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vrm.1.1 b, a "On performing hundreds of Horse Rituals and rituals wherein plenteous gold is bounteously donated, likewise on donating millions of Cows and uncountable wealth to Brahmans and scholars, that highly illustrious Rama will proceed to Brahma s abode, in future.
vrm.1.6 That city is full with best Horses born in countries like Kaamboja, Baahlika, Vanaayu, and also in river bed counties, which are like the Horse of Indra namely ucChiashrava.
vrm.1.8 To that anguished great soul, a thought occurred this way, To beget sons, why should not I perform Horse ritual.
vrm.1.8 for that reason, I wish perform Asvamedha, Vedic Horse Ritual.
vrm.1.8 All of them becoming happy have also said to King Dasharatha, let the paraphernalia be provided, and your ritual Horse be released.
vrm.1.8 and the Ritual Horse be released monitored by capable warriors, along with the religious teachers.
vrm.1.12 Sage Rishyasringa who by now is well honoured by the king said to the king, "So it shall be, let the paraphernalia for ritual be garnered and let your ritual Horse be released as a prerogative.
vrm.1.12 hence I am thinking of performing the Vedic Horse Ritual for progeny.
vrm.1.12 let ritual paraphernalia be garnered and let your ritual Horse be released.
vrm.1.12 let the ritual Horse be released, guarded well by gallant men in its journey.
vrm.1.12 and let religious teachers follow that Horse as per tradition.
vrm.1.12 all the kings on this earth would have performed this Horse Ritual, if only they can perform this without a mistake.
vrm.1.13 On completion of one full year another springtime arrived, and then Dasharatha a determined one to beget progeny by performing Horse Ritual entered the ritual hall.
vrm.1.14 Then after completion of one year and on regaining the ritual Horse, the Emperor Dasharatha commenced his Vedic Ritual on the northern banks of River Sarayu.
vrm.1.14 Keeping Rishyasringa at the helm of affairs those eminent Brahmans commenced, Ashvamedha, the Horse ritual of that noble souled Dasharatha.
vrm.1.14 The sages have arranged those animals that are to be there in animal sacrifices, like Horse and other aquatic animals, in that ritual according to scriptures.
vrm.1.14 Three hundred animals are tied to the ritual posts, along with the gemlike best ritual Horse of that King Dasharatha.
vrm.1.14 With great delight coming on her Queen Kausalya reverently made circumambulations to the Horse, and symbolically killed the Horse with three knives.
vrm.1.14 Queen Kausalya desiring the results of ritual disconcertedly resided one night with that Horse that flew away like a bird.
vrm.1.14 Then the priest, one with controlled senses and rich in scriptural wealth, took up the omentum fat of the Horse and cooked it as per scriptures while dropping into the altar of fire to bake as a food to the Devas.
vrm.1.14 Those remaining body parts that Horse are there, the sixteen officiating priests have procedurally oblated all of them into fire.
vrm.1.14 In other rituals the oblations will be offered into sacrificial fire with spoon like sticks of plaksha tree, but in Horse sacrifice ritual they are offered through the vetasa creeper, a rattan plant, cane.
vrm.1.14 The Horse Ritual is to be performed for three days as laid down in Kalpasutra s, the rules governing such rituals, and by Brahmana s, the penultimate parts of Veda s, and the one performed on the first day is called Chatuhstoma ritual.
vrm.1.18 On the competition of the Horse ritual of high souled Dasharatha, the golds having received their portion of sacrificial oblation returned to their abodes as they have come.
vrm.1.18 The king completing his consecratory vows held for Horse ritual, entered
vrm.1.18 b, a Whenever Raghava mounts a Horse and goes on a hunting game Lakshmana rushes
vrm.1.27 b, a "Oh, Raghava of Kakutstha s, I will give you two missiles named Haya shira The Horse head and Krauncha The Wrester, and two Impellers, one presided over by the power of Vishnu, and the other by the power of Rudra.
vrm.1.39 b, a "Oh, best one among men, Rama, that Vedic ritual of Sagara came to pass in between those two mountains, namely Himalayas and Vindhya ranges, and oh, tigerly man Rama, that area is renowned for Vedic rituals, isn t it! b, a "Oh, dear sire Rama, the grandson of Sagara and the son of exiled Asamanja is Amshuman, oh, descendant of Kakutstha, which Anshuman s bow will be unfaltering and who is a top speeded chariot rider, and he has escorted ritual Horse released.
vrm.1.39 "And on the day of a sacred function called Ukthyam, Indra assumed the form of a Rakshasa and stole the ritual Horse of the chief of the ritual, namely Sagara.
vrm.1.39 b, a "While that ritual Horse of the great souled Sagara is stolen, all the congregations of the Ritviks, the religious teachers, then spoke to the chief propitiator, namely Sagara.
vrm.1.39 b, a Oh, Sagara,the descendent of Kakutstha, at this auspicious time the ritual Horse is hastily diverted, you kill him who stole the Horse, and let that Horse be fetched.
vrm.1.39 b, a Oh, sons, you may therefore proceed to search for the Horse and its thief on entire earth as far as it is garlanded by the ocean, and safety betides you all.
vrm.1.39 Oh, sons, let each prince advance searching one square Yojana of earth, by my order you dig up the earth until the appearance of the Horse, while searching for the stealer of that Horse.
vrm.1.39 b, As for myself, I will stay here only along with my grandson, namely Amshuman, and with the congregation of religious teachers till the Horse appears, as I am under vow of the ritual.
vrm.1.39 "But, oh, tigerly man Rama, on going round the earth in its entirety those great mighty princes did not find that Horse, then as said by their father they mapped the earth to a unit of one square Yojana for each of them, and each of them hollowed out each and every area on the surface of earth with their arms that have the touch of the diamonds.
vrm.1.39 this one has carried off our ritual Horse.
vrm.1.40 "Then on hollowing the entire earth, and on making trips around her without finding the Horse, all of the sons of Sagara have come together and on going to their father they spoke these words to him.
vrm.1.40 Entire earth is trekked and mighty beings like Devas, Danavas, Rakshasas, Pisachas, Uragas and Pannagas are also eliminated, but we have not seen the ritual Horse or its stealer.
vrm.1.40 Let the earth be dug further, may safety be with you, and verily splitting open the surface of the earth you catch hold of the thief of the Horse, and on achieving your purpose you may return to me.
vrm.1.40 "But all those great souled and great mighty ones with terrible dash have seen the Infinite Vasudeva in the form of sage Kapila there in the northeast, and oh, descendant of Raghu, they have also seen the ritual Horse moving nearby that sage Kapila, thus all of the sons of Sagara obtained a matchless delight.
vrm.1.40 "The eyes of the princes are agitated in fury in construing the sage Kapila as the stealer of ritual Horse, and they furiously dashed towards him wielding crowbars, ploughs, and various trees and boulders, and shouting at him, stay, stay.
vrm.1.40 a "You the malicious one, you have indeed stolen our ritual Horse, and in fact, you should know that we who arrived here are the sons of Sagara.
vrm.1.41 "On observing that his sons have gone long time back in search of ritual Horse, oh, Rama, king Sagara spoke this to his grandson, Amshuman, who is radiant with his own self resplendence.
vrm.1.41 You are brave one and completed your education in warfare, such as you are, you are a coequal to your paternal uncles in magnificence, thus you search the course of your paternal uncles, also him by whom the Horse is stolen.
vrm.1.41 On saluting them that are worthy for salutations, and on eliminating them that are the causer of obstructions, you shall achieve your purpose of tracking the ritual Horse, and thus you comeback safely and let my Vedic ritual be crossed over to the other shore of mortality by you.
vrm.1.41 On circumambulating that Elephant in supplication, and even on enquiring after its well being, he that Amshuman has enquired in detail with it for his paternal uncles and even about the robber of the ritual Horse.
vrm.1.41 "On hearing that enquiry of Amshuman that directional Elephant with great perception replied on its part saying, oh Amshuman, son of Asamanja, on achieving your mission you will return expeditiously along with the Horse.
vrm.1.41 "All the Elephants that safeguard the directions of earth which have the faculties of articulation and eloquence have adored Amshuman and motivated him by saying, you will be going from here taking the Horse.
vrm.1.41 "That tigerly man Amshuman who is overwhelmed by agony and anguish, also beheld there the Horse of Vedic ritual that is grazing nearby.
vrm.1.41 Oh, great fortunate one, oh, best one among men, you may proceed from here with the Horse, oh, brave one, it will be apt of you to carry out the Vedic ritual of your grandfather.
vrm.1.41 "On hearing the words of that great winged eagle, Garuda, he that highly brave and well renowned Amshuman swiftly took the Horse, and returned to the ritual place of his grandfather, king Sagara.
vrm.1.45 "Then a best Horse called Uchaisravas has emerged, oh, Rama, the best among men, and then a gem of a jewel, called Kaustubha, and like that Amrita, the Supreme Ambrosial elixir of Gods, have also emerged.
vrm.1.53 b, a I grant you, oh, superbly vowed sage, eleven thousand fleetly galloping Horses of high pedigree born in best countries of best Horse breeding.
vrm.1.56 "And he launched discs called the Discs of Virtue, Time and Vishnu and he also launched other missiles like the Blower, Stirrer and like that the missile with Horse head.
vrm.1.69 and with those that can be yoked with Horses, like cabined coaches and Horse carriages.
vrm.2.14 Impelled again and again by Kaikeyi, like an excellent Horse being severely thrashed with a whip, that king spoke these words to Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.15 A white bull, a white Horse a mighty and beautiful Elephant which was fit to be mounted by kings were readily waiting.
vrm.2.15 The ministers in chief who were beloved to the king, were well adorned and came there on Horse carriages and Elephants.
vrm.2.19 Rama lifted up the king and soon got hurried up to leave for the forest he was again instigated by Kaikeyi as a Horse was hit by a whip.
vrm.2.20 By seeing her son who came after a long time and who gave delight to mother, Kausalya was pleased and approached towards him, like a female Horse approaching her young colt.
vrm.2.20 Rama touched with his hand that miserable Kausalya,whose limbs were covered with fragrant powder and who rose like a loaded Horse from the floor on which it rolled from side to side.
vrm.2.91 The groom did not recognise his Horse.
vrm.2.105 "As a donkey cannot emulate the tempo of a Horse, or an ordinary bird the movement of Garuda, neither can I follow in your footsteps, O, Lord of the world!" "O, Rama! Know his life to be blessed forever, on whom others depend Life is, however, difficult for him who depends on others for this life.
vrm.2.114 Ayodhya appeared like a mare, urged on suddenly by a Horse man, skilled in war fare and fallen down when killed by the opposite army.
vrm.3.14 b, a "And oh, enemy destroyer Rama, Danu gave birth to son Ashvagriiva or also called Hayagriva, Horse headed god, and Kaalaka gave birth to Naraka and Kaalaka.
vrm.4.17 "I would have brought Maithili at your order even if she is lodged in oceanic waters or in nether worlds, as with the White Horse of Vedic lore.
vrm.4.34 "He who is enthroned as a king but anchored himself to dishonesty and makes fake assurances to helpful friends, who can be more ruthless than him? "A person gets attached to the sin of killing of a hundred of his Pitris, deified souls of his own ancestors, if he promises to gift one Horse but fails to do so, and in promising to gift one cow but failing in it he gets the sin of killing a thousand Pitris, and if he promises to a person to do the needful help and fails in rendering that help, then he gets the sin of suicide along with the sin of killing his own kith and kin.
vrm.4.40 b, a "There exists a fantastically refulgent Fire in the form of Horse s Face that originated from the anger of Sage Aurasa.
vrm.4.40 b, a "There the high squealing sounds of oceanic beings dwelling undersea are audible, and although they are capable ones, they are incapacitated on feeling Fire from the Horse Mouth as such they yell.
vrm.4.42 puraaNa/Legend: "Once upon a time in the crusades of Gods Rakshasas, Vishnu assuming the form of Purosottama Supreme Person slew the Horse faced Asura named Hayagreeva on that mountain, and snatched away the wheel weapon from him.
vrm.4.43 Thereabout the dwellings of Horse faced females, namely Kimpurusa s, are there and you have to search them also.
vrm.5.22 Ravana ordered one with a single eye, one with a single ear and one with ears as covering, one with cow s wars, one with ears of an Elephant, one with dangling ears, one without ears and one with the feet of an Elephant and one with the feet of a Horse, one with feet of a cow,one with hair over feet, one with a single eye and one with a single foot, one with big feet, one without feet, one with a big head and neck,one with big breasts and stomach, and one with big mouth and eyes, one with a long tongue, one without tongue, one without nose, one with the face of a Lion, one with the face of a cow,one with the face of a Pig.
vrm.5.26 Like a female Horse rolling on ground, Seetha rolled on the ground.
vrm.6.12 I am wearied of this lust, like a Horse galloping along a path continuously.
vrm.6.33 The affectionate Sarama found Seetha stupefied and just risen after rolling in the dust and soiled, resembling a female Horse.
vrm.6.33 O, queen! Seek refuge now with him the sun that rolls towards Meru the highest mountain, like a Horse that makes its round rapidly.
vrm.6.55 Neither standard, banner and shield, nor Horse, weapon and chariot could be discerned in that pall of dust.
vrm.6.59 He who, ascending the brilliantly caparisoned Horse raising high a gleaming javelin, possesses a velocity of a well directed thunder bolt and resembles a mass of evening clouds and a mountain, he is Pishacha.
vrm.6.69 Narantaka mounted a white gigantic Horse, similar to Uchaisravas, adorned with gold ornaments and as swift as thought.
vrm.6.69 Some Vanaras in the battle front destroyed chariot with chariots, Elephants with the very Elephants and Horse by the very Horses.
vrm.6.69 Meanwhile, mounting on a Horse having speed equal to the wind, and taking a barbed javelin, Narantaka entered the terrific army of Vanaras, as a fish entering the ocean.
vrm.6.69 Vidyadharas, the super natural beings and great sages, saw the mighty Narantaka, seated on the back of a Horse and hacking a path way for himself through the army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.69 To that Sugreeva who was seeing his army running away, Narantaka appeared, coming seated on the back of a Horse, holding a javelin in his hand.
vrm.6.69 After seeing Narantaka, the vastly splendoured Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras spoke thus, to Angada, the valiant prince, having a prowess equal to Indras as follows: Go out and quickly detach the lives of this valiant Rakshasa, who is riding a Horse and consuming the army of his enemies.
vrm.6.69 Then seeing his javelin shattered, like a serpent whose powerful coils were cut off by Garuda the eagle, Angada stretched out his palm and struck the head of the Horse.
vrm.6.69 That mountain like Narantakas Horse, struck by a blow of the palm, had its head shattered, feet broken, eyes and pupils put out and tongue come out.
vrm.6.69 Seeing his Horse fallen down dead, Narantaka was enraged.
vrm.6.70 Then, the enraged Hanuma on his part, bouncing up, tore asunder with his nails, Trishiras Horse, as a lion tears asunder a large Elephant.
vrm.6.75 Here, seeing a Horse being let loose, an Elephant went back frightened.
vrm.6.75 There, seeing a frightened Elephant, a Horse turned back with an alarm.
vrm.6.119 "Fortunately has the fear born of Ravana which increased the severe darkness on the entire world has been removed by you, on the battle field, O Rama!" "You are fit to go to the heaven, by comforting the depressed Bharata and the illustrious Kausalya as well as seeing Kaikeyi and Sumitra, the mother of Lakshmana having got the sovereignty of Ayodhya, bringing delight to your friends, stabilizing the back bone in the race of Ikshvaku, getting excellent glory by performing a Horse sacrifice and by granting riches to Brahmanas.
vrm.6.127 The earth seemed, as it were, shaking with the sound of Horse hoofs the rattling of rims of chariot wheels and by the tumults of couches and kettle drums.
vrm.6.128 O hero, the annihilator of enemies! I am not able to follow your path, any more than a donkey would follow the gallop of a Horse or a crow would take up the chase of a wild goose.
vrm.6.128 Having enjoyed the kingship for ten thousand years, Rama performed a hundred Horse sacrifices, in which good Horses were sacrificed and numerous gifts bestowed.
vrm.7.112 In this wise for thousand years he celebrated many Horse sacrifices, many Vajapeyas with profuse Gold, Agnisomas, Atiratras, numberless Gomedhas and various other sacrifices.

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