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vrm.2.15 Gold and silver pots filled with best water together with popped grain and covered by milky sapped leaves, lotuses and water lilies were shining there.
vrm.5.47 It was shining with a protective armour of highly refined Gold, adorned with a flag on a flag staff studded with gems and yoked well with eight excellent Horses, having speed equal to that of a mind.
vrm.6.3 A great Rampart made of Gold, which is difficult to assail with violence and is inlaid at intervals with gems, corals, cats eyes and pearls, encircle that Lanka.
vrm.6.3 The most important draw Bridge which is unshakable, firmly fastened very well and strong, is dazzling with numerous Gold pillars and pedestals.
vrm.6.60 Resting on an excellent and charming throne made of Gold, Ravana looked at the Rakshasas and spoke the following words: "All that great penance performed by me became a waste indeed, for, I who am equal to Mahendra the Lord of Devas have been defeated by a mere man!" "The terrible words of Brahma the Lord of Creation saying, You know of the threat from men appear true.
vrm.7.105 In that sacrifice, those, who wished for Gold, obtained it, those who wished for propety got it and those, who longed for jewels, received them.
vrm.7.107 Having heard up to Twentieth section, Rama, fond of his brothers, said to Lakshmana in the afternoon, "O Kakutstha, do thou soon confer upon these two high souled ones Eighteen thousand Gold coins and all other things they wish for.
vrm.7.107 Thereupon when Lakshmana addressed himself in no time to give them gold coins separately Kusa and Lava, not accepting them and surprisingly said "We are dewellers of a forest, living upon roots and fruit what shall we do with them coins ?Therefore living in the forest what shall we do with the Gold ?"Hearing the words Rama and the audience were greatly worked up with curiosity and surprise.
vrm.7.112 In this wise for thousand years he celebrated many Horse sacrifices, many Vajapeyas with profuse Gold, Agnisomas, Atiratras, numberless Gomedhas and various other sacrifices.

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