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vrm.2.27 Husband alone is forever the best recourse either in this world or after her death".
vrm.2.39 "Having heard about the special and ordinary duties of a wife from the most excellent women, how can I, as such, despise my husband, Oh venerable lady? Husband is indeed a deity to women.
vrm.5.16 Husband is indeed the greatest adornment for a woman greater than jewellery this Seetha though deserving of decoration, is not looking charming without Sri Rama.
vrm.5.18 Husband of those women, of great might, who was surrendered to lust, that Ravana also who was dull witted, with his mind interested in Seetha shone with a slow and beautiful gait.
vrm.7.58 Husband is a woman s god, her friend and spiritual guide.
vrm.7.108 Husband is the greatest god for women.

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