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vrm.4.22 "And by the impetus of whose great rapidity flowers available in forests and woodlands used to shower on him in torrents and enwreathe him from behind, that Vali is no more, and now who has got such an impetus? b, a "By which great souled Vali a ferocious duel was given to the Deva, namely the great armed Golabha, which did not cease either in the daytime or night till Vali felled Golabha, that Vali is no more.
vrm.4.22 b, "Thereafter, in the sixteenth year Vali unquestionably felled Golabha, and on killing that evil minded Golabha with his zigzag teeth Vali accorded fearlessness to all of us, how such a Vali is felled now?" Thus the Vanaras raised hue and cry.

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