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vrm.1.1 "He who betters the happiness of his mother Kausalya is an embodiment of all noble merits, and in profundity he is like an unfathomable ocean, and by fortitude he is unalterable like the kingly Himalayan mountain.
vrm.1.6 Born in Vindhya Mountains, and also from Himalayan regions, mighty are the Elephants fully vigorous and fattened ones, and most powerful in their strength and each in similitude is a huge mountain.
vrm.1.31 Adieu", georgic deities, everything bodes well to you all, on accomplishment of the ritual I have undertaken here, I wish to go from this Accomplished Hermitage towards the ranges of Himalayan Mountains that are on the northern bank of River Ganga.
vrm.1.34 "Desiring to yield benefit for the welfare of world, my sister has emerged with her divinely pious and delightful waters, taking recourse to Himalayan Mountains.
vrm.1.36 b, a "Oh, Rama, but the daughter of Himalayan Mountain, namely Uma, while irefully saying this to the divinities she cursed them all with her eyes reddened in anger.
vrm.1.36 "On going to the northern side of Himalayan Mountains, that God of Gods, Shiva settled down in ascesis along with his consort Uma on the peak of a mountain emerged from Himalayas.
vrm.1.37 a "He who consumes fire oblations on behalf of all the Gods, that Agni seeing the miserable condition of River Ganga then spoke this to her, you may lay away that embryo here at the side of Himalayan Mountains.
vrm.1.37 b, "But, just when that embryo is laid down on Himalayan mountains, entire reed garden sprouted on that mountain is made brilliant by that glittering embryo and the reed garden itself has become golden.
vrm.1.38 "Reaching the Himalayan Mountains along with his two wives that great King Sagara practised asceticism on a mountain called Brugu prsravana for progeny.
vrm.1.63 But on seeing the scared Apsara Menaka, who is shivering and waiting with suppliantly adjoined palms, he sent her away with pleasant words, and he that Vishvamitra indeed went to the northern Himalayan mountain.
vrm.1.77 a When the citizenry and city dwelling Brahman s have received him from a distance, that illustrious king Dasharatha followed by his phenomenal and praiseworthy sons then entered his happy house and home, which is like the lofty and lordly Himalayan palazzo.
vrm.2.110 "A sage called Chyavana, belonging to Bhrigu race was staying in a Himalayan mountain.
vrm.2.112 Light" may go off from the moon Himalayan mountain may shake off its snows the sea may transgress its shores, but I will never be false to my father s vow!" "My dear brother! Your mother acted thus, for your sake, out of her affection or ambition.
vrm.2.112 Rama, the augmentator of Raghu dynasty, being firm as a Himalayan rock in abiding in his own righteousness, greeted those men, in accord with their rank, the host of his preceptors, ministers, subjects and his brothers and bade farewell to all of them.
vrm.3.14 Children" Mrigi are all of the Deer, oh best of the best men, Rama, and Mrigamanda s progeny is Riksha s, a kind of Antelope, and like that the Himalayan Yak like species.
vrm.4.37 The Vanara s who went from Kishkindha to hasten up all the other Vanaras of all quarters, those champions have reached Himalayan Mountains and saw exceptional trees on them.
vrm.4.43 "Oh, venturesome Shatabala, you scout out whole of the northern quarter that has snowy Himalayan mountains as its crown for the glorious wife of Rama.
vrm.5.35 As commanded by Sugreeva of a great splendour and the king of Vanaras, those Vanaras resembling Himalayan mountains, started out on all directions of the earth.
vrm.6.28 The other whom you see as an unshakable mountain and standing in the centre of Vanaras as a Lord of all chiefs of Vanaras, with a boundless energy and who, like a Himalayan hill, very much radiating the other Vanaras by his splendour, glory, wisdom, strength and his noble descent, who occupies along with the chiefs of Army Generals, a secret place called Kishkindha, with its forests and trees and the place inaccessible because of its impassable mountains, in which is established a good fortune of Devas and human beings, whose charming and golden coloured garland with hundred lotuses is beautifying, that person is Sugreeva.
vrm.6.41 That roof of the palace, trampled by Angada, crumbled as a peak of Himalayan range was shattered long ago by lightening before Ravanas gaze.
vrm.6.71 Even the Himalayan Mountains or the sky or the earth would be unable to endure the speed of arrows released by my arms.
vrm.6.71 That head with its diadem, chopped off by Lakshmana, quickly fell down on the ground, like a peak of the Himalayan Mountain.

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