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vrm.1.35 "The lordly mountain Himavan who is the greatest treasure trove of minerals, Rama, also treasures up a pair of daughters who by their comeliness are unequalled on earth.
vrm.1.35 "The slender waisted and fascinating daughter of Mountain Meru, oh, Rama, renowned by her name Mena, is the dear wife of Himavan and the mother of those two daughters, indeed.
vrm.1.35 "This Ganga has emerged as an elder daughter to Himavan through Mena, oh, Raghava, and that way a girl renowned by the name Uma has become a second daughter to him.
vrm.1.35 "Later, all of the divinities intending to fulfil a divine purpose have sought the lordly mountain Himavan to spare Ganga, who is scheduled to become a tri way cruising river.
vrm.1.35 "With a righteous thinking and hopeful of the welfare in triadic world, Himavan then spared his daughter Ganga whose flow is at her own volition.
vrm.1.39 "The father in law of god Shankara who is well known by the name of Himavan sets eyes on Mountain Vindhya, which stands as loftily as Himalayas, and those two mountains peer at each other.
vrm.4.11 "A sublime shelter for sages and the father in law of Shankara is there in great forests, well know by the name Himavan, the king of mountains, and he embodies great cascades, cataracts, and caves, and he alone is capable to accord a matchless happiness to you in the form of a fight.
vrm.4.11 "Fathoming that ocean to be scared of him that noted Rakshasa Dundubhi arrived at the forests of Himavan like an arrow darted from bow, and that Dundubhi started to blare discordantly and toss the rock faces of that mountain that are like white Elephants in their figuration, severally.
vrm.4.11 "Then he who is like a silver cloud in his figuration, a gentle and delightful one in his appearance, that Himavan spoke these words to the Rakshasa staying on his own cliff.
vrm.4.11 So said Himavan to Dundubhi.
vrm.4.11 On hearing Dundubhi s arrogant words that honest Himavan being an expert in sentence making, had to say angry words to that fierce Rakshasa that were never uttered by him earlier.
vrm.4.11 Thus said Himavan to that Rakshasa Dundubhi.
vrm.4.11 "Then on hearing Himavan s words he that Dundubhi is convulsed in anger and proceeded to Vali s city Kishkindha.
vrm.4.11 "I chanced upon a laudable and true friend in you, oh, Rama, the patron of friends, hence I take shelter in you, oh, tigerly man, for you are the final resort for those seeking salvation, like Mountain Himavan.
vrm.4.11 "As to how the sun is unsurpassed among all brilliances, as to how Himavan is unmatched among all mountains, as to how the lion is unequalled among all quadrupeds, so you are among all men for your unique valour.
vrm.7.13 Self restrained and controlling my senses, I, adopting a terrific vow, had gone to the breast of the Himavan for practising righteousness.
vrm.7.17 And then, O King, the mighty armed Ravana ranging the earth, came to Himavan and began to go round it.

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