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vrm.7.100 O gentle one, I have heard, that formerly in the province of Valheeka, the graceful king Ila, the son of the patriarch Kardama, was highly pious.
vrm.7.100 O foremost of men, having brought the entire earth under his control, the highly illustrious king Ila used to govern his subjects like unto his own sons.
vrm.7.100 The high souled Ila being enraged, the three worlds used to be convulsed with terror.
vrm.7.100 Once on a time in the picturesque season of spring the mighty armed Ila, with his army and conveyances, entered into a charming forest, and on the pretext of hunting, slew hundreds and thousands of deer.
vrm.7.100 In this way being engaged in hunting the king Ila arrived where Kartikeya was born.
vrm.7.100 A hunting, the king Ila, the son of Kardama.
vrm.7.100 Finding himself in that plight the king Ila was greatly sorry, and thinking that the misfortune was owing to the influence of the god of gods Uma s lord, he was greatly terrified.
vrm.7.100 Being thus disappointed by the great deity, the king Ila, metamorposed into a female, became greatly sorry and did not pray for any other boon.
vrm.7.100 O Lakshmana, by virtue of this boon, the king Ila for one month used to become a man and for the next used to become a female, charming in the three worlds under the name of Ila.
vrm.7.101 Having heard of the story of the king Ila from Rama, Lakshmana and Bharata were greatly surprised.
vrm.7.101 And with folded hands they, requesting the noble king Rama, for futher particulars, said "How could the king Ila subject himself to those afflictions in the shape of a female? And how did he use to behave himself in his male form ?"Hearing those words begotten of curiosity, Rama engaged in relating the whole story as he had heard before, saying "In the first month, assuming his female form having lotus eyes and charming the three world, he used to sport in the forest abounding in groves, in the company of his companions metamorphosed into the same form.
vrm.7.101 Thus roaming, Ila one day espied Budha, a bundle of rays, resembling the full moon in a picturesque pond filled with birds at some distance from the mountain.
vrm.7.101 O son of Raghu, on beholding him Ila was greatly surprised, and with her female companions began to agitate waters.
vrm.7.101 And being informed of all regarding the king Ila thereby he said "Do ye all live in this mountain being Kimpurushas; do ye make your respective habitations here.
vrm.7.102 Thereupon the highly illustious Rama, the foremost of the pious, again began with the story of Ila, the son of the patriarch.
vrm.7.102 "Beholding the Kinnaris repairing to a distance, Budha the foremost of ascetics, smilling said, to the beautiful Ila: O thou of a graceful presence, I am the most favourite son of the moon; O fair one, do thou, with delight, cast looks upon me.
vrm.7.102 Hearing the words of the highly effulgent and beautiful Budha in the picturesque forest land divested of men and animals, Ila said "O gentle one, I am not subject to any body; I surrender myself unto thee out of my own accord.
vrm.7.102 And living in the company of Ila; having a graceful countenance, Budha, possessed by desire, spent the entire month of Madhu like a moment.
vrm.7.102 Thereupon after the expiry of a month, the graceful king Ila, son of the pariarch, awoke from sleep and beholding Budha, the son of Soma, engaged in austerities with uplifted hands in the midst of waters, said O illustrious Sir, with my followers I entered this dense forest I do not see them now anywhere.
vrm.7.102 Being comforted by those words, the high minded king Ila, striken with distress in consequence of the destruction of his servants, poorly replied "O Brahman, I shall renounce my own kingdom.
vrm.7.102 Heaing those wonderful words of the king Ila, Budha consoling him, said "Do thou wait here.
vrm.7.102 Hearing the words of Budha, of unwearied actions, the king Ila desired to live there.
vrm.7.102 Thereupon in the ninth month, Ila, having a beautiful waist, gave bith to a highly effulgent son, under the name of Pururava, born of the loins of Budha, and equally graceful like him.
vrm.7.102 Thereupon after a year Ila having regained the male form, Budha by mean: of various words aforded delight unto him.
vrm.7.103 Rama having thus described the wonderful birth of Pururava, the illustrious Bharata and Lakshmana asked him again saying: foemost of men, tell us what did Ila afterwards do after living in the company of Soma s son for a year.
vrm.7.103 Hearing their sweet words Rama again began with the story of Kardama s son and said "In turn, the heroic Ila, having regained his manhood, the highly illustrious and intelligent Budha, well informed of birth and well skilled in the art of speech, sent for the highly liberal Samvarta, Bhrigu s son Chyavana, Aristanemi, the foremost of Munis, Durvasa, capable of affording delight, and other friends gifted with patience and said "Ye all know well, how this mighty armed Ila, Kardama s son, attained to this peculiar condition.
vrm.7.103 For the welfare of his son, the patriarch Kardama said "Hear, O twice born ones, how the well being of the king Ila may be secured.
vrm.7.103 And by that the great Rudra attained to delight and said to the twice born ones, in the presence of the king Ila "O foremost of twice born ones, I have been greatly delighted with this sacrifice and your devotion.
vrm.7.103 Hearing the words of Mahadeva, the Brahmanas, having propitiated him with great devotion, prayed for Ila s manhood.
vrm.7.103 And having placed his eldest son Sasavindu as the king of the country of Valheeka, the king Ila reared another city in the middle country.
vrm.7.103 In time Ila attained to the excellent Brahma region and his son Pururava obtained that Pratishtana kingdom.
vrm.7.103 O foremost of men, such is the power of the horse sacrifice, that the king Ila, though conveted into a female, regained manhood by virtue thereof.

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