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vrm.1.1 One" emerged from Ikshvaku dynasty and known to people as Rama by his name, and he is conscientious, highly valorous, resplendent, steadfast and a controller of vice and vile.
vrm.1.5 Once upon a time, under which victorious kings this entire earth with all its islands is there, starting from Prajapati among which kings there is one named Sagara, who deepened the oceans, and whom his sixty thousand sons were fencing in when he is set out for action in the dynasty of such of those Ikshvaku kings this highly revered and reputed epic Ramayana is originated.
vrm.1.7 The misters for the great soul from Ikshvaku kings of Emperor Dasharatha, are epitomised ones of their tactfulness, adroitness and are always obliged to undertake welfare activities of their king and the kingdom.
vrm.1.14 Thus on giving away the vast expanses of his kingdom he that glorious one born in Ikshvaku dynasty is gladdened, but all the officiating priests said to the king who by now is rid of his sins.
vrm.1.18 Then on their arriving at the king s palace the doorkeepers have announced to the king of Ikshvaku s, namely Dasharatha, about the arrival of sage Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.42 Oh, god, I indeed pray for offspring in our Ikshvaku dynasty, let not our dynasty dwindle as I am issueless, and oh, god, let this be the other boon to me.
vrm.1.42 Oh, top speeded chariot rider Bhagiratha, this aspiration of yours is sublime, and oh, the furtherer of Ikshvaku dynasty, so be it, let safeness betide you.
vrm.1.47 b, a "To king Ikshvaku of Vishala, oh, tigerly man Rama, a highly righteous son was born through queen Alambusa, and he was renowned as Vishala.
vrm.1.47 "By the grace of Ikshvaku, the successive kings of Vishala have longevity, intrepidity, well off in generosity, and they were great souled ones.
vrm.1.57 "In this meantime there is a veracious king named Trishanku, an enhancer of Ikshvaku dynasty, and one renowned for his self conquest.
vrm.1.57 The Priest is the ultimate recourse for all of the kings in Ikshvaku dynasty, isn t it.
vrm.1.58 The Royal Priest is the ultimate course for all of Ikshvaku s, isn t it.
vrm.1.59 Oh, Trishanku, the legatee of Ikshvaku s, you are welcome.
vrm.1.60 This legatee of Ikshvaku dynasty is well know as Trishanku, a righteous and benevolent one.
vrm.1.60 b, As such, let the Vedic ritual be conducted intending and enabling Trishanku, the legatee of Ikshvaku, to go to heaven by the ritualist prowess of Vishvamitra, therefor you conduct yourselves and you all preside over it.
vrm.1.69 "Because you are born in first and foremost Ikshvaku dynasty, hence you are the Indra of Indra like kings on earth.
vrm.1.70 Oh, minister plenipotentiary, Sudaamana, you please proceed immediately to king Dasharatha, the legatee of Ikshvaku s with illimitable resplendence, and let that invincible king Dasharatha be led hither along with his sons and along with his Vedic celebrants.
vrm.1.70 Oh, exalted king Janaka, you already appreciate that this godly sage Vashishta is godlike to the bloodline of Ikshvaku s, and in all affairs he is our internuncio.
vrm.1.70 Manu is the earliest Prajapati and Ikshvaku is the son of Manu, and that Ikshvaku is the first king of Ayodhya.
vrm.1.70 The son of Ikshvaku is the legendary Kukshi, thus he is renowned, and the famous Vikukshi is the son of Kukshi.
vrm.1.70 Oh, best one among men, Janaka, from the beginning this bloodline of Ikshvaku s is spotlessly immaculate, immensely impeccable, indomitable, and irreproachable, and in respect of these kings born in this line of blood, oh, king Janaka, I espouse that it will be meetly of you to offer your seemly daughters to this seemly pair of Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.1.72 The Ikshvaku s and Videha s are unimaginably admirable and immeasurably distinguished dynasties, oh, Janaka, the best one among all men, there is no single king comparable to one from these dynasties.
vrm.1.72 Oh, best king, let both theses dynasties of yours, the impeccable dynasty of Ikshvaku s and the immaculate dynasty of yours as well, be
vrm.2.2 "I have a desire that this entire land which was protected by the descendents of Ikshvaku dynasty, be bestowed with goodness and the resultant happiness.
vrm.2.2 He is greater than all the kings born in Ikshvaku clan.
vrm.2.4 Hence, this glorious kingdom of Ikshvaku dynasty is going to embrace you.
vrm.2.6 "O! This king Dasaratha, who delights Ikshvaku dynasty, having known himself that he became aged, is going to anoint Rama for the kingdom.
vrm.2.15 The people who gathered there after getting the things required as per orders of king for coronation ceremony to be held in a kingdom of Ikshvaku dynasty, could not sight the king and discussed among themselves about how to inform the king regarding their arrival.
vrm.2.31 Lakshmana, who was assured of his sojourn in the forest, after bidding good bye ot his friends, approached Vasishta the preceptor of Ikshvaku dynasty and took the excellent armoury.
vrm.2.33 Seeing Sumantra appearing disturbed before that, Rama the son of Dasaratha a scion of Ikshvaku whose mind is mighty and who is setting out to the forest, waited awhile to have his presence announced to his father.
vrm.2.35 But, you want to deprive this condition in the case of Rama the lord of Ikshvaku dynasty.
vrm.2.36 Then, Dasaratha the scion of Ikshvaku dynasty, squeezed by his own promise in the matter of sending Rama to exile, sighed heavily with tears and spoke the following words again and agian to Sumantra.
vrm.2.46 From this the citizens of Ayodhya the ancient capital of Ikshvaku, who are longing for me, may not sleep as of now, at the roots of trees again and again The residents of city should indeed be made free of their suffering brought about by citizens themselves, by the sons of their rulers.
vrm.2.49 Then Rama showed to Sita the land of Kosala, the southern boundary of which was defined by Syandika river given long ago by the king Manu to Ikshvaku and which was bounded by many territories.
vrm.2.50 Rama, the delight of Ikshvaku dynasty, reached that beautiful tree and got down from the chariot along with Sita and Lakshmana.
vrm.2.52 Oh, Guha! Remain vigilant in defense, finance, internal security and public relations, for a kingdom is the most difficult one to be protected! Then Rama, who was a delight to Ikshvaku dynasty, bade farewell to Guha and departed quickly, remaining undistracted, along with his consort and together with Lakshmana.
vrm.2.55 Having arrived at the middle of Yamuna river, Seetha offered salutation to the river and prayed as follows: Oh, goddess of Yamuna! Adieu! I am crossing you! May my husband complete his vow! When Rama safely comes back again towards the city of Ayodhya, ruled by Ikshvaku kings I shall propitiate you by offering a thousand Cows and a hundred drinking vessels.
vrm.2.58 The mighty armed Bharata the son of Ikshvaku race, is to be told as follows: Being installed in the office of Prince Regent, attend to your father who still stays in the throne.
vrm.2.59 What is more distressing to me after getting into this condition, in not seeing here, Rama who is a delight to Ikshvaku dynasty? Oh, Rama! Oh, Younger Brother of Rama! Oh, unfortunate Seetha! You do not know that I am dying with grief, like one abandoned.
vrm.2.64 Not even you, but today the whole of Ikshvaku dynasty would have been no more, if it is not the case.
vrm.2.67 Hence, let anyone here in Ikshvaku dynasty be made a king today itself lest our nation without a king should result in a collapse indeed.
vrm.2.67 O, the excellent Brahmana! After renewing the circumstances here and seeing that the kingdom is becoming a jungle without a king, you yourself anoint a youth born in Ikshvaku race or anyone here as a king.
vrm.2.71 That brilliant and glorious Bharata, who was a rejoice to Ikshvaku dynasty marching in easterly direction from the city of Rajagriha, thereafter observing and crossing Sudama river as well as the wide Hladini river, whose stream flowed towards eastern direction.
vrm.2.71 O, charioteer! It is not possible that all sounds be well with my kinsfolk, as indeed, even without anycause for a grievance, my spirit is cast down Despondent, distressed in mind, frightened and extremely entered the city, which was ruled by the descendents of Ikshvaku.
vrm.2.72 These men and women of Ikshvaku race do not appear to me to be cheerful.
vrm.2.73 This procedure is similar to all kings especially so in the case of Ikshvaku kings.
vrm.2.73 The pride of reputation of those belonging to Ikshvaku race, who protect righteousness alone and who possessed good family conduct, is turned away by you today.
vrm.2.77 Bereft of my brother and father, I can not return to the deserted city of Ayodhya, where Ikshvaku used to reign.
vrm.2.81 While Bharata was lamenting thus, the great illustrious Vasishta who knew the rules relating to kings, entered the assembly hall of Dasaratha the Lord of Ikshvaku dynasty.
vrm.2.82 If in this world, I dishonoured the name of Ikshvaku race, I should be guilty of a sinful act, practiced by disgraceful men, which does not lead to heaven.
vrm.2.83 Nine thousand Elephants suitably duly arranged escorted Bharata the joy of the Ikshvaku dynasty, on his journey.
vrm.2.91 The animals, belonging to the exceedingly strong and illustrious warriors, the descendents of Ikshvaku, were fed with pieces of sugarcane and roasted grain soaked in honey, duly cajoling them to eat.
vrm.2.97 That royal army of Ikshvaku race, crowded with Elephants Horses and chariots was encamped around the edge of the mountain occupying an area of one Yojana and a half.
vrm.2.104 Seeing that ball of food placed on the ground by the unfortunate Rama for his father, the Queen Kausalya spoke to all those wives of Dasaratha as follows: "See this ball of food offered traditionally by Rama in honour of his father, the high souled Dasaratha the Lord of Ikshvaku race.
vrm.2.110 Ikshvaku was Manu s son.
vrm.2.110 "The entire fertile earth was given by Manu to Ikshvaku and know that Ikshvaku was thus the first king of Ayodhya!" Ikshvaku" s son was known as Kukshi, the illustrious king.
vrm.2.110 "The eldest son only becomes the king in the entire Ikshvaku race.
vrm.3.3 tell me who you are and whereto you wish to go? Then that highly resplendent Rama said about his Ikshvaku dynasty to the blazing faced Rakshasa who is insistent.
vrm.3.6 "You are the supreme charioteer born in Ikshvaku dynasty hence you are the protector of earth under your control.
vrm.3.7 Then those best ones from Ikshvaku dynasty, those two Raghava s along with Seetha have entered the forest which will always be full with diverse trees.
vrm.3.16 "In any way, dear Lakshmana, you are not supposed to deplore another mother of ours, but you go on telling the topics of Bharata, the king of Ikshvaku s.
vrm.3.47 "On residing in the residence of Ikshvaku s in Ayodhya for twelve years, I was in sumptuosity of all cherishes while relishing all humanly prosperities.
vrm.3.56 "He who took birth in Ikshvaku s dynasty is a great resplendent one with his shoulders like those of a lion, and who comes here along with similarly lion shouldered and nearly great resplendent brother of his, namely Lakshmana, to take your lives away.
vrm.3.66 Oh, foremost one among Ikshvaku, oh, Rama, contemplate the divineness of those immortals and their pure being in maintaining world order, also consider the humanness of these mortals and their helpless susceptibility to pain, also count on your own valour that which can annihilate the whole of anything.
vrm.3.69 On going in southwest direction, both the Ikshvaku s wielding bows, arrows, and swords, have come about a pathway which is an off the beaten track.
vrm.3.70 He is known to people by the name of Rama, the legatee of Ikshvaku dynasty, and you know me as his younger brother, Lakshmana, by my
vrm.3.72 Oh, tigerly Ikshvaku, further nothing can be countermanded in this world which is indeed ineluctable, and it is impossible to countervail against Time, isn t it.
vrm.4.5 Rama" is the son of king Dasharatha, one born in Ikshvaku dynasty, an adept one in virtue and thus an adherent of his father s orders.
vrm.4.15 "Those that are born in Ikshvaku dynasty, sons of the king of Ayodhya, valiant and unconquerable ones in war, called Rama and Lakshmana are there in this country.
vrm.4.18 "This earth with its mountains, woods, and forests, even along with the authority to condone or condemn the animals, Birds, and humans on it belongs to Ikshvaku s.
vrm.4.24 "In the first instance I have agreed for the elimination of my brother owing to my anger, intolerance and as I was subjected to too much ignominy, but now, oh, best one from Ikshvaku s, when the chief of Vanaras Vali is put to death, I am painfully remorseful.
vrm.4.25 On cremating Vali of lofty aplomb and manifest renown and whom the arrow of that Rama, the best of Ikshvaku dynasty has eliminated, Sugreeva then approached that Rama, who is with Lakshmana at his side, and whose flair equals a flaming fire.
vrm.4.31 Entrenched among mountains, impregnated with vanara army is the magnificent citadel of the king of Vanaras, and the tigerly Ikshvaku, Lakshmana, has seen such an impassable city, namely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.34 "Definitely you are not envisaging the Thunderbolt similar arrows from the bow of the best one from Ikshvaku dynasty, Rama, thereby you are enjoying luxuries joyously without giving a thought to Rama s mission even at your heart.
vrm.4.57 "Among Ikshvaku s there is a great charioteer, a king for the entire world, a peerless person, and he is the son of Dasharatha, namely Rama, and abiding by his father s directives and opting for righteous course of conduct, he moved into Dandaka forests along with his brother Lakshmana and even with his wife Vaidehi.
vrm.4.62 "There is some king known as Dasharatha, an enhancer of Ikshvaku dynasty, and to him there will be a great resplendent a son who will be known as Rama.
vrm.5.1 While that best among vanaras, Hanuma, was flying, the god of ocean thought thus for the respect of Ikshvaku dynasty: "If I do not help this best among vanaras Hanuma, I shall become prone to all kinds of ill talk by those who want to speak against me.
vrm.5.1 "I was developed by Sagara of Ikshvaku dynasty.
vrm.5.1 "To this Hanuma, who is a follower of the Ikshvaku dynasty, help should be done by me now.
vrm.5.1 Descendants of Ikshvaku are repectable to me.
vrm.5.13 While I am going I think about the destruction of Ikshvaku dynasty and destruction of Vanaras and there will be a terrible wail.
vrm.5.13 Defeating all rakshasas, I will give Seetha, who gives happiness to Ikshvaku dynasty to Sri Rama as the fruit of austerity to an ascetic.
vrm.5.22 "Such you are not shameful abusing the lord of Ikshvaku dynasty Rama.
vrm.5.24 "Like the highly fortunate Sachi who waits upon Indra, like Arundhati on Vasishta, like Rohini on the Moon God, like Lopamudra on Agastya, like Sukanya on Chyavana, like Savitri on Satyavanta, like Srimati on Kapila, like Madayanti on Saudasa, like Kesini on Sagara, like Damayanti the daughter of Bhima, devoted to husband Nala, in the same way I am devoted to my husband Rama, the best in Ikshvaku dynasty.
vrm.5.30 "Offering auspicious and righteous words about Rama the most excellent prince Ikshvaku dynasty who possesses a learned soul and myself speaking in a sweet voice, I shall make everything intelligible so that Seetha rightly believes everything.
vrm.5.31 There was a king named Dasaratha who was very glorious among the kings of Ikshvaku dynasty and had a virtuous disposition.
vrm.5.31 He was an eminent king in Ikshvaku race.
vrm.5.33 "Thereafter, in the thirteenth year, King Dasaratha along with his preceptors started to perform anointment of the kingdom to Rama, a celebrity of Ikshvaku dynasty.
vrm.5.55 "When the virtuous Ikshvaku dynasty perishes, all the people will undoubtedly be tormented with anguish and affliction.
vrm.5.58 "Hearing those words of the evil minded Ravana, Seetha was very much irritated and spoke the following excellent words: "How did your tongue not fall of, O the worst Rakshasa, by speaking such words not to be uttered, to the consort of Rama, of boundless glory, and the daughter in law of Dasaratha the lord of Ikshvaku dynasty?"
vrm.5.58 "Thinking about a means for starting a conversation with Seetha, I started to describe the history of Ikshvaku s dynasty.
vrm.5.65 "O faultless tiger among men! Seetha established confidence in me, after I slowly described to her the fame of Ikshvaku dynasty.
vrm.6.4 The royal sage Trishanku, our paternal grand father, born in the high souled Ikshvaku dynasty, is purely shining as a star in front, along with his family priest.
vrm.6.14 Even the Devas would feel bewildered when placed in front of the king Rama who gives priority to righteousness, is a great car warrior, was born in the dynasty of Ikshvaku and is capable of accomplishing his objects.
vrm.6.60 Rama" the son of Dasaratha is the man I think of whom Anaranya born of Ikshvaku dynasty formerly spoke, saying: O, the worst of Rakshasas, the worst of your race and the wretched one! In my race will be born a man who will slay you in battle with your sons, ministers, army, Horses and charioteer.
vrm.6.67 "O faultless excellent Rama born in Ikshvaku dynasty! Show your prowess on my limbs.
vrm.6.84 Vibhishana also saw the great souled Rama, the delight of Ikshvaku dynasty fallen into a swoon and resting on the lap of Lakshmana.
vrm.6.119 "Fortunately has the fear born of Ravana which increased the severe darkness on the entire world has been removed by you, on the battle field, O Rama!" "You are fit to go to the heaven, by comforting the depressed Bharata and the illustrious Kausalya as well as seeing Kaikeyi and Sumitra, the mother of Lakshmana having got the sovereignty of Ayodhya, bringing delight to your friends, stabilizing the back bone in the race of Ikshvaku, getting excellent glory by performing a Horse sacrifice and by granting riches to Brahmanas.
vrm.6.123 Here is seen that river, Sarayu, lined with rows of sacrificial posts the relics of sacrifices performed from time to time by Ikshvaku dynasty, bordered with hundreds of trees and with groves in full blossom.
vrm.6.128 Shatrughna, the valiant and charming man, the promoter of Ikshvaku dynasty made arrangements for personal adornment of Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.128 Rama reached the beautiful palace, paternal occupied by Ikshvaku kings.

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