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vrm.1.35 "The other daughter of Himavanta, oh, Raghu s descendent, that unmarried girl namely Uma, she performed a rigorous sacrament taking hold of a supreme devoutness as her ascesis itself is her wealth.
vrm.1.35 "As for Uma who is unified with her rigorous sacrament and who is adored by all the world, that best one among mountains Himavanta gave such a daughter to the unique god Rudra.
vrm.1.35 "As such, that marvellous and sinless daughter of the lordly mountain Himavanta, ever flowing in the form of water, ascended to the abode of divinities and became Deva Ganga Divine River.
vrm.1.36 When that sage Vishvamitra has finished narration of the legend of the daughters of Himavanta, both the brave ones, namely Raghava and Lakshmana in their turn have extolled that legend and spoke to that eminent sage.
vrm.1.36 "This admirable discourse given by you about Ganga is exhaustive in righteousness, oh, Brahman, and it will be apt of you to tell emphatically about the divine and earthly legend of the elder daughter of Himavanta, namely Ganga, for you are aware to expatiate upon it.
vrm.1.41 Oh, best one among men, River Ganga is the elder daughter of Himavanta, and oh, dextrous one, you have to offer water oblation to the departed paternal uncles of yours in her waters, namely the holy waters of River Ganga.
vrm.1.42 This Ganga is the one with snow broth, the elder daughter of Himavanta, and oh, king Bhagiratha, god Shiva alone is capable to sustain her force in the course of her alighting onto earth, and in fact, he is to be commissioned for that purpose.
vrm.1.43 "Afterwards, she who is reverenced by all the worlds and who is the elder daughter of Himavanta, that Ganga assuming an unendurable form and an insupportable rapidity, they say, then plunged from the sky onto the auspicious head of Shiva.
vrm.4.45 Then the brave Vanara Shatabali swiftly started towards the beautiful northern quarter that is encompassed by the king of mountains, namely Himavanta.

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