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vrm.1.7 Suyajna, Jabali, Kaashyapa, Gautama, Markandeya, Deerghaayu, and then Kaatyayana are the scholarly Brahmans acting as religious ministers, and along with them there are also Brahmarshis who are always the ancestral ritual scholars for Dasharathas family.
vrm.1.48 "Oh, the best one among men Rama, this hermitage with a heavenly glisten, and highly hallowed even by Gods, once belonged to the great souled sage Gautama.
vrm.1.48 "In this hermitage, oh, prince Rama, once that highly renowned Sage Gautama sat tight in asceticism for numerous cycle of years along with his wife Ahalya.
vrm.1.48 "On knowing the meantime of Gautama s availability at hermitage, Indra, the husband of Shaci Devi and the Thousand eyed god wearing the guise of sage Gautama and becoming such a sage, approached Ahalya and said this to her.
vrm.1.48 "Oh, Rama, the legatee of Raghu, though knowing him as the Thousand eyed Indra in the guise of her husband Gautama, she is inclined to have intercourse ill advisedly, only to satisfy the impassion of the King of Gods.
vrm.1.48 "She felt fulfilled in her heart of hearts and then she said this to that best god Indra, I am gratified in complying with your wish, oh, best of Gods, get going oh, lord, from here quickly, oh, ruler of Gods, always safeguard yourself and me from Sage Gautama.
vrm.1.48 b, a "Oh, Rama, Indra then came out of the cottage flustering hurriedly after copulating with her with an uncertainty about the arrival of Sage Gautama.
vrm.1.48 Indra" has then seen the great saint Gautama, an unassailable sage either for Gods or for Rakshasas owing to his ascetic prowess, though thoroughly wet with the water of pious river he is luminous like ritual fire, and a foremost saint among all saints who just entered the hermitage carrying ritual firewood and sacred grass.
vrm.1.48 Then the well behaved Gautama furiously spoke these words on seeing the ill behaved Thousand eyed Indra who is donning the guise of a saint.
vrm.1.48 Thus, Gautama cursed Indra.
vrm.1.48 "When that great souled sage Gautama spoke that way with rancour, the testicles of the cursed Thousand eyed Indra fell down onto ground at that very moment.
vrm.1.48 Thus, Sage Gautama cursed his wife Ahalya.
vrm.1.48 "On cursing immodest Ahalya thus, that great resplendent Sage Gautama shed this hermitage which was once adored by Siddha sand Chaarana s, and that great ascetic Gautama practised his asceticism on the pleasant peaks of Himalayas.
vrm.1.49 I have Indeed incited fury in that noble souled Sage Gautama by effectuating hindrance in his asceticism, but I have accomplished a task of Gods.
vrm.1.49 "By Gautama s anger I am rendered Testicle less and his wife Ahalya is also rejected by the sage, and thus by his releasing a severe curse his propriety for ascesis is dwindled, therefore his ascesis is pre empted by me.
vrm.1.49 "Oh, Raghava, owing to the efficacy of the great souled Gautama and his ascesis, from then onwards Indra has became one with the Testes of a Goat.
vrm.1.49 "Therefore, oh, great resplendent Rama, enter the hermitage of Gautama whose deeds are pietistic, and atone Ahalya who is highly fortunate and who is in the compose of a divinity.
vrm.1.49 Ahalya is indeed indiscernible to all the three worlds by the very word of Gautama until the manifestation of Rama.
vrm.1.49 Reminiscing Gautama s words Ahalya received those two, and self consciously offered water for feet and hand washing, and like that she also offered guestship customarily and dutifully, and Rama of Kakutstha on his part acquiesced her hospitality.
vrm.1.49 Gods have collectively reverenced her, whose limbs are depurated by the asset of her ascesis which is performed as a devotee of Gautama remaining in his directives, saying Gracious! Goodness!
vrm.1.49 Even that great resplendent Gautama is heartened when he reunited with Ahalya after a long, long a time, and that sage customarily reverenced Rama for actualising his solemn utterance, and that great ascetic Gautama continued his ascesis together with Ahalya.
vrm.1.49 Even Rama on receiving a conventionally high veneration in the manifestness of that great saint Gautama himself, then moved ahead to Mithila.
vrm.1.50 The highly resplendent great saint Vishvamitra has informed the high souled Janaka about the coming of Rama and Lakshmana to the Hermitage of Accomplishment, their stopping over there and elimination of Rakshasas at that place, their indefatigable travel along with him, beholding City of Vishala, seeing Ahalya, her reuniting with Sage Gautama, likewise their coming hitherward to gain a grasp of great bow of Shiva.
vrm.1.51 On hearing that sentence of that intellectual sage Vishvamitra, the highly refulgent and the great ascetic Shataananda is overjoyed, and Sage Shataananda, the eldest son of Sage Gautama, and whose radiance is brightened by his own ascesis is highly amazed just on seeing Rama.
vrm.1.51 "I have done whatever good is to be done and nothing is left undone, and the wife of the sage, namely Ahalya, is reunited with her husband sage Gautama, as with Renuka who was reunited with sage Jamadagni, the descendent of Bhrigu.
vrm.3.7 "You are an expert in all affairs, and you are interested in the welfare of all the beings, so said the great souled Sage Sharabhanga of Sage Gautama s dynasty.
vrm.6.128 Vasishta, Vamadeva, Kashyapa, Katyayana, Suyajna, Gautama and Vijaya consecrated Rama the tiger among men, with clear and fragrant water, as the eight Vasus
vrm.7.1 And Vasishta and Kasyapa and Atri and Viswamitra with Gautama and Jamadagni and Bharadwaja and also the seven sages, who for aye resided in the northern quarter, came there.
vrm.7.35 I placed her under the care of the high souled Gautama and he rendered her back after many long years.
vrm.7.35 Thereupon considering the patience and accomplished asceticism of Gautama I married her with him.
vrm.7.35 And that virtuous souled, great ascetic enjoyed her company ;and for my thus conferring her upon Gautama all the Devas were disappointed.
vrm.7.35 Thereupon she propitiated the ascetic Gautama saying, "O twice born one, I was unwittingly ravished by Indra, assuming thy form.
vrm.7.35 Ahalya having said this, Gautama replied "In the race of Ikshwakus, there shall be born a highly effulgent and mighty car warrior, known in the world as Rama ;for performing the rites of a Brahman, the mighty armed Vishnu, assuming a human form, shall repair to the forest.
vrm.7.65 That powerful king made a picturesque city like that of the Devas near the hermitage of Gautama.
vrm.7.65 After the departure of Vasishta the great Gautama engaged in the satisfaction of Vasistha s duties.
vrm.7.65 Finding Gautama engaged in his room he was exceedingly enraged.
vrm.7.72 In the interval a voice was heard in the sky stating the true facts: "O Rama, do not slay the Vulture, for it has already been reduced to ashes by the force of Gautama s asceticism.
vrm.7.72 Once on a time a Brahmana, by the name of Gautama, the very personiication of Kala, came to the house of Brahmadatta for food and said O king, I shall feed in thy house for more than a hundred years.
vrm.7.72 Accidentally flesh was mixed with the food of the high souled Gautama.
vrm.7.87 Markandeya, Maudgalya, Vamadeva, Kashyapa, Katyayana, Javali, Gautama, and Narada these eight leading Brahmanas having taken their seats, Rama with folded hands, saluted them.
vrm.7.109 Next morning Rama, being present in the sacrificial ground and having sent for the Rishis, Vasishta, Vamadeva Javali, Kashyapa, Viswamitra, carrying on penances for a long time, Durvasa, Pulastya of hard austerities, Salastri, Bhargava, Markandeya living long, the highly illustrious Madgalya, Gargya, Chyavana, Satananda, conversent with religions, effulgent Varadwaya, Agnis son Vasuprava, Narada, Parvata, the great Gautama and other ascetics of firm vows, assembled with minds possessed by curiosity.

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