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vrm.1.49 "Oh, Raghava, owing to the efficacy of the great souled Gautama and his ascesis, from then onwards Indra has became one with the Testes of a Goat.
vrm.2.75 May that pitiless one with whose counsel my elder brother has gone to exile, incur the sin of partaking milk boiled with rice and sugar a cooked mixture of rice and peas with a few species and a Goat flesh without offering them to the Gods and be lacking in reverence towards teachers.
vrm.2.91 Dishes of Goat and Boar with delicious sauces were there and condiments that were spicy, fragrant and succulent, cooked in fruit juices vessels of rare metals filled with rice, decorated with flowers, were offered in thousands to those soldiers there.
vrm.6.73 Duly spreading fire with reeds in the form of other weapons accompanied by lances there, Indrajit elapsed the neck of a live Goat of dark hue for offering it to the fire as an oblation.
vrm.6.80 Having spread on the ground around all the sides of the sacrificial fire with other weapons along with lances, the Rakshasa seized hold of the neck of a live Goat, entirely black and consigned it to the fire.
vrm.6.111 According to ordinance laid down by eminent sages and according to the rules viewed in Vedas, having sacrificed a Goat fit for sacrifice at that spot, the Rakshasas dampened with ghee on Ravana the King of Rakshasas.

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