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vrm.1.34 Oh, son, there will be a highly virtuous and selfsame son of yours, known as Gaadhi, and through him you also will get everlasting renown in the world.
vrm.1.34 "Then after some time that highly intellectual Kushanaabha begot a supremely righteous son known by the name Gaadhi.
vrm.1.34 "Oh, Rama of Kakutstha dynasty, that eminently righteous Gaadhi is my father, and since I am born in Kusha dynasty, oh, Raghu s legatee, I got the name Kaushika.
vrm.1.51 One" who is highly renowned by the name Gaadhi was the son of Kushanaabha, and Gaadhi s son is this great saint of great resplendence, Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.52 Gaadhi" s son Vishvamitra then replied the eminent saint Vashishta, "Agreed! As it pleases the godly sage.
vrm.1.55 now I will dissipate that son of Gaadhi, Vishvamitra, like Sun demisting the mist, all the inmates of hermitage have hastily fled.
vrm.1.56 I am staying here only, you meritless Kshatriya, you may clearly display whatever prowess you have, oh, Gaadhi s son Vishvamitra, I will now ruin whatever vanity you or your missiles have.
vrm.1.56 "With his baton of Brahma Vashishta silenced that matchless and deadly Fiery missile of Gaadhi s son, namely Vishvamitra, as a deluge of water silencing a rage of fire.
vrm.1.56 Vishvamitra, the son of Gaadhi then rancorously fusilladed the missiles regulated by Gods like Varuna, Rudra, Indra, Pasupata, and even a missile which is projectile through grass blade called Ishiika.
vrm.1.56 a Brahma" s son Vashishta defused all of those missiles just with his baton and when all of them are thus silenced, Gaadhi s son Vishvamitra touched off Brahma s missile.

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