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vrm.1.1 b, a Rama" met the vanara Hanuma on the banks of Lake Pampa, and upon the word of Hanuma Rama indeed befriended Sugreeva.
vrm.1.1 "That highly dynamic Rama detailed to Sugreeva, and even to Hanuma, all that has happened from the beginning in general, and the abduction of Seetha, in particular.
vrm.1.1 "Then, upon the word of Sampati, the eagle and elder brother of Jatayu, the efficacious Hanuma leaped forth the salty ocean, which breadth wise is in a hundred Yojana s.
vrm.1.1 "On reaching the city Lanka ruled by Ravana, Hanuma has seen Seetha, where she is lodged in Ashoka gardens and meditating on Rama alone.
vrm.1.1 Hanuma" on presenting the remembrancer, an emblematic ring of Rama to Seetha, also on delineating the sad disposition of Rama to her, thus on solacing Vaidehi, he started to smash the welcome arch of that beautiful Ashoka gardens.
vrm.1.1 "On wiping out five army chiefs, seven sons of ministers, and on kneading down a gallant Rakshasa named Aksha Kumara, Hanuma had to enter into the captivity of a powerful weapon darted by Indrajit, the son of Ravana.
vrm.1.1 "Though the release from the weapon s captivity is known to him by the boon of Brahma, and though he is valiant enough to pulverise all the Rakshasas, but to see and talk to Ravana, thus to gauge the strength of enemy, Hanuma is intentionally tolerant of the Rakshasas and their making Monkey of him when they fastened him with ropes and dragged him to Ravana s court.
vrm.1.1 After an audience with Ravana Hanuma burnt that city Lanka, except where Seetha, the princess of Mithila is stationed, and then to narrate the pleasant news of locating Seetha, he again got back to Rama, for he is a great Vanara.
vrm.1.1 "That inestimable intellectual Hanuma on approaching that great souled Rama, and on performing circumambulation around him in reverence, subtly submitted that, Seen.
vrm.1.1 Rama", the truth valiant, has gone to the hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja en route, and he has also sent Hanuma to the near of Bharata beforehand.
vrm.1.3 Rama s seeing Shabari, a hermetic lady and eating fruits and tubers given by her in utmost adoration Rama s bemoaning for Seetha his sighting Hanuma at Lake Pampa.
vrm.1.3 Rama s giving his ring to Hanuma as a token for Seetha s recognition.
vrm.1.3 Hanuma s climbing Mountain Mahendra to leap over the ocean, and on the advice of the Ocean, Mountain Mainaka s coming up from under waters to give rest to Hanuma, and Hanuma s seeing that mountain are depicted.
vrm.1.3 Hanuma s killing the Rakshasi Surasa, and his seeing of Simhika, a rapacious creature of gigantic origin, which captures its prey by the shadow, and Hanuma s killing that Simhika, and his seeing the mountain of Lanka, called Mountain Trikuta, on which the state of Lanka is built, Valmiki described them all.
vrm.1.3 In night Hanuma s entry into Lanka, for being lonely his thinking over the course to search for Seetha, and his going to the liquor consumption place, and also his seeing the palace chambers of Ravana.
vrm.1.3 Hanuma s seeing Ravana, and also his seeing Pushpaka, the divine Aircraft, and in Ashoka gardens, his seeing Seetha also.
vrm.1.3 Seetha s giving her bejeweled hairslide to be shown to Rama, Hanuma s uprooting of the trees of that beautiful Ashoka gardens, thereby the Rakshasi s fleeing in scare, his killing the guards of that garden.
vrm.1.3 The capture of Hanuma, the son of Vayu, by the magical missile of Indrajit, son of Ravana, and also Hanuma s burning down Lanka, and his blaring at the Rakshasas, also his return flight from Lanka.
vrm.1.3 and on his way back Hanuma s seeing a honey garden, and the appropriation of honey.
vrm.1.3 Hanuma s action in presenting the jewel sent by Seetha solaces Raghava, and thus the meeting of Rama with the Ocean, and Nala s building the bridge on ocean.
vrm.1.3 Sending Hanuma to meet Bharata, for he avowed to self immolate if Rama were not to come in time the coronation festival of Rama disbandment of all military troops of Vanaras Rama s ruling his kingdom to the delight of his subjects, and the desolation of Vaidehi too.
vrm.1.17 The direct son of Vayu is the marvellous and adventurous Hanuma with an indestructible body, and one identical in the speed of lady Vinata s son, namely Garuda, the divine eagle vehicle of Vishnu, and among all Vanara chiefs he is the intelligent and the indefatigable one too.
vrm.1.17 b, a All of the Vanaras stood by the brothers, namely the son of Indra Vali, and the son of sun Sugreeva, and even with the Vanara generals like Nala, Neela and Hanuma et
vrm.4.2 Then Hanuma, the ablest sentence maker, said this sentence to Sugreeva who is dismayed with fear doubting Vali s mischief.
vrm.4.2 So said Hanuma to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.2 Sugreeva thus hearing entirely to all the propitious words of Hanuma spoke to Hanuma this opportune sentence, positively.
vrm.4.2 Sugreeva thus spoke to Hanuma.
vrm.4.2 Begone to them oh, Vanara Hanuma, in a commoner’s form, for your Vanara hood is distinguishable by Vali s agents, and know the intentions of those two by their conduct, by their semblance, and by their conversation, as well.
vrm.4.2 oh, best of Vanaras, Hanuma, set their face towards me alone in a compassionate manner, and you inquire about the reason of their entering this forest alone.
vrm.4.2 Thus Sugreeva said to Hanuma.
vrm.4.2 Thus this way ordered by Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, Hanuma, the son of Vayu made up his mind to go there, where Rama and Lakshmana are.
vrm.4.2 That marvellous Vanara Hanuma agreeing for the words of that inaccessible and very much frightened Sugreeva, and on respectfully replying him saying that, ‘I will do accordingly.
vrm.4.3 Mindful of the words of noble souled Sugreeva, Hanuma took his flight from Mountain Rishyamuka to where Raghava s are
vrm.4.3 Casting off his Vanara s semblance Vayu s son Hanuma attained the persona of an ascetic, for that Vanara is incredulous in mind about Raghava s.
vrm.4.3 Then on nearing Raghava s that Hanuma voicing softly and well pleasingly like an obedient one, that best Vanara befittingly hailed, greeted and praised those two valiant ones.
vrm.4.3 The best Vanara Hanuma spoke soft wordily, as desired by Sugreeva, to those candidly resolute ones, on making reverent obeisance to both of them.
vrm.4.3 Delegated by that great soul and the king of important Vanaras Sugreeva, I have come here and by name I am Hanuma, another Vanara.
vrm.4.3 Hanuma said so to those brothers.
vrm.4.3 Hearing all those words said by Hanuma, that illustrious Rama is well pleased facially, spoke to his brother Lakshmana who is standing at his side.
vrm.4.3 Soumitri, with this minister of Sugreeva, the knower of sententiousness and a pleasant worded one, and one with friendliness you exchange pleasantries with that enemy destroyer Hanuma.
vrm.4.3 When said thus by Rama, wise worded Lakshmana spoke to that Vanara and the minister of Sugreeva, namely Hanuma, the son of Vayu, who is equally a wise worded one.
vrm.4.3 As you communicated the words of Sugreeva, oh, gentle Hanuma, by them and by your words we indeed wish to do accordingly.
vrm.4.3 On observing that operative sentence of Lakshmana the Vanara Hanuma is gladdened, as seen from his composure, and kept his mind at ease at the prospective victory, and then he wished to materialise the pact of friendship between Rama and Sugreeva, at the earliest.
vrm.4.4 Then that Hanuma, who has good deeds for his credit, on hearing the words of Lakshmana, and even knowing that they are finely meaningful, he
vrm.4.4 thus thought Hanuma.
vrm.4.4 Then Hanuma, the ablest flyer is thus very gladdened.
vrm.4.4 What for you have come into these perilous forests hemming in Pampa Lake along with your brother, for these are impenetrable forests abounding with many a serpent and animal? Thus Hanuma asked Rama.
vrm.4.4 On hearing the words of Hanuma, Lakshmana motivated by Rama, narrated about the great soul Rama, the son of Dasharatha.
vrm.4.4 With his wife Seetha following him, oh, highly fortunate Hanuma, this self controlled and highly resplendent Rama came to forests like the Sun followed by his consort Prabha, who vanishes when the day is abated.
vrm.4.4 With his wife Seetha following him, oh, highly fortunate Hanuma, this self controlled and highly resplendent Rama came to forests like sun with
vrm.4.4 Lakshmana said thus to Hanuma.
vrm.4.4 Hanuma when said thus virtuous Lakshmana adored him customarily in the way befitting to an envoy, and spoke this to Rama.
vrm.4.4 needless is telling untruths to such a valiant son of Vayu, Hanuma, isn’t it! So said Lakshmana to Rama Then he that very intelligent son of Vayu Hanuma, took those two valorous Raghava s to go to the king of Vanaras Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 On discarding the ascetic s semblance that estimable Vanara Hanuma obtained his own Vanara s form, and mounting those two valiant ones onto his back he proceeded towards Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 Hanuma, the extensively renowned heroic son of Vayu with pious mind and highly audacious nature, is then gladdened like the one whose difficult deed is just accomplished, thus he gladly travelled to that mountain where Sugreeva is abiding, along with Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.4.5 Hanuma on going from Mountain Rishyamuka to Mountain Malaya, has reported to the king of Vanaras Sugreeva, about the two valiant Raghava s.
vrm.4.5 Hanuma thus advised Sugreeva.
vrm.4.5 On hearing Hanuma s words Sugreeva, the chief of Vanaras has become presentable and gladly spoke to Rama.
vrm.4.5 "You are a trained one in treading righteous path, best by your scruples, and a kindlier one to all, so said Vayu s son Hanuma to me about your attributes, in subtlety.
vrm.4.5 a Then the destroyer of enemies Hanuma discarding the guise of ascetic assumed his original Vanara form, and on producing fire with two sticks then made it to glow.
vrm.4.5 b, a Then Hanuma the son of Vayu, gladly gave a well flowered branch of sandalwood tree to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.6 Then Sugreeva who is gladdened again spoke to Rama of Raghu s dynasty, "My best minister and this servant of yours Hanuma informed me of the reason for which you have come to uninhabited forests along with your brother Lakshmana, and that while living in the forest, and when you and this courageous Lakshmana are not her alongside a Rakshasa stole your wife Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, wailing as she was.
vrm.4.8 On seeing those two sitting on a branch then Hanuma also broke a branch of sala tree for the modest Lakshmana and seated Lakshmana on it.
vrm.4.8 "Though I am engulfed in tribulations I still bear my lives even today due to these important Vanaras like Hanuma and others, who are the only helping hands of mine.
vrm.4.11 "I am moving about these forests along with earnest ministers like Hanuma and other significant ones, only because I am disconcerted and sceptical of him.
vrm.4.12 Raghava also came to that forest, along with his brother Lakshmana and along with Hanuma, where that Vanara Sugreeva fled.
vrm.4.13 The brave Hanuma, dauntless Nala and Neela, and the captain of Vanara s captains Tara of great energy followed them rearward.
vrm.4.21 Hanuma, the leader of Vanaras, then neared and slowly consoled Tara who has fallen to ground like a star from sky.
vrm.4.21 Thus spoke Hanuma to Tara.
vrm.4.21 On hearing Hanuma s words she who is tormented by the plight of her husband, that Tara replied Hanuma who is standing nearby.
vrm.4.21 "Who am I either for conducting the Vanaras kingdom or to anoint Angada when Angada s paternal uncle Sugreeva is close at hand? Hanuma", this thinking of yours that Angada is to be crowned is really untenable, oh, best Vanara, father is the real defender of a son, but not the mother.
vrm.4.26 Hanuma, the son of Vayu, whose sheen is like that of the golden mountain Meru, and whose visage is like that of the tender sun in its glint, then spoke this sentence reverently adjoining his palms.
vrm.4.26 Hanuma appealed Rama in this way.
vrm.4.26 a When Hanuma said so, Rama the destroyer of valiant foes, an intellectual and an enunciator replied Hanuma in this way.
vrm.4.26 "As a conformist to the directives of my father, oh, gentle Hanuma, I am not supposed to enter either a village or a city.
vrm.4.26 b, a Replying Hanuma thus, that knower of the etiquette Rama, also spoke to Sugreeva, who is rich in politesse and an imposing one by his might and valour.
vrm.4.26 Then, Vanara s like Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamadana, Mainda, Dvivida, also thus Hanuma, Jambavanta have started pouring pure water on Sugreeva, which the best vanara s have collected from the rivers flowing to east, as well as to west, from each of the sacred declivity of rivers, from every ocean, and stored in golden flasks.
vrm.4.29 On observing clear sky on which back clouds and electric charges have disappeared, on which Saarasa Birds are vibrantly bustling and delightful moonshine is coated, and even on observing him whose riches are abundant, who has slowed down in accumulating probity and prosperity from the viewpoint of rectitude, highly engrossed in the course of unvirtuous profligates, whose heart is given to undisturbed privacy, and the one who on achieving his goals and dearest longings has turned away from other pursuits, who regained his choicest wife, and gained highly covetable Lady Tara, thus, who is always indulged in females, merrymaking day in and day out on a par with Indra, which Indra will be sporting with the cohorts of Gandharva and Apsara females, thereby he who is making much of his fortune on getting rid of other problems, besides, he who reposed the activity of kingdom in his ministers, yet, who does not make eyes at those ministers as he is doubtless of the kingdom which was once disrupted from his control, because, that kingdom is looked after well by the very same ministers, as such he is wallowing in promiscuity, such as he is, seeking the presence of such a Sugreeva, king of Vanaras and an explicator, and even on winning his grace, he who is forthright regarding norms of ethics, an exceptional knower of subtleties of transactions and the rubrics of duty and time, that golden tongued Hanuma, the son of Vayu, spoke sweet words that are reasonable, heart pleasing,
vrm.4.29 pragmatic, profitable, impressive, immaculate, imperative, and impartial, and which words are also inclusive of care and concern of Hanuma, on making a determination with a belief that Sugreeva will pay heed to his words.
vrm.4.29 Thus Hanuma appealed to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.29 On hearing the words of Hanuma that are validly demonstrated on time, Sugreeva whose soldiery is substantial, took a noble decision.
vrm.4.32 On hearing the words of Angada along with those of his ministers, namely Hanuma, Plaksha, and Prabhava et al, also on knowing that Lakshmana is angered, that sensible Sugreeva stirred from seat.
vrm.4.32 While Sugreeva is saying that way, the eminent Vanara Hanuma spoke with a dint of his own expediency, from among the Vanara ministers.
vrm.4.32 Thus Hanuma spoke to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.33 On the kings way Lakshmana has seen the exquisite mansion of Angada, likewise the lavish mansions of distinction pertaining to the other vanara chiefs, namely Dvivida, Gavaya, Gavaksha, Gaja, and Sharabha, Vidyunmali, Sampati, Suuryaaksha, Hanuma, and that of the noble souled Nala, and even those of Virabahu, Subaahu, Kumuda, Sushena, Lt.
vrm.4.37 When the great souled Lakshmana spoke to Sugreeva in this way, Sugreeva spoke this word to Hanuma who is available at his side.
vrm.4.37 Oh, Hanuma, you quickly summon all of the topmost speeded vanara s by employing concessions, conciliations and the like procedures.
vrm.4.37 Sugreeva ordered Hanuma that way.
vrm.4.37 On hearing the order of Sugreeva, the king of vanara s, Hanuma, the son of Vayu has started to dispatch valorous Vanaras in all directions.
vrm.4.39 Honourable Kesari, the father of Hanuma, with his bodily gleam like that of the fibrils of lotuses and visage glittering in the gleam of nascent sun, and who is an intellectual, graceful and prominent vanara among all the vanara s, then came into view associated with thousands and thousands of armies of vanara s.
vrm.4.39 Then Hanuma appeared with a thousand crore vanara s encompassing him who in shape are like the summits of Mountain Kailasa and whose bravery is formidable.
vrm.4.41 Sugreeva, the well informed and brave lord of Vanara troops, then beckoned Angada and the other prominent vanara s who are valorous ones with full fledged dash and dare, like the son of Agni Neela, and the exceptional vanara Hanuma, the highly vigorous son of Grandparent Brahma, namely Jambavanta, also others like Suhotra, Sharaari, Sharagulma Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sushena, Vrishabha, Mainda, Dvivida, Sushena, Gandhamadana, and the two sons of Ritual fire called Ulkaamukha, Ananga.
vrm.4.44 Sugreeva expressly broached the topic of searching Seetha with Hanuma, as Sugreeva is decidedly determined about Hanuma, because that best one among Vanaras, namely Hanuma, alone is decidedly the achiever of purpose.
vrm.4.44 The king of all the residents of forest Sugreeva is well pleased to pick and choose Hanuma for the purpose, and spoke to the venturesome son of Vayu, Hanuma.
vrm.4.44 "Oh, foremost Vanara, Hanuma, I do not foresee any impediment in your transit on land where homogenous enemies will usually obstruct one another, or in high skies where there is no foothold, thus only Birds and clouds hover there, or in the wild blue yonder where celestial bodies alone gravitate at random, nor in waters where there is no underwater movement for earthly beings, nor in the heaven, the abodes of immortals, where those immortals will not allow mortals like us to meander as we like.
vrm.4.44 "Oh, Hanuma, in you alone there are brawniness, astuteness and venturesomeness, and oh, ethicist, you conduct yourself in abidance with time, place and ethicality.
vrm.4.44 Thus Sugreeva said to Hanuma.
vrm.4.44 Raghava started pondaration when he is cognisant of the entrustment of the task to Hanuma and on cognising Hanuma as an efficient cause.
vrm.4.44 "This king of Vanaras, Sugreeva, is anywise definitive in his resolve reposed in Hanuma, and Hanuma is definitely resolute in achieving the task.
vrm.4.44 "By that reason Hanuma must have good track record of the tasks he accomplished earlier, besides, he is specifically chosen by his king.
vrm.4.44 As such, this Hanuma will certainly bring task to fruition.
vrm.4.44 Or On perusing Hanuma who is the ablest one in his endeavours, the highly resplendent Rama is immensely delighted, and his heart and senses are elated as if his purpose has been achieved.
vrm.4.44 Then that enemy inflamer Rama happily gave his ring that is shining forth with his own name engraved as sign to Hanuma, as a remembrancer for princess Seetha.
vrm.4.44 Thus, Rama spoke to Hanuma while giving his ring.
vrm.4.44 On taking the ring that foremost Vanara Hanuma kept it on his own head, and making palm fold he reverenced the feet of Rama, and then that noteworthy Vanara started off.
vrm.4.44 "Oh, highly powerful Hanuma, I rely upon your vivacity, being the best venturesome Vanara, oh, son of Vayu, showing your adventures that are not inconsequential you make happen as to how access can be gained to Janaka s daughter, Seetha.
vrm.4.44 Thus, Rama shouted at Hanuma flying in the sky.
vrm.4.45 b, a The Vanara troop commander Vinata journeyed towards the eastern direction, and the fly jumper, leader of Vanaras and Vayu s son Hanuma travelled towards southerly quarter that is once trodden by Sage Agastya, along with Lt.
vrm.4.46 "Even at Himalayas, Mountain Meru, like that at the Northern Ocean, Vali drove me back, and when the clemency from Vali, or a shelter, or even a foothold on earth was indeterminable, then Hanuma, whose prosperity is his wisdom, said a word to me.
vrm.4.46 Thus Hanuma spoke to me.
vrm.4.47 Hanuma" is high born and exceptionally mighty, oh, Sugreeva, the king of vanara s, he will ascertain about Maithili, because the son of Vayu, Hanuma, resorted to the direction in which Seetha is taken away.
vrm.4.48 Hanuma, the Vanara, quickly started along with Angada, Lt.
vrm.4.48 Arriving at a remote place with all of those powerful Vanaras, then Hanuma searched the caves and forests of Vindhya Mountains, and on their mountaintops, at impassable places, at rivers and lakes, and in stands of trees with beamy trees, also on diverse mountains, forests and trees.
vrm.4.49 Again making Mountain Vindhya as the starting point of search, those best fly jumpers, namely Hanuma and the other chieftains of vanara s, have searched all over the southern direction for Seetha.
vrm.4.50 Tara and others, the Vanara Hanuma searched the caves and thick forests of Vindhya Range.
vrm.4.50 Hanuma has searched in the caves of that kingly Mountain Vindhya, which are jammed in with Lions and Tigers, and even at the towering rapids.
vrm.4.50 Though that extensive province is indeed an unsearchable one with its impenetrable caves and forests, yet Hanuma, the son of Vayu, searched everywhere on that mountain.
vrm.4.50 b, Without pressing one another closely, yet not distancing from one another largely, Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamadana, also thus Mainda, Dvivida, and Hanuma, and even Jambavanta, crown prince Angada, also the forest mover Lt.
vrm.4.50 b, a The son of Vayu Hanuma whose glossiness is like that of a mountaintop and who is a mastermind in scrutinising every inscrutable forest, then spoke to all of the formidable Vanara s.
vrm.4.50 Thus Hanuma spoke to all Vanaras.
vrm.4.50 When Hanuma spoke to them thus as a kind of assurance, all those Vanaras entered the cavity and found it as a sunless or moonless cavity, enfolded in hair raising darkness.
vrm.4.50 b, a In wonderment the Vanaras stood still all over, and in the matter of her identity Hanuma asked her, "Who are you? Whose cavity is this, either? b, c Then Hanuma whose shine is similar to that of a mountain making palm fold and reverencing that aged lady asked, "Who are you? Whose is this cavity, or the mansion or these jewels? Please speak.
vrm.4.51 Thus, Hanuma on saying therein that subject, again spoke to that most reverential and sainted lady who is dressed in black Deerskin and conducting herself in probity.
vrm.4.51 Thus Hanuma is speaking to her.
vrm.4.51 Thus Hanuma requested that sainted lady.
vrm.4.51 b, a Thus when Hanuma addressed her, that sainted lady, and a blissful one in the well being of all the beings, she replied Hanuma.
vrm.4.52 Hanuma, the son of Vayu, sincerely started to narrate their episode in its pithiness on hearing her words.
vrm.4.52 Thus Hanuma spoke to that sainted lady.
vrm.4.52 When Hanuma is said that blessed word by that sainted lady in that way, that which is agreeable to propriety, then Hanuma said this sentence to her who is with an unreprovable discernment.
vrm.4.52 Thus Hanuma spoke to her.
vrm.4.52 a When Hanuma said thus that sainted lady said sentence, "I believe outgoing is impracticable for the incomers in aliveness from this cavity.
vrm.4.54 When Lt Tara whose resplendence is similar to moonshine has spoken that way, then Hanuma deemed that Angada is laying siege to that kingdom of Vanara s.
vrm.4.54 Hanuma considered Vali s son Angada indeed as having eightfold intelligence, fourfold tactics, fourteen traits.
vrm.4.54 Then Hanuma who is the scholar in all scriptures started to confederate the confidence of Angada with the present regime of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.54 Hanuma then rhetorically started to the schismatic secession of all those vanara s, who are desirous of avoiding Sugreeva and desiring a hideout, exemplifying the third ideation, namely the partition, among the four political ideations, viz.
vrm.4.54 When Hanuma made all of the vanara s to defect from Angada s idea of defecting Sugreeva, then Hanuma further overawed Angada with diverse and awesome orations containing the fourth ideation, namely the persecutory measures, employable by Sugreeva on defectors.
vrm.4.54 Thus Hanuma started to address Angada.
vrm.4.55 On hearing the polite and righteous words of Hanuma, which are just yeomanly towards Hanuma s lord, namely Sugreeva, Angada said these sentences.
vrm.4.56 On hearing the words of that gormandising bird, Angada became highly breathless and then spoke to Hanuma.
vrm.4.64 Who can capably consolidate that army of Vanaras, other than Vali s son Angada, or, other than Hanuma? None.
vrm.4.65 Then Jambavanta, the outstanding one among Vanaras started to motivate the exceptional fly jumper, and a marvellous one among all the Vanaras, and who by now is comfortably sitting abiding a lonely place, namely Hanuma.
vrm.4.66 hundreds and thousands of soldiers, then Jambavanta sad this way to Hanuma.
vrm.4.66 Oh, valiant one in the world of vanara s, being an erudite scholar among all the scriptural scholars, Hanuma, why do not you mumble something, why do you resort to a calmly loneliness.
vrm.4.66 By your brilliance and brawn, oh, Hanuma, you match up to
vrm.4.66 She who is distinguished for her unparalleled mien in the three worlds, oh, dear boy Hanuma, had to take a rebirth on earth as a Vanara who can change her form by her wish, owing to a curse.
vrm.4.66 Oh, arcane Vanara Hanuma, when Vayu said so to her, oh, ambidextrous one, your mother is gratified, and then, oh, bullish fly jumpers, your mother very well divined you in a cave.
vrm.4.66 On scrutinising that you are unhurt even after hit by Thunderbolt, oh, ablest Hanuma, the Thousand eyed Indra kind heartedly gave you a choicest boon saying that your death occurs only by your own volition.
vrm.4.66 Thereby oh, vanquisher Hanuma, you give a jump start to leap the ocean.
vrm.4.66 Hanuma, your escape velocity is indeed unalike that of all the other beings.
vrm.4.66 Oh, Hanuma, all these Vanaras are dispirited.
vrm.4.66 Thus Jambavanta persuaded Hanuma to get ready for action.
vrm.4.66 Thereafter, when the best Vanara among Vanaras, namely Jambavanta, the king of Rikshas has motivated, then that son of Vaayu, Hanuma, whose speed is familiar coupled with his irresistible enterprise, enormously increased his physique as though to gladded the army of Vanaras.
vrm.4.67 On seeing that best Vanara Hanuma, who is burgeoning to cross over the hundred Yojana ocean and who is also quickly, progressively, and stupendously maximising his body, the other Vanaras instantly shunning off their sadness, raved and rhapsodized over that staggeringly mighty Vanara, Hanuma.
vrm.4.67 and utterly astounded, and as with the people who have enthusiastically seen Narayana when He maximised His physique to tread the triad of worlds in His Trivikrama incarnation, these Vanaras too are looking at Hanuma who is now maximising his body.
vrm.4.67 Hanuma who is already an outmatching Vanara by way of his energy, has now accrued added energy obtained through the gladness derived by the way of extolment from other Vanaras, and then he impetuously lashed his tail and oversized himself.
vrm.4.67 Hanuma, the lineal son of Vayu, is now prancing about as with a lion prancing around a wide open den of a mountain.
vrm.4.67 While he is inflating the face of that clever Hanuma shone forth like a red hot frying pan and like the fumeless white hot Ritual fire.
vrm.4.67 On bestirring himself from among the Vanaras, and on reverencing the elderly Vanaras, Hanuma said this, with a spine tingling sensation in his body.
vrm.4.67 So said Hanuma to other Vanaras.
vrm.4.67 While that choicest vanara with illimitable resplendence, namely Hanuma, is roaring out his capabilities in the matter of leaping ocean on enormously increasing his physique, all the other Vanaras are stunned to stare overhead at his aggrandized form and thus they are extremely gladdened.
vrm.4.67 b On hearing the avouchment of Hanuma, which itself is an annihilator of the anguish of his kinsmen, then the king of fly jumpers Jambavanta is very much gladdened and said.
vrm.4.67 Thus Jambavanta blessed Hanuma to initiate action.
vrm.4.67 Then that tigerly Vanara Hanuma said to the forest dwelling Vanaras, Even so, in this world whosoever he might be, either animate or inanimate being, he cannot possibly bear the brunt of my bouncing.
vrm.4.67 He who is equal in valour to the Paradisiacal Mahendra, that highly energetic and grand Vanara Hanuma ambled on loftiest and towery crags of such a mountain.
vrm.4.67 When squeezed by both the arms and hands of that high souled Hanuma, that lofty mountain trumpeted, as if it is a lion paw hit
vrm.4.67 Virtually and widely bestrewn are the heaps of boulders, essentially scared are all the animals and Elephants, and actually rocked are the gigantic trees, and its rapids and waterfalls have spouted out of that mountain by the impact of foot stepping of Hanuma.
vrm.4.67 vidhyaadhara s even, that are indulged in drinking and inebriated on that mountain are forsaking those lofty cliffs of that mountain, and even the Birds are put to flight, spanking snakes are completely slouching, and rising up and falling down are the stones of that mountaintops to each step of Hanuma, and thus that colossal mountain is desolated.
vrm.4.67 And he who is an importantly brave Vanara among all the Vanaras, an eliminator of enemy stalwarts, that highly proficient, expeditious, and conscientious Hanuma, on stabilising his impulses and making soul is quite staid
vrm.5.1 After that, Hanuma, the destroyer of foes, desired to travel in the sky where Chaaranas tread, to search for Seetha, who was taken away by Ravana.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma who desired to perform a deed done by no one else, shone like a bull without any obstacles, with his stretched neck and raised head.
vrm.5.1 After that, the mighty and courageous Hanuma roamed at ease on the lawns with the hue of an emerald, which looked like still water from a distance.
vrm.5.1 The thoughtful Hanuma tread like a rampant lion, making Birds fear, uprooting trees by his breast and also killing many animals.
vrm.5.1 That great Vanara Hanuma shone like a Naga in a lake, standing on the foot of that great mountain, where many Nagas resided, which was beautifully decorated with many naturally formed mineral rocks of varied hue like black, white, red, blue, yellow and green and which was surrounded by Pannagas and Yakshas, Kinnaras, Gandharvas who were capable of assuming desired form, together with their families.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma turned towards east, saluted his father, the Lord of Wind and increased his body to go towards southern direction.
vrm.5.1 With all the Vanaras seeing, Hanuma decided to fly and like an ocean swelling on full moon days, grew for Rama s success.
vrm.5.1 With a desire to cross the ocean, Hanuma grew his body immeasurably and pressed the mountain with his feet and hands.
vrm.5.1 Thus tormented by Hanuma, that mountain shook for an instant and showered all flowers of trees on it.
vrm.5.1 That mountain shed water like an Elephant in rut emitting rut juice, after being pressed by the mighty Hanuma.
vrm.5.1 Pressed by that mighty Hanuma, streaks of gold silver and antimony color appeared on the Mahendra mountain.
vrm.5.1 Being pressed on all sides by the mountain which itself was being pressed by Hanuma, creatures living in the caves of that mountain shrieked in horrifying tones.
vrm.5.1 "This Hanuma, who is equal to a mountain, who is the son of Vayu, and who has great speed, wants to cross the ocean which is abode to crocodiles.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma" has decided to perform an impossible task for the sake of Rama and Vanaras and wants to obtain the other side of ocean which is hard to obtain.
vrm.5.1 Vidyadharas thus listened to the words of those great people and looked at the incomparable Hanuma, best among Vanaras, standing on the mountain.
vrm.5.1 About to fly, Hanuma jolted his tail, which was rolled into a circle from top to bottom, and which was covered with hair, just as Garuda, the king of Birds would jolt a snake.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma firmly supported his arms on the mountain surface which resembled huge iron clubs, crouched the waist and contracted his feet.
vrm.5.1 Bending shoulders and neck, that mighty and glorious Hanuma, increased his energy, strength and courage.
vrm.5.1 That mighty Hanuma, equal to an Elephant among Vanaras and the best among Vanaras, stood firmly with his legs, bent his ears and before flying spoke these words to the Vanaras.
vrm.5.1 The best among Vanaras, Hanuma, spoke in this way to Vanaras and then without thinking about anything else, flew up with lot of vigor.
vrm.5.1 The trees thus being held aloft by the speed of Hanuma s thighs, followed him for a while just as relatives would follow their loved ones embarking on a long journey.
vrm.5.1 Uprooted by the force of Hanuma s thighs, Sal and other excellent trees followed Hanuma like soldiers following their king.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma the great Vanara presented a wonderful sight, with his mountain like appearance together with the well flowered trees.
vrm.5.1 That Hanuma who was equal to a cloud, covered with flowers of various kinds, shoots and buds, shone like a mountain with fireflies.
vrm.5.1 Those trees which were released by Hanuma s speed, dropped flowers and fell down in the water like friends going back after bidding farewell to their dear one.
vrm.5.1 Set in motion by the wind from the movement of Hanuma, that variety of blossom, with various hues, from the trees fell down into the sea.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma shone like a cloud in the sky decorated by lightening, with flowers of various hues sticking to his body.
vrm.5.1 That sea water looked like the sky with delightful stars rising up, with flowers flown up by Hanuma s speed.
vrm.5.1 That sky borne Hanuma s arms which were spread out, were seen like five headed serpents coming out of a mountain s peak.
vrm.5.1 The eyes of that Hanuma, who was following the path of sky, which had a brilliance equal to that of lightening, were shining like two fires on a mountain.
vrm.5.1 The round, wide, reddish brown eyes of Hanuma, the best among the Vanaras shone like fully risen sun and moon.
vrm.5.1 The ruddy face of Hanuma, with His reddish face shone like the Sun touched by twilight.
vrm.5.1 The tail of Hanuma, the son of Vayu floating in the sky, being risen up looked like the pillar erected in honour of Indra.
vrm.5.1 The great intellectual Hanuma, with his great body, and with white teeth, shone like the Sun, being surrounded by his circular tail.
vrm.5.1 That great Vanara Hanuma, with his red colored buttocks, shone like a mountain with a large deposit of red Gairika herb broken into pieces.
vrm.5.1 Air passing through the lion among Vanaras Hanuma s arm pits sounded like a thundering cloud.
vrm.5.1 The best among Vanaras Hanuma flying thus in the sky, looked like a meteor darting away with great speed in the sky from northern direction.
vrm.5.1 With a fast pace equaling that of Sun god, the tall Hanuma shone like an Elephant which increases its size when being festered by a rope.
vrm.5.1 Then Hanuma who was flying above the ocean with his body above the ocean and his shadow being immersed in the sea below, looked like a boat being driven by wind.
vrm.5.1 Whatever place Hanuma went towards on the ocean, that place became agitated due to the force of thighs.
vrm.5.1 Wind from the mighty Hanuma and the wind released from the clouds caused the ocean with a fearful sound to shake a lot.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma flew in the sky dragging along with him big waves from the ocean as though he were sprinkling them in the sky.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma with great speed crossed waves which were equal to Mount Meru and Mount Mandara, that had risen up in the sea, as if counting them.
vrm.5.1 Then the water together with clouds which was driven up by the force of Hanuma, shone like a stretched autumnal cloud in the sky.
vrm.5.1 Bhujangas living in the sea saw Hanuma flying in the sky and thought that it was Suparna.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma s shadow which was ten Yojanas wide and thirty Yojanas long appeared very beautiful on water.
vrm.5.1 That shadow which was following Hanuma and spread on the ocean, shone like a series of dense white clouds.
vrm.5.1 That great Vanara Hanuma, the great resplendent one with a huge body, shone like a mountain with wings flying in the sky without any support underneath.
vrm.5.1 In whatever path Hanuma the mighty one went, in that path, there immediately appeared a trough in the ocean below.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma while coursing through the path of Birds like the king of Birds Garuda, dragged with him series of clouds like the god of wind.
vrm.5.1 Great clouds with white, red, blue and madder colors shone on being dragged by Hanuma.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma who is repeatedly entering and leaving series of clouds as He flies in the sky, is being seen like the moon who shines and is hidden alternately.
vrm.5.1 Then, on seeing Hanuma flying quickly in the sky, Devas, Gandharvas and Danavas showered flowers on him.
vrm.5.1 Then, the Sun did not scorch Hanuma, the best among Vanaras, who was flying for Rama s welfare.
vrm.5.1 Sages praised the great resplendent Hanuma flying in the sky.
vrm.5.1 Immediately on seeing the best among Vanaras, Hanuma, flying without any effort, Nagas, Yakshas, Rakshasas, Devas and Suparnas all praised Him.
vrm.5.1 While that best among vanaras, Hanuma, was flying, the god of ocean thought thus for the respect of Ikshvaku dynasty: "If I do not help this best among vanaras Hanuma, I shall become prone to all kinds of ill talk by those who want to speak against me.
vrm.5.1 This Hanuma who is helping a descendant of that dynasty should not become tired.
vrm.5.1 "I have to behave in such a way that Hanuma would take rest.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma", the best among Vanaras, the courageous one, who has taken up a fearful task for the benefit of Rama, that such Hanuma while flying in the sky is coming over you.
vrm.5.1 "To this Hanuma, who is a follower of the Ikshvaku dynasty, help should be done by me now.
vrm.5.1 This Hanuma is the best among fliers and is a guest to be worshipped for us.
vrm.5.1 "O mountain with golden hued middle area and one who is served by Devas and Gandharvas! Hanuma can take rest on you and then traverse rest of the distance.
vrm.5.1 "You are fit to raise up after seeing the gentleness of Sri Rama, and the exile of Seetha, and the effort of Hanuma.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma on seeing the mountain which stood before Him, rising up from the middle of the salty ocean suddenly, decided that it as an obstacle.
vrm.5.1 That great Vanara Hanuma with a great speed, brought that great tall mountain with His chest just as the God of wind would a cloud.
vrm.5.1 That best among mountains Mainaka, thus being fell down by that Hanuma, recognized Hanuma s speed and lauded him with pleasure.
vrm.5.1 Mount Mainaka with love and with gladdened heart obtained a human form and standing on its own peak, spoke these words approaching that courageous Hanuma in the sky.
vrm.5.1 ""After flying a hundred Yojanas, let this Hanuma rest on your peak and then travel the rest of distance.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma listening to the best mountain s words, spoke thus "I am happy.
vrm.5.1 The courageous Hanuma saying thus, touched the mountain with His hand, entered the sky and flew on with a smile.
vrm.5.1 That Hanuma was thus seen with great respect by the ocean and the mountain, and also worshipped with suitable blessings.
vrm.5.1 After that leaving the mountain and the great ocean, and flying up far into the clear sky, Hanuma followed the path of his father.
vrm.5.1 Seeing Hanuma perform that very difficult second task first one being the flight over ocean, all Devas, Siddhas and great sages praised Him.
vrm.5.1 To the dauntless Hanuma crossing hundred Yojanas, who is fearless even when there is reason to be afraid, a great help has been done by you.
vrm.5.1 This Vanara Hanuma is going for the benefit of Sri Rama, the son of Dasaratha.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma also leaped over that part of the ocean in an instant.
vrm.5.1 "This glorious son of Vayu, going by the name of Hanuma is flying over the ocean.
vrm.5.1 That Goddess Surasa, thus spoken to by Devas and also being respected by them, wearing a horrible disfigured appearance of a Rakshasa in the middle of the ocean which caused fear to all, and stopping Hanuma who was flying, spoke these words.
vrm.5.1 Thus spoken to by Surasa, the glorious Hanuma, with a happy face and with folded hands, spoke these words to Surasa.
vrm.5.1 Thus being spoken to by Hanuma, Surasa with power to take desired form, spoke thus: "No one can overcome me.
vrm.5.1 Mother of Nagas, Surasa, desiring to know the strength of Hanuma, spoke these words on seeing Him going away.
vrm.5.1 speaking thus, with quickness she opened her wide mouth and stood before Hanuma.
vrm.5.1 Then Hanuma speaking thus to Surasa, became angry and became ten Yojanas long and ten Yojanas wide.
vrm.5.1 Seeing Hanuma, who looked like a cloud, being ten Yojanas long, Surasa also made her mouth twenty Yojanas long.
vrm.5.1 Thereafter, Hanuma got angry and became thirty Yojanas long.
vrm.5.1 The courageous Hanuma then became fifty Yojanas high.
vrm.5.1 Thereafter, Hanuma got angry and became thirty Yojanas long.
vrm.5.1 The courageous Hanuma then became fifty Yojanas high.
vrm.5.1 The mighty Hanuma in the same fashion, became seventy Yojanas high.
vrm.5.1 The mountain like Hanuma then became ninety Yojanas high.
vrm.5.1 The great wise Hanuma seeing that mouth with a long tongue which was horrible and equal to hell being opened by Surasa, greatly reduced His own body and became the size of a thumb.
vrm.5.1 The glorious Hanuma with great speed, quickly entered Surasa s mouth and came out of it and standing in the sky spoke these words to Surasa.
vrm.5.1 "O gentle Hanuma! Go according to your comfort to achieve the desired task.
vrm.5.1 Seeing that third very difficult task of Hanuma, all the creatures then praised Hanuma saying "Good! Good!".
vrm.5.1 That Hanuma, equal to Garuda in speed, neared the ocean which is the abode of Varuna, entered the sky and went in His original path.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma went, like Garuda, in the sky served by clouds or streams of water, served also by Birds, tread by masters of music Tumburu and other Gandharvas, served by Airavata, borne by Lions, Elephants, Tigers, Birds and serpents, decorated by clear Vimanas moving with great speed, shone by fires with thunderous jolt equal to that of Vajra the weapon of Devendra, decorated by people with good deeds, people with great luck who conquered the heavens, served by the God of fire carrying great quantities of oblations, shone by planets, stars, moon, sun and starlets, occupied by groups of great sages, Gandharvas, Nagas, Yakshas but unpopulated by humans, clear and all pervasive, served by the Gandharva king Vishvavasu, roamed by Elephants of Devendra, the path of the moon and the sun, the auspicious one, a wide canopy of the earth constructed by Brahma, served in various ways by excellent courageous groups of Vidyadharas.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma, the son of Vayu, visible everywhere, obtained the sky without support, like the king of Birds with long wings.
vrm.5.1 A Rakshasi by the name of Simhika with the power to assume desired form, saw Hanuma flying, increased in size and thought thus in her mind.
vrm.5.1 While the shadow was thus being grasped, Hanuma thought thus.
vrm.5.1 After that, Hanuma looking sideways, upwards and downwards, saw a big animal raised up in the salty ocean.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma saw that animal with a horrible face and thought: "This animal with a strange appearance, with great strength attracting shadow, is indeed the animal that had been told by Sugriva.
vrm.5.1 That wise Hanuma recognizing that animal correctly as Simhika, increased His body greatly, like a cloud in rainy season.
vrm.5.1 That Simhika seeing the growing body of the great Vanara Hanuma, spread her mouth to be equal to the middle of Patala.
vrm.5.1 Then the wise Hanuma saw her opened very big mouth equal to His own body and also her internal organs.
vrm.5.1 That Hanuma with great strength and with a body equal to a diamond, repeatedly contracted His body and fell into her opened mouth.
vrm.5.1 Siddhas and Charanas saw Hanuma sinking in her mouth, like the full moon on a full moon day being swallowed by Rahu.
vrm.5.1 Then Hanuma rend her internal organs with His sharp nails and after that flew up with a speed equal to that of thought.
vrm.5.1 That wise Hanuma felling Simhika down with His vision, courage and ability, developed again by speed.
vrm.5.1 That Simhika with heart rend by Hanuma fell in water with sorrow.
vrm.5.1 Seeing Simhika killed by Hanuma, creatures roaming in the sky spoke thus to that best among Vanaras.
vrm.5.1 That Hanuma the respectable one, thus respected by them, entered the sky and went like the Garuda with a determined goal.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma after almost reaching the other shore, looked in all directions and saw a series of trees at the end of his journey of hundred Yojanas.
vrm.5.1 The best among Vanaras, Hanuma, immediately after getting down also saw an island decorated by a variety of trees and also the forests in the region of Malaya.
vrm.5.1 That Hanuma with controlled senses and with good thoughts looked at the ocean, the bay and the trees born in the bay, and also the faces of the wives of the ocean rivers are considered wives of ocean, observed Himself to be equal in size to a great cloud as though stopping the sky, and thought thus.
vrm.5.1 thus thought the great Hanuma.
vrm.5.1 For that reason, Hanuma reduced His mountain like body and obtained the nature of one who reached self realization, free from infatuations.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma greatly reducing His size became normal in nature regaining His original form, like Vishnu who mitigated the strength of Bali by taking three strides.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma capable of assuming many different beautiful forms, who cannot be defeated by enemies, obtained the other side of ocean and being cognizant of Himself restored His own form and became with a decided mission.
vrm.5.1 After that Hanuma for His part obtained the ocean shore, observed the city of Lanka from the top of the mountain, leaving His original form, tormenting animals and Birds, alighted on that mountain.
vrm.5.1 Having tranersed, by the dint of his strength over the ocean which was infested with Danavas and Pannagas and endowed with series of huge waves, and alighting on the shore of the great sea, Hanuma then saw the City of Lanka having a resemblance of Amaravati, the capital City of Indra.
vrm.5.2 That Hanuma with great strength crossed the insurmountable ocean without becoming tired and viewed the city of Lanka located on the peak of Mount Trikuta.
vrm.5.2 After that, the powerful Hanuma standing there shone like one made of flowers being showered by a rain of flowers released by trees.
vrm.5.2 The glorious Hanuma with the best courage, even though crossing a hundred Yojanas, was without a sigh and did not obtain any tiredness.
vrm.5.2 What to say about the end of the ocean which had been counted to be hundred Yojanas long?" That Hanuma, the best among powerful ones and the foremost also among those who can fly, reached the city of Lanka by crossing the great ocean with good speed.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma, the best among Vanaras and the radiant one, tread on mountains covered with trees and on series of trees full of flowers.
vrm.5.2 Standing on that mountain, the Elephant among Vanaras, Hanuma, saw pine trees, Karnikaras, Date Palms in full blossom, Priyalas, Lemon trees, wild Jasmine trees, Mogra trees, long Pepper trees filled with sweet fragrance, Kadamba trees and seven leaved Banana trees, Asana trees, Kovidaras, Karaviras in full blossom, trees that were tied by the weight of their flowers and flower buds, that were distressed by Birds, with their crests moved by wind, wells and various glorious pleasure groves filled by various trees that give fruits and flowers in all seasons and beautiful gardens also, surrounded by various ponds consisting of swans and ducks.
vrm.5.2 The glorious Hanuma neared the city of Lanka ruled by Ravana, and saw the city which looked like the city of Gods in heaven, decorated by moats filled with lotuses and water lilies, which was well protected, since the time of Seetha s abduction, by Ravana and by Rakshasas with horrifying voices roaming around, which was surrounded by a golden boundary wall, that beautiful great city consisted of houses equal in height to mountains and which looked like autumnal clouds, with white and elevated main streets, decorated with flags and pennons, with excellent golden hued archways adorned with sculpted rows of vines.
vrm.5.2 That best among Vanaras Hanuma saw the city of Lanka with beautiful white buildings situated on the top of a mountain like a city located in the sky.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma saw that city of Lanka ruled by Ravana the king of Rakshasas, constructed by Visvakarma, and which looked as though it were floating in the sky.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma saw the city of Lanka with buttress and enclosure wall as her hip and loins, the vast body pf water in the moat as her raiment, Sataghnis and Sulas as her locks, the mansions as her earrings, constructed by thought.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma saw the city of Lanka equal to peak of Kailasa as though touching the sky, as though flying to reach the sky, with its best mansions, filled with horrible rakshasas and serpants like the city of Bhogavati, one which was unfathomable, a well arranged and a clear city governed by Kubera in earlier times, protected by courageous, Nagas ashivishas: who use poison as weapon, Rakshasas and Guhas with sharp teethed weapons, with spikes and Patticas spears in their hands.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma saw that Lanka s great protection and the ocean and Ravana the horrible enemy and thought thus.
vrm.5.2 After that, that Elephant among Vanaras Hanuma who was interested in the welfare of Sri Rama, stood on that mountain peak and thought for an instant.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma saw such that city of Lanka, which was difficult to overcome even for Devas or Asuras, and thought thus repeatedly.
vrm.5.2 The courageous Hanuma thus thinking and being interested in discovering Seetha, then desired the sun to set.
vrm.5.2 After the sun had set, Hanuma reduced His body at night with a size equal to that of a cat and became a wonderful sight to behold.
vrm.5.2 The courageous Hanuma quickly flew during evening time and entered the beautiful city with well divided main pathways.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma saw that great city filled with series of mansions, golden hued pillars and window lattices, which was equal to the city of Gandharvas, consisting of seven and eight storied buildings with their top portions studded with crystals and pearls and decorated with gold.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma on seeing the unimaginable city of Lanka with a wonderful appearance became sad thinking about the prospect of capturing Lanka and also happy being eager to see Seetha.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma saw that city of Lanka of great fame, with white, closely built buildings having golden windows and doorways of great value, consisting of Rakshasas of great strength and ruled by the hands of Ravana.
vrm.5.2 The shining moon too rose up with its many thousands of rays, as though performing help to Hanuma, being at the middle of its retinue of stars and covering the earth with a canopy of light.
vrm.5.2 That Hanuma saw the moon rising up with a glow of a conch shell, shining with a milky white hue of a lotus fiber, like a swan swimming in a lake.
vrm.5.2 That Hanuma saw the moon, who was rising up in the sky with the splendour of a couch shell, shining in white colour as milk or lotus fibre, and looking like a swan swimming in a lake.
vrm.5.3 That Hanuma, best among Vanaras, the intellectual son of Vayu, one with great might, stood on the mountain called Lamba with its high peaks equalling a high cloud, gathered courage and entered at night the city of Lanka ruled by Ravana and filled with beautiful forests and places of water such as lakes.
vrm.5.3 Seeing the city everywhere Hanuma became surprised at heart.
vrm.5.3 Thereafter Hanuma the Vanara, became happy seeing the doors which were of golden color, with platforms of cat s eye gems, inlaid with diamonds, crystals and pearls, embellished with floors of gems, graced with Elephants made of refined gold, crowned with spotless white silver, stairs studded with cat s eye gems, with inside walls made of crystal free from dust, provided with lovely assembly halls, with sounds of Krauncha Birds and Peacocks, served by royal Swans, looking as though flying toward the sky, with auspicious houses resounding everywhere with the sounds of clarionets and ornaments, equalling the city of Vasvankasara, as though flying towards the sky.
vrm.5.3 Seeing that city of Ravana, which was best among cities, a wealthy city, a beautiful and auspicious city, that powerful Hanuma thought thus.
vrm.5.3 Considering the long armed Sri Rama s strength and Lakshmana s valour, Hanuma became happy.
vrm.5.3 Thereafter, the guardian of that city, in her own form, saw Hanuma, the best among Vanaras and the mighty one, entering.
vrm.5.3 Seeing that best among Vanaras Hanuma there, that Lanka ruled by Ravana, rose up herself with a horrific appearance of face an eyes.
vrm.5.3 She stood in front of the best among Vanaras Hanuma.
vrm.5.3 She made a great sound and spoke to Hanuma thus.
vrm.5.3 Thereafter the mighty Hanuma spoke to Lanka standing in front of Him as follows "Whatever matter you are asking me, I will tell you that truthfully.
vrm.5.3 Listening to Hanuma s words, that Lanka, with ability to achieve desired form, became angry and spoke these strong words to Hanuma.
vrm.5.3 Thereafter that Hanuma the wise one, with great strength, best among those who can fly and best among Vanaras, saw that city of Lanka in the form of an ugly woman and spoke thus.
vrm.5.3 Listening to Hanuma s words, Lanka with the ability to assume desired form, spoke harsh words stronger than before.
vrm.5.3 Then that tiger among Vanaras Hanuma spoke to that Rakshasa "O auspicious one! After seeing this city I will return back again to where I came from.
vrm.5.3 Thereafter that Lanka made a great sound causing terror and hit Hanuma, the best among Vanaras, with her palm quickly.
vrm.5.3 Thereafter that Hanuma became dizzy with anger and folded his fingers of left hand.
vrm.5.3 Thereafter the intellectual and glorious Hanuma saw her fallen down and thinking her to be woman, showed kindness.
vrm.5.3 Thereafter that Lanka being very gloomy spoke with a falterting tone without pride these words to Hanuma the Vanara.
vrm.5.4 That Hanuma the best among Vanaras, the great radiant one, the long armed one, conquered with His might the best Lanka who is capable of assuming desired form.
vrm.5.4 Desiring the benefit of the king of Vanaras Sugreeva, that Hanuma entered the city of Lanka and thus actually placed His left foot on the enemies heads.
vrm.5.4 After that Hanuma went towards that beautiful city of Lanka.
vrm.5.4 That glorious Hanuma, performer of beneficial deeds for Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, moved around the city of Lanka which had wonderful garlands and jewellery, for the sake of Sri Rama.
vrm.5.4 Going from one building to another, Hanuma saw buildings in various shapes and forms on every side.
vrm.5.4 Hanuma heard a sweet song which was decorated by sound from the three svaras Mandra, Madhya and Tara of love lorne women like Apsara women in heaven.
vrm.5.4 Hanuma also heard there and there sound from the tinkling of ornaments worn around the waist in the houses of wealthy people, sounds of footfall over stair, sound from clapping of arms by warriors and roar of Rakshasas.
vrm.5.4 Hanuma also heard there and there sound from the tinkling of ornaments worn around the waist in the houses of wealthy people, sounds of footfall over stair, sound from clapping of arms by warriors and roar of Rakshasas.
vrm.5.4 There Hanuma heard ritual chantings muttered by Rakshasas in their houses.
vrm.5.4 Hanuma saw those who were initiated into various Vedic practices, those who wore matted locks on their head, those who had shaven heads, those who wore cow hides and other clothing, those who were carrying Kusa grass as weapons and also those who had fire vessels as weapons, those who carried hammers and clubs in their hands and also those who had worn staffs as weapons, those who were one eyed, those who had one ear, those who were pot bellied and with hanging breast, those who had horrible appearances, those with twisted mouths, those who were horrific and also short people, those who carried bows and arrows those who carried swords, those who carried pestles and clubs as weapons, those who carried excellent Parighas in their hands, those who shone with strange armour, those who were not very fat, those who were not too thin, those who were neither tall nor short, those who were not very fair, those who were not very dark, those who were not very hunchbacked, those who were not very short, those who had great brilliance, those who carried banners, those who carried flags and those who carried different weapons.
vrm.5.4 Hanuma saw many people, who had great might, who carried javelins and trees as weapons, those who carried Patticas and thunderbolts, those who carried in their hands sling and nooses, those who carried flowered garlands, wearing sandal paste and decorated with best jewellery, those who had various kinds of appearances roaming freely at will, those who carried sharp spikes and thunderbolts.
vrm.5.4 Hanuma saw at the front of inner city, a hundred thousand central protective force which was attentive and was positioned there at the command of Ravana.
vrm.5.4 That Hanuma saw Ravana s house with a golden doorway.
vrm.5.4 The great Hanuma entered secretly Ravana s inner city which was equal to paradise, rendered noisy by neighing of Horses and tinkling of ornaments, by chariots, vehicles and aerial cars and decorated by auspicious Elephants and Horses and great Elephants with four tusks and by Birds and animals in heat.
vrm.5.4 Hanuma entered the inner city of Ravana which was filled with gold, which had a golden court yard with a central area decorated by pearls and diamonds of great value and sprinkled daily with water containing superb algallocum and sandal wood.
vrm.5.5 Thereafter that intellectual Hanuma saw the moon in the sky shining with rays, obtaining the middle portion of sky.
vrm.5.5 After that Hanuma saw the moon coming up destroying the sins of the world, causing the great ocean to grow and causing all living beings to shine.
vrm.5.5 That Hanuma the courageous one, the intellectual one, saw houses with people in heat, houses filled with people, full chariots, Horses, Elephants and best furniture and also full of wealth.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma saw rakshasas railing a lot at one another moving their heavy shoulders, throwing wild and incoherent words a lot, insulting one another being intoxicated.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma saw rakshasas who smote breast, those who threw limbs on women, those who were spreading their strange forms sporting their strong bows.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma saw some women applying sandal paste on their bodies and also some other women sleeping there, in the same way some women with good appearance were smiling, and some other women were sighing in anger.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma saw the city of Lanka that shone with great Elephants making sound and also with gentlemen well respected, shone with warriors in a wresting bout, with long sighs, like serpents in a lake hissing.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma saw Yatudhanas who were intellectuals, who were good talkers, who had good devotion, important people to the world, who had various ways, and people who had beautiful names in that city.
vrm.5.5 That Hanuma seeing people with good appearance, who had various good virtues, those who were according to their character, those who were radiant, all those became happy.
vrm.5.5 Then that Hanuma saw those who had horrific appearance, those who were according to their appearance some of those too.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma saw thereafter there, their women those who were eligible for distinction, those who were of great skill with an interested heart in lovers and in drinks and those who were like stars with good effect.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma saw some women who were brilliant with radiance, adorned a lot with bashfulness, those who were hugged by lovers in the middle of night, those who were hugged with great pleasure, those who were hugged by flowers like Birds.
vrm.5.5 The intellectual Hanuma saw some other women there comfortably sitting on the laps of their lovers, at the top of their buildings, dear to their husbands and some other women interested in virtuous deeds, and some possessed by the lord of love.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma saw women with golden complexion lacking clothes, women with a complexion of refined gold suitable for mating and some other women also with the colour of moon and some other women with beautiful bodies lacking a lover.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma saw rows of faces shining like the moon, beautiful rows of eyes with curved eyebrows and rows of ornaments like beautiful rows of lighting.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma did not see Seetha, one with great beauty born in a royal family following a virtuous path, well brought up, like a creeper in full blossom, one who was thin, and one who was born from the mind of creator.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma did not see that Seetha who stood in the path of ancient righteousness with Her sight on Sri Rama, who was possessed by the love for Sri Rama, who entered the glorious mind of husband and always the best among women who were the best.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma did not see Seetha, tortured by separation from Sri Rama, with unabounding tears in her throat, in earlier times who had invaluable and best jewellery on her neck, born with beautiful eyebrows, with a sweet voice, like a she hen who did not dance in a forest because of Her current sorrow.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma did not see Seetha who was like a crescent with a blurred outline, like a streek of gold coated by dust, like an arrow in an injury, like a series of clouds scattered by wind.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma became a numb minded one for sometime, stricken with grief not seeing for a moment Seetha, wife of Sri Rama the best among those who talk, and the lord of all humans.
vrm.5.6 That Hanuma who could assume any desire form, searching among houses had a lot of grief.
vrm.5.6 After that, the glorious Hanuma neared the house of Ravana shining with the golden hue of Sun, surrounded by a compound wall.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma shined purveying the building protected by horrible rakshasas, like a forest by Lions.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma saw Ravana s house with protective shields made of lion and tiger skins, decorated with ivory, gold and silver, being roamed always by strange chariots with great sound.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma saw Ravana s house filled with a lot of diamonds, having valuable seats and utensils, abode of great warriors, with great chariots and great utensils.
vrm.5.6 The great Hanuma saw the wealthy Ravana s huge house, inscrutable like an ocean, like a noiseless ocean, with a roof embedded with great diamondsand filled with great diamonds.
vrm.5.6 That great Hanuma thought the house, which was shining with its form filled with Elephants, Horses, chariots, to be the jewel of Lanka.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma walked about there in the near hood of Ravana.
vrm.5.6 That Hanuma moved about from one house to another of Rakshasas and also parks and observing in all directions without fear and also courtyards.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma with great prowess, and one with great speed, jumped for the house of Prahasta and from there leapt for another house that of Mahaparshva.
vrm.5.6 Thereafter the great Hanuma leapt for the house of Kumbhakarna which resembled a cloud and in the same way for the house of Vibhishana.
vrm.5.6 That great Hanuma in the same way leapt for the house of Mahodara and also that of Virupaksha, that of Viddutjihva.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma the commander of Vanara army with great radiance went for the intellectual Suka s house, for Sarana s house, and in the same way for the house of Indrajit.
vrm.5.6 The best among Vanaras Hanuma went for the house of Jambumali and for the house of Sumali.
vrm.5.6 The great Hanuma jumped for the house Rasmiketu and in the same way for the house of Suryaketu and in that way for the building of Vajrakaaya.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma jumped for Dhumrah s house, for Sampati s house, for Vidhudrupa s, Bhiima s house, for Ghana s house and Vighana s house, for Sukhana s house, for Vakra s, for Satha s house and also for Vikata s house, for Brahmakarna s house, for Damshra s house, for Roma s house, for Raksha s house, for Yuddhonmatta s and Indrajihva s house, in the same way for Hastimukas house, for Karala s house, for Pisacha s house, and also for the building of Shonita.
vrm.5.6 The glorious Hanuma passing everyone s houses all round, there after neared the house of Ravana.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma best among Vanaras, tiger among Vanaras, moving about saw Rakshas women, those who were sleeping near to Ravana, those who had horrific eyes, those who had Sulaas, Mudgaras in their hands, those who had Shaktis and Tomaras.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma saw in that house of Ravana a variety of army divisions and also Rakshasas those who had huge bodies having different weapons raise up.
vrm.5.6 That Hanuma in that house saw Horses in red colour and in white colour, slightly whitish, capable of great speed, Elephants born in a good breed having good appearance capable of harassing enemy s Elephants, skilled in good Elephant training, equalling Iravata, capable of killing enemies armies in war, rutting like raining clouds, like mountains with water falls that are pouring down, with trumpeting resembling thundering of clouds, unassailable by enemies in a battle.
vrm.5.6 There Hanuma saw in the house of Ravana, the king of rakshasas, army divisions in thousands decorated with gold, covered with heaps of gold, equalling the Sun who has fully come up.
vrm.5.6 That Hanuma the son of Vayu saw in the house of Ravana the king of rakshasas, palanquins of various shapes, wonderful bowers, art galleries and other pleasure houses which were constructed with wooden mountains, house for sexual delight and a beautiful diurnal house.
vrm.5.6 That Hanuma saw the best among buildings equalling mount Mandara filled with pens for peacocks, spread by flag staffs managed by courageous ones like the house of Kubera filled with many diamonds and also heaps of riches.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma leader of Vanaras saw couches and seats and chief vessels all made with gold.
vrm.5.6 Hanuma entered the big house moistened by liquor made of honey, filled with vessels made of gems delightful one, un congested one like the building of Kubera resounded by the sound of tinkles by the sound of waist ornaments, by the sound of percussion on Mrudangas with deep sound, which consisted of many mansions filled with hundreds of best women, encircled by many spacious enclosures.
vrm.5.7 That Hanuma, the strong one, saw a group of houses with windows in golden hue, embedded with cat s eye gems, like a great group of clouds in rainy season with lighting, together with a group of Birds.
vrm.5.7 Hanuma saw various halls of the houses, important buildings storing conches, bows, and other weapons, and also heartening spacious attics at the top of mountain like houses.
vrm.5.7 Hanuma saw houses glittered by various riches, well worshipped by Devas and Asuras, devoid of all flaws and obtained by the self might of rakshasas.
vrm.5.7 Hanuma saw those houses of the ruler of Lanka, constructed by great effort as though constructed by Maya himself on earth with all best qualities.
vrm.5.7 Thereafter Hanuma saw the best house of the lord of rakshasas, having the appearance of a cloud, soul captivating one having a beautiful form made of gold which has no comparison, suitable of Ravana s might
vrm.5.7 Hanuma saw Ravana s house like heaven thrown upon earth, effulgent with glory, embedded with variety of diamonds covered by flowers of various trees, like the summit of a mountain covered by pollen.
vrm.5.7 Hanuma saw the best house like a beautiful cloud endowed with many hues, like the sky illumined by planets including the moon, decked with numerous precious stones like a mountain peak, looking picturesque with numerous minerals.
vrm.5.7 There the great Hanuma saw a great aerial car, the best among best of aerial cars, shining with the name of Pushpaka with the rays of precious stones, and capable of traveling long distances.
vrm.5.7 Thereafter that Hanuma nearing that city of Lanka worshipped by Rakshasas, ruled by arms of ten headed Ravana, moving thereabout became very gloomy on not seeing that Seetha well worshipped by all and greatly conquered by the virtues of Her husband Sri Rama Thereafter then the heart of the great souled Hanuma who contemplated supreme spirit in many ways with a disciplined mind following righteous path, with good observant eyes, moving about in the city of Lanka became greatly sorrowful on not seeing Seetha.
vrm.5.8 That Hanuma the courageous one, the son of Lord Vayu, saw the great aerial plane standing in the middle of that building with a surprising hue, due to diamonds, and gems decorated by series of refined gold.
vrm.5.8 Hanuma saw that aerial plane which rakshasas who were great eaters, with a face beautified by earnings, who roamed around in the sky and thousands of genii with round eyes, crooked eyes and wide eyes capable of great speed carrying it.
vrm.5.8 That Hanuma the best among Vanara warriors saw there a best plane with the name of Pushpaka with a more beautiful appearance than a group of flowers during spring, a more attractive appearance than even the spring season.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma, the son of Vayu, saw a best tall building and a wide one in the middle of that best group of houses.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma, the destructor of enemies, moved around in all directions searching for Seetha the wide eyed daughter of King of Videha Thereafter, Hanuma the glorious one neared and observed the best residence of Rakshasas and the house of Ravana, containing Elephants with four tusks and also those with three tusks, those with two tusks and still not crowded.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma saw another house in the middle of that house, a well built one consisting of many Elephants in rut.
vrm.5.9 Shone by floors embellished with corals of strange hue and with precious stones of great value, with pearls without comparison Reddish and resembling gold, together with sandal wood having a good smell and brilliant like the Sun at noon The great Hanuma alighted the best aeroplane called Pushpaka with an excellent form decorated by rows of upper floors.
vrm.5.9 That Hanuma then being there, smelled a wonderful sweet fragrance like wind with an appearance, created from drinks and foods, including cooked rice diffused on all sides.
vrm.5.9 That sweet smell was as though saying thus to that Hanuma Come here! quot like a relative to a best relative pointing to there wherever that Ravana was.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma started thereafter there in that direction and saw an auspicious great hall, close to heart of Ravana, like a delightful best woman.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma thought thus This is heaven! This is indeed the abode of Devas! This is a city of Indra.
vrm.5.9 quot Like gamblers defeated by greater gamblers in gambling, Hanuma saw golden hued lamps being still, as though in thought.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma thought thus This building shines by the light of lamps and the brilliance of Ravana and also due to the radiance of jewellery.
vrm.5.9 Thereafter Hanuma saw a thousand of best women sitting on the rug with clothing of various colours and decorated in a variety of ways.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma saw faces of those best women, with teeth covered by lips with closed eyes and with lotus fragrance.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma thought that drunk bees definitely are desiring again and again these lotus faces like lotuses in blossom.
vrm.5.9 The glorious great Hanuma thought as above by recourse to reason.
vrm.5.9 Then Hanuma thought thus Whatever meteors together with residue of piety fall down from the sky, all those meteors had been together as these women quot
vrm.5.9 Following thought occurred to Hanuma with a pious mind It would have been good for this Ravana if the virtuous wife of Rama had been left happy with her husband in the same such manner as these wives of the king of rakshasas.
vrm.5.9 quot Hanuma became gloomy and thought thus: Seetha is definitely the best by virtues then this lord of Lanka even though being great otherwise, did an evil and an un gentlemanly deed with her.
vrm.5.10 In that house, while observing, Hanuma saw a portion of house with beds and couches, consisting of best couches equaling those in heaven, made of crystal decorated with diamonds, with wonderful parts made of ivory and gold, covered with best beds made of cat s eye gems of great value.
vrm.5.10 Hanuma saw in a part of that room, an umbrella white in colour decorated with best flower garlands and resembling moon the lord of stars.
vrm.5.10 Hanuma saw an excellent couch made of gold with radiance equaling that of fire, spread by garlands of Ashoka flowers.
vrm.5.10 Hanuma saw Ravana in that house, equaling a cloud, wearing earrings with a brilliant shine with red eyes and with long arms wearing gold clothes.
vrm.5.10 That great Hanuma saw the gallant king of rakshasas in sleep on a shining couch resting after drinking.
vrm.5.10 That Hanuma, best among Vanaras neared Ravana, became very gloomy and moved away with great dread, as though from a hissing serpent.
vrm.5.10 Thereafter the great Hanuma neared staircase, sought another dais and observed closely Ravana.
vrm.5.10 That Hanuma also saw the wealthy Ravana s arms tied with golden armlets thrown apart, resembling flag staffs raised in honor of Indra.
vrm.5.10 That Hanuma saw there arms on the couch like great serpents in anger sleeping in the middle of mount Mandara.
vrm.5.10 That Hanuma saw in the house of that king of Rakshasa s, wives at the feet, Ravana being a gigantic one with loving wives, shone with crown tilted to the side, having strange hue with pearls and diamonds and of golden colour, with a face made brilliant by earrings, shone with the chest region smeared with red sandal, shining with a necklace wide, high and corpulent with a silk cloth of white colour falling on him, with eyes reddish like blood, well tied by a best cloth of yellow colour and of very best quality, resembling a heap of black beans, snoring like a hiss of a snake, like an Elephant sleeping in the middle of water belonging to the great river Ganga with all the four directions shone by the four lamps of golden colour, resembling a cloud with all the parts being shone by groups of lighting.
vrm.5.10 Hanuma saw wives of Ravana with skill in dance and musical instruments, who obtained the shoulders of Ravana wearing the best jewellery and being in sleep.
vrm.5.10 That Hanuma saw among those women a very beautiful woman sleeping on an auspicious couch arranged alone at a side.
vrm.5.10 Hanuma saw Mandodari with a beautiful form together with diamonds and pearls, well decorated by jewellery and with her self radiance as though decorating that great building with a fair complexion and with a radiance like golden colour, who was dear to her husband the lady of women in that gynaeceum sleeping there.
vrm.5.10 That Hanuma with great arms seeing the woman well decorated, out of logic thought thus: "This is Seetha by the wealth of her appearance and her youth".
vrm.5.11 The great Hanuma then removing that thought became with the right mind and had another thought about Seetha.
vrm.5.11 This is another woman thus deciding that Hanuma paced in that banqueting hall.
vrm.5.11 Hanuma saw there in that bar, meat of Deer and of Buffalo, of wild Boar kept separately.
vrm.5.11 Hanuma observed meat of Pigs and Goats, Porcupines, Deer and Peacocks preserved in Curds and sochal Salt.
vrm.5.11 Hanuma saw Birds called Krakara cooked ready to be eaten in variety of ways, Birds called Chakoras half eaten, wild Buffaloes, Fishes called Ekashleya, Goats, food to be licked of various kinds, beverages and various foods.
vrm.5.11 Hanuma saw indeed then lot of best quality liquor in pots of silver and of golden colour.
vrm.5.11 That great Hanuma saw vessels full of liquor of golden colour, embedded with gem stones and also of silver hue.
vrm.5.11 That Hanuma saw indeed at some places drinks half filled and at some places completely drunk and some places not at all drunk.
vrm.5.11 Hanuma paced about seeing at some places various eatables and at some places drinks separately, and at some places remnants of cooked rice.
vrm.5.11 Hanuma saw some places with vessels broken, some places with pots in shambles, some places with water together with flower garlands and fruits.
vrm.5.11 Hanuma with great radiance thus saw entire Ravana s house completely but did not see Seetha.
vrm.5.11 Then that Hanuma seeing those women obtained great anguish being in doubt because of fear in the matter of dharma.
vrm.5.11 To that Hanuma with an excellent mind, with a fixed and concentrated mind, was born another thought again, showing a fixed resolve in the task at hand.
vrm.5.11 The strong Hanuma observing girls from Devas, Gandharvas and girls from Nagas did not see Janaki.
vrm.5.11 The powerful Hanuma not seeing Her there and seeing other best women then started to think deeply going far from there.
vrm.5.11 That Hanuma the glorious one adopting a great task again left that bar and began to search that house.
vrm.5.12 That Hanuma interested in sight of Seetha, in the middle of that building, went towards houses made of plant creepers, art houses, and nocturnal houses but did not see Her with a beautiful appearance.
vrm.5.12 That great Hanuma then later not seeing that Seetha dear to Rama thought thus: “to me searching Seetha in whatever way appearance not being obtained, from that Seetha definitely has died.
vrm.5.12 Thus thinking Hanuma began to search again undergrounds, houses at the beginning of street intersections and also small houses faraway from the main houses.
vrm.5.12 The great Hanuma flying again and again and jumping down, standing up, walking, opening doors, pushing doors and entering inside, coming out, climbing down, climbing up wandered all opportunity.
vrm.5.12 That Hanuma in that city of Ravana whatever region he did not go that region was not there even for four angulas.
vrm.5.12 Rakshasa women of various forms, with crooked forms and horrific forms had been seen there by Hanuma but not that Seetha.
vrm.5.12 The best Vidyadhara women incomparable by beauty in the world had been seen there by Hanuma, but not Seetha.
vrm.5.12 Naga women with beautiful buttocks, with faces equaling full moon had been seen by Hanuma there, but not Seetha with a beautiful waist.
vrm.5.12 Naga women who had been stolen forcefully, being defeated by Ravana had been seen there by Hanuma, not that Seetha That Hanuma with great arms, the wise one, the son of Vayu not seeing that Seetha and seeing other women became depressed again and again.
vrm.5.12 Seeing the effort of the best Vanaras and the crossing of ocean as being wasted, Hanuma got depression again.
vrm.5.12 Thereafter the son of Vayu Hanuma got down from Pushpaka, obtained thought with a mind overcome with grief.
vrm.5.13 Hanuma the leader of Vanaras crossed from pushpaka toward the fort wall and became with speed like lighting in the middle of a cloud.
vrm.5.13 The simian Hanuma went far from the house of Ravana and not seeing Seetha, the daughter of King Janaka, said these words: “The city of Lanka has been mostly explored by me attempting for the pleasure of Rama.
vrm.5.13 What becomes appropriate” thus Hanuma thought again this view point.
vrm.5.13 Hanuma carrying in mind sorrow of various kinds again and again did not get then the crossing of sorrow.
vrm.5.13 Hanuma not seeing that Seetha thus begetting sorrow, thought with a mind cluttered with thoughts and sorrow.
vrm.5.13 The gloried son of Vayu that Hanuma got up with his senses tied by grief.
vrm.5.13 That Hanuma saluting to all those and also to Sugreeva, observing all directions went towards Ashoka garden.
vrm.5.14 That Hanuma with great resplendence thought for a moment, obtained that Ashoka garden by mind and jumped from the compound wall of that house.
vrm.5.14 That great Hanuma with joyful limbs, being on enclosure wall saw various trees such as Sal, beautiful Ashoka, Champaka full of flowers, Uddalaka, Naga, mango trees with their fruit in the colour of the snout of a Monkey, in full blossom at the start of the spring.
vrm.5.14 Thereafter Hanuma flew like a Naracha arrow released from bow string, toward the garden covered by mango trees and surrounded by hundreds of creepers.
vrm.5.14 That Hanuma the Simian, saw on entering that garden filled with happy humans, animals and Birds with varied hues during spring, resounded by Birds, with trees made of silver, made of gold, surrounded everywhere by Birds and groups of animals wonderful with wonderful trees equaling the Sun at sunrise together with trees of various kinds which obtained flowers and fruits, served daily by Cuckoos and by dragon flies, resounded by Peacocks in heat and with groups of Birds of various kinds.
vrm.5.14 Hanuma searching the royal daughter Seetha with excellent limbs and without blame, woke up Birds in comfortable sleep.
vrm.5.14 The son of Lord Vayu, Hanuma sprinkled with flowers shone like a mountain of flowers in the middle of Ashoka garden.
vrm.5.14 Seeing Hanuma running in all directions and being in the middle of trees, all living creatures thought Him to be Vasanta, the lord of spring.
vrm.5.14 Then those trees, shaken by the might of Hanuma the mighty one, showered wonderful flowers.
vrm.5.14 Hanuma broke circles of great creepers by His might like the wind during rainy season, breaking the groups of clouds of mountain Vindhya.
vrm.5.14 That Hanuma pacing there saw diamond studded floors, silver inlaid floors, and beautiful gold inlaid floors.
vrm.5.14 Hanuma saw ponds filled with the best waters, together there and there with stairs embedded with Diamonds of great value, with Pearls and Corals as sand, with bottoms made of crystal and precious stones, shone by trees of golden hue and of wonderful hue at banks containing beds of Lotuses in full blossom and Lilies, resounded by chakravaka Birds nearby, sounded by water fowls, resounded by Swans and Cranes, together with tall trees, with nectar like waters, with hundreds of auspicious creepers, covered by the flowers of Santana trees, surrounded by various shrubs with middle regions of Karaveera and also wells and in various shapes.
vrm.5.14 Thereafter the Vanara warrior Hanuma saw a mountain which was a beautiful mountain in the world, equaling cloud with high peaks, with wonderful peaks surrounded in all directions by peaks, spread by caves and covered by different trees.
vrm.5.14 Hanuma saw river which fell down from the mountain like a beloved young wife who fell down after jumping from the lap of a loved one shone by trees whose ends fell down in water or like a woman in anger being detained by her near and dear.
vrm.5.14 That great Hanuma again saw that river with water, turning back like a beloved woman reaching her beloved again, being reconciled to her beloved one.
vrm.5.14 The best among vanaras and the son of Vayu, that Hanuma saw near to that mountain, lotus ponds together with many groups of Birds.
vrm.5.14 The Vanara warrior Hanuma saw one shimshupaa tree golden in colour covered with many groups of creepers and with many leaves surrounded everywhere with platforms made of gold.
vrm.5.14 Hanuma saw lands, mountain springs, and some other golden trees equal to fire.
vrm.5.14 Then the courageous Hanuma thought thus: “Like the sun by the radiance of Mount Meru, by the radiance of those trees, I am of golden colour.
vrm.5.14 Seeing that shimshupaa tree with groups of trees of golden colour blown by the wind, with the sound of hundreds of tinkle bells, Hanuma got surprised.
vrm.5.14 Hanuma with great arms climbing up that shimshupaa tree with well flowered ends, beautiful tree, mature with young shoots and leaves and covered by leaves thought thus.
vrm.5.14 The great souled Hanuma thus thinking being concealed in the mass of well flowered leaves saw everything observing everywhere.
vrm.5.15 That Hanuma being there, seeing and searching for Seetha, observing all that land, explored the garden.
vrm.5.15 That Hanuma being there observed closely that Ashoka garden shone by Santanaka creepers, Santana trees with heavenly aroma and juice, well decorated in all directions equalling the garden of Nandana, surrounded by animals and Birds, congested with mansions and palaces, resounded with the notes of Cuckoos, decorated with wells having golden water lilies, lotuses and with many chairs and carpets with many sub terrain houses, beautiful trees, with trees with flowers of all seasons and with fruit, with the radiance of raising sun, by the glory of Ashoka trees in bloom, as though radiant as though being made to be with branches without leaves, by hundreds of Birds perching again and again, Ashoka trees with wonderful flowers as head decoration, with flowers spread till the roots destroying leaves, with weight of groups of flowers as touching the earth with Karnolaara trees in blossom with Kimkusa trees in full blossom.
vrm.5.15 That Vanara warrior Hanuma saw not far away in that Ashoka garden, in the middle, a lofty temple filled with fragrance like a second Gandhamadana Mountain, standing by a thousand pillars, white like Mount Kailasa with stairs made of corals with platforms made of refined gold as though radiant with glory, clear and because of being tall as though scraping the sky.
vrm.5.15 Thereafter Hanuma saw Seetha wearing a soiled garment, surrounded by rakshasa women, emaciated due to fasting, looking miserable, sighing again and again, like the pure crescent moon at the beginning of a bright fortnight.
vrm.5.15 Observing that woman with wide eyes, very untidy, emaciated, Hanuma thought that this is indeed Seetha on logical grounds.
vrm.5.15 Hanuma saw Seetha with a face like full moon, with beautiful eyebrows, with graceful rounded breasts, by the radiance making all directions without darkness, goddess like with black hair, with lips like bimba fruit, with a good waist, very firm, with eyes like lotus petals, like Rati the consort of god of love.
vrm.5.15 Hanuma saw Her like a tongue of fire mixed with column of smoke, like an intellect together with doubts, like a cast away treasure.
vrm.5.15 Hanuma recognized with great sorrow Seetha not decorated, like a sentence which got a different meaning being devoid of culture.
vrm.5.15 Seeing that princess, the wide eyed one, blameless one, Hanuma reasoned her to be Seetha for the following reasons.
vrm.5.15 Then Hanuma saw whatever groups of jewellery of Seetha on various parts Rama spoke, those charming Her limbs, well made earrings, well fitting Svadamstras and ornaments wonderful with diamonds on the limbs of Her hands, belonging to body for long time, blackened and making marks on body.
vrm.5.15 Hanuma, then seeing Seetha became happy thus and went by mind to Rama and also praised that Lord.
vrm.5.16 That Hanuma the radiant one thinking for a moment, cried about Seetha and became with eyes tormented with tears.
vrm.5.16 Seeing that Seetha with the radiance of new gold, like the goddess Lakshmi, delightful to the world, Hanuma went by heart to Sri Rama spoke these words also.
vrm.5.16 The mighty one, the best among vanaras, quick one, Hanuma thus observed the subject: “This is Seetha!” thus with a firm mind sat at that tree, leaning against it.
vrm.5.17 That moon with a peaceful glow served Hanuma with cool rays as though performing help with radiance.
vrm.5.17 Thereafter Hanuma saw Seetha with a face like a full moon, put down by the weight of grief, like a ship sinking down in water due to weight.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma wanting to see Seetha saw nearby Rakshasis with horrible appearance one with one eye one with a single ear and also one with ears as covering one with conch shell like ears one with fattened nose up to head one with lean and long neck one with disheveled hair and also one without hair one with blanket like hair one with hanging stomach and breasts one with hanging face one with lips at chin one with hanging face one with hanging knees one who is short one who is tall and also hunch backed one one who is distorted a dwarf one and also one with high teeth and one with crooked mouth, one with green eyes and one with a horrible face.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma saw horrible Rakshasis, dark complexioned ones, angry ones, those who like quarrels, ones wearing big darts, mallets and clubs of Iron, with faces like those of Pigs, Deer, Tigers, Buffaloes, Goats, she Foxes, with feet like those of Elephants, Camels, Horses, with heads sunk into bodies, with single hand and single foot, those ears like that of Donkeys and Horses, those with cow ears, those with Elephant ears, those with Vanara ears, and some others without nose, those with horizontal nose, those with crooked nose, those with Elephant like nose, toes with nose fixed in forehead, with feet like those of Elephant, those with big feet, those with cow like feet, those with hair on their feet, those with big heads and necks, those with big nipples and big stomach, those with big eyes and mouths, with long tongues and nails, and also the a face like that of a she goat, those with Elephant like face, those with face like that of a cow, those with face of a she Pig, those with faces like those of Horses, Camels, Donkeys, those with horrible appearance, Rakshasis carrying pikes and clubs in their hand, angry ones, those who like quarrels, those with high teeth, with hair color like that of smoke, with horrible faces, always drinking liquor, always desiring meat and liquor, with body smeared by meat and blood, with meat and blood as food, whose appearance made hair to stand up, sitting around a great tree with huge trunk.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma the glorious one saw that Seetha, the princess, daughter of Janaka, unblemished one below that tree.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma saw Seetha being suited to be with her husband, in the custody of Rakshasis, in the middle of Ashoka garden being immersed in an ocean of grief Hanuma saw Seetha there surrounded by those Rakshasis, like Rohini with planets, like a creeper without flowers.
vrm.5.17 The Vanara Hanuma saw that Seetha with great beauty with black eyes, covered by a cloth which was creased and dirty, with eyes of a deer, with a pitiful face, not depressed due to the brilliance of her husband, protected by her own character.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma became happy on seeing Seetha with eyes of a fawn, fearful like a she deer, seeing trees with young shoots, as though being burnt by sighs, like a bundle of grief, with a wave of sorrow risen up.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma the son of Vayu on seeing Seetha that Seetha like the goddess earth, with well divided body parts shining eve without ornaments, obtained great joy.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma on seeing Seetha there with intoxicating eyes shed tears of joy and also paid obeisance to Sri Rama.
vrm.5.17 Being joyful on seeing Seetha, Hanuma the mighty one paid obeisance to Sri Rama and to Lakshmana and became covered with leaves.
vrm.5.18 A little of the night was left while Hanuma was searching like that for Seetha in the garden with flowers in blossom.
vrm.5.18 That Hanuma heard Vedic sounds early in the morning of Brahma Rakshasas well versed in six parts of Vedas and those who performed excellent sacrifices.
vrm.5.18 Thereafter that Hanuma, the son of Marut heard the sound of waist bands and the sound of anklets of those excellent women.
vrm.5.18 Hanuma the Vanara saw that Ravana also, performer of deeds without an equal, with unfathomable might and virility, reaching the entrance region.
vrm.5.18 Wettened by fragrant oil, being carried in front of Ravana, Hanuma saw Ravana being shone in all directions by many lamps.
vrm.5.18 Hanuma saw Ravana together with lust, vanity and intoxication, with wide red eyes which were slanted, like the god of love in person with bow kept at a distance.
vrm.5.18 Hanuma saw Ravana playfully readjusting his excellent upper garment with the luster of churned nectar froth, without stain,slipping being entangled in armlet.
vrm.5.18 Hanuma blended in a branch full of leaves covered by groups of leaves and flowers started to see that Ravana as though coming near Him.
vrm.5.18 Thereafter Hanuma, the best among Vanaras looking in all directions saw best women of Ravana full of beauty and youth.
vrm.5.18 That king of Rakshasas who was intoxicated with wonderful ornaments, with pointed ears, son of Visravasa was like the moon together with stars, together with best women was seen by Hanuma.
vrm.5.18 The son of god of wind Vanara Hanuma of great brilliance thinking thus "This long armed one is Ravana", jumped down.
vrm.5.18 Thus Hanuma although of terrible energy was overshadowed by Ravana s brilliance and became rooted behind a group of leaves and was concealed.
vrm.5.24 That Vanara Hanuma not talking and hiding in the Simsupa tree listened to those Rakshasa women frightening Seetha.
vrm.5.30 The valiant Hanuma also heard truly all those words of Seetha, Trijata and the threatening words of the female Rakshasas.
vrm.5.30 Thereafter, seeing that Seetha as a divine lady in the garden of Nandana, Hanuma echoed his thought in various ways.
vrm.5.30 "How does not my work get spoiled? How should I avoid my feebleness? Also how does not my leaping across the sea become vain?" "How can Seetha hear my words without fear?" Thinking in this way, the wise Hanuma made up his mind as follows: "If I eulogize Rama, who is unwearied in action and a good relation, I shall not frighten her, whose mind is directed towards that relation.
vrm.5.31 Thus reflecting on many kinds of thought, Hanuma spoke the following sweet words within the hearing range of Seetha.
vrm.5.31 Having spoken these words, Hanuma kept quiet.
vrm.5.32 Then, seeing Hanuma, who was tawny coloured like a series of flashing thunderbolts wrapped up in a white cloth and hiding behind the branches of a tree, Seetha had her mind shaken.
vrm.5.32 As soon as seeing Hanuma Seetha lost her consciousness very much and became seemingly lifeless.
vrm.5.33 That Hanuma, with coral coloured face, very bright, the son of Marut, wearing a humble and feeble look, approached Seetha by stepping down from the tree and offered her his salutation by keeping his joined palms on his head and spoke the following sweet words:
vrm.5.33 Hearing his words, Seetha was delighted of Rama s mention and spoke the following words to Hanuma, who was dwelling on a tree.
vrm.5.34 Hearing those words of Seetha who was overthrown from one grief to another, Hanuma the best of Vanaras gave the following reply in a kindly and affectionate manner.
vrm.5.34 Hearing that news of welfare of Rama and Lakshmana the excellent of men, the divine lady, with all her limbs thrilled with joy, spoke to Hanuma as follows: Joy rushes to surviving man even though it be as the end of a hundred years this popular adage appears true and and auspicious for me.
vrm.5.34 Seetha showed wonderful friendly disposition towards Hanuma who approached her.
vrm.5.34 Hearing that reply of Seetha who was afflicted with grief, Hanuma the army chief of Vanaras endeavoured to draw nearer to her.
vrm.5.34 In as much as that Hanuma drew nearer to her, in the same way, that Seetha suspected him as Ravana.
vrm.5.34 Seeing Seetha afflicted with grief and deluded with fear, the great armed Hanuma also then simply saluted her.
vrm.5.34 Seetha, with her countenance resembling the moon, seeing Hanuma saluting her, had a deep sigh and spoke to Hanuma in a sweet sounding voice as follows "If you are Ravana, who made use of an illusive guise and yourself a conjurer, you are causing me a further agony.
vrm.5.34 Understanding the contemplation of Seetha, Hanuma the son of Vayu then brought about a great joy in her with his words most favourable to her ears as follows:
vrm.5.34 "I am a Vanara, the minister of Sugreeva, called Hanuma.
vrm.5.35 Hearing that narration about Rama from Hanuma the excellent of
vrm.5.35 Vanaras, Seetha in a sweet voice spoke the following gentle words: Where was your contact with Rama? How do you know Lakshmana? How did the union between Vanaras and men arise? O Hanuma! What are the characteristics of Rama and Lakshmana? Narrate them to me, so that sorrow will not take possession of me again.
vrm.5.35 Hearing the words of Seetha, Hanuma, the son of Marut, then started to describe Rama according to his actual state as follows:
vrm.5.35 Know me as Hanuma, who came here as a messenger on behalf of both of them.
vrm.5.35 By my activity alone, I am renowned as Hanuma in this world.
vrm.5.35 Seetha considered Hanuma clearly as a Vanara and not otherwise.
vrm.5.35 Thereafter Hanuma replied to her who is pleasant to the sight as follows O Seetha! I told you indeed all this please be consoled.
vrm.5.36 Hanuma, the highly energetic son of Vayu, with an inducement to obtain confidence from Seetha, again modestly spoke the following words: O illustrious lady! I am a Vanara and a messenger of the wise Rama.
vrm.5.36 Uttering delightful words, she praised Hanuma the great Vanara as follows: O Hanuma the best of Vanaras! You have singly overpowered this place infested by Rakshasas.
vrm.5.36 Is Rama the prince wishing the grace of the Gods? Is he equally aware of the role of human endeavour and the role of fate? O Hanuma! Is Rama not losing affection in me because of my staying away from home? Will he release me from this evil predicament?
vrm.5.36 O Hanuma the messenger! I wish to survive only as long as I hear the activity of my
vrm.5.36 Uttering thus those greatly meaningful and sweetly worthwhile words, Seetha the princess further abstained from talking so as to hear Hanuma s delightful words describing the matters pertaining to Rama.
vrm.5.36 Hearing Seetha s words, Hanuma of terrific prowess, keeping his joined palms on his head, spoke the following words in reply.
vrm.5.37 Hearing Hanuma s words, Seetha whose face resembled the full moon, spoke the following words braced with justice and utility, to Hanuma.
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma! The words spoken by you viz.
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma the best of Vanaras! For living beings, destiny is surely irresistible.
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma! Out of the time limit given to me by the cruel Ravana for my survival, the tenth month is now running.
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma! Nala, the eldest maiden daughter of Vibhishana, when she was sent personally to me by her mother, told me about this.
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma the excellent of Vanaras! Rama, my husband, will soon regain me without any doubt.
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma! In Rama are figured, pesseverence, manliness, courage, non mischievousness, gratitude, prowess and energy.
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma! The powerful Rama like the sun, with his multitude of ray like arrows, will dry up the water in the form of hostile adversaries.
vrm.5.37 Hanuma spoke the following words to Seetha, who was thus talking with grief for Rama and with her eyes full of tears.
vrm.5.37 Hearing those astonishing words from Hanuma, Seetha with her entire limbs flowered with joy, thereafter spoke to Hanuma as follows: "O Hanuma! How are you wishing to carry me for such a long distance? O chief of Vanaras! I consider this indeed as your apishness!"
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma the best of Vanaras! With such a small seized body, how do you wish to take me from here to the presence of my husband, Rama the Lord of human beings?" Hearing the words of Seetha, the illustrious Hanuma, the son of Marut thought it to be the first insult was caused to him.
vrm.5.37 Hanuma said to himself "The black eyed Seetha is not aware of my strength or power.
vrm.5.37 Hanuma, the best of Vanaras and the annihilator of enemies, thinking in this way, then showed his peculiarity to Seetha.
vrm.5.37 Hanuma, the intelligent and the excellent of Vanaras, leaped down from that tree and then, to create confidence in Seetha, started to increase his body form.
vrm.5.37 Hanuma, the foremost of Vanaras, flashed like Meru and Mandara mountains, shining brightly like a blazing fire.
vrm.5.37 The mighty Hanuma, resembling a mountain, having a red face, having teeth and nails as hard as adamant and terrific in appearance, spoke the following words to Seetha.
vrm.5.37 Seetha, with her large eyes resembling lotus petals, spoke to that terrific Hanuma, the son of Marut as follows
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma the annihilator of enemies! It is not possible for me to go with you.
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma the long armed! The survival of the high souled Rama, his brothers, of yourself and of your royal family of Sugreeva is dependent on me.
vrm.5.37 "O Hanuma, the best of Vanaras! Honouring the devotion to my husband, I cannot touch the body of any man other that of Rama.
vrm.5.38 Hearing those words of Seetha, the eloquent Hanuma was very much pleased and spoke to Seetha as follows: "O Seetha, the beautiful princess! Whatever you spoke is befitting.
vrm.5.38 Hearing Hanuma s words, Seetha like the daughter of a god, slowly spoke the following words, strung together with alphabets of tears: "You tell this following excellent thing as a token of remembrance to my beloved husband.
vrm.5.38 Hearing the pitiable appeal Seetha with tears, Hanuma of great splendour and the son of Vayu spoke as follows "O Seetha! Rama has grown averse to everything else, caused by grief towards you.
vrm.5.38 Hearing the words of Hanuma, Seetha, like the daughter of a sage, tormented with grief, spoke to Hanuma the Vanara as follows:
vrm.5.38 "O Hanuma, the excellent of Vanaras and the best of Vanaras! you are the model for fulfilling this act of addressing him in such a way that Lakshmana, the mild, every pure and clever darling of Rama may bring my sorrows to an end.
vrm.5.38 Then, untying the bright devine jewel for her head tied in her garment, Seetha gave it to Hanuma, saying that it might be handed over to Rama.
vrm.5.38 Taking the excellent jewel, the valiant Hanuma thereupon fitted it to his finger, since his arm eventhough he had assumed his former tiny form, was not fitting to it properly.
vrm.5.38 Receiving that jewel, Hanuma the best among the Vanaras, offered his salutation to seetha, by engaging himself in circumambulation and stood aside with humbleness.
vrm.5.38 Filled with a great delight, born out of Seetha s discovery by him, that Hanuma mentally sought the presence of Rama but stood there with just his physical body.
vrm.5.38 Taking that excellent and highly venerable jewel, worn by Seetha and by its influence resembling one who was shaken by a blast coming from the top of a huge mountain, Hanuma was mentally pleased and set out for crossing the ocean in his return journey.
vrm.5.39 Then, after giving the jewel for head, Seetha spoke to Hanuma as follows: "This token of remembrance is actually known to Rama.
vrm.5.39 "O Hanuma the excellent among Vanaras! Driven by your enthusiasm again, think what remains to be done in undertaking this task.
vrm.5.39 "O Hanuma the best among Vanaras! You are capable of fulfilling this task.
vrm.5.39 O Hanuma! Become the one who can remove my misfortunes, by employing your effort.
vrm.5.39 That Hanuma of terrific prowess, having promised so be it offered salutation to Seetha by bowing his head to her and was set off to go.
vrm.5.39 Getting to know Hanuma ready to set out, Seetha the princess spoke the following words with her voice choked by tears.
vrm.5.39 "O Hanuma, the excellent among Vanaras! Ask about the welfare of both Rama and Lakshmana together.
vrm.5.39 "O Hanuma! Tell, in whatever manner, by which the illustrious Rama can console me, even while I am still surviving.
vrm.5.39 Hearing the words of Seetha, Hanuma the son of Vayu, having placed his open hands side by side, slightly shallowed on his head in salutation, spoke the following words in reply.
vrm.5.39 Hearing those words of Hanuma, spoken rightly and truly well, Seetha held him in great respect and proceeded to speak the following words:
vrm.5.39 Thereupon, looking again and again towards that Hanuma who was going away, Seetha kind heartedly adored his words endowed with friendliness for her husband.
vrm.5.39 "O Hanuma! Because of your vicinity, there may be a relief for a moment to this great sorrow of me, who is less fortunate.
vrm.5.39 "O Hanuma the lion among the Vanaras! If after that, there is any doubt about your return, there is a doubt even for my survival too.
vrm.5.39 O Hanuma! To me, who is tormented by one grief after another grief, my sorrow due to your disappearance will further torment me, like a burning flame.
vrm.5.39 "O Hanuma the annihilator of hostile enemies! You, as one alone, is capable of fulfilling this task.
vrm.5.39 Hearing those words, which were meaningful humble and attended with reason, Hanuma gave his final reply as follows "O Seetha the princess! Sugreeva, the Lord of the troops of Vanaras and Rikshas and the premost among the Vanaras, who is endowed with strength, is firmly determined in your cause.
vrm.5.39 Thus consoling Seetha, Hanuma the son of Vayu made up his mind to go back and spoke to Seetha again as follows: "That Rama the annihilator of enemies, who firmly decided to destroy his adversaries and Lakshmana wielding a bow in his hand will soon reach the entrance of Lanka and you will see them.
vrm.5.40 Hearing the words of that high souled Hanuma, Seetha who resembled the daughter of god, spoke the following words beneficial to herself.
vrm.5.40 "O Hanuma! Seeing you speaking pleasant words, I am as overjoyed, as a field with half sprouted crop of grain is thrilled by receiving a rain.
vrm.5.40 "O Hanuma the excellent one among the troops of Vanaras! Present the story of the blade of grass called Ishika hurled with anger and thereby one eye of the crow destroyed by Rama as a signal remembrance.
vrm.5.40 Hearing the words of Seetha, spoken pitiably with tears, Hanuma the son of Vayu, with a great splendour, spoke as follows: "O Seetha the princess! Rama has grown averse to everything else, caused by grief towards you.
vrm.5.40 Taking that excellent jewel, the illustrious Hanuma, the best among Vanaras, offered salutation to Seetha by bowing his head and has set off to go.
vrm.5.40 Seeing that Hanuma, the best among Vanaras, possessed of energy to jump up with great speed and expanding, Seetha spoke as follows in her voice choked with tears and looking miserable in her face filled with tears.
vrm.5.40 "O Hanuma! Enquire about the welfare of Rama and Lakshmana, the brothers looking like Lions, of Sugreeva together with his ministers and of all other.
vrm.5.40 Have a happy journey! Having been appraised of the matter by Seetha the princess, having accomplished his object, having his mind filled with joy and having perceived that only a little remained to be done, Hanuma intellectually sought the northern direction.
vrm.5.41 Seetha honoured Hanuma, who was ready to go, with good words.
vrm.5.41 Hanuma, having gone to a distance from that place, thought within himself as follows: "I have seen this black eyed Seetha.
vrm.5.41 Thereafter, Hanuma of terrific prowess, getting angry, started then to throw away trees by a highly violent jerk of his thighs akin to the jerk of a wind.
vrm.5.41 Then, the valiant Hanuma laid waste the royal garden attached to the gynaecium resonant with cries of Birds in heat and endowed with various kinds of trees and creepers.
vrm.5.41 Hanuma damaged trees in that grove, destroyed the ponds and crushed the tops of pleasure hills to powder.
vrm.5.41 "That woody land of that pleasure garden which afforded shelter to the women folk of Ravana and which has clusters of Ashoka creepers became a jumble of creepers of sorrow for the distressed women by the violence of Hanuma.
vrm.5.41 Creating a great displeasure to the mind of that high souled Ravana, the Lord of the land of Lanka that Hanuma decided to fight alone against many mighty Rakshasas and stayed
vrm.5.42 Seeing those female Rakshasas, the mighty armed Hanuma endowed with a great courage and might, assumed a gigantic form which created a terror to the female Rakshasas.
vrm.5.42 Ravana, with a great splendour, sent Rakshasas with a valiance equal to him, called Kinkaras, in order to catch hold of Hanuma.
vrm.5.42 All those mighty Kinkaras with their large bellies, long tusks and terrible forms, longing to fight with iron mallets and clubs in hand, in eagerness to lay hold on Hanuma, started from that place.
vrm.5.42 Approaching Hanuma who was standing near the arched doorway, they rushed towards him with a great speed, like locusts rushing towards a fire.
vrm.5.42 They banged Hanuma with various kinds of maces, iron bludgeons plated with gold and arrows shining like the sun.
vrm.5.42 Quickly surrounding Hanuma with clubs, sharp edged spears, iron pikes, lances, javelins and swords, they stood in front of him.
vrm.5.42 The highly splendorous and illustrious Hanuma too, looking like a mountain, hurled his tail on the ground, making a thunderous noise.
vrm.5.42 The highly splendourous and illustrious Hanuma too, looking like a mountain, hurled his tail on the ground, making a thunderous noise.
vrm.5.42 By that great sound made by Hanuma through clapping on his arms together with a resound, Birds fell down from the sky.
vrm.5.42 Hanuma also then cried aloud with a clamorous voice as follows: "Long live the mighty Rama and the powerful Lakshmana! Long live the King Sugreeva, protected by Rama!"
vrm.5.42 "I am Hanuma, the destroyer of the army of adversaries and the son of Vayu.
vrm.5.42 Those Rakshasas became frightened by the clamorous voice of Hanuma cried aloud and saw him to be as high as a twilight rain cloud.
vrm.5.42 Not feeling apprehended because of the orders of their king, those Rakshasas thereafter rushed towards Hanuma, with their terrific and amazing weapons.
vrm.5.42 Surrounded on all sides by those strong Rakshasas, that Hanuma endowed with a great strength seized a huge iron bar belonging to the arched gate.
vrm.5.42 Taking that iron rod, Hanuma killed the Rakshasas.
vrm.5.42 That violent Hanuma strolled in the sky, taking that Iron rod in his hand, as Garuda would carrying a serpent in its claws.
vrm.5.42 Killing the valiant Rakshasas called Kinkaras, that heroic Hanuma wishing to fight again, arrived at the archy gate way.
vrm.5.43 After killing the Kinkaras, that Hanuma thought to himself as follows: "The grove was damaged by me.
vrm.5.43 Thus thinking himself, Hanuma the best among Vanaras, son of the wind god having large jaws, by showing his strength, bounced up and ascended the lofty palatial mansion of the sanctuary, which was as high as a mountain top of Meru.
vrm.5.43 That Hanuma, an army chief of Vanaras, possessing a very great splendour, ascending the lofty palatial mansion similar to a mountain shone like a second rising sun.
vrm.5.43 Overpowering the lofty and inviolable of the sanctuary, Hanuma blazing mansion his splendour, meta morposed into a towering sized body equal to that of Pariyatra mountain.
vrm.5.43 Enhancing his body to a very big size by dint of his distinction, Hanuma clapped on his arms strongly, filling the City of Lanka with sound.
vrm.5.43 "Long live Rama, skilled in archery and the powerful Lakshmana! Long lie the King Sugreeva, protected by Rama! I am Hanuma, the destroyer of the army of adversaries and the son of Vayu.
vrm.5.43 Those Kinkaras with huge bodies surrounded Hanuma, duly discharging those weapons.
vrm.5.43 They banged Hanuma with various kinds of maces, iron bludgeons plated with gold and arrows shining like the sun.
vrm.5.43 That troop of Rakshasas surrounding Hanuma the best among Vanaras, shone like a greatly extensive whirlpool in the waters of River Ganga.
vrm.5.43 Thereupon, the enraged Hanuma assumed a terrific form.
vrm.5.43 Hanuma possessing a gigantic body and the son of wind god, uprooting a pillar with a hundred edges and decorated with gold in that edifice, then speedily whirled it around.
vrm.5.43 Seeing the edifice burning, that Hanuma killing those hundred Rakshasas, like Indra killing Rakshasas with his thunderbolt and gloriously staying in the sky, spoke the following words: Thousands" of Vanaras like me, possessing gigantic bodies of strength, were sent on the orders of Sugreeva.
vrm.5.44 Seeing him, arriving by a chariot yoked with Donkeys, that Hanuma who was endowed with swiftness, was thrilled with joy and made a noise too.
vrm.5.44 The long armed Jambumali transfixed sharp arrows into that great Vanara, Hanuma who was standing on the top of the archy door way.
vrm.5.44 He transfixed Hanuma the leader of Vanaras in the face with an arrow with a crescent shaped head, on the head with an arrow having an ear shaped top and in the arms with ten steel arrows.
vrm.5.44 That crimson face of Hanuma, hit by an arrow, shone like a full blown lotus touched by a sun s ray in autumn.
vrm.5.44 That face of Hanuma, which was naturally crimson in colour, smeared with blood, beamed like a large lotus in the sky sprinkled with drops of sandal.
vrm.5.44 Hanuma, struck by those arrows, was enraged with that Rakshasa and then saw by his side, a big rock of a very large measure.
vrm.5.44 Uplifting that rock with strength, the athletic Hanuma hurled it with force.

Continued to Part 2

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