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vrm.1.23 At this place, that Kamadeva with his naughty intent braved god of Gods Shiva who had been practising ascesis and who concentrated observantly, and who was returning after his marriage along with his followers, namely the Maruts, and that great soul Shiva disapprovingly roared at Kamadeva.
vrm.1.23 "There the body of Kamadeva is evanesced when that great soul Shiva burnt it down, and by the anger of that god of Gods Shiva, Kamadeva is rendered as a bodiless entity.
vrm.1.29 Oh, all pervading god Vishnu, Bali the son of Virochana is conducting an unsurpassed Vedic ritual, before the completion of which our own mission, say the task of Gods, is to be achieved completely.
vrm.1.29 As such, oh, Vishnu, you may effectuate the most suitable merited deed for the welfare of Gods on resorting to your illusory power, Vishnu Maya, and on assuming the form of a dwarf to deal with Emperor Bali.
vrm.1.29 Thus Gods appealed to Vishnu.
vrm.1.29 On hearing the word of Vishnu sage Kaashyapa, the son of Sage Marichi said, "oh, god the accorder of boons, as you are pleased with us it will be apt of you to bestow the boon besought by Lady Aditi and the Gods, oh, lord with lofty vows, for which boon I am also supplicating to you, following them.
vrm.1.29 a Oh, god, oh, sinless one, you may please attain the sonship of Lady Aditi and myself, oh, dispenser of Rakshasas, it will be apt of you to render help to Gods who are agonised in the anguish owing to the predominance of Emperor Bali, by becoming the younger brother of Indra.
vrm.1.29 b, Oh, god of Gods, as the works of my austerities are accomplished here, by your grace this hermitage will be renowned by the name Siddha ashram, Hermitage of Accomplishment, hence oh god, arise from here to become my son.
vrm.1.31 "Oh, best one among men, in early times indeed Gods gave that awesome bow which has an unimaginable power and which is superbly incandescent in wars to an erstwhile king of Mithila in a congregation of a Vedic ritual.
vrm.1.31 Gods" cannot capably lift it to string Gandharva s, no asura s, no Rakshasas, no and for human beings, not in any way.
vrm.1.31 "Once Devaraata, the grandparent of the present king Janaka of Mithila, conducted a Vedic ritual and he indeed prayed only for this supreme bow with a best grip handle as the fruit of that ritual from all of the Gods and oh, tigerly man Rama, he got the same from them.
vrm.1.33 "On leaving those girls, oh, Rama, that king whose valour matches that of Gods and who is an expert in thinking strategies started to think with his ministers on the topics like, as to how his daughters are to be espoused to, to which country they are to be sent, at which time marriage shall happen, and to which matching bridegroom the marriage is to be proposed, and so on.
vrm.1.33 "As with the tradition of marriage king Brahmadatta who vies with lord of Gods, namely Indra, in succession took the palm of each of the hundred girls into his palm.
vrm.1.35 After that, on enkindling the ritual fire they have also offered fire oblations into it for Gods.
vrm.1.36 b, c, "All the Gods headed by Brahma have then started to ponder, is there anybody who can inevitably sustain that being which emerges from this goddess Uma after this prolonged yogic act of copulation with Shiva? This being the worry of all Gods they have prepared for action.
vrm.1.36 b, a "All of the Gods on approaching and paying their deference to Shiva spoke this to him, oh, God of Gods, oh, one who is interested in the welfare of these worlds, oh, Great God, considering the supplication of all Gods it will be apt of you to bestow grace.
vrm.1.36 So said Gods to Shiva.
vrm.1.36 "On listening the words of Gods that Rarefied God of Universe, namely Shiva said, so be it, and further spoke this to all of the Gods, indeed.
vrm.1.36 But that part which has already stirred up from its place is irrestrainable, as such, oh Gods of eminence, you tell me who can contain that part of the unexcelled potence.
vrm.1.36 So said Shiva to Gods.
vrm.1.36 "Thus spoken by Shiva, then the Gods in reply spoke to him whose banner is Divine Bull, namely Shiva, that part of the potence which has already stirred up, the earth indeed endures that now.
vrm.1.36 "Thus said by the Gods that Yogi of par excellence and the God of Gods, Shiva, discharged his refulgent semen with which the earth together with its mountains and forests is overspread.
vrm.1.36 "Thereby the Gods in their turn said even to Agni, you enter the great potence of Rudra along with Maruts, lest that potence may annihilate the earth and earthlings, because you can consume anything that comes in touch with you.
vrm.1.36 a "Later on, the Gods together with the assemblages of sages are well pleased at heart as it has happened according to their prayer, thereby they fulsomely adored Shiva and even Uma.
vrm.1.36 and on saying this way to all of the Gods she also gave a curse to the earth.
vrm.1.36 "That God of Gods Shiva becoming ill at ease to look at all of the distressed Gods, equally feeling small to convince his consort Uma, he has started to journey towards the western quarter which is ruled by Rain god.
vrm.1.36 "On going to the northern side of Himalayan Mountains, that God of Gods, Shiva settled down in ascesis along with his consort Uma on the peak of a mountain emerged from Himalayas.
vrm.1.37 So said Brahma to all the Gods.
vrm.1.37 "On hearing those words of Brahma, oh, Rama, the delight of Raghu s dynasty, all the Gods have praisefully worshipped him, as their ends are achieved at the bidding fair of Brahma.
vrm.1.37 "On going to that supreme Mountain Kailasa, oh, Rama, which is heaped up with many ores, all of those Gods have assigned the Agni to father a son.
vrm.1.37 Oh, Agni, you please coordinate the mission of Gods, oh, great resplendent god of Fire, you may release the potence of Shiva, which you have contained so far, in the daughter of King of Mountains, namely River Ganga.
vrm.1.37 Thus, all Gods have requested the Agni.
vrm.1.37 "On assuring the Gods that he will do his best, the Agni approached Ganga entreating, Oh, Goddess Ganga, you verily bear pregnancy with the potence of Shiva, since this is the select process of all the Gods.
vrm.1.37 River" Ganga then spoke this to the Agni who is in the lead of all Gods, oh, god, I am incapable to bear up the rampant fervour of yours, and while being burnt with the fire of god Shiva compounded with that of yours my life force is very highly tortured.
vrm.1.37 a "He who consumes fire oblations on behalf of all the Gods, that Agni seeing the miserable condition of River Ganga then spoke this to her, you may lay away that embryo here at the side of Himalayan Mountains.
vrm.1.37 "All the Gods have then said, this boy will be renowned in all the three world as Kaartikeya, as Krittika stars have suckled him, with any doubt.
vrm.1.37 "On hearing that blessing of Gods Krittika stars gave a wash to that excellently auspicious boy who is radiant like fire, and who slid down from the secretion of the womb of Ganga.
vrm.1.37 "And Gods called that boy, oh, Rama of Kakutstha, whose glow is like that of flaring fire and who is ambidextrous as Skanda for he slid down from the secretions of a womb.
vrm.1.39 "All the Gods along with Gandharva s, Asura s, and Uragas who are distraught at heart for the plight of earth have approached the Forefather, Brahma.
vrm.1.39 "They the Gods who are very highly scared, and who are chap fallen, then spoke this sentence to the great souled Forefather Brahma on gaining his grace.
vrm.1.39 Thus all the Gods have appealed to Brahma.
vrm.1.40 "On hearing the words of Gods, the esteemed Forefather Brahma spoke to them, who are very highly scared, and bewildered by the might of Sagara s sons for they are effectuating the end of all beings.
vrm.1.40 So said Brahma to Gods.
vrm.1.40 "On hearing the words of the Forefather Brahma all the thirty three Gods went away with utmost satisfaction, as they have came.
vrm.1.42 b, Forefather" Brahma then arrived along with assemblages of Gods, and spoke this way to the great souled Bhagiratha who is deep in the practise of ascesis.
vrm.1.43 "When the god of Gods Brahma left from there Bhagiratha stood on the tip of his big toe praying for the mercy of Lord Shiva for one year, while that tip of his big toe pressurised the earth.
vrm.1.43 b, a "Later, they the Gods, sages, Gandharva s, Yaksha s, and the assemblages of Siddha s have then seen there the swoop of Ganga in that way from heaven to earth, with curiosity.
vrm.1.43 b, a "Some of the Gods with Aircrafts that are like cities in their shape and size, and some with Horses that are prancing, and some with best Elephants that are staggering, at the very sight of plunging Ganga, have entered the firmament at that place.
vrm.1.43 "The Gods whose animation is unlimited, and who are anxious to see the plunge of Ganga, have come together in assemblages, which plunge is a highest marvel in the universe by a better degree of her illimitable animation than that of Gods who came to see, and even benignant to the world in according water and salving souls, which those Gods cannot do.
vrm.1.43 b, a "The glitter of the ornaments of hosts of Gods who are in stampede, made the cloudless sky to shine as if it is with a hundred of suns.
vrm.1.43 b, a "Thereupon, the Gods along with Gandharva s and sages at that extremely marvellous feat of Sage Jahnu are highly astounded, and they then started to worship that ablest human and great souled sage Jahnu, and even deigned for the daughterhood of Ganga to that high souled sage Jahnu.
vrm.1.44 Oh, tigerly man Bhagiratha, the sixty thousands sons of great souled Sagara have crossed over the sea of mortality, and on a par with the Gods they have also transited to heaven.
vrm.1.44 As long as the water of the ocean abides in the world, oh, king, so long the sons of Sagara will abide in heaven like Gods.
vrm.1.44 "On saying in this way, the forefather of all the worlds, and the great glorious lord of all Gods, namely Brahma, went away to his empyrean world as he has came.
vrm.1.44 "This legend is conducive to achieve prosperity, fame, longevity, progeny and even heaven, and he who narrates this legend to others, whether he is from Brahmans or from Kshatriya s, or for that matter of fact from any other class, his Pitris will be satisfied, and Gods too will be gladdened.
vrm.1.45 "This way while the Gods are praying Mahadeva, namely Shiva, then handling his disc and conch shell Vishnu has also revealed himself at that place.
vrm.1.45 By virtue of your position as the foremost god among Gods, oh, omnicompetent god Shiva, you please accept this poison applying yourself to that position of foremost god, and deeming this poison, as a foremost oblation to your godhood.
vrm.1.45 "Saying so Vishnu, the best one among Gods, has disappeared then and there only.
vrm.1.45 And on observing the scare of Gods and also on paying heed to the words of the Wielder of Bow called Shaaranga, namely Vishnu, god Shiva gulped that lethal poison Haalahala, as if it is Amrita.
vrm.1.45 a "The god of Gods Hara then left for his abode Kailasa parting with other Gods, and oh, Rama, the joy of Raghu s dynasty, the Gods and non Gods have continued to churn the Milky Ocean.
vrm.1.45 b, a "Now the loftiest mountain that is being used as stirrer, namely Mountain Mandara, has caved into the netherworld, thereby the Gods along with Gandharva s have prayed to Madhusuudana, the other name of Vishnu.
vrm.1.45 So prayed Gods to Vishnu.
vrm.1.45 "Hearing the prayer of Gods Vishnu, Hrishikesha, adopting the form a tortoise and positioning the stirring Mountain Mandara on that tortoiseshell, he lay recumbent at the bottom of Milky Ocean as a base to the stirrer.
vrm.1.45 b, a Keshava" then reached out his hand and grasped the mountain top as he is the Cosmic Soul, and thus staying amid Gods that Supreme Person Vishnu participated in churning the ocean by holding the stirring mountain upright.
vrm.1.45 "Thereby the sons of Diti are called a suraa s, and the sons of Aditi are called Sura s, and Gods are delighted and rejoiced on espousing Vaaruni.
vrm.1.45 "Then a best Horse called Uchaisravas has emerged, oh, Rama, the best among men, and then a gem of a jewel, called Kaustubha, and like that Amrita, the Supreme Ambrosial elixir of Gods, have also emerged.
vrm.1.45 "In this horrendous war between the progeny of Diti, namely Daityas, and the progeny of Aditi, namely Adityas, the sons of Aditi being Gods, have altogether massacred the sons of Diti.
vrm.1.46 "Oh, best one among Gods, Indra, on my prayer your high souled father Sage Kaashyapa bestowed this boon on me for a son, which materialises at the end of thousand years, and only ten more years are to slip by.
vrm.1.47 Oh, Indra, the eliminator of Bali, this foetus of mine is sliced into seven segments owing to my own misdeed, oh, ruler of Gods, Indra, indeed there is no iniquity of yours in this matter.
vrm.1.47 Oh, chief of Gods, Indra, let four of my sons permeate four directions according to time and at your command, let safety betide you, and let them be renowned verily by the name given by you as Marut, because you have coaxed the crying fragments of foetus saying, maa ruda, maa ruda, do not cry, do not cry.
vrm.1.47 All this will happen as you have said, undoubtedly, and your offspring, the Maruts, would be pervading in the forms of Gods, you be safe.
vrm.1.48 "These two youngsters, oh, sage, let safety betide you, striding like audacious Elephants and arrogant Lions, bearing a similitude to adventurous Tigers and adamantine bulls, and wielding quivers, swords, and bows, are valorous with their valour matching that of Vishnu, and with their eyes broad like lotus petals and with youthfulness in the offing they look like the exceptionally beautiful twin Gods, Ashwin brothers, by their physique.
vrm.1.48 How these two have footslogged and chanced here as though immortals have chanced on earth from the abode of Gods at their pleasure? What for they have come here, and whose scions are they? "These two best ones among men are identical to one another by their bodily proportion, facial language, and by bodily gestures, and with their presence they refurbish this province like the Moon and Sun brightening the firmament.
vrm.1.48 "Oh, the best one among men Rama, this hermitage with a heavenly glisten, and highly hallowed even by Gods, once belonged to the great souled sage Gautama.
vrm.1.48 "Oh, Rama, the legatee of Raghu, though knowing him as the Thousand eyed Indra in the guise of her husband Gautama, she is inclined to have intercourse ill advisedly, only to satisfy the impassion of the King of Gods.
vrm.1.48 "She felt fulfilled in her heart of hearts and then she said this to that best god Indra, I am gratified in complying with your wish, oh, best of Gods, get going oh, lord, from here quickly, oh, ruler of Gods, always safeguard yourself and me from Sage Gautama.
vrm.1.48 Indra" has then seen the great saint Gautama, an unassailable sage either for Gods or for Rakshasas owing to his ascetic prowess, though thoroughly wet with the water of pious river he is luminous like ritual fire, and a foremost saint among all saints who just entered the hermitage carrying ritual firewood and sacred grass.
vrm.1.48 b, a "On seeing the sage the lord of Gods Indra is scared and became dreary faced.
vrm.1.49 "The emasculated Indra then with panicked eyes spoke to Gods, Siddha s, Gandharva s, and Carana s, keeping Agni as their helms god.
vrm.1.49 I have Indeed incited fury in that noble souled Sage Gautama by effectuating hindrance in his asceticism, but I have accomplished a task of Gods.
vrm.1.49 Therefore, oh, all Gods with the assemblages of sages and Caarana s, it will be apt of you to make me virile again, as I have acted for the benefit of Devas.
vrm.1.49 Thus Indra spoke to all Gods.
vrm.1.49 "On hearing the words of Agni, the Agni, the Pitris Gods who gathered to collect their share of offering have extricated that Ram s Testes, which is not yet sacrificed but tethered to a sacrificial post, and offered them to the Thousand eyed Indra.
vrm.1.49 She whose splendour is brightened by her ascesis, at whom it is impossible to raise an eye for a stare either for Gods, or for Rakshasas, or for the worldly beings on coming close to her, whom the Creator has contrived with careful contemplation as an angelic and a completely phantasmal entity, who is like the befogged and beclouded moonshine of a full moon as she is hitherto enshrouded by the dried up leaves and dust, who is like an unwatchable sunshine mirrored in and glowing from the midst of water, for she is hitherto in the midst of denounce, and whose limbs are like the tongues of a flaring fire around which fumes are cloaking, as she is hitherto practising an utmost ascesis subsisting on air alone, which ascesis alone made her like a flaring Ritual Fir, and Rama has seen such a highly glorious Ahalya.
vrm.1.49 Gods have collectively reverenced her, whose limbs are depurated by the asset of her ascesis which is performed as a devotee of Gautama remaining in his directives, saying Gracious! Goodness!
vrm.1.50 b, a Today" my Vedic ritual is enriched with your advent, whereby I deem that Gods have fructified the ritual.
vrm.1.50 b, a "Oh, Brahma sage, the scholarly Ritvik s conducting my Vedic ritual are saying that only twelve more days are remaining to complete the observation of ritual pledge, and then oh, Kaushika, it will be apt of you to see the Gods who arrive at the conclusion of this Vedic ritual expecting their due in the ritual.
vrm.1.50 b, a "These two youngsters, oh, sage, let safety betide you, striding like audacious Elephants and arrogant Lions, bearing a similitude to adventurous Tigers and adamantine bulls, and wielding quivers, swords, and bows, are valorous with their valour matching that of Vishnu, and with their eyes broad like lotus petals and with youthfulness in the offing they look like the exceptionally beautiful twin Gods, Ashwin brothers, by their physique.
vrm.1.50 How these two have footslogged and chanced here as though immortals have chanced on earth from the abode of Gods at their pleasure? What for they have come here, and whose scions are they? b, "Oh, great saint, whose sons are these two valiant youngsters who are brandishing best weapons? They are embellishing this province as the Sun and Moon doeth the sky.
vrm.1.53 Oblations to Gods or Pitris, enkindling of Ritual fire, religious sacrifices, Homa s, the sacred rituals conducted as Darsha, Paurnamaasi, all are dependent on her.
vrm.1.55 "After a long lost time, Shiva, the God of Gods whose flag bears the sign of Holy Bull, has shown himself to that great saint Vishvamitra, for He is a ready boon giver.
vrm.1.55 Oh, Exquisite God, whichever missile is there either with Gods, or fiends, Gandharva s, Yaksha s, and Rakshasas, let it dawn upon me.
vrm.1.55 For you alone are the God of Gods your blessings alone can fulfil my aspiration.
vrm.1.55 a So be it! On sanctifying Vishvamitra and his aspiration thus, the God of Gods, Shiva disappeared.
vrm.1.55 Vishvamitra" who is already a mightier Kshatriya, now on acquiring missiles from the God of Gods, Shiva, will he not come forth paired up with mightiest conceit, and then will not his conceitedness be plethoric like a plethoric ocean? "By vitality Vishvamitra is like an ocean with rough riptide on a Full Moon day, and oh, Rama, he deemed that sagaciously mighty sage Vashishta is now dead.
vrm.1.56 Vishvamitra, the son of Gaadhi then rancorously fusilladed the missiles regulated by Gods like Varuna, Rudra, Indra, Pasupata, and even a missile which is projectile through grass blade called Ishiika.
vrm.1.56 "He also launched the missiles called Drainer and Ripper, and the highly unconquerable Thunderbolt, even the lassos of Brahma, Time and Rain Gods.
vrm.1.56 "When Vishvamitra brandished and set up Brahma missile for launching, seeing it all the Gods keeping the Agni at their vanguard, Devarshis, Uragas along with Gandharva s are perplexed, and the triad of worlds itself is perturbed.
vrm.1.56 "When that great resplendent Vashishta is spoken thus by saints and Gods he composed himself, and then that estranged Vishvamitra spoke this to himself with heavy suspiration.
vrm.1.57 saying so that great resplendent Brahma, the Supreme Ruler of the Worlds, went away to his Abode of Brahma, while the Gods in Brahma s convoy went to Indra s Heaven.
vrm.1.57 b, a Even though I have practised a very high ascesis, the Gods together with the observances of hermits are recognising me just as a kingly sage.
vrm.1.57 Therefore, next to Vashishta you are all the next best Gods to me.
vrm.1.58 a I have propitiated Gods with many kinds of Vedic rituals.
vrm.1.59 How then the Gods or sages can partake of the remnants of oblations in that ritual assembly, especially that of a profaner? Thus, the sons of Vashishta exclaimed.
vrm.1.60 He came under my shelter as he wishes to win over the heaven of Gods with his own mortal body.
vrm.1.60 b You all scholars have to conduct Vedic ritual along with in such a way as to how Trishnaku reaches the heaven of Gods.
vrm.1.60 "After a long time that highly ascetical Vishvamitra welcomed all the Gods to receive their allotted oblations in that ritual.
vrm.1.60 b, a "Then all of the Gods who are invited to partake of the oblation have not come forward to receive their allotments, and then the great saint Vishvamitra, obsessive with fury, furiously lifted up a wooden oblational scoop, and said this to Trishanku.
vrm.1.60 b, a "On seeing Trishanku s entry into the realm of heaven, Indra, the subjugator of Paka, spoke this sentence together with all the multitudes of Gods.
vrm.1.60 "On replicating the stereotyped stocks of other galaxies and stars, and while fury continued to blemish him Vishvamitra said, I will now clone an alternative Indra, or let that realm created by me remain without any Indra, and when he is about to proceed to clone even Gods in his wrath, the Gods are startled.
vrm.1.60 b, "The Gods are highly startled at Vishvamitra s creation, and they along with Rakshasas and with observances of hermits addressed the great souled Vishvamitra with placatory words.
vrm.1.60 So said Gods to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.60 "On hearing that sentence of those Gods, the eminent saint Kaushika spoke this highly laudable sentence to all of the Gods.
vrm.1.60 It will be apt of you all Gods to accede to this.
vrm.1.60 So said Vishvamitra to Gods.
vrm.1.60 So said Gods to Vishvamitra in deterring his further cloning of a simulative Universe.
vrm.1.60 b, a "Even the benign souled Vishvamitra, when reverenced by all Gods, that great resplendent sage without stirring himself from among the sages said to all Gods, Agreed!
vrm.1.60 "Oh, best one among men Rama, later at the end of that ritual great souled Gods and ascetically wealthy sages went away as they have come.
vrm.1.62 As a result, Shunashepa will have protectors, Vedic ritual will be unimpeded, Gods will be oblated, and my word too will be actualised.
vrm.1.62 "When Shunashepa is tied to ritual post he immensely pleased two Gods, namely Indra and Upendra as well, with those two hymns he got from Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.63 "When thousand years are completed in ascesis and when that great saint Vishvamitra took a bath of solemnity, all the Gods have come forward wishing to accord the fruit of that ascesis to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.63 b, a "Oh, Rama, while he reverently performed an unspeakable ascesis for a thousand years on the northern mountain, namely Himalayas, then fear occurred to Gods.
vrm.1.63 "All Gods coming together with assemblages of sages have approached Brahma and conveyed that, this Vishvamitra, the son of Kushika, may duly be given the epithet of Maharshi, Exalted Sage.
vrm.1.63 b, a "On listening the advice of Gods, Brahma, the Grandparent of all the worlds, spoke these pleasant words to the ascetically wealthy Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.63 "While the Gods who came here along with Brahma have returned, that great sage Vishvamitra undertook another round of ascesis by standing in levitation, upraising his arms, and subsisting on air alone.
vrm.1.63 b, "While that great saint is undertaking fervent ascesis it has become a very high burning problem to Gods and even to Indra.
vrm.1.64 Oh, Rambha, now you have to undertake this very great task of Gods in enchanting Vishvamitra with a craving caused by lust, for lusting after you.
vrm.1.64 "Oh, Rama, when that Apsara is spoken thus by the Thousand eyed Indra, she diffidently said to that chief of Gods while adjoining her palms suppliantly.
vrm.1.64 Oh, chief of Gods, Indra, that great saint Vishvamitra is a dangerous one and undoubtedly he releases his deadly anger on me.
vrm.1.65 As to how the End Time Fire entirely blazed away the triad of worlds previously, now this sage may do likewise, hence whatever is his predilection that may be given to him, even if he wants to become the potentate on the realm of Gods.
vrm.1.65 Thus, all Gods appealed to Brahma b, a "Then all the assemblages of Gods keeping the Grandparent Brahma in their forefront appeared before that great souled Vishvamitra and said this harmonious word.
vrm.1.65 Oh, Gods, he who is the outstanding one among the geniuses of kingcraft, and among the scholars of Veda s as well, even that Vashishta, the brainchild of Brahma, shall acknowledge me in this way as Brahma sage.
vrm.1.65 Oh, the best Gods, you may take leave if you can effectuate this ultimate yearning of mine.
vrm.1.65 Thus Vishvamitra requested the Gods.
vrm.1.65 b, "Then the best one among meditators Vashishta has come over there when the Gods besought him to come, and he made friendship with Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.65 "No doubt, you are a Brahma sage and everything will accrue to you in accordance with the sublimity of this sageship, and when Vashishta said so to Vishvamitra, all the Gods have gone away as they have come.
vrm.1.66 Once, during the devastation of the Vedic ritual of Daksha Prajapati, the mettlesome god Rudra, rancorously outstretching the bowstring of this bow, said this to all Gods, superciliously.
vrm.1.66 Oh, Gods, whereby you have not apportioned my portion of oblations in Vedic ritual s, as I am also the desirer of such portion, thereby I will shred the highly revered heads of yours with this bow.
vrm.1.66 So said Shiva to Gods.
vrm.1.66 Then, oh, best saint Vishvamitra, all Gods are truly dismayed, and on their supplicating, Bhava, namely Shiva, the God of Gods is gladdened.
vrm.1.66 And that Sublime Soul Shiva gladly gave that bow to all of the great souled Gods, and oh, godly saint, then those great souled Gods gave this gem of a bow of Shiva, the God of Gods, to our ancestor Devaraata, for
vrm.1.66 Then elapsed is an year and in anyway the possessions for livelihood went into a decline, oh, eminent sage, thereby I am highly anguished b, a Then I have assuaged the assemblages of Gods by my ascesis and Gods are also highly gladdened and gave me fourfold forces.
vrm.1.67 None in all the assemblages of Gods, inclusive of demiGods,
vrm.1.69 a "Providentially bechanced is the arrival of this great resplendent and godly sage Vashishta, who arrived here with all of these eminent Brahmans, like Indra himself with all Gods.
vrm.1.73 b, a Then there occurred great flower showers from firmament, while sages and Gods staying in firmament have exclaimed, nice.
vrm.1.75 "These are the two strong and sturdy unsurpassed longbows, well designed by Gods and well crafted by Vishvakarma, the Divine Architect, and these are very important among all bows and well worshipped by all worlds.
vrm.1.75 "Oh, best one among men, out of the two longbows Gods gave one to restive Tryamvaka, God Shiva for a combat with Tripura, and oh, Kakutstha, that bow alone is the annihilator of Tripura, the Rakshasa.
vrm.1.75 "This is the second one and the choicest Gods gave this to Vishnu, thereby this is named after Him as Vishnu s bow.
vrm.1.75 a "Once, all the Gods were asking the Grandparent, Brahma, as to who is powerful and who is less powerful among the blue throated Shiva and Vishnu.
vrm.1.75 but the Grandparent Brahma on inferring the intent of Gods started to create adversity among those two, Shiva and Vishnu, for the Grandparent is the best adherer of truthfulness, as truth cannot be demonstrated on hearsay evidence.
vrm.1.75 b, a "Then Gods along with the assemblages of sages and Carana s have come together and appealed to those two for appeasement in the matter of wielding authority, and then those two superior Gods, Shiva and Vishnu, went into a state of amity.
vrm.1.75 "On seeing the bow of Shiva rendered inert by the mettlesomeness of Vishnu, from then on the Gods along with the assemblages of sages deemed Vishnu to be the paramount.
vrm.1.76 Gods together with the assemblages of sages have come keeping the Grandparent Brahma at their fore, likewise the Gandharva s, Apsara s, Siddha s, Caarana s, Kinnara s, Yaksha s, sprites and reptilian beings have also come to see Rama who is now wielding the extraordinary longbow of Vishnu, and extremely amazing event that is going to ensue.
vrm.1.76 "I have realized your touch of nature as that of the Immutable Supreme Being, God of Gods, the Exterminator of the Madhu, namely Vishnu, by the touch of your handling that bow.
vrm.1.76 "All of these Gods who have come collectively are beholding you and your next move, for you are an unequalled one in you achievements and to whom there is no counter dueller in conflicts.
vrm.1.76 Then dissipated is the darkness in all the divisions and likewise in all the subdivisions of compass, and the Gods with the assemblages of sages extolled Rama, in whose hands the longbow is upraised.
vrm.1.77 b, a All of the brides and bridegrooms clad in silks promptly worshipped the Gods in sanctums to the benedictory chanting of Vedic hymns and Ritual fires, thus they shone forth like the tongues of Holy Fires of Vedic Altars.
vrm.1.77 When passionately conjugated with such a princess from the irreproachable king Janaka, Rama, the son of sagely king Dasharatha, has enthusiastically shone forth like the God of Gods and the Efficient Cause, namely Vishnu, when He is together with Goddess Lakshmi.
vrm.2.3 Having heard those words of the king, seeing their dearest wish gratified, the citizens took leave of the King Dasaratha and returned to their homes full of joy, in order to give thanks and render homage to the Gods.
vrm.2.4 I propitiated Gods by performing hundreds of sacrifices, in which food and lots of fees were given away to the officiating priests.
vrm.2.11 "Let thirty three Devas with Agni in the forefront hear your words giving boons to me, preceded by series of your oaths" "Let your words be heard by sun, moon, sky, planets, day, night, the directions, universe, earth, Gandharvas, Rakshasas, spirits Bhutas wandering in nights house Gods and other spirits.
vrm.2.14 "Oh, Dasaratha born in Kakutsa dynasty! May the Gods Sun and the Moon Shiva and Kubera, Varuna, Agni and Indra bestow you victory!" "Oh, the best of the kings The holy night has gone by.
vrm.2.20 Kausalya, who became lean because of observance of vows, was shining like an angel with her white silk sari and was satiating Gods by presenting to them libations by water.
vrm.2.21 “Oh, mother! These and many others who were equivalent to Gods, did not make their father’ s words to go waste.
vrm.2.24 ‘Even if a woman is interested in religious vows and fastings in addition to being the best of the excellent if she does not obey her husband she will become ill fated ‘Even if a woman does not offer salutation to Celestials and does not worship the Gods,
vrm.2.24 Oh, Mother! You always worship Gods by sacrificial fire and by flowers for my sake
vrm.2.25 "Oh, son with magnificent arms! Protected by your service to father and service to mother as well as truthfulness, you will belong lived" "Oh, Rama, the best among men! May the wooden sticks used for feeding the sacred fire, blades of the sacred Kusa grass and rings of Kusa grass worn on the forth finger on sacrificial occasions sacrificial altars temples and various sites selected by Brahmanas for worship of Gods, mountains, trees, bushes, large and deep pools of water, Birds, snakes and Lions protect you.
vrm.2.26 She was thinking of installation of Rama alone as prince Regent in her heart As she knows what is to be done and is aware of rules relating to kings Sita herself being rejoiced in heart, performed the worship of the Gods and was waiting for the prince.
vrm.2.30 "High souled men, wholly devoted to their parents obtain the regions of Gods and the Gandharvas.
vrm.2.33 Let Kaikeyi obtain the houses deserted by us, their treasures unearthed, their court yards in ruined state, their wealth and food grains removed, their best parts robbed off from all sides, covered by dust, deserted by the deitiespresiding them, overrun by mice, coming out of their holes and turning round here and there, without water and smoke, upswept, the rises of offering oblations to all creatures as well as the sacred fire, worship of Gods, the chanting of sacred texts and muttering of prayers having altogether ceased, as though dilapidated by adverse times and scattered with broken vessels.
vrm.2.38 "Oh, the king akim to the mighty Indra the ruler of Gods! You must see that my mother, who has high affection towards her son, will not depart to the house of Yama by abandoning her life being emaciated by grief after my departure for the forest.
vrm.2.40 Having down towards sides and back of the chariot with their faces turned towards Rama and with their faces filled with tears, all those people said with loud voices to Sumantra thus: "Hold in the reins of the Horses and go slowly and slowly, Oh charioteer! We would behold the face of Rama, which would be henceforth difficult to behold for us" "The heart of Rama s mother Kausalya is surely and undoubtedly made of iron, since it does not get broken when Rama resembling an offspring of Gods is going to the forest"
vrm.2.44 “Oh, Kausalya! Rama is the illuminator of even the sun, fire of fire, the ruler of rules, the splendor of splendor, the foremost glory of glory, the forbearance of forbearance, the god of Gods and the foremost being of all the beings.
vrm.2.50 At some places, they were having a terrific noise Hosts of Gods took a dip into its water
vrm.2.50 The interior of the forest was reddened noisy again and again by the Elephants guarding the quarters, by the ruttiest wild Elephants and the Elephants of excellent breed used for riding by Gods.
vrm.2.61 “The virtuous and the learned Brahmins, who are like unto Gods, do not accept afterwards even food as delicious as Ambrosia.
vrm.2.71 “The temples of Gods are deserted and have lost their radiance, with their splendor of floral decorations lost, nor are there any assembling to perform sacrifices as before.
vrm.2.75 “May that pitiless one with whose counsel my elder brother has gone to exile, incur the sin of partaking milk boiled with rice and sugar a cooked mixture of rice and peas with a few species and a Goat flesh without offering them to the Gods and be lacking in reverence towards teachers.
vrm.2.88 "Having ever dwelt in palaces, the upper apartments resembling the chariots of the Gods and in turrets, furnished with excellent carpets decked with heaps of flowers, perfumed with sandal and aloes, like unto a bright and towering cloud, re echoing to the cries of parrots, suprassing the finest of palaces, which wre cool and fragrant with perfules, as unto Mount Meru with its golden walls, where in that palace he was awakened at the fitting time by sogns and music from various instruments, tinkling of ornaments and the excellent sounds of clay tomtoms, glorified by many panegyrists, bards and ministrels throught appropriate ballads and songs of praise.
vrm.2.88 Rama" will be enthroned in ayodhya, by Brahmanas the Twice born! May the Gods grant that my desire be made a reality.
vrm.2.89 Approaching the hermitage of that high souled Brahmana and the family priest of Gods, Bharata saw an extensive and enchanting grove with its leafy huts and tress the chief of ascetics.
vrm.2.91 Meanwhile, entering the fire sanctuary the place where the sacrificial fire is kept, sipping water and wiping the lips, Bharadwaja invoked Visvakarma the architect of Gods in order to fulfil his duties towards the guests as follows
vrm.2.91 "I further invoke the three Gods Yama, Varuna and Kubera the guardians of the worlds with Indra as their king.
vrm.2.91 By the command of Bharadwaja, wreaths of flowers which were beloved of the Gods or those which grow in the woods of Chaitraratha were seen at Prayaga.
vrm.2.100 "My darling! I hope that you are holding in high esteem the Gods, your ancestors, dependents and teachers of your father s age the doctors and the brahmins.
vrm.2.103 Rama placed the pulp of the Ingudi tree mixed with the pulp of plums on a mat of Kusa grass and overcome with sadness, weeping, spoke the following words: "O, Great King! Be pleased to partake of this, which we eat for, that which man eats, is also consumed by his Gods.
vrm.2.104 "It indeed occurs to me that the saying among men that the food eaten by man is also consumed by his Gods is true.
vrm.2.109 "Neither Gods nor the Pitris will accept the offerings of those who are wanting in truth, unsteady and unstable in their minds.
vrm.2.109 "I will proceed with life journey in this manner, by accepting this dwelling in the forest, by remaining pure in body and mind, having controlled my diet, by feasting the Gods and Ancestors with pure roots, flowers and fruits, with all my five senses fully sated, without any deceit, fully devout and discriminative of what ought to be done and what ought not to be done.
vrm.2.109 Hearing that argument of atheism inuntiated by Jabali, Rama the prince with a terrible energy, without tolerating his words, spoke in reproach to him as follows: "The virtuous say that truth, piety, valour, compassion for all beings, polite speech and worship of Brahmanas, Gods and unexpected guests are the paths to heaven.
vrm.2.110 After that, the self existent Brahma with all the Gods came into existence.
vrm.2.118 Show that bow, coming from Gods, to Rama the prince.
vrm.3.5 "The age factor of Gods remains constant at the age that appears for these nice looking tigerly men, so they say.
vrm.3.5 for Gods are immortals and they will be ever young.
vrm.3.7 "The king of Gods and the chief invitee in hundred sacrifices Indra approached me, and that great deity said me that I have conquered all the worlds by my meritorious deeds.
vrm.3.7 "Let me bequeath those worlds that are cherished by Gods and sages alike, but which are won over by me by my ascesis, and you enjoy in them with your wife and with your brother Lakshmana.
vrm.3.11 Then all the Gods are worried and met together with Agni at the helm of affairs, and they all conversed among themselves.
vrm.3.11 Then all Gods assigned five important Apsara s, whose shine is like the sprint of the lightning, to effectuate hindrance in that sage s ascesis.
vrm.3.11 On performing bathing in sacred streams the Brahmans are making flower offerings to Gods, called puSpa bali, with the flowers that are personally collected by them.
vrm.3.11 Then by Sage Agastya, whom Gods have prayed to end this Rakshasa menace, and whom Asura Ilvala invited to feast during obsequial rites, he that Agastya having relished the fiendish Asura in the form of Ram, they say, had finished him off.
vrm.3.11 There Gods with Gandharva s, Siddha s, exalted sages will be worshipping Agastya who is self regulating self disciplinary.
vrm.3.14 b, a Aditi" gave birth to twelve Aditya s, the Sun Gods, eight Vasu s, the Terrestrials Gods, eleven Rudra s, the Fury Gods, and two Ashvinis, the medicine Gods, total thirty three of them.
vrm.3.16 Then on offering water oblations to Pitris and Gods that impeccant trinity extolled the rising sun and Gods likewise.
vrm.3.23 b, a "If I am infuriated I can eliminate even the king of Gods, wielder of Thunderbolt and a trekker on ruttish Elephant Iravata, namely Indra in a war, then why talk about these two humans.
vrm.3.23 Then desiring to see the war of Khara with Rama, great souls like sages, Gods, Gandharva s along with Carana s and Siddha s have come together in firmament.
vrm.3.23 While the great sages are speaking about this and many other topics, they and the Gods abiding in their Aircrafts have inquisitively seen the flow of army of Rakshasas, whose longevity is now beyond hope.
vrm.3.24 Gods with Gandharva s and great souled Siddha s along with Carana s have then met one another and came there aspiring to see the war.
vrm.3.24 b, Thus the assemblages of kingly sages, Siddha s and the eminent Brahmans, along with Gods that are staying in their Aircrafts, tarried there in the firmament peering inquisitively at Rama.
vrm.3.24 While Gods, Gandharva s, Carana s are conversing thus, then they have seen there the legions of the Rakshasas arriving from all over with boisterous noises, spouting cries of bravo, handling their grisly skins, shields, weaponry and war flags, and onrushing at each other in disarray.
vrm.3.26 With his bow fractured and chariot shredded, and with Horses and charioteer killed, he that Duushana grabbed a mace which outranks a peak of mountain and a hair thriller at its sight, and which girt with golden girths once gritted the armies of Gods, the head of which is studded with incisive iron spikes and saturated with the fat of foes, a coequal of a diamond and a thunderbolt in its hardiness and flashiness, and a ransacker of the archways of fortresses of his adversaries.
vrm.3.28 The Gods as well as great sages have then came together and assembled in heavens, and those assemblies that are aboard their Aircrafts are highly gladdened at the exploit of the great chariot fighter Rama, and they worshipped him with their adjoined palms.
vrm.3.30 That particular arrow is made available to Rama through Sage Agastya by the king of Gods, namely Indra, because Indra is a sensible one about the future course of events, and he is also prosperous in securing impossible weaponry, and now Rama fitted such an arrow on his bow and released it towards Khara.
vrm.3.30 Thus saying that way all of those Gods have gone away as the have come.
vrm.3.31 "The question is whether that Rama arrived at Janasthana associated with Indra and along with all of the immortal Gods? Oh, Akampana, speak about it.
vrm.3.31 "They are not any great souled Gods or any heavenly beings as such, hence there is no need to doubt about it.
vrm.3.32 An invincible one either for Gods or Gandharva s, or to sages with exalted souls, or even to any other entity worth its name, whose appearance itself is catastrophic, and who is sitting identical to the Terminator, as though that Terminator himself is sitting with a wide gaped mouth, at such a Ravana Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.32 His body bears hundreds of welts caused when assaulted with Vishnu disc for hundreds of times in wars with Gods, and when assaulted for hundreds of times with the other assaults missiles in other gruesome wars as well, and Shuurpanakha saw at such a Ravana.
vrm.3.32 Likewise, whose limbs are thrashed with thrashing missilery of all Gods, whereby his body and soul have become harsh, thus he can perpetrate anything swiftly at his will, and he who can capably roil an un perturbable ocean at his wish, at such Ravana Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.32 b, a He who enviously devastated the divine gardens of Kubera, called Caitraratha, along with a divine Lake of Lotuses pertaining to the same Kubera, called Pushkarini, and the gardens of Indra, called Nandana, along with other paradisiacal gardens of Gods, Shuurpanakha saw such an envious Rakshasa.
vrm.3.32 b, a Whereby, to whom there is an indemnity against death in war at the hand of Gods, Rakshasas, Gandharva s, Pisachas, Suparnas, Nagas, excepting humans, and Shuurpanakha saw such an unimperilled Ravana.
vrm.3.33 "Externally you are belligerent with sensible Gods, Gandharva s and other Rakshasas, and internally you are needful of intelligence agents, and such as you are, you are an erratic even, then how can you thrive as a king! "Your bent is boyish and you are mindless, oh, Rakshasa, you are not able to know the knowable danger because you are carefree, and how do you thrive as a king! "Oh, so called best one among triumphant kings, those kings that do not retain spies, treasuries and strategies under their control, but vouchsafe them to others, they are of a piece with the peasantry.
vrm.3.35 Dasha aanana, the Dasamukha Rakshasa, whose complexion like the smoothened Lapis gem is lustrous, whose regalia that comprise white long furred fans, white Parasol and the like is spectacular, whose ornaments made out of refined gold are glittering, who similar to a kingly mountain with ten pinnacles and crags by way of his ten heads and twenty arms is gorgeous, and such a chief of Rakshasas who by that way is an adversary of Gods and cutthroat of eminent sages, seated in a nitid golden chariot that is rideable by the wish of its steersman, he shone forth like a black cloud fringed with the streaks of lightning and rimmed with flights of cranes.
vrm.3.35 That seacoast is adored by the propitious wives of Gods and frequented by the assemblages of Gods who thrive upon Ambrosia, and even patronised by Rakshasas that strive for Ambrosia.
vrm.3.36 b, a "Oh, highly powerful Maricha, with you and with my brothers standing by my side as my associates, I indeed care a damn for all of the Gods if they are going to wage a war against me, therefore, oh, Rakshasa Maricha, as you are capable of rendering aid you should indeed become my aide in this venture.
vrm.3.37 Rama" is the embodiment of righteousness, he is an equable person with truthfulness as his valour, and as with Indra to all Gods he is the king of entire world.
vrm.3.38 b, a No doubt, you are a defender of Gods in wars, and oh, king, the exploits you have undertaken on behalf of Gods are well known in the triad of worlds.
vrm.3.45 "Oh, auspicious one, unmarked is some combatant who can counterattack Rama from among Gods, humans, Gandharva s, Suparnas, Pisachas, Kinnara s, beasts, or oh, lady, even from horrendous Rakshasas, as Rama vies with Indra in any given war.
vrm.3.45 b, a "Let the most forceful Crowns with all their military forces, or, all of the Gods together with their heads, why they, let all the three worlds put together come mutinously, whether jointly or severally, Rama s prowess is irrestrainable.
vrm.3.46 b, a "Oh, curvaceous lady, who are you? Oh, one with an impeccable smile, do you belong to Rudra Gods, or Marut Gods, or to Vasu s? To me you are beaming forth like a goddess.
vrm.3.47 "Oh, Seetha, of whom all the worlds composed of Gods, Rakshasas and humans are highly startled, I am that sovereign of hosts of Rakshasas, known as Ravana.
vrm.3.48 "I am that Ravana at whose sight all the Gods together with Gandharva s, Pisachas, Suparnas and Nagas will always be frightened and fleeing, as with the people frightened and fleeing from death.
vrm.3.48 "Just by seeing rancour shot face of mine, oh, Maithili, all the Gods will quickly shoot off, even if Indra is leading them, then where is the question of their confronting me.
vrm.3.48 "My magnificent city known as Lanka is there on the other shore of the ocean, plethoric with all kinds of amenities, as well as with ghastly Rakshasas, which city will be on par with Indra s Amaravati, but for meekly Gods and meaningless souls.
vrm.3.48 "How you wish to commit sins although saying that Kubera, a god reverenced by all of the Gods, is your brother?
vrm.3.49 "If that ambidextrous Rama comes to know about me, even if I am taken to heavens, or, even if I am impounded by Death, that great mighty Rama brings me back, on aggressing against all of the Gods in heaven, or, against Yama, the Death God.
vrm.3.55 "I behold none matchable to my vitality is existent among Gods among Yaksha s no among Gandharva s no among sages no, nor anyone in any world.
vrm.3.55 "You rule over this very great empire of Lanka as an empress of Lanka, while me and mine, also thus all Gods like me who hitherto are under my rule, and all mobile and sessile entities of whom I am the ruler, they too will hereafter make ourselves useful as your royal stewards, if you marry me.
vrm.3.56 "Even if you are unkillable either by Gods or by Rakshasas, you Ravana, you will not be disenthralled by Rama while you are alive, for you hatched a very great animosity in him against you.
vrm.3.59 How can my esteemed brother who can safeguard even Gods, oh, Seetha, will exclaim in saying, save me, which is a highly disparaging and basely manner to call for the help of a lady to safeguard him in such circumstances.
vrm.3.59 Raghava is undefeatable even if all Gods come battling along with Indra in their van.
vrm.3.64 Oh, dear boy, Lakshmana, this bow may perhaps belong to Rakshasas, or else to Gods.
vrm.3.64 b, Whether Vaidehi is taken away or taken in by some unknown being, oh, gentle Lakshmana, then who are the Gods who can possibly be benignant to me in this world.
vrm.3.64 I who am mellowly, magnanimous, merciful and yoked only to the wellbeing of all worlds, such as I am, all of the heavenly Gods deem me as
vrm.3.64 If the Gods are not going to safely restore Seetha to me, oh, Soumitri, they can see what my blitzkrieg is, at this very moment.
vrm.3.64 Let the Gods witness now the impact of the blaze crested, thoroughgoing arrows of mine, projected by my wrath and released by my irascibility.
vrm.3.64 b, a That being so, when the triad of worlds is completely ruined by my anger will there be Gods, no Rakshasas no phantoms no, none can survive.
vrm.3.64 Whatever worlds of Gods, or monsters, or even those of Rakshasas are there, they will be splintered and falling down apiece by the fusillades of my arrows.
vrm.3.64 b, a Whether she is abducted, or even if she is killed, oh, Soumitri, if the Gods are not going to give back my Seetha I will now jeopardise these worlds with my arrows.
vrm.3.64 If that princess of Mithila, who has suavely and toothy smiles and who causes irreproachability to my character if only I can have a glimpse of her, is not returned to me in fine fettle as she was when she was with me, then I will countermove whole of this universe together with its Gods, immortals, humans, florae and faunas, mountains and waters.
vrm.3.66 Oh, Rama, as Gods have reaped Ambrosia after a prolonged churning of Milky Ocean, you are a reap of King Dasharatha s superlative ascesis and even by his superior acts.
vrm.3.66 Even very great incorporates like earth and suchlike planets, oh, bullish man, or even the Gods, or even all corporeal beings, cannot
vrm.3.66 Oh, tigerly man, we hear that whether Gods like Indra et al.
vrm.3.66 Oh, great discerner, your thinking process is non explicatory even to Gods, but now that thinking process is obliquely and utterly slumberous owing to your sadness, hence I am addressing your percipience and this is no schoolteaching.
vrm.3.68 Even those two, Rama and Lakshmana, on performing water oblations in respect of that best bird Jatayu, and on assertively giving thought to the information given by Jatayu, they like the chiefs of Gods, namely Vishnu and Indra, went to southerly woods when their mind is set to search for Seetha.
vrm.3.74 Oh, best one among men, now all my ascesis is fructified when I personally worshiped you, who are none other than the best god among Gods, thus the heaven will also be there for me.
vrm.3.74 Which garlands they have knotted together with black lotuses and other flowers while they were worshiping Gods, these are really those garlands, and indeed there is no discolouration to them.
vrm.4.3 nay, you look clonal, are you from some world of Gods.
vrm.4.8 "When you wth all kinds of endowment and good virtues are my friend, doubtlessly I am worthy to be blessed by all Gods in everyway.
vrm.4.8 "Oh, merited one, with your help it will be possible to achieve kingdom of Gods, oh, lord, then why tell about one s own kingdom.
vrm.4.11 "His deeds that are impracticable even for Gods are obvious, and scared for recollecting them I took shelter of Mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.4.12 "You with your arrows, oh, best one among men, are capable of eliminating all the Gods including Indra, oh, lord, then why to speak of Vali.
vrm.4.12 Then Rama wielding bow in his hand watched those valiant ones that are alike in their appearance, like the Ashwin twins among Gods.
vrm.4.23 Now where is that treasured golden pendant of yours which the king of Gods gave to you when he is satisfied with your conduct in wars, I don t see it? Majesty is not deserting you even if your lives have departed, oh, accorder of dignity, as with the sunshine that departs the sun while he circumnavigates Mountain Meru, which mount is supposed to overshadow everything by its vastness.
vrm.4.26 b, a When that prodigiously venturesome arch vanara Sugreeva has entered the palace his cohorts anointed him as Gods would anoint the Thousand eyed Indra.
vrm.4.26 Thus those have anointed Sugreeva with those pellucid and well perfumed waters poured from golden vessels through the auspicious horns of bulls as revealed in scriptures and as great sages have defined, which anointment is like eight of Vasu Gods anointing the Thousand eyed Indra.
vrm.4.27 "Oh, Raghava, in the world you are a result oriented person, and a devotee of Gods for achieving those desired results, you are the theist, moralist, and also the mobilizer.
vrm.4.28 "In forests moving about are the select Elephants that are rutting, the ideal bulls that are delighting, the peerless Lions that are striding, lofty are the pleasant mountains that are standing, the choicest kings are withdrawing from their campaigns, and the noblest of Gods, Indra, is playing with the clouds.
vrm.4.29 "If need be Rama of Dasharatha is really capable of keeping Gods, Rakshasas and great vipers under his control with his arrows, but he is anticipating fulfilment of your promise.
vrm.4.29 Gods" cannot cause dismay to him, then Gandharva s no multitudes of Maruts no Asura s no Yaksha s no and then wherefore the raakshasa s can?
vrm.4.30 "Oh, dear sir, engage yourself in your mission with an undeterred spirit and with a good disposition of mind, and bring time under control with steadfastness and ideation, and the capabilities of your helpmates, say Sugreeva and others be gathered, and the basis for your achievements, say daily rituals towards Gods, be performed by you as your means.
vrm.4.32 "If Raghava is highly infuriated he is capable to keep the world under his control along with Gods, Rakshasas, Gandharva s just on hitching up his bow, isn t it! "It becomes unseemly to infuriate him who is to be placated time and again, especially when remembering his earlier beneficence to you and when you are beholden to him.
vrm.4.33 That city is brightened with vanara s who with their prepossessing appearances are attired in marvellous garlands and garments, and who can change their guise just by their wish, as they are the children of Gods and Gandharva s, and Lakshmana has seen such a city.
vrm.4.36 You are a coequal to Rama by your valour and vigour and oh, best one among Vanaras, Gods have given you after a long time.
vrm.4.37 On that best and auspicious mountain, once a glorious Vedic ritual intending God Shiva took place, which pleased the hearts of all Gods.
vrm.4.39 Both Mainda and Dvivida, the great mighty sons Ashvini twin Gods have then appeared, each with a thousand crore vanara s.
vrm.4.40 b, a "To enjoy frolicking in that Sudarshana Lake the Gods, Caarana s, Yaksha s, Kinnara s and hosts of Apsara females will be arriving at that lotus lake gladsomely.
vrm.4.40 "That pylon of palm tree is constructed as the easterly compass by Gods, and beyond that a completely golden mountain is there, namely the august Udaya Mountain, the Mountain Sunrise, beyond which it is all west.
vrm.4.40 It will be hemmed in with Gods since it the gateway to heaven, and everything is imperceivable hedged in oblivion, since it will be void of both Sun and Moon.
vrm.4.41 Important Gods, sages, Yaksha s and even Apsara s will adore it, and it is overspread with the groups of Siddha s and Caarana s, and thus it will be heart stealing for a look.
vrm.4.42 puraaNa/Legend: "Once upon a time in the crusades of Gods Rakshasas, Vishnu assuming the form of Purosottama Supreme Person slew the Horse faced Asura named Hayagreeva on that mountain, and snatched away the wheel weapon from him.
vrm.4.42 "On which mountain the distinguished Mahendra, whose Horses are green and who is the controller of Paka, is anointed by Gods as their king, such a mountain is this named Mountain Megha, or Mountain Meghavanta, which you have to scour.
vrm.4.42 Even those that reside on you, say Gods, Gandharva s, or Rakshasas, they too shall thrive as my votaries and as far as their resplendence is concerned they will be glittering like gold, i.
vrm.4.43 "You to Soma hermitage, which is adored by the Gods and Gandharva s, and then you go to that great peaked mountain named Mountain Kala.
vrm.4.43 "In that tunnel great souled sages reside at the request of Gods, and those great sages are similar to Sun in their resplendence and godly in their mien.
vrm.4.43 "The treeless Mountain Kama and the abode of Birds Mountain Maanasa are also to be searched, and there is no inlet for any being, let alone Gods or Rakshasas.
vrm.4.43 "The God and Cosmic Souled Vishnu and Shambhu or Shiva, an embodiment of eleven selfsame Souls, called Ekaadasha Rudra s and the god of Gods Brahma who is surrounded by Brahmarshis, will be sojourning on that Mountain Soma.
vrm.4.43 "That mountain named Soma is an impassable one even for Gods, and it will be apt of you to quickly return from there on seeing that mountain.
vrm.4.44 "All the worlds that contain Rakshasas, Gandharva s, Naga s, humans, Gods, and the oceans and mountains therein are known to you.
vrm.4.48 b, a On entering another fearsome forest which is overly encompassed with climbers and shrubberies they saw a Rakshasa of fiendish deeds who is fearless of Gods.
vrm.4.59 Thereby, I reckon you as the best ones by your aptitude, fortitude and attitude, and as invincible ones even for Gods, hence Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, shepherded you.
vrm.4.60 There was a sacred hermitage belonging to a sage of intense ascesis known as Sage Nishaakara which was reverenced even by Gods.
vrm.4.62 A Rakshasa named Ravana, the chief of Rakshasas, and an unkillable one even for Gods or Rakshasas abducts Rama s wife from Janasthana.
vrm.4.62 On knowing Seetha s plight Indra gives a nectarean food for Vaidehi, which food is renowned to be Nectarous and unattainable even by Gods.
vrm.4.64 When those troops of Vanara army stood encircling Angada, it beamed forth like the army of Gods encircling Indra.
vrm.4.66 When the triad of worlds is being roiled with breathlessness, all the administrative Gods of universe are bewildered, and they started to supplicate the Vayu for his grace.
vrm.4.66 Like that, by the order of Gods we ourselves have collected those herbal plants with which Ambrosia had to be churned from Milky Ocean, and in that way, then there used to be a great energy for us.
vrm.5.1 If I do not see the daughter of Janaka there, I will go with the same speed to the abode of Gods.
vrm.5.2 The glorious Hanuma neared the city of Lanka ruled by Ravana, and saw the city which looked like the city of Gods in heaven, decorated by moats filled with lotuses and water lilies, which was well protected, since the time of Seetha s abduction, by Ravana and by Rakshasas with horrifying voices roaming around, which was surrounded by a golden boundary wall, that beautiful great city consisted of houses equal in height to mountains and which looked like autumnal clouds, with white and elevated main streets, decorated with flags and pennons, with excellent golden hued archways adorned with sculpted rows of vines.
vrm.5.11 That Seetha is not suitable to sleep separated from Rama, will not eat, will not decorate also, not suited to drink a beverage, to reach another man even though if he were Indra because there is indeed no one equaling Rama even among Gods.
vrm.5.13 Salutations to Chandra the moon god, Arka the sun god and all the hosts of Maruts, the strom Gods.
vrm.5.14 “I will see by Gods’ grace, Seetha who is interested in the sight of Sri Rama while she is moving here and there with grief.
vrm.5.24 Thus being frightened by horrible Rakshasas, that Seetha equalling a daughter of Gods, abandoning fortitude, was crying.
vrm.5.25 Being in the middle of Rakshasa women, being frightened by Ravana also, like a daughter of Gods, that Seetha did not get comfort being tormented by grief.
vrm.5.33 "O lovely faced woman! Who are you among eleven Rudras who bestow strength, or among Maruts the storm Gods or among eight Vasus the beneficent Gods? O Handsome lady with fine hips! You appear to me as a deity.
vrm.5.35 As prayed by Gods and seers, that great Vanara called Kesari, my father killed a Rakshasa named Shambasadana at a sacred shrine near the sea shore.
vrm.5.36 Is Rama the prince wishing the grace of the Gods? Is he equally aware of the role of human endeavour and the role of fate? O Hanuma! Is Rama not losing affection in me because of my staying away from home? Will he release me from this evil predicament?
vrm.5.48 Hearing the words of his father, Indrajit the strong Rakshasa, possessing a power similar to that of Gods, with an undepressed mind and with his intellect resolved to fight, performed a circumambulation in honour of Ravana the lord.
vrm.5.48 Those two warriors, who were equal in prowess to Gods, coming into collision with each other, became unbearable to each other.
vrm.5.58 Therefore, I will eat you since you have been bestowed to me by Gods after a long time.
vrm.5.58 To whom is this strength of the Vanaras not already known, who go even to the presence of Gods, when invited by them for help? Sugreeva the king of Vanaras has sent the foregoing message to you.
vrm.6.4 Emitting whirled sparkles, shining with large water snakes, a fearful abode of enemies of Gods forever, the sea reaches upto the uneven Patala.
vrm.6.8 “All Gods, Rakshasas, Gandharvas, Pisachas, Suparnas and Nagas can be attacked by you in battle.
vrm.6.35 Having purified their minds through penance, they are intent on promotion of righteousness, in as much as these Brahmans worship the Gods through different principal sacrifices, also pour oblations into the sacred fires with due ceremony and read the Vedas Sacred texts in a loud voice.
vrm.6.41 The Rakshasas, who in their valour equaled Indra the ruler of Gods, seeing themselves besieged, as by clouds, were struck with sudden terror.
vrm.6.41 “O, Rakshasa! Slain by me, you will attain the region of Gods, of all the great sages and all the royal sages.
vrm.6.48 Hearing her words, Seetha, the daughter of Mithila kingdom resembling a daughter of Gods, with joined palms exclaimed, "May it be so.
vrm.6.59 eyes, with heads of Tigers, Buffalo mighty Elephants, deer and Horses, under an excellent white canopy with slender ribs and shining like a moon, he who is the humbler of the Gods themselves, shining like unto Rudra amidst the genii, is the suzerain Lord of Rakshasas there.
vrm.6.59 Pierced by the arrows of Ravana the Enemy of Gods, those Vanara Generals of terrifying stature fell on the ground.
vrm.6.59 those hostile to Gods was astonished at Lakshmana s skill and released more whetted shafts upon him.
vrm.6.59 Though he was able to lift up Himavat, Mandara and Meru mountains as also the Three Worlds with the Gods, he could not raise Lakshmana the younger brother of Bharata.
vrm.6.59 Ravana that thorn in the side of the Gods, though overcoming that Lakshmana who removed the pride of Rakshasas, was unable to bear him away with his hands.
vrm.6.59 Meanwhile, Hanuma approaching Rama spoke the following words: You have to punish the Rakshasa by climbing my back, as Vishnu on Garuda in order to fight with the Enemy of Gods.
vrm.6.69 All had humbled the pride of Gods.
vrm.6.69 Lanka, like the Gods leaving Amaravati.
vrm.6.80 Offering oblations in fire and gratifying the Gods, the Pisachas and Rakshasas, Indrajit ascended an excellent and splendid chariot, capable of disappearing from sight.
vrm.6.81 That Indrajit, of very great prowess, the adversary of Gods and who was born in Sage Pulastya s dynasty, accompanied by an army of Rakshasas, came forth from the western gate.
vrm.6.90 The heroic Lakshmana fitted the arrow, having beautiful plumes, which consisted of rounded parts, well jointed, skillfully fashioned, decked with gold, capable of destroying the body of the enemies, not difficult to keep off but difficult even to tolerate, a source of terror to the Rakshasas as deadly as the venom of poisonous snakes and duly honoured by the host of Gods.
vrm.6.90 Then, a shout of victory rose in the sky from the mouth of Gods, great souled sages, Gandharvas and Apsaras.
vrm.6.90 While that Rakshasa of sinful deeds is having been killed, the illustrious Indra the ruler of Gods along with all the great sages were rejoiced.
vrm.6.95 A clamour was heard, saying "There comes the ruler of Rakshasas, the abductor of Seetha, the destroyer of Brahmanas, the enemy of Gods, notorious for his bad conduct, accompanied by his canopy and pair of whisks, to fight with Rama, the foremost among the Raghu dynasty.
vrm.6.97 Having attained victory in the battle front, Sugreeva then continued to be looked at by the multitude of Gods, Siddhas and Yakshas as also a host of beings standing on the earth s surface who were all overwhelmed with joy.
vrm.6.98 That highly profound lion s roar of the rejoiced Vanaras, by its noise, was well like the loud sound of the Gods along with Indra the lord Celestials, nay, by its vibrations breaking asunder as it were the City of Lanka with its attics and town gates.
vrm.6.101 All those Vanara chiefs and even the Gods were surprised to see that most difficult feat of Hanuma.
vrm.6.102 After reaching the earth, invite him to take his seat in the chariot and carry out a great service to the Gods.
vrm.6.102 That Rama, who was skilled in the use of great missiles, struck the missile presided over by Gandharvas and the missile presided over by Gods, by means of missiles of the same type.
vrm.6.105 Approaching Rama standing absorbed in fight in the battle field, exhausted as he was by the fight, and seeing Ravana who came nearby, facing him duly prepared for the battle, the glorious sage, Agastya, who had come together with the Gods, to perceive the battle, then spoke as foolows: "O Rama, the mighty armed! Hear the following eternal secret, by which you can conquer all the enemies in battle, my child!" "An excellent hymn in the praise of sun, entitled Aditya Hridayam which is intended to propitiate brahma, installed in the heart of the orb of the sun is to be muttered at all times, This is a holy hymn, which can destroy all the adversaries, bestow victory, give undecaying prosperity, supremely auspicious, the blessing of all blessings, root out all sins, allay all anxiety and grief, excellent and prolong life.
vrm.6.105 "He is the embodiment of all Gods, full of glory and the reflector of rays.
vrm.6.105 "The Pitris manes, Vasus, Sadhyas, Ashvins, the Maruts wind Gods, Manu, the Vayu, the Agni, the created beings, the life breath, the source of teh seasons and the store house of light.
vrm.6.105 "He comprises all the Gods, as well as the sacrifies as also the fruit of all sacrifices.
vrm.6.105 "Worship this sun god, the lord of the universe and the god of all Gods with undivided attention.
vrm.6.106 Extremely gratified with those words of Rama, that Matali the excellent charioteer of Gods drove on the chariot.
vrm.6.107 At that time, those Gods along with troops of sages, saying "May all be well with the Cows and Brahmanas, May all the worlds endure forever, May Rama conquer Ravana!", saw a terrific battle between Rama and Ravana, which caused one s hair to stand on end.
vrm.6.108 Having been made formerly for Indra, by Brahma, the lord of creation of infinite strength, it was bestowed in the past on the ruler of Gods, who was desirous of conquering the three worlds.
vrm.6.108 Then the cheerful kettle drum of the Gods reverberated in the sky.
vrm.6.108 Excellent pronouncements of the great souled Gods saying "well done! Bravo!", combined with a panegyric in praise of Rama, was distinctly heard in the sky.
vrm.6.109 "The Rakshasa, who had never been conquered before in battles, by even all the Gods combined or by Indra himself, has been conquered, on confronting you in the battle field, as the sea breaks up, on reaching the shore.
vrm.6.111 "We felt painful, the moment Hanuma penetrated, by dint of his prowess, deep into the City of Lanka, which was difficult to be entered even for Gods.
vrm.6.111 But for Indra, where is the capacity even to behold you in battle? "This Rama is certainly a great ascetic, an eternal person, having no beginning middle or end, greater than distinguished universal spirit like Brahma, the one beyond ignorance, the nourisher, wielding a conch, a disc and a mace, wearing the Srivatsa mark on his chest, of lasting beauty, incapable of being conquered, a perpetual one, being the constant soul of the universe, truly mighty, the lord of all the worlds, the prosperous one having a great splendour and Vishnu, with a wish to benefit the worlds, assuming a human form surrounded by all the Gods in the form of Vanaras, Rama killed you, surrounded by Rakshasas.
vrm.6.111 We felt perturbed, the moment Hanuma penetrated, by dint of his prowess, deeply into the City of Lanka, which was difficult to be entered even for Gods.
vrm.6.111 "It is because, the Gods together with Indra the ruler of Gods including those headed by the Agni fear you, that you were not consumed even while you were laying hands on Seetha, the slender waisted woman.
vrm.6.111 “He used to bring the virgin daughters of Gods, Rakshasas and human beings from here and there.
vrm.6.113 Hearing those words of Seetha, the highly intelligent Hanuma, the son of Marut, bringing delight to Seetha, spoke the following words: “You shall see today, Rama whose countenance is like a full moon, whose friends like Sugreeva and Vibhishana are alive, whose enemies have been killed along with Lakshmana, as Shachi the consort of Indra would see Indra the lord of Gods.
vrm.6.116 Having offered salutation to Gods and brahmins as also having joined her palms in the vicinity of the fire, Seetha spoke the following words:
vrm.6.116 The sages, Gods, and the Gandharvas saw that illustrious Seetha entering deep into the fire as a sacred oblation of clarified butter.
vrm.6.116 The denizens of the entire three worlds including the Gods, Gandharvas and Rakshasas, beheld her falling into the fire, like a goddess, subjected to a curse, falling from heaven to hell.
vrm.6.118 Hearing those words, the courageous Rama of great prowess and the foremost of those upholding the virtue, replied to the Agni, the best of Gods.
vrm.6.119 "O gently one! I recognize you now to be the Supreme person, duly enjoined here by the rulers of Gods, for the destruction of Ravana.
vrm.6.119 "O great one! O the destroyer of adversaries! Rama has been spoken of as the unmanifest and the imperishable Brahman the absolute, established by the Vedas, the heart of Gods and the secret of all Gods.
vrm.6.119 With a satisfied self, Dasaratha the excellent king of noble mindedness endowed with splendour, taking leave of his sons and Seetha and mounting the aerial car, went to the abode of Indra, the chief of Gods.
vrm.6.120 Thus speaking to Rama and Lakshmana, Indra the thousand eyed god of Devas, having beenpleased, returned to heaven with other Gods in their aerial cars, shining liek the sun.
vrm.6.124 "O Rama, devoted to virtue! Even the appearance of Maricha, the abduction of Seetha by Ravana, the sight of Kabandha, your arrival at the Pampa lake, your alliance with Sugreeva, how Vali was killed by you, the search operation for Seetha, the exploit of Hanuma, the tracing of Seetha, how the bridge, Nalasetu was constructed over the sea, how the City of Lanka was set fire by the rejoiced Vanara chiefs, how that Ravana who was the thorn in the side of Gods and how was arrogant of his might, was killed in battle, with his sons kinsfolk and his ministers as the Gods happened, how a boon was conferred by them on you all this is known to me by virtue of my asceticism.
vrm.6.128 Vasishta and others, with much delight got him consecrated first, with brahmanas officiating as priests and by virgins, ministers, warriors, as well as merchants sprinkling the sap of all kinds of medicinal herbs, with the four Gods the guardians of the worlds, standing in the air and with all the Gods assembled there, sprinkling the sap on Rama.
vrm.6.128 Rama propitiated the Gods by performing Paundarika, Ashvamedha, Vajapeya and other sacrifices many times.
vrm.6.128 All the Gods get pleased with those who carefully listen to it.
vrm.6.128 Let there be happiness to you! Let the strength of Vishnu increase! By studying and listening to this, all the Gods get appeased.

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