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vrm.1.6 He who is well versed in Veda s, who is a gatherer of all scholars, riches and forces as well, a foreseer and a great resplendent one, also one who is esteemed by urbanites and countrymen alike, one who is a top speeded chariot warrior aamong the emperors of Ikshwaku kings, one who has performed many Vedic rituals, a virtuous one, a great controller, a saint like kingly sage, one who he is renowned in all the three worlds, a mighty one with all his enemies eradicated, nevertheless who has friends, one who conquered all his senses, one who is similar to Indra, or Kubera on earth with his wealth, accumulations and other possessions, he that king Dasharatha while dwelling in the city of Ayodhya protected the world, like Manu, the foremost protector of mankind.
vrm.1.6 That city is well protected by that king from Ikshwaku dynasty namely Dasharatha, like Manu, the foremost king of mankind in earlier times.
vrm.1.11 A king named Dasharatha will be born into Ikshwaku dynasty who will be very virtuous, resplendent and truthful one to his vow.
vrm.1.18 and Venus are at their highest position, when Jupiter with Moon is ascendant in Cancer, and when day is advancing, then Queen Kausalya gave birth to a son with all the divine attributes like lotus red eyes, lengthy arms, roseate lips, voice like drumbeat, and who took birth to delight the Ikshwaku dynasty, who is adored by all the worlds, and who is the greatly blessed epitome of Vishnu, namely Rama.
vrm.1.21 "Born in Ikshwaku dynasty you are apparently the other god of ethics on earth, a staunch one with righteous vows and a glorious one too, such as you are, it will be unapt of you to forsake ethics.
vrm.6.108 Making it sacred by a special formula as per the procedure specified in scriptures, Rama who was endowed with an extraordinary strength then fixed that arrow which was the foremost among the three worlds, capable of removing the fear of Ikshwaku dynasty, taking away the glory of the enemies and bestowing joy to one s own self on his bow.
vrm.7.19 And then that son of the Ikshwaku race discharged eight hundred arrows at Ravana s head.
vrm.7.19 And thereat the Raksha, laughing, spoke unto that Ikshwaku, lord of the earth, What is this that thou hast gathered as the fruit of thy encounter with me.
vrm.7.19 But, O Rakshasa, I shall tell thee something in consequence of the disgrace that the Ikshwaku race has met with to day.
vrm.7.19 have governed my people well, then be my words verified! There shall spring in the line of the high souled Ikshwaku, one named Rama son unto Dasaratha, who shall deprive thee of thy life.
vrm.7.48 O king, the relation between the families of Ikshwaku and Mithila, is unequalled and delightful.
vrm.7.65 Hearing the reply of Lakshmana, Rama, the descendant of Ikshwaku, began again with themes instinct with morality "There lived a highly pious and powerful king by the name of Nimi.
vrm.7.65 He was the twelfth of Ikshwaku s sons.
vrm.7.65 Having thus resolved and invited his sire Ikshwaku the son of Manu, he first welcomed the celestial saint.
vrm.7.65 Nimi the descendant of Ikshwaku, then welcomed the saints Atri, Angiras and Bhrigu having asceticism for their wealth.
vrm.7.67 O gentle one, the highly effulgent Ikshwaku appointed that blameless Rishi as the priest of our family as soon as he was born.
vrm.7.80 O descendant of Raghu, Lavana hath accomplished many works by this dart; amongst them, hear, what Mandhata, born in the race of Ikshwaku, did.
vrm.7.92 His son was Ikshwaku.
vrm.7.92 Having installed the irrepressible Ikshwaku, Manu said: Be thou the lord over creatures.
vrm.7.92 Having in this wise advised Ikshwaku Manu delightedly repaired to the region of Brahma.
vrm.7.92 After Manu s departure, the effulgent Ikshwaku thought of the means for creating progeny.
vrm.7.121 Worship Jagannatha the lord of the world, the presiding deity of the Ikshwaku race.

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