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vrm.1.2 Even though Valmiki sat on his seat when duly permitted by Brahma, and though the Grandparent of the worlds is manifestly sitting before him, but the same broodings on those happenings occurred on that day have recurred on his mind.
vrm.1.57 "At the close of one thousand years of ascesis Brahma, the Grandparent of all worlds, revealed Himself to Vishvamitra and spoke these words mellowly to ascetically wealthy Vishvamitra, oh, son of Kushika, Vishvamitra, you have won the worlds of kingly sages by your ascesis.
vrm.1.63 b, a "On listening the advice of Gods, Brahma, the Grandparent of all the worlds, spoke these pleasant words to the ascetically wealthy Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.63 And on hearing the words of Brahma he that ascetically wealthy Vishvamitra became obeisant and replied the Grandparent adjoining his palms suppliantly.
vrm.1.65 "Then the Devas, Sages, Gandharva s, Pannagas, Uragas and Rakshasas are puzzled at the ascesis of Vishvamitra, and as their own resplendence is dulled by the ascesis of Vishvamitra, thereby they are marred by this blemish of lowered resplendence, then all of them addressed the Grandparent, Brahma.
vrm.1.65 Thus, all Gods appealed to Brahma b, a "Then all the assemblages of Gods keeping the Grandparent Brahma in their forefront appeared before that great souled Vishvamitra and said this harmonious word.
vrm.1.65 b, a "On hearing the word of Grandparent Brahma and the other residents of heaven, and on paying good devoirs to all of them that great saint cheerfully said.
vrm.1.75 a "Once, all the Gods were asking the Grandparent, Brahma, as to who is powerful and who is less powerful among the blue throated Shiva and Vishnu.
vrm.1.75 but the Grandparent Brahma on inferring the intent of Gods started to create adversity among those two, Shiva and Vishnu, for the Grandparent is the best adherer of truthfulness, as truth cannot be demonstrated on hearsay evidence.
vrm.1.76 Gods together with the assemblages of sages have come keeping the Grandparent Brahma at their fore, likewise the Gandharva s, Apsara s, Siddha s, Caarana s, Kinnara s, Yaksha s, sprites and reptilian beings have also come to see Rama who is now wielding the extraordinary longbow of Vishnu, and extremely amazing event that is going to ensue.
vrm.3.52 On seeing Seetha s appropriation by an inappropriate being with His clairvoyant eyes, the illustrious Grandparent of Universe Brahma declared, "the deed is done.
vrm.3.71 b, a "I have gladdened Grandparent Brahma with severe ascesis and He granted longevity to me, and then a kind of recalcitrance touched off in my mind.
vrm.3.71 Then Indra said this to me, Let the Grandparent Brahma s word about your longevity come true.
vrm.4.4 There is none despising him, nor he despised any and for all the living beings he is like the Grandparent Brahma on earth.
vrm.4.41 Sugreeva, the well informed and brave lord of Vanara troops, then beckoned Angada and the other prominent vanara s who are valorous ones with full fledged dash and dare, like the son of Agni Neela, and the exceptional vanara Hanuma, the highly vigorous son of Grandparent Brahma, namely Jambavanta, also others like Suhotra, Sharaari, Sharagulma Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sushena, Vrishabha, Mainda, Dvivida, Sushena, Gandhamadana, and the two sons of Ritual fire called Ulkaamukha, Ananga.

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