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vrm.1.15 b, a When the god of Devas Vishnu, the supreme one among deities, one who is revered by all worlds is eulogised this way, then he spoke to all of those that abide in the righteousness and that are in the assemblage, keeping the Forefather Brahma at their helm.
vrm.1.16 a "Thus, on getting boon from the Forefather Brahma he has become arrogant and torturing the three worlds, and he is even abducting women.
vrm.1.16 On taking a decision Vishnu took leave of Forefather Brahma, and vanished while he is still being extolled by Devas and Sages.
vrm.1.18 b, a King Dasharatha is highly gladdened with four of his highly fortunate sons like the Forefather Brahma with Devas in heaven.
vrm.1.22 Rama and Lakshmana, with two quivers each and two bows in their hands, and making all the ten directions of compass lambent followed Vishvamitra, as if three headed serpents followed Vishvamitra, and with their highly dynamic physiques and spiritedness they look as if like the Ashwins of unequal charm following Brahma, the Forefather.
vrm.1.22 daughters of Forefather Brahma, and oh, Rama of Kakutstha, I intend to impart these hymns to you, oh virtuous one, as you are the most eligible one, hence take the teachings that are kept safe from the world.
vrm.1.25 "Gladdening at his ascesis, Rama, then the Forefather Brahma gave him a gemlike daughter who is renowned by the name of Tataka.
vrm.1.25 Forefather" Brahma also gave the strength of a thousand Elephants to her, but he that highly remarkable Brahma did not give a son to that Yaksha, anticipating male to be more hazardous.
vrm.1.37 "While god Shiva is undertaking ascesis thus, then the Devas desiring an Army Chief for Deva forces have arrived in the audience of Forefather Brahma, along with Indra and keeping Agni at their fore.
vrm.1.37 "On approaching the Forefather Brahma, oh, Rama, all of the Devas headed by Agni and along with Indra have venerated and then spoke this to him.
vrm.1.37 "On listening the words of Devas, Brahma, the Forefather of all the worlds, soothingly spoke this to them with sweet words.
vrm.1.39 "All the Gods along with Gandharva s, Asura s, and Uragas who are distraught at heart for the plight of earth have approached the Forefather, Brahma.
vrm.1.39 "They the Gods who are very highly scared, and who are chap fallen, then spoke this sentence to the great souled Forefather Brahma on gaining his grace.
vrm.1.40 "On hearing the words of Gods, the esteemed Forefather Brahma spoke to them, who are very highly scared, and bewildered by the might of Sagara s sons for they are effectuating the end of all beings.
vrm.1.40 "On hearing the words of the Forefather Brahma all the thirty three Gods went away with utmost satisfaction, as they have came.
vrm.1.42 b, Forefather" Brahma then arrived along with assemblages of Gods, and spoke this way to the great souled Bhagiratha who is deep in the practise of ascesis.
vrm.1.42 "That great resplendent and highly fortunate king Bhagiratha then remaining with suppliantly adjoined palm fold spoke to him who is the Forefather of all worlds, namely Brahma.
vrm.1.42 "The Forefather of all the worlds, Brahma, then replied the king who has spoken in that way, in an auspicious tongue that is sweet sounding and sweetly worded, as well.
vrm.4.26 On going towards the dexterous Rama, whose exploits are effortless, all of those Vanaras tarried with their palms adjoined as with the sages tarrying in the presence of Brahma, the Forefather.
vrm.4.51 "But he on practising ascesis for thousands of years in this horrendous forest, obtained a boon from Brahma, the Forefather, which entails acquirement of entire wealth of Sage Shukra.

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