vrm.6.46 Indrajit the son of Ravana of great swiftness, struck both Gavaksha and Sharabha of unbounded valour with two arrows on each of them, in that battle.
vrm.6.46 Thereafter, Indrajit the son of Ravana swiftly with his various arrows, struck Gavaksha the ruler of Golangulas and then Angada the son of Vali too.
vrm.6.46 Indrajit, that strong and highly courageous Rakshasas, pierced those jewels among the Vanaras there with his arrows which resembled flames of fire and began to shout in triumph.
vrm.6.46 Tormenting them with a multitude of arrows and frightening the Vanaras, the mighty armed Indrajit heartily laughed and spoke as follows.
vrm.6.46 All those Rakshasas, the treacherous fighters on their part, after hearing the words of Indrajit, were seized with a great wonder and were overjoyed.
vrm.6.46 All of them cheered Indrajit unanimously with a roar like unto thunder, crying Rama is dead.
vrm.6.46 Seeing the two brothers Rama and Lakshmana lying motionless and breathless on the floor, Indrajit thought they were dead.
vrm.6.46 Indrajit, full of joy and victorious in conflict, returned to Lanka, spreading happiness among the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.46 Indrajit, the great conjurer, surrounded by all his forces, re entered the city of Lanka.
vrm.6.46 Approaching Ravana there and saluting with joined palms, Indrajit informed his father in pleasing words that both Rama and Lakshmana had been slain.
vrm.6.46 Indrajit reported the matter as it happened, to his enquiring father, as to how both Rama and Lakshmana were made motion less and luster less by entwining them with arrows.
vrm.6.46 Hearing the words of Indrajit the great charioteer, Ravana with his heart filled with a gush of joy, relinquished his anguish, caused on account of Rama and applauded his son with pleasing words.
vrm.6.47 Indrajit, the son of Ravana having returned to Lanka, his purpose accomplished, the leading Vanaras surrounded Rama in order to watch over him.
vrm.6.47 Ravana, meanwhile, full of joy, dismissed his son Indrajit and thereafter summoned the female Rakshasas who guarded Seetha.
vrm.6.47 Then, the rejoiced Ravana said to them as follows: Tell Seetha that Rama and Lakshmana have been killed by Indrajit.
vrm.6.47 Ravana the king of Rakshasas, thrilled with rapture, caused Lanka to be garlanded with flags and banners and arranged a proclamation to be made in Lanka announcing that Rama and Lakshmana had been slain by Indrajit in battle.
vrm.6.49 Seeing him, who resembled a mass of collyrium, hastening towards them thus, all the Vanaras thinking him to be Indrajit the son of Ravana, fled away.
vrm.6.50 On seeing him, the foremost of Vanaras seized with terror have fled, deeming him to be Indrajit, Ravana s son.
vrm.6.50 "Now, by your grace, we both have overcome a great disaster created by Indrajit the son of Ravana.
vrm.6.50 "Even the most valiant Asuras or the exceedingly strong Vanaras or the Devas together with the Gandharvas having Devendra in their forefront are unable to untie this awfully terrific entanglement of arrows created through his power of sorcery by Indrajit of terrific deeds.
vrm.6.50 "These serpents, which took their base at, were none other than the sons of Kadru, with their sharp fangs, abundantly filled with poison, transformed into arrows, by the dint of sorcery by Indrajit the Rakshasa.
vrm.6.50 "What Indrajit has done, exemplifies how the Rakshasas are always crooked minded.
vrm.6.51 With downcast faces, those Rakshasas skilled in speech, faithfully informed Ravana of those unpleasant tidings, saying: "The two brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, whom Indrajit had bound with his benumbing shafts and whose arms he had pinioned, are free from the arrows which paralyzed them and now appear on the field of battle, as two strong Elephants who have snapped their fetters.
vrm.6.51 "If my adversaries, having thus been bound by Indrajit are freed, despite their injuries in battle by his formidable arrows which were infallible those rare boons, resembling serpents, bright as the sun, I perceive my entire army in jeopardy.
vrm.6.57 "Either myself or Kumbhakarna or yourself my army chief or Indrajit or Nikumbha and none else could undertake such a task!" "For that reason, taking a company of warriors, you quickly place yourself in their midst and set forth in order to triumph over all those Vanaras.
vrm.6.59 He who, standing in his chariot, brandish his bow which has a splendour of Indra s bow, whose standard bears the image of a Lion, and who shines like unto an Elephant with its terrible curved tusks, he is Indrajit who is renowned for the boons he had received from Brahma.
vrm.6.72 That day, Indrajit, my son, whose strength and prowess are renowned, bound both Rama and Lakshmana, the brothers with terrific arrows, on which boons had been conferred.
vrm.6.73 Then, seeing Ravana the king, miserably submerged in a sea of sorrow, Indrajit, Ravanas son, the best among charioteers, spoke to him as follows: O father, the king of Rakshasas! You ought not to get embarrassed, while Indrajit is alive.
vrm.6.73 Thus speaking, that Indrajit, with an undepressed mind, after seeking permission from the king, mounted his chariot with a speed equal to that of wind and yoked with excellent Donkeys.
vrm.6.73 That greatly resplendent Indrajit, the annihilator of enemies, having ascended a chariot looking like the chariot of the sun, quickly went to the battle front.
vrm.6.73 Many mighty Rakshasas with terrific prowess, with joy, holding excellent bows in their hands, carrying lances, sharp edged spears, swords, axes and maces as also armed with Bhushundis probably a kind of fire arms, mallets, cudgels, Shataghnis cylindrical piece of wood studded with iron spikes and iron rods, followed that great souled Indrajit.
vrm.6.73 That valiant Indrajit swiftly went to the battle field with full blasts of couches and kettle drums.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit, the tormentator of enemies, with a Parasol white as a couch and the moon, shone like the sky with the full moon.
vrm.6.73 The valiant Indrajit, the foremost among all the wielders of bow and decked with gold ornaments, was being fanned then with supremely charming whisks with handles of gold.
vrm.6.73 How much more can I tell? After hearing these words of Ravana Indrajit accepted his great blessings.
vrm.6.73 With that Indrajit, having a splendour equal to that of the sun and having no warrior who can stand him as his rival, the City of Lanka shone, like the sky shining with the sun.
vrm.6.73 Reaching the battle field, Indrajit of great splendour, the annihilator of enemies, stationed his Rakshasas around his chariot.
vrm.6.73 Duly spreading fire with reeds in the form of other weapons accompanied by lances there, Indrajit elapsed the neck of a live Goat of dark hue for offering it to the fire as an oblation.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit, who was skilled in the use of mystic missiles, invoked the missile presided over by Brahma and charged it on his bow, chariot and all.
vrm.6.73 Having propitiated offering in fire, Indrajit, having a splendour shining like the fire, having a might similar to that of Indra, and possessing an unimaginable prowess, became himself invisible in the sky, with the bow, arrows, sword, chariot, Horses, charioteer and all.
vrm.6.73 Seeing those Rakshasas, the most enraged Indrajit on his part spoke to them as follows: All of you fight enthusiastically with an intent to kill the Vanaras.
vrm.6.73 That Indrajit, on his part, along with his Rakshasas in the battle field, destroyed the Vanaras with Nalika broad headed arrows, steel arrows, maces and clubs.
vrm.6.73 Those Vanaras, wielding trees as their weapons, being struck in the battle field, quickly rained mountains and trees on Indrajit.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit the son of Ravana, on his part, possessing great splendour and great strength, was enraged and wounded the bodies of the Vanaras.
vrm.6.73 Bringing enormous delight to the Rakshasas that enraged Indrajit severed off the Vanaras by nines, fives and sevens with a single arrow.
vrm.6.73 Those excellent Vanaras with anger attacked Indrajit, who was tormenting them like the sun with his terrific ray like the sun with his terrific ray like arrows.
vrm.6.73 Continuing to stay in the battle field, those Vanaras rained trees, mountain peaks and rocks on Indrajit.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit of great splendour and the conqueror of battles, kept off that great rain of deadly hail of trees and rocks.
vrm.6.73 Thereupon, the capable Indrajit with his arrows, identical of fire and looking like serpents in battle, split the armies of Vanaras.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit struck Gandhamadana with eighteen sharp arrows and also struck Neela, who was standing at a far away place, with nine arrows.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit having a great prowess, struck Mainda with seven arrows, which can tear asunder vital parts and also struck Gaja with five arrows in battle.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit then struck Jambavan with ten arrows and Nila with thirty arrows.
vrm.6.73 That enraged Indrajit, then looking like an excited fire that is to destroy the world, tormented other chiefs of Vanaras too with many arrows.
vrm.6.73 That enthusiastic Indrajit, with a great pleasure, saw that exclusive army of Vanaras, drenched in blood and tormented by a multitude of arrows.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit, the son of Ravana, possessing a great splendour power and strength, again generating a terrific rain of arrows and weapons, destroyed the army of Vanaras from all sides.
vrm.6.73 Leaving off his army from that great battle field and becoming invisible, Indrajit advanced towards the Vanaras and quickly rained terrific hail of arrows on those armies of Vanaras, as black cloud downpours the rain.
vrm.6.73 They could not see there, that Indrajit the Rakshasa, the enemy of Indra, remaining concealed by his conjuring trick.
vrm.6.73 Then, the mighty Indrajit, the leader of Rakshasas, covered all the quarters with hundreds of sharply pointed arrows, having splendour of the sun and tore asunder the Vanara chiefs.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit excessively rained on the army of Vanaras pikes, swords and axes, shining like augmented and flaming fire and shooting forth incandescent flames with sparks.
vrm.6.73 With lances, spikes and sharp arrows, charged with sacred texts, Indrajit the excellent Rakshasa struck all those foremost of Vanaras, namely Hanuman, Sugreeva, Angada, Gandhamadana, Jambavan, Sushena, Vegadarshina, Mainda, Dvivida, Nila, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Kesari, Hariloma, Vidyuddamshtra, Suryanana, Jyotimukha, a Vanara called Dadhimukha, Pavakaksha, Nala as also a Vanara named Kumuda.
vrm.6.73 Tearing asunder the principal Vanara warriors by maces and arrows, which were of golden colour, that Indrajit rained a multitude of showers of arrows equal to suns rays on Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.73 Ignoring that showering rain of arrows, as though they are mere showers of rain, that Rama of the most wonderful luster, looking around thoroughly, then spoke to Lakshmana as follows: O Lakshmana! This Indrajit, by a great missile, is throwing down our army of Vanaras and tormenting us incessantly with his sharp arrows.
vrm.6.73 How can the mighty and composed Indrajit on whom a boon has been bestowed by Brahma and who has concealed his terrible form who stands with his weapons uplifted eventhough his body is visible be killed in the battle today?
vrm.6.73 Finding both of us fallen unconscious without displaying any joy or anger as also having desisted from fighting, Indrajit will certainly return to Lanka, after having obtained laurels of battle in its beginning itself.
vrm.6.73 Thereafter, Rama and Lakshmana there became struck by a multitude of arrows of Indrajit.
vrm.6.73 Thus causing the army of Vanaras along with Rama and Lakshmana to become despondent in battle, that Indrajit, getting eulogized by the Rakshasas, quickly reached the city of Lanka which was being protected by Ravanas arms.
vrm.6.73 Then, Indrajit cheerfully informed all that had happened, to his father.
vrm.6.74 Seeing the entire army looking worried, Vibhishana, the best among the intelligent ones, spoke the following matchless words, consoling the warriors of Sugreeva, the lord of Vanaras: Honouring the spell sacred of Brahma the creator, the two sons of the venerable Dasaratha have actually lost their free will and became dejected and have allowed themselves to be knocked down by the missiles of Indrajit.
vrm.6.74 This excellent missile, presided over by Brahma the creator, with never failing strength, was given to Indrajit by Brahma.
vrm.6.76 You are equal in archery to Indrajit and in prowess to Ravana.
vrm.6.80 On hearing Makaraksha having been killed, Ravana who had been ever victorious in battle, grinding his teeth in rage, reflected on what to do then and there, and as greatly furious as he was, instructed Indrajit, his son to proceed to the battle field.
vrm.6.80 Can you not kill those two men, on seeing them in the battle field?" Hearing the words of Ravana, that Indrajit, bowing to the command of his father, poured oblations into the sacred fire, with due ceremony, on the sacrificial ground.
vrm.6.80 Even as he was pouring oblations into the sacred fire there, the female Rakshasas carrying red turbans for the use of priests hastily arrived at the spot where Indrajit was there.
vrm.6.80 Offering oblations in fire and gratifying the Gods, the Pisachas and Rakshasas, Indrajit ascended an excellent and splendid chariot, capable of disappearing from sight.
vrm.6.80 The flag post of Indrajit shone like a flaming fire, provided, as it was, with large rings of gold and decorated with cat s eye gems.
vrm.6.80 Protected by the missile presided over by Brahma, which was as efflugent as the sun, that Indrajit endowed with exceptional strength, became difficult to be attacked.
vrm.6.80 Thus speaking, Indrajit vanished from thes sight.
vrm.6.80 Impelled, as he was, by Ravana, the fiery Indrajit, with his barbarons bow and steel arrows, swiftly came to the battle field enraged.
vrm.6.80 That Indrajit saw the two heroes, showering a multitude of arrows.
vrm.6.80 That Indrajit with his chariot, reaching the sky and remaining invisible, struck Rama and Lakshmana with his sharp arrows.
vrm.6.80 Though covering the sky with a net work of arrows, the two mighty princes could not touch Indrajit with their arrows charged with mystic missiles and which were efflugent like the sun.
vrm.6.80 Covering the sky, the illustrious Indrajit created a dark like smoke.
vrm.6.80 While Indrajit was moving about, neither the sound produced by the impact of his palm on the bow string was heard, nor the sound of his wheels or the clattering of hoofs of his Horses could be heard, nor did his form come tot he view.
vrm.6.80 In that thick darkness, that long armed Indrajit showered hails of his steel arrows, like wonderful shower of rocks.
vrm.6.80 That enraged Indrajit in battle, abundantly pierced Rama in all his limbs with his arrows, which were earlier granted as boons to him and which were effluent like the sun.
vrm.6.80 Those arrows, adorned with plumes of heron, reaching Indrajit in the sky and piercing him, fell to the ground, soaked in blood.
vrm.6.80 Indrajit for his part, who was a superior chariot warrior and who was swift in discharging missiles, rushed on towards all sides and pierced Rama and Lakshmana with his sharp arrows.
vrm.6.80 "O long armed Lakshmana! We shall try to kill Indrajit alone.
vrm.6.80 Speaking highly meaningful words in the aforesaid manner, the great souled Rama, surrounded by the foremost of Vanaras, started to reflect on the speedy means of killing the furious Indrajit, the Rakshasas of cruel deeds.
vrm.6.81 Guessing the mind of that great souled Rama, Indrajit turning away from that battle, entered the City.
vrm.6.81 Then, recalling the killing of those energetic Rakshasas like Kumbhakarna and others, that valiant Indrajit sallied forth for the fight with red hot eyes in anger.
vrm.6.81 That Indrajit, of very great prowess, the adversary of Gods and who was born in Sage Pulastya s dynasty, accompanied by an army of Rakshasas, came forth from the western gate.
vrm.6.81 Seeing the two valiant brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, who were prepared for the encounter, Indrajit for his part, then started to demonstrate his conjuring tricks.
vrm.6.81 Placing an illusory image of Seetha on his chariot and a large army surrounding the chariot, Indrajit intended to kill her.
vrm.6.81 Making up his mind to purposefully confuse all, by playing a trick to kill Seetha s illusory image, the exceedingly evil minded Indrajit sallied forth towards the direction of the Vanaras.
vrm.6.81 That Hanuma saw Seetha, the wife of Rama, the best among women, bereft of joy, wearing only a single braid of hair, looking miserable, with her face emaciated due to fasting, dressed in a single worn out clothing, unadorned and with all her limbs covered with dust and dirt in the chaiot of Indrajit.
vrm.6.81 Seeing her stricken with grief bereft of joy, looking distreseed, miserable and sitting under the sway of Indrajit, Hanuma wondered as to what his intention might be.
vrm.6.81 Thus thinking, he along with those leaders of mnkeys, rushed towards Indrajit.
vrm.6.81 Beholding that army of Vanaras, Indrajit was excited with anger, pulled Seetha by the hair on her head and unsheathed his sword.
vrm.6.81 On seeing Seetha with all her charming limbs, the beloved wife of Rama, Hanuma angrily addressed the foolowing harsh words to Indrajit: "O evil minded one! Born in a dynasty of Brahmanical sages, but belonging to Rakshasa race, you touched a lock of her hair, for your hair, for your own ruin.
vrm.6.81 Thus speaking, Hanuma surrounded as he was by Vanaras with their weapons and very much enraged, rushed headlong towards Indrajit.
vrm.6.81 Stirring up that army of mokeys with a multitude of his arrows, Indrajit replied to Hanuma, the foremost of mokeys as follows: "For whose sake, Sugreeva, yourself and Rama came here, I am going to kill Seetha now itself, while you stand looking on.
vrm.6.81 Having spoken thus to Hanuma, Indrajit personally killed that illusory Seetha, who ahd been sobbing all the while, with his sharp edged sword.
vrm.6.81 After killing that woman, Indrajit told Hanuma as follows: "See, I killed Rama s wife with my weapon.
vrm.6.81 After killing her with a large sword personally, that Indrajit then sitting on his chariot, pleasurefully roared loudly.
vrm.6.81 After killing Seetha in that way, the evil minded Indrajit became exceedingly glad.
vrm.6.82 Filled with inordinate grief and rage, that Hanuma the Vanara chief, threw a large rock on Indrajit s chariot.
vrm.6.82 That rock employed in vain, without reaching that Indrajit and his charioteer sitting in the chariot, split itself into fragments and penetrated the ground.
vrm.6.82 Hundreds of Vanaras with their colossal bodies, lifting up trees and mountain peaks, rushed roaring towards Indrajit.
vrm.6.82 Those Vanaras of terrible prowess, threw trees and mountain peaks towards Indrajit in battle.
vrm.6.82 On seeing his army tormented by the Vanaras, that enraged Indrajit, taking hold of his weapons, sallied forth, facing towards his enemies.
vrm.6.82 That Indrajit, of firm fortitude, accompanied by his army, by releasing a multitude of arrows, killed a very many number of Vanaras.
vrm.6.82 In the battle, Indrajit s soldiers too killed the Vanaras with spikes tips of missiles, swords, sharp edged spears and concealed weapons similar to mallets.
vrm.6.82 Seeing Hanuma with drawing to the place where Rama was, the evil minded Indrajit went to a sanctuary called Nikumbhila, seeking to pour oblations into the sacred fire.
vrm.6.82 Arriving at Nikumbhila, Indrajit poured oblations into the sacred fire.
vrm.6.82 Then, Indrajit, well versed with the technique of performance of rites for the prosperity of the Rakshasas, poured oblations according to the scriptural precepts.
vrm.6.83 While we, who were carrying on the battle, stood looking on, Indrajit, the son of Ravana killed Seetha in front of us, even though she continued to weep.
vrm.6.83 O valiant prince! I shall dispel with my exploits today, that great agony caused by Indrajit.
vrm.6.84 Fixing his gaze on Vibhishanas face and looking at Sugreeva and those Vanaras, Lakshmana with tears pouring down, spoke the following words, with a splendid meaning: O gentle Sir! Just on hearing through the words of Hanuma, saying that Seetha was killed by Indrajit, Rama entered into a swoon.
vrm.6.84 That Indrajit for his part retracted, by hoodwinking the Vanaras.
vrm.6.84 After reaching a sanctuary by name Nikumbhila, this Indrajit will pour oblations into the sacred fire.
vrm.6.84 On returning after pouring oblations into the sacred fire, Indrajit will prove difficult to be overcome in battle, even by Devas including Indra.
vrm.6.84 This Lakshmana, the eminent prince, can make Indrajit abandon that act of sacrifice, by employing his sharp arrows.
vrm.6.84 O the long armed one! Therefore, dispatch Lakshmana having auspicious body marks even as Indra employed the thunderbolt to kill Indrajit.
vrm.6.84 If that Indrajit, the foremost of Rakshasas completes the sacrifice, he would not be visible even to the Suras and Asuras in battle.
vrm.6.85 This Lakshmana together with a large army should go soon to kill Indrajit, who reached Nikumbhila, with arrows as deadly as the serpentine poison released from his snake like bow in battle.
vrm.6.85 "By his penance, Indrajit obtained a weapon called Brahmashira, by way of a gift from Brahma and also Horses, which are coursing at his will.
vrm.6.85 "That Indrajit, as such along with his army, is reported to have reached Nikumbhila.
vrm.6.85 "A boon was given by Brahma to that intelligent Rakshasa as follows: "O Indrajit! That enemy of yours, who strikes while you are marching with your bow drawn, and while you have not arrived at Nikumbhila, or even while you have not offered oblations to the sacred fire, will prove to be the cause of your killing.
vrm.6.85 "O mighty Rama! Give your command for killing of Indrajit.
vrm.6.85 Hearing the words of Indrajit, Rama then spoke the following words:"O Vibhishana of true prowess! I know the conjuring trick of that terrific Rakshasa.
vrm.6.85 "That Indrajit is skilled in the use of the mystic missile presided over by Brahma.
vrm.6.85 Having known the toughness of the conjuring tricks of the evil minded adversary, Rama spoke to the illustrious Lakshmana as follows: "O Lakshmana! You, accompanied by that entire army which stands at the disposal of Sugreeva, along with troop commanders with Hanuma as their head and protected by Jambavan the lord of Rikshas, who will be accompanied by his army, kill that Indrajit the prince of Rakshasas, rich in the power of conjuring tricks.
vrm.6.85 "The great souled Vibhishana, who knows all the conjuring tricks of Indrajit, along with his counsellors, will follow behind you.
vrm.6.85 Today", the arrows released from my bow, piercing Indrajit, will drop into the City of Lanka, as swans descend into a louts pond.
vrm.6.85 Thus speaking in front of his brother, that resplendent Lakshmana, quickly marched forward, with an intent to kill Indrajit.
vrm.6.85 Offering salutation to the feet of his brother and doing circumambulation too, that Lakshmana went to the sanctuary named Nikumbhila, which was protected by Indrajit.
vrm.6.85 Duly arriving at Nikumbhila, that foe conquering Lakshmana stood, bow in hand, to conquer that Indrajit, the possessor of conjuring tricks, in conformity with Brahma s ordinance.
vrm.6.86 When this army is destroyed, Indrajit also will become visible.
vrm.6.86 "You as such, rush forward quickly, gushing out arrows, equal to Indra s thunderbolt, on the enemies, so long as this sacrificial act of Indrajit is not actually carried through.
vrm.6.86 "O hero! Make a short work of Indrajit, the evil minded, who is interested in performing conjuring tricks, who is unjust, engaged in cruel acts and who brings fear to all the worlds.
vrm.6.86 Hearing the words of Vibhishana, Lakshmana, having auspicious marks, showered forth streams of arrows in the direction of Indrajit.
vrm.6.86 Hearing that his own army being tormented by the enemies, was dejected that unconquerable Indrajit left off, without performing the sacrificial rite.
vrm.6.86 That enraged Indrajit, coming out from the gloominess of the trees, ascended his firmly yoked chariot which had already been united
vrm.6.86 That awful Indrajit, armed with terrific bow and arrows, looking like a mass of black collyrium with his blood red eyes, appeared like the destructive Death.
vrm.6.86 Just on seeing Indrajit being on a chariot, that army of Rakshasas with a terrific speed, turned back, wishing to fight with Lakshmana.
vrm.6.86 That Indrajit saw Hanuma, the foremost of Vanaras, looking like a mountain, fearlessly killing his enemies.
vrm.6.86 Hearing the words of that Indrajit, the charioteer went, carrying that very unconquerable Indrajit sitting in the chariot, to the place where Hanuma was there.
vrm.6.86 Coming close to Hanuma, that unconquerable Indrajit hurled swords, sharp edged spears and axes on the head of Hanuma.
vrm.6.86 "O evil minded Indrajit! If you are valiant, fight with me.
vrm.6.86 Vibhishana told Lakshmana in the following words that while with bow upraised, Indrajit sought to kill Hanuma.
vrm.6.86 "Having seated in a chariot, Indrajit, who conquered Indra, is seeking to kill Hanuma.
vrm.6.86 "O Lakshmana! Kill that Indrajit with your terrific arrows of incomparable workmanship, which ward off the enemies and putting an end to their lives.
vrm.6.86 Hearing the words of Vibhishana, who was fearful to his adversaries, the great souled Lakshmana saw Indrajit, who closely resembled a mountain, seated in a chariot, of terrific strength and who was difficult to approach.
vrm.6.87 Moving not very distant from there and entering an extensive thicket, Vibhishana showed to Lakshmana, the place where Indrajit was going to pour oblations into the sacred fire.
vrm.6.87 "After offering oblations to the spirits at this place, the mighty Indrajit proceeds to the battle afterwards.
vrm.6.87 "Destroy that mighty Indrajit, along with his chariot, Horses and charioteer, by releasing your blazing arrows, even while he has not reached the banyan tree.
vrm.6.87 That Indrajit, the son of Ravana, clad in armour, armed with a sword, and distinguished by his ensign, appeared in a fire coloured chariot.
vrm.6.87 That highly splendid Lakshmana spoke to that Indrajit, the scion of Sage Paulastya, who had never been conquered before as follows "I am inviting you for a fight.
vrm.6.87 Thus spoken by Lakshmana, Indrajit with a great brilliance and high mindedness, seeing Vibhishana there, spoke the following harsh words to him:
vrm.6.87 "O Indrajit, the Rakshasa! The ruthlessness thus shown by you and the manliness exhibited by you in bringing Lakshmana here could be possible only by you, our own kindred.
vrm.6.87 Hearing the words of Indrajit, his brother s son, Vibhishana replied: "O Rakshasa! Why do you speak perversely, as though you are not aware of my nature.
vrm.6.87 "O Indrajit the wicked one! Atleast out of respect for the elders, abandon your harshness.
vrm.6.88 Hearing the words of Vibhishana, Indrajit was excited with rage, spoke harsh words and rushed forward in fury.
vrm.6.88 Indrajit was looking like Yama the lord of Death at the time of dissolution of the world, sitting in a well decorated and distinguished chariot yoked with black Horses, having upraised sword and weapons, raising a big terrific enormous strong and swift bow and laying hold of arrows which can torment the enemies.
vrm.6.88 Indrajit hurriedly spoke to those foremost of Vanaras and to this Lakshmana, who ascended Hanumas back with a splendor of the sun shining on Mount Udaya and also with Vibhishana as follows: You behold my prowess now.
vrm.6.88 Enraged in hearing that roaring of Indrajit, Lakshmana then spoke the following words, with a courageous countenance.
vrm.6.88 Why should you brag with your words? Hearing those words, the mighty Indrajit, victorious in battle, reaching his terrific bow, released sharp arrows from it.
vrm.6.88 Duly reaching Lakshmana, the arrows released by Indrajit, which rushed with great speed and were as deadly as the venom of serpents, fell like the hissing of snakes.
vrm.6.88 The swift Indrajit, the son of Ravana, with his arrows of very great velocity, in that battle, struck Lakshmana who was endowed with auspicious body marks.
vrm.6.88 Mulling over his own feat, Indrajit for his part, approaching Lakshmana and emitting an exceedingly loud roar, spoke the following words:
vrm.6.88 Lakshmana, understanding the sense of the word, replied in the following logical words to the enraged Indrajit thus speaking harshly.
vrm.6.88 Struck with arrows by Lakshmana, that enraged Indrajit pierced in return three arrows well directed towards Lakshmana.
vrm.6.88 That fight between Lakshmana, the foremost among men and Indrajit, the formost among Rakshasas, who wished to conquer one over the other in battle, was most terrific and tumultuous.
vrm.6.88 Lakshmana the foremost among humans and Indrajit the foremost among Rakshasas fought with rejoice.
vrm.6.88 Thereupon, Lakshmana the tormentator of enemies, fitting his arrows to his bow, released arrows on Indrajit, hissing like an enraged serpent.
vrm.6.88 Hearing the twang of the bow string of Lakshmana, Indrajit the Chief of Rakshasas became pale faced and fixed his gaze on Lakshmana.
vrm.6.88 Seeing Indrajit the son of Ravana pale faced, Vibhishana spoke as follows to Lakshmana, who was fully absorbed in the fight.
vrm.6.88 O the long armed Lakshmana! I infer on the strength of the indications which I see in Indrajit, that he is disappointed.
vrm.6.88 Hit by Lakshmana with arrows, which invaded all his senses, like the hit of Indras thunderbolt, Indrajit became stupefied for a moment.
vrm.6.88 Regaining his consciousness within a moment, with his senses restored, that Indrajit saw the valiant Lakshmana engaged in the battle.
vrm.6.88 With blood red eyes in anger, Indrajit walked towards Lakshmana.
vrm.6.88 Then, the valiant Indrajit with anger and with twice as much vehemence, wounded Vibhishana with a hundred well aimed arrows.
vrm.6.88 Seeing that feat accomplished by Indrajit, yet disregarding it, deriding it by saying This is noting and taking up terrific arrows, the fearless and enraged Lakshmana the younger brother of Rama and foremost among men, then discharged them against Indrajit in battle.
vrm.6.88 The valiant Indrajit, with his armour disheveled by the steel arrows, was wounded in battle and looked like the sun at dawn.
vrm.6.88 Thereafter, the valiant Indrajit of terrific prowess was enraged and wounded Lakshmana with a thousand arrows in battle.
vrm.6.88 Indrajit and Lakshmana who were time and again wishing to attain victory one over the other, carried out tumultuous and terrific battle.
vrm.6.88 In the combat, Lakshmana was striking Indrajit and Indrajit too was striking Lakshmana.
vrm.6.89 Seeing Lakshmana and Indrajit, fighting with commitment to gain victory one over the other, like Elephants in rut, that strong and valiant Vibhishana, wielding his excellent bow, stood there at the battle front, with an intent to behold their combat.
vrm.6.89 That mighty Indrajit, the destroyer valiant enemies, after giving a tumultuous fight to his uncle, yet again rushed towards Lakshmana.
vrm.6.89 The two valiant celebreties, Lakshmana and Indrajit, the two intense fighters in battle, then began to strike each other, showering a multitude of arrows on their enemies.
vrm.6.89 The mighty and energetic Lakshmana and Indrajit covered each other off exceedingly by a network of arrows, in the same way as the sun and the moon are veiled by clouds at the end of summer.
vrm.6.89 Meeting Indrajit, Lakshmana fought with him.
vrm.6.89 Meeting Lakshmana, Indrajit too took the offensive.
vrm.6.89 By discharging four arrows, Lakshmana then struck four black gold adorned Horses of Indrajit.
vrm.6.89 Thereupon, with alacrity of his hand, that illustrious Lakshmana, fully stretching and releasing another sharp thunderbolt like arrow, named Bhalla, which was yellowish in colour, with charming plumes, having a good splendour similar to Indra s thunderbolt and echoing a clapping sound, severed the head of Indrajit s charioteer from his trunk, even as he was circling around.
vrm.6.89 When the charioteer was killed, the greatly splendoured Indrajit did the charioteering by himself and also took hold of his bow.
vrm.6.89 Lakshmana, who was swift in his acts, tormented Indrajit who was ranging the battle field fearlessly, with a multitude of arrows on such opportune occasions.
vrm.6.89 Seeing his charioteer killed in battle, Indrajit became dejected and los this entusiasm in undertaking the combat.
vrm.6.89 Seeing Indrajit with a despondent face, the Vanara chiefs were very much dejected and then acclaimed Lakshmana.
vrm.6.89 That Indrajit hatasaarathiH= whose charioteer was killed hataashvaat= and whose Horses were destroyed avaplutya= leaped down rathaat= from his chariot abhyadhaavata= and attacked saumitrim= Lakshmana sharavarSheNa= with streams of arrows.
vrm.6.89 That Indrajit was coming on foot, as his excellent ohrses had been killed and began to release exquisite sharp arrows in battle.
vrm.6.90 Indrajit, the Rakshasa, who was endowed with extraordinary energy, standing on the ground his Horses having been killed was very much enraged and blazed with spirit.
vrm.6.90 Applauding and causing rejoice to all the Rakshasas and even feeling delighted himself, Indrajit then spoke the following words: These quarters are wrapped on all sides with abundant darkness.
vrm.6.90 Thus speaking, Indrajit the annihilator of enemies, having deceived the Vanaras, entered the City of Lanka for the sake of getting anther chariot.
vrm.6.90 Arranging for embellishment of a chariot, which was beautiful, decked with gold, furnished with darts, swords and arrows, yoked with excellent Horses, directed by a charioteer who could understand those Horses properly and could give credible instructions to them, that Indrajit, a conqueror in battle, who was endowed with extraordinary energy, then ascended it.
vrm.6.90 That valiant Indrajit, surrounded by troops of principal Rakshasas and incited by the force of destiny, sallied forth from the city.
vrm.6.90 Seeing Indrajit seated in the chariot, Lakshmana, the mighty Vanaras and Vibhishana the Rakshasa then were very much surprised on recalling the alacrity of the intelligent Indrajit.
vrm.6.90 The enraged Indrajit also struck down hundreds and thousands of Vanara chiefs by using a multitude of arrows in the battle field.
vrm.6.90 Stretching his bow to a circle, that enraged Indrajit the conqueror in battle, exhibiting supreme agility, began to kill the Vanaras.
vrm.6.90 Lakshmana tore that bow too of Indrajit with three arrows.
vrm.6.90 Thereupon, Lakshmana struck that Indrajit, whose bow was torn, on his chest with five arrows which were deadly like a serpentine poison.
vrm.6.90 Ejecting blood from his month, that Indrajit, who had his bow torn, took hold of his excellent bow with the bow string firmly fastened and which was stronger than the earlier bow.
vrm.6.90 Employing utmost agility, Indrajit, aiming at Lakshmana, streamed forth a shower of arrows, as Indra streaming forth the rain.
vrm.6.90 Lakshmana the annihilator of enemies coolly warded off the shower of arrows released by Indrajit, though it was most difficult to resist.
vrm.6.90 Lakshmana with great splendor, remaining unperplexed, then showed his prowess to Indrajit, which was marvelous indeed.
vrm.6.90 Getting extremely enraged, Lakshmana then pierced all those Rakshasas who stood in the battle field with three arrows each, showing his speed in discharging missiles and also struck Indrajit with an array of arrows.
vrm.6.90 That Indrajit, who was struck by the enemy, who was mighty destroyer of enemies, released several arrows unhindered towards Lakshmana.
vrm.6.90 The virtuous Lakshmana eliminated the head of the charioteer of Indrajit, the chariot warrior, in the battle with an arrow called Bhalla which was looking curved at its nodes.
vrm.6.90 Getting the power of anger, Lakshmana of unyielding prowess, pierced the Horses of Indrajit with arrows, so as to frighten them thereby.
vrm.6.90 Getting impatient with that act of Lakshmana in battle, Indrajit struck that enraged Lakshmana with ten arrows.
vrm.6.90 Those arrows of Indrajit, equal to thunderbolts and deadly as serpentine poison, having reached Lakshmanas armour with a golden hue, got destroyed.
vrm.6.90 Understanding Lakshmana to have been protected by an impenetrable armour and showing his swiftness in discharging missiles, Indrajit the son of Ravana, who felt very much angered, pierced Lakshmana in the forehead with three arrows provided with good plumes.
vrm.6.90 Thus tormented in battle by Indrajit the Rakshasa, that Lakshmana then quickly stretching the bow, pierced him in return with five arrows, in battle, in Indrajits face holding beautiful ear rings.
vrm.6.90 Lakshmana Indrajit, the heroes endowed with extraordinary might and armed with very strong bows and possessing terrible prowess, struck each other with distinctly pointed arrows.
vrm.6.90 Those two warriors, Lakshmana and Indrajit, with both their bodies stained in blood, shone in the battle field at that time, like Kimshuka trees in blossom.
vrm.6.90 Then, Indrajit, filled with martial anger, struck Vibhishana in his auspicious face, with three arrows.
vrm.6.90 Having struck Vibhishana, the leader of Rakshasas, with three arrows, Indrajit struck all those Vanara chiefs with a single arrow each.
vrm.6.90 Very much enraged with him, that Vibhishana of great splendor killed the Horses of that evil minded Indrajit with his mace.
vrm.6.90 Just leaping down from the chariot whose charioteer was destroyed earlier and whose Horses were killed, that Indrajit of great splendor employed his javelin towards his maternal uncle.
vrm.6.90 The strong bodied Vibhishana, in anger, dug five arrows, whose impact was a hard as that of a thunder bolt, into the bosom of Indrajit, whose Horses were already killed.
vrm.6.90 Enraged with his paternal uncle, that Indrajit, standing in the midst of Rakshasas, took hold of an excellent arrow earlier presented by Yama the lord of Death.
vrm.6.90 On seeing their arrows warded off in the battle front, those two warriors, Lakshmana and Indrajit then felt abashed and got provoked.
vrm.6.90 Skilled in warfare, the great Indrajit too discharged a missile presided over by Rudra in battle.
vrm.6.90 Then, that enraged Indrajit of great splendour and the conqueror of battle, looking like the destroyer of the world, employed a missile presided over by Agni the god of fire which was blazing.
vrm.6.90 Finding his missile repelled, Indrajit was filled with anger and took hold of a sharp arrow used by Rakshasas and capable of tearing down an enemy.
vrm.6.90 Then, Lakshmana fitted another excellent arrow, which had a sensation of ignition and which can tear down Indrajit.
vrm.6.90 Fitting a missile presided over by Indra which had never been defeated in battle, to his excellent bow and drawing it, the glorious Lakshmana addressed the following prayer, which was intended to achieve his purpose: O my dear arrow! If Rama the son of Dasaratha has set his mind on virtue, keeps up his promise and is second to none in his prowess, destroy this Indrajit.
vrm.6.90 Thus saying and drawing up to the ear the arrow, which went straight, the heroic Lakshmana released it towards Indrajit.
vrm.6.90 That large head of Indrajit, separated from his trunk and moistened with blood, was seen on the ground, shining like gold.
vrm.6.90 Having been killed, that Indrajit then forthwith fell to the ground, along with his armour and head protector, with his bow shattered.
vrm.6.90 As Indrajit was killed, all those Vanaras together with Vibhishana roared in rejoice, as the Devas did, when Vritra was killed.
vrm.6.90 Seeing Indrajit killed and lying on the battle field, not even one among the thousands of Rakshasas was to be seen.
vrm.6.90 As the sun rays do not exist when the sun has sunk below the horizon, so those Rakshasas left to different directions when Indrajit had fallen.
vrm.6.90 Thrown asunder and dead, that long armed Indrajit looked like the sun whose rays have cooled down and like the fire which is extinguished.
vrm.6.90 When Indrajit was fallen, the world then had its oppressions pacified, now that its enemy had been destroyed and it experience a rejoice.
vrm.6.90 While that Indrajit, who was the terror of all the worlds, had fallen, the waters and the sky became clear.
vrm.6.90 Hearing Indrajit having been killed and witnessing that arduous act of Lakshmana, their beloved friend in battle, the Devas were gratified and experienced a great rejoice in their minds.
vrm.6.91 Lakshmana, endowed with auspicious bodily marks, whose limbs were drenched in blood, felt rejoiced on having killed Indrajit in combat.
vrm.6.91 Then, the valiant Lakshmana, arriving at the great souled Rama, told him in a murmering tone as he was feeling tiresome about the terrific destroyal of Indrajit.
vrm.6.91 Then, the rejoiced Vibhishana informed in a clear tone to Rama that Indrajit s head had been chopped off by the great souled Lakshmana.
vrm.6.91 Just on hearing the news about the killing of Indrajit by Lakshmana, Rama of great prowess obtained immesurable joy and spoke the following words "O Lakshmana! Well done! I feel gratified.
vrm.6.91 Consider it as our victory, through the destroyal of Indrajit.
vrm.6.91 Indrajit is indeed the support for that Ravana.
vrm.6.91 "In the course of three days and nights, the valiant Indrajit was felled down somehow.
vrm.6.91 "O Lakshmana! As that Indrajit has been killed in battle by you, who are my protector, neither Seetha nor this entire earth is hard to attain.
vrm.6.91 Hearing of Indrajit having been kille din battle, Sugreeva became delighted.
vrm.6.92 Hearing of Indrajit s killing and having ascertained the news, Ravana s counsellors reported the matter hurriedly to Ravana.
vrm.6.92 Having tormented Lakshmana with his arrows, Indrajit departed to the highest world.
vrm.6.92 Hearing that news of formidable, harsh and terrific death of Indrajit his son in battle, Ravana gave way to a protracted swoon.
vrm.6.92 "Seeing Indrajit having been killed, all the hosts of Celestials, the guardians of the world and the great sages now can sleep comfortably and peacefully.
vrm.6.92 "Bereft of Indrajit alone, the entire earth with its forest appear to be wholly alone to me.
vrm.6.92 Looking fixedly with blood red eyes on all those Rakshasas, who were making miserable sounds, that very awful Ravana for his part, who had assumed a terrible appearance, though feeling distressed, spoke to them as follows: "In order to hoodwink the Vanaras, something which had been killed there, was shown, by taking recourse to conjuring tricks, as Seetha, by my child Indrajit" "I shall make that hoax into a hard reality, which is pleasing to me.
vrm.6.94 Ravana" is not able to learn a lesson, even after hearing that the mighty Kumbhakarna was killed by Rama and that unconquerable colossal bodied Indrajit, his beloved son was killed by Lakshmana.
vrm.6.94 Ravana" is not able to learn a lesson, even after hearing that the mighty Kumbhakarna was killed by Rama and that the unconquerable colossal bodied Indrajit, his beloved son was killed by Lakshmana.
vrm.6.95 "By killing the enemies now, I will take vengeance for Khara, Kumbhakarna, Prahasta and Indrajit.
vrm.6.109 "For that which, because of arrogance, neither Prahasta nor Indrajit and others, nor Kumbhakarna nor Atiratha nor Narantaka nor you yourself has agreed to my counsel, the consequence of it has come now.
vrm.6.111 When Indrajit, your son was killed in battle by Lakshmana, I was hard hit then and today, of course, I am completely beaten down.
vrm.6.123 "Here was Vidyunmali killed by the great souled Sushena and here was Indrajit, the son of Ravana, killed by Lakshmana in a combat.
vrm.6.126 Lakshmana killed Indrajit, the son of Ravana.
vrm.7.1 Hearing of the destruction of Indrajit, we congratulate thee on thy success.
vrm.7.1 Hearing that Indrajit slain, amazement hath seized us all.
vrm.7.2 Hearing those words of his, the exceedingly energetic Kumbhayoni spoke as follows, "Having regard to his Indrajit s energy and might, I shall relate unto thee the history of his race, in the light of which thou wilt perceive why Ravana s son had been capable of slaying his enemies, but could not himself be slain by them.
vrm.7.12 Him ye call Indrajit.
vrm.7.30 Commanding them Indrajit preceded the army, Ravana went in the middle and Kumbhakarna was in the rear; the virtuous souled Vibhishana remained in Lanka, being engaged in piotis observances.
vrm.7.35 O Ravana, this thy son is highly powerful and gifted with great strength and he shall be celebrated in the world under the appellation of Indrajit or the conqueror of Indra.
vrm.7.35 Do thou therefore, O thou having long arms, release Mahendra, the chastiser of Paka and for setting him free what do thou want from the Devas ?"Thereupon the highly powerful Indrajit the subduer of enemies, said "If dost thou say so, O god, I pray for immortality.
vrm.7.35 I have thus described to thee the strength of Indrajit what to speak of others he vanquished even Indra the king of the Devas.

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