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vrm.1.1 Later Rama reached the tribal chief named Guha, who has a liking for Rama, on the bank of River Ganga in a town called Shringaverapura.
vrm.1.1 And when Rama is teamed with Guha, Lakshmana and Seetha, he left off the charioteer and a minister of his father who charioted them thitherto, namely Sumantra.
vrm.1.3 The grief of the subjects Rama leaving them off his conversing with tribal chief Guha returning the charioteer Sumantra to kingdom from forests, leaving the trio at the banks of river Ganga.
vrm.2.50 There, a king named Guha was Ramas friend dear to him as his own life.
vrm.2.50 Seeing from a distance the king of Nishada coming, Rama along with Lakshmana thereupon went forth to meet Guha.
vrm.2.50 Closely embracing Rama, Guha who felt disturbed, spoke to him, This city too is as much as Ayodhya to you.
vrm.2.50 Here have arrived various kinds of dishes, drinks and syrups as also excellent beds for you to sleep on and food for your Horses To Guha who was speaking as aforesaid, Rama replied thus: We stand honored by you, by your very visit to us on foot, as well as your show of affection and are pleased with you Pressing gently with his muscular arms, Rama spoke these words: Oh, Guha! Thank heaven that I am seeing you in good health with your relatives.
vrm.2.50 Then Guha on that spot commanded his men as follows: Let water for drinking and forage be supplied promptly to Horses Having worshipped the evening twilight appearing in the west, with an upper garment made of barkon his person Rama then took for food only water brought by Lakshmana himself.
vrm.2.50 Guha too along with the charioteer conversed with Lakshmana and thereafter wielding a bow alertly kept a vigil over Rama.
vrm.2.51 Distressed with anguish to see Rama and Sita lying on the ground Guha said to Lakshmana, the scion of Raghu, who kept awake, through sincere love, for the protection of his brother Rama.
vrm.2.51 Then, Lakshmana replied to Guha as follows: Oh, sinless Guha! Being protected by you, who keep your duty alone in view, all of us are fearless in this land.
vrm.2.51 While Lakshmana son of Dasaratha, who was concerned with the welfare of the people was thus speaking the truth out of his affection for his elder brother Rama, Guha, overcome with agony and oppressed with adversity shed tears like an Elephant tormented with fever.
vrm.2.52 Lakshmana, the delight of his friends, having understood the words of Rama, called Guha as well as Sumantra and stood in front of his brother.
vrm.2.52 Hearing the command of Rama, Guha quickly received it, invited his ministers and spoke to them as follows: Let a beautiful boat that is solidly constructed, sails well and a helmsman in it, be brought to the bank to carry this hero across!
vrm.2.52 Hearing that command, the chief minister of King Guha brought a charming boat to the bank and reported the matter to Guha.
vrm.2.52 Then, Guha with folded hands spoke to Rama as follows: Oh, Lord! Here, the boat has arrived.
vrm.2.52 Then, Rama with great splendor, spoke to Guha as follows: My desire has been accomplished by you.
vrm.2.52 Then, he spoke the following reasoned words to Guha: Oh, Guha! This stay in the inhabited woods is not proper for me.
vrm.2.52 Guha immediately brought that latex to the prince.
vrm.2.52 Having adopted the way of a hermit temporarily along with Lakshmana, Rama then accepted the vow of an ascetic life and spoke to Guha, his friend as follows:
vrm.2.52 Oh, Guha! Remain vigilant in defense, finance, internal security and public relations, for a kingdom is the most difficult one to be protected! Then Rama, who was a delight to Ikshvaku dynasty, bade farewell to Guha and departed quickly, remaining undistracted, along with his consort and together with Lakshmana.
vrm.2.52 Thereafter, Guha the ruler of Nishadas commanded his kinsfolk to row them across the river.
vrm.2.52 Bidding farewell to Guha with his army of men and Sumantra, Rama sat on the boat and directed the boatmen to move on.
vrm.2.57 While Rama landed upon the southern shore, Guha conversed for a long time with Sumantra and with much distress, went to his house.
vrm.2.57 It was gathered by those who were there Guha and others about Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana coming to sage Bharadwaja, their staying with him in Prayaga and their departure to Chitrakuta Mountain.
vrm.2.59 With the hope that I shall be called again by Rama, I stayed there along with Guha for three days.
vrm.2.83 Having gone for a considerable distance in their chariots, carts, Horses and Elephants, they reached the River Ganga close to the city of Shringaverapura, where the valiant Guha, a bosom friend of Rama along with multitude of relatives was ruling that region carefully.
vrm.2.84 Just on seeing an army encamped and positioned along the River Ganga, Guha the king of Nishadas hastily spoke to his relatives as follows:
vrm.2.84 Let five hundred boats, each manner by a hundred youthful ferrymen, be stationed and made ready thus announced Guha.
vrm.2.84 After uttering thus, Guha the king of Nishadas took fish, meat and honey as an offering and approached Bharata.
vrm.2.84 O, Bharata! For that reason, let Guha the king of Nishadas see you.
vrm.2.84 Hearing the auspicious words of Sumantra, Bharata answered, Introduce Guha to me without delay.
vrm.2.84 Having obtained permission, Guha along with his own people, joyfully and humbly approached Bharata and spoke as follows:
vrm.2.85 Hearing those words, the highly intelligent Bharata replied to Guha, the lord of Nishadas, in words that were full of reason and meaning.
vrm.2.85 Having spoken these excellent words to Guha the greatly illustrious Bharata, possessed of great splendor, said again to Guha the king of Nishadas as follows: O, Guha! By which of these two routes can I go to the hermitage of Bharadwaja? This region engulfed in waters of Ganga River is not very much easy to negotiate and is difficult to cross.
vrm.2.85 Hearing the words of the wise prince Guha, who roams about in woods, with joined palms answered as follows: O, highly illustrious prince! My ferrymen wielding their bows, and very attentive, will certainly accompany you.
vrm.2.85 Bharata, whose heart resembled a taintless sky, spoke the following words in smooth voice, to that Guha, who confessed his doubt as aforesaid.
vrm.2.85 O, Guha! No other apprehension should be made by you.
vrm.2.85 Hearing the words of Bharata, Guha on his part, with his face radiated with joy spoke again to Bharata as follows:
vrm.2.85 While Guha was talking thus to Bharata, the sun diffused less
vrm.2.85 The noble soled Bharata, with his escort, met Guha too in a composed mind.
vrm.2.85 Then Guha slowly reassured Bharata again as regards his elder brother.
vrm.2.86 Then Guha the foremost dweller reported Bharata, who was having incomprehensible qualities, about the quality of goodness of Lakshmanaas follows: "I spoke as follows to that Lakshmana, who is endowed with virtues and wielding arrows bow and a sword and who was keeping a vigil for the safe guard of his brother.
vrm.2.86 "O, Guha! Behold that Rama, who cannot be conquered in a battle even by all the Devas and Danavas, sleeping on the blades of grass along with Seetha.
vrm.2.87 Hearing those most disagreeable words from Guha, Bharata began to think deeply, directing his mind on Rama, of whom those unpleasant words were heard.
vrm.2.87 Seeing Bharata unconscious, Guha growing pale, shook like a tree during an earthquake.
vrm.2.87 Bharata of great renown, easing himself well within a moment, consoled Kausalya and while still weeping, spoke to Guha as follows "O, guha! Tell me where did Rama my brother as also Seetha and Lakshmana halt in the night? On what couch and eating what, did he repose? Guha, the Lord of Nishadas, thrilling with rapture, spoke to Bharata about the manner in which he made arrangements for feeding and reposing his beloved and kind guest, Rama.
vrm.2.89 Bharata, born in Raghu race, having passed the night in that place on the banks of Ganga, rising at dawn, said to shatrughna as follows: "O, Shatrughna! Wake up! Why sleep longer? Bring Guha the king of Nishadas quickly and be happy.
vrm.2.89 While those two Lions among men were talking themselves with each other thus, Guha came in time and with joined palms, addressed Bharata saying: "O, Bharata! Did you pass the night happily on the banks of the river? I hope all is well with your army.
vrm.2.89 Hearing those words of Guha spoken with affection, Bharata also in his devotion to Rama, replied as follows:
vrm.2.89 Hearing Bharata s command, Guha returned to the city in all haste and spoke to those multitude of his people as follows: "Rise, awake and may prosperity ever attend you! Duly haul the boats to the bank.
vrm.2.89 Then, Guha brought there one boat also adorned with Swastika, was covered with white canvas, re echoing with acclamations and which was beautiful.
vrm.2.89 Having reached the opposite shore, those boats cleared those people and on the return journey, the kinsfolk of Guha plied them as easily as toy boats made of bamboo.
vrm.2.98 "Let Guha search for Rama and Lakshmana in this forest, himself accompanied by a multitude of his kinsmen, duly wielding their bows, arrows and swords.
vrm.2.99 Then, in that forest, the princes Rama and Lakshmana were seen by Sumantra and Guha, as in the sky, the sun and the moon are seen in conjunction with
vrm.6.59 That arrow released by Ravana s arm reached Sugreeva, having a bodily splendour equal to that of Indra s thunder bolt, and pierced his body in its flight as formerly Guha s spear when he discharged it at the Krauncha
vrm.6.67 Holding firmly the spike, which was bright as lightning and looking like a blazing mountain peak, Kumbhakarna struck Hanuma on his chest, as Guha skanda, the son of shiva struck Krauncha mountain with his powerful javelin.
vrm.6.69 Narantaka, holding a javelin, which was resplendent like a meteor, appeared shining, like Guha the offspring of shiva holding a spear and riding a beautiful peacock.
vrm.6.121 My heart is hastening to see that Bharata, who came all the way to Mount Chitrakuta to take me back to Ayodhya, yet whose appeal was not executed by me, even though he requested me with his head bent low and Kausalya my mother as also Sumitra and the illustrious Kaikeyi my step mothers as also Guha my friend, as well as the citizens of Ayodhya and the inhabitants of the country side.
vrm.6.123 "Here is the town of Shringaverapura, where Guha my friend stays.
vrm.6.125 Reaching then to Shrigaverapura, communicate in my name, about my welfare to Guha, the king of Nishadas, a wild tribe living in the forest.
vrm.6.125 Guha will be pleased to hear about me, as being safe, healthy and free from trouble.
vrm.6.125 Feeling pleased, Guha, the lord of Nishadas, the wild tribe, will tell the path to Ayodhya and the news about Bharata.
vrm.6.125 Leaping into the auspicious sky, the dwelling place of Birds, duly crossing over the terrific conjunction of Ganga and Yamuna rivers, reaching Shringaverapura and approaching Guha the chief of Nishadas, that valiant Hanuma spoke the following words in a charming voice: Along with Seetha and Lakshmana, Rama, your friend, that scion of Kakuthsa, of true prowess, has for his part enquired of your welfare.

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