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vrm.1.63 b, a "In summer he became the Five Fire Ascetic, in rainy season open sky is his rooftop, and in winter water is his reclining bed even by day or by night, and thus that ascetically wealthy Vishvamitra indeed undertook a severe ascesis in this way, for another thousand years.
vrm.3.11 sage Mandakarni, known as Five Apsara Lake.
vrm.3.68 you depart to those worlds that are destined for the virtuosos of Vedic rituals, and to those worlds that are destined for the practisers of ascesis amid Five Ritual fires, and to those that are destined for un retreating combatants, and to those worlds that destined for the donors of lands.
vrm.4.41 b, a Five" Gandharva kings, namely Shailuusha, Gramani, Shiksha, Shuka, and Bhabru, whose resplendence is similar to that of Sun will be residing there.

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