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vrm.1.7 He thus ruled the world like Indra would in Heaven.
vrm.1.57 saying so that great resplendent Brahma, the Supreme Ruler of the Worlds, went away to his Abode of Brahma, while the Gods in Brahma s convoy went to Indra s Heaven.
vrm.2.27 Thus spending even a hundred thousand years in your company I shall never find any deviation/ Heaven also will not be acceptable to me otherwise.
vrm.2.64 Soon after taking out the arrow, he worried about both of you the parents, lamenting that you were blind and there itself he attained Heaven
vrm.2.64 The pious son of the sage on his part, soon ascended the Heaven, wearing a wonderful form along with Indra as a result of his own pious acts.
vrm.2.64 The son of the sage, whose senses were subdued, thus spoke and by a wonderful aero plane with beautiful form, quickly reached Heaven.
vrm.2.74 For what occasion is your sorrow? Hearing the words of the intelligent Indra the prudent Kamadhenu who was skilled in expressing words, replied as follows: Heaven forefend that evil! O, Indra There is no danger whatsoever to you from any quarter.

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