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vrm.1.43 b, a "At that time, with the falling and rising of scores of porpoises and Reptiles, even with the wriggling Fishes, the sky became flashy as if flashes of lightning are strewn over it.
vrm.3.54 That ocean being the abode of Rain god is highly flustered when Vaidehi is being abducted over it, and its waves became topsy turvy and its Fishes and great marine Reptiles remained shilly shally.
vrm.5.11 Hanuma saw Birds called Krakara cooked ready to be eaten in variety of ways, Birds called Chakoras half eaten, wild Buffaloes, Fishes called Ekashleya, Goats, food to be licked of various kinds, beverages and various foods.
vrm.6.3 Most awe inspiring and fathomless Moats deep trenches of great splendor, filled with cold water, infested with Alligators and inhabited by Fishes are there all round the city.

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