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vrm.4.37 "Convoke the Vanara s available on the summits of these five mountains, namely Mountain Mahendra, Mountain Himalaya, Mountain Vindhya, and Mountain Kailasa and those that are on the whitish peak of Mountain Mandara.
vrm.6.71 With his arms adorned with gold armlets, he shines like the Himalaya, the highest mountain with its two lofty peaks.
vrm.6.74 O Hanuma! You ought to go to Himalaya, the foremost of mountains, by traveling higher and higher over the large ocean.
vrm.6.74 Remembering the words of Jambavan, Hanuma the great Vanara with a terrific stride, suddenly saw Mount Himalaya too.
vrm.6.74 Hanuma went to Mount Himalaya, the foremost of mountains, embellished with various kinds of cascades, many kinds of caves, mountain streams and summits resembling an assemblage of white clouds as also many kinds of trees.
vrm.6.74 He saw the gigantic Mount Kailasa, the rock of Mount Himalaya and Mount Rishabha, the lofty golden mountain, which was highly illumined by the flaming herbs and the lord of mountains on which all types of herbs grew.
vrm.7.28 Piety and asceticism, which are at the root of attaining to every thing in the world, are at his thighs; Kamadeva is his male organ, the Viswadevas are at his waist and the Maruts are at the sides of his Basti; the Vasus are in the middle potion of his body, the oceans are in his belly, the quaters are on his sides, the Maruts are at his joints the manes are one his back and the grand father has taken shelter in his heat ;the pious acts of making gifts of kine, gold and lands are his downs; the mounts Himalaya, Hemkuta, Mandara, and Meru are his bones ;the thunder bolt is his palm, the sky his body; the evening and watery clouds are on his neck, the creator, the preserver and the Vidyadharas are on his two arms.
vrm.7.65 On theother hand having united all the Brahmans the great king began to celebrate the sacrifice extending over fivethousand years near his city by the side of the Himalaya.
vrm.7.72 In glory thou art like Himalaya, in gravity like the ocean, in prowess like the Patriarch, in patience like the earth, and in velocity like the Wind.

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