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vrm.1.9 "In the world he becomes famous for his celibacy, oh king, and he will always be praised by Brahmans, and thus time will pass on with that kind of his conduct, Sage Rishyasringa looses no time with his servitor ship to the Sacrificial Fire and also to his celebrated father, and during this period alone there will be a famed and very strong king Romapada, a valiant in Anga country.
vrm.1.14 The bricks for Altar of Fire are well designed and made according to rules and standard measurements.
vrm.1.14 The Brahmans who are experts in the architecture of laying Fire Altar, by calculating the ritual field with a one ply rope and decide where and how the that shall be, the Altar of Fire is layered well with bricks in that ritual.
vrm.1.14 That Altar of Fire of that King, the Lion, is layered by expert Brahmans in the shape of an eagle with golden wings, with its size being three folds bigger than the altars of other rituals, thus it has eighteen separators, and fire is laid on it.
vrm.1.16 Then, from Fire of Altar Dasharatha s ritual there emerged a greatly vigorous and energetic Divine Being with an unparalleled resplendence, called Yajnapurusha.
vrm.1.16 Then on consuming dessert those best ladies of the king whose resplendence then vied with that of Fire and Sun became pregnant after some time.
vrm.1.17 The bright son of Fire is Neela whose blaze is like that of fire and who excels other Vanaras by his in resplendence, renown and courage.
vrm.1.19 At the near end of almost completed ritual of mine two valiant and well trained Rakshasas, namely Maricha and Subaahu, are drenching the Altar of Fire with streams of meat and blood, from the sky.
vrm.1.29 On finishing morning time bathing they meditated upon the easterly aurora, and then on completing the supreme meditation on Gayatri in its regularity, they addressed themselves to sage Vishvamitra, who by now has enkindled ritual fire and sitting before the Altar of Fire.
vrm.1.30 On alertly patrolling nearby the Altar of Fire those two enemy destroyers who are the wielders of great bows and valiant ones have protected the best sage Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.30 While Rama is saying thus himself quickening to combat then the fire in the Altar of Fire flared up suddenly and highly, brightening the chief officiator of the ritual, namely Vishvamitra, and other priests around it.
vrm.1.30 The Altar of Fire around which sacred grass, drink vessels, oblation spoons, firewood sticks, and heaps of flowers are kept, and around which Vishvamitra and the conductors of ritual are sitting, that altar flared high.
vrm.1.30 As to how massive clouds appear in torrential cloudburst, likewise two Rakshasas appeared enshrouding the sky, and performing wizardry they are about to swoop down towards the Altar of Fire.
vrm.1.30 On noticing the Altar of Fire swamped with streams of blood, then Rama swiftly ran towards that direction and saw the Rakshasas in the sky.
vrm.1.30 Perceiving that the two Rakshasas are about to swoop down on Altar of Fire in haste, that lotus eyed Rama however gave a quick checking look at Lakshmana saying this sentence.
vrm.1.30 Thus saying to Lakshmana, as though to show his swift dexterity Rama, the descendent of Raghu dynasty, took up a very powerful missile called Aagneya astra, Fire missile, and darted it on the chest of Subaahu, by which that Subaahu is struck and fell flat on ground.
vrm.1.36 "And when Agni invaded that great potence of Shiva it has emerged as White mountain, also thus it has become as a divine forest of reeds equalling the Sun and Fire in its resplendence, wherefrom the highly brilliant Kumara has emerged.
vrm.1.37 Oh, Agni, you please coordinate the mission of Gods, oh, great resplendent god of Fire, you may release the potence of Shiva, which you have contained so far, in the daughter of King of Mountains, namely River Ganga.
vrm.1.49 "On hearing the words of the officiator for Hundred Vedic rituals, namely Indra, all of the Devas together with the Maruts came to the Pitris keeping the Fire god in van, and appealed.
vrm.1.51 "Moving sequentially about the provinces, cities, rivers likewise mountains, king Vishvamitra arrived at the threshold of a hermitage which is with numerous flowered trees and climbers, overspread with very many herds of animals, adored by the Siddhas and Caaranas, frequented and embellished with Devas, Danavas, Gandharvas, and Kinnaras, spread out with equable deer, adored by flights of Birds, compacted with the assemblages of Brahmarshis, and also with the assemblages of Devarshis who are fully accomplished in their ascesis, where the personal resplendence of each of the great souled sage is similar to each of the Ritual fire available in each of the Ritual Fire Altar before which he is sitting, and which hermitage is bustling with the activity of great souled sages who are comparable to Brahma, among whom some subsist on water alone, and some on air alone, likewise some more on dry leaves, while some on fruits, tubers, and with such of those sages and also with particular sages like Vaalakhilya s, also with others like Vaikhanasa s, who are all self controlled, who have overcame their peccabilites, who have overpowered their senses that hermitage is occupied, and while everyone of the inmates is engaged in meditations and oblations into Ritual fire, and with such sages and their activity whole of the perimeter of that hermitage is brightened and rendered splendent, and king Vishvamitra arrived at such a magnificent hermitage of Sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.52 On receiving that deference from Vashishta, then that unsurpassed king Vishvamitra asked after the well being of the ascesis, Fire rituals and disciples and their progress in that hermitage, and that great resplendent Vishvamitra has also asked after the well being of flora and fauna of the hermitage, and Vashishta reported to the matchless king about the all round well being of every activity.
vrm.1.55 "On saying thus that extremely infuriated Sage Vashishta post hastily up heaved his baton, which is alike the fumeless Ultimate Fire of End Time, and the other baton of Yama, and affronted Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.63 b, a "In summer he became the Five Fire Ascetic, in rainy season open sky is his rooftop, and in winter water is his reclining bed even by day or by night, and thus that ascetically wealthy Vishvamitra indeed undertook a severe ascesis in this way, for another thousand years.
vrm.1.65 As to how the End Time Fire entirely blazed away the triad of worlds previously, now this sage may do likewise, hence whatever is his predilection that may be given to him, even if he wants to become the potentate on the realm of Gods.
vrm.1.73 wrists my daughters have already arrived, and they are at the base of the Altar of Fire, like the irradiant jets of flames of radiant fire.
vrm.1.73 I am already ready and awaiting for you remaining at this Altar of Fire.
vrm.1.73 Thus said, that godly sage Vashishta on saying, so be it, to Janaka, embarked on arranging Altar of Fire keeping sage Vishvamitra and the virtuous sage Shataananda afore of him, and that sage with great ascesis, Vashishta, has arranged an Altar of Fire in the midpoint of the cool thatched manorial marriage shed, decorating it with sandal paste and flowers.
vrm.1.73 b, a Then that great resplendent and eminent saint Vashishta neatly overlaid even sized sacred grass on that Altar of Fire synchronising with
vrm.1.73 Vedic chants, and on preparing Ritual fire by rubbing two wooden sticks, called Arani, he placed that fire in the pit of Altar, which is aflame now, and then reverently and in tune with the Vedic hymns he effused oblational liquids into that Altar of Fire, with short handled and long handled wooden scoops.
vrm.1.73 in the presence of Altar of Fire, then Janaka addressed Rama who is the enhancer of his mother Kausalya s rejoice.
vrm.1.73 On performing circumambulations along with their wives around the Ritual fire, and around the Altar of Fire, and that way, around king Janaka, the awarder of wives, and around sages as well for they conducted the marriages well, those great souled bridegrooms that have emerged from Raghu s dynasty on performing further deeds of ritual consistent with custom as directed by Vashishta, they are all wed.
vrm.1.74 He appeared calamitous in his look by wearing tufty matted and unruly head hair, an unassailable one like Mountain Kailasa, an unbearable one like the Epoch End Fire, irradiant with his own radiance, hence imperceivable for commoners, and such as he is, he clinched an axe on his right shoulder and clasped a bow in his left hand, that in simile is like a congeries of electroluminescence, and handling an arrow which is as if ready to electrocute, and he vied in his overall look with the devastator of triple cities, namely God Shiva.
vrm.2.58 Oh, godly lady! Be always righteous and be interested in offering worship and sacrifices as per the prescribed timings in the House of Fire worship.
vrm.3.1 They have age old saints with controlled senses who are clad in jute cloths and Deerskin, and who subsist on fruits and tubers alone, ye their resplendence is like that that of the Sun or the Fire.
vrm.3.1 Thus other saints and sages who are the followers of the virtue, and similar to the Sacred Fire adored Rama, the king, according to the wont of custom.
vrm.3.5 b, Rama has seen Indra, the lord of three worlds, with a radiant body that has the coupled radiance of Sun and Fire, mounted on a great chariot that does not touch the earth, wearing greatly brilliant ornaments and attired in spotless dress, while the other divinities are attending, and many more selfsame great souls are worshipping him.
vrm.3.5 He that Sage Sharabhanga, then reappeared as an youngster in the semblance of Fire, o\n resurrecting from that altar of fire he shone forth.
vrm.3.24 And when he is enraged and blazing he became frightful looking like the blazing Fire at the end of era, and on seeing such a Rama when he is pervaded with conflagration like anger, the pastoral deities are very much annoyed.
vrm.3.30 "You are atrocious in conduct because you countervail against Veda s, debased by conscience because you counteract to Vedic rituals, and you are countermanding Vedic procedures because you have always been bothersome to Brahmans, and those Brahmans becoming sceptical of your deeds of hindrance, they are hesitatingly consigning oblations into Ritual Fire, which are to be swiftly dropped into fire to the chants of hymns and even on time, hence you are countervailing against Veda s and counteracting to their rituals, and countermanding their procedures.
vrm.3.31 "If I am enraged I will incinerate Sun or Fire just with my radiance, I will halt even the impetuosity of Wind god with that of mine.
vrm.3.32 Seated similar to the Sun in firmament on a supreme golden throne, which resembles a golden Altar of Fire, and he himself resembling the blazing Ritual fire spurting out of it when that Golden Fire Altar is drenched with plentiful ghee, she saw such a Ravana.
vrm.3.35 Everywhere the coastland is bedecked with lotus lakes containing clean and cool waters, and with extensive thresholds of hermitages containing Fire altars.
vrm.3.38 "Unmindfully trivialising him as, this Raghava is just a boy, I made haste and ran towards that Fire altar of Vishvamitra.
vrm.3.40 "The kings with infinite vigour embody five constituents forces of Fire, Moon, Rain, Terminator, and that of Indra, the Administrator of Natural Forces.
vrm.3.40 "Oh, nightwalker, thus the kings being great souls personify the sultriness of Fire, sternness of Indra, softness of Moon, suppleness of Rain, and harshness of Terminator, and therefore in all situations they are respectable and reverential.
vrm.3.56 "It is impossible for a profaner to heavily tread on the Altar of Fire amidst a Ritual Hall surrounded by oblational vessels, further sanctified by Vedic hymns.
vrm.3.64 On saying so that illustrious Rama, the delighter of world, grabbed his bow from Lakshmana and gripped it tightly, unholstered a deadly and dazzling arrow from his quiver which is like a poisonous serpent, and readying it on the bowstring of his bow, that Rama, the vanquisher of enemies fastnesses, who looked like the Ear End Fire, spoke this sentence.
vrm.3.71 "Oh, impetuous man Rama, if I were to be beatified by you two by incinerating me in Fire, I will advice you about the next course of your action.
vrm.3.72 But the Fire had to stew that body tardily, though that stewed meat is Fire s favourite dish, because of
vrm.3.72 and to not to bode any ill of unfriendliness among you two, you make him a friend before blazing Fire, making that Fire as an Attestor of your friendship.
vrm.3.72 b, a Oh, Raghava, right away and candidly you make that Vanara Sugreeva, a wanderer in the forest, sheltering himself on Mountain Rishyamuka, as a friend of yours taking an oath on your weapon besides the Fire witness.
vrm.3.74 Where those great sages that are highly revered by me used to offer flowers with their extremely doddery hands in the worship the Altar of Fire, this alone is that Altar of Fire raised at western end.
vrm.3.74 Oh, best one from Raghu s, by the efficacy of the ascesis of my teachers these Altars of Fire are with incomparable irradiance, and even now they are irradiating all of the directions with solemnity.
vrm.4.26 Authoritative scholars in Vedic hymns then spreading the ritual grass around the Fire altar which is with enkindled Ritual fire oblated fire oblations into it duly sanctifying them with hymns.
vrm.4.31 Angada succumbing to high despair caused by the scare neared Lakshmana who is aglow like the Fire of Perdition and like a King of Nagas, who is perforce infuriated.
vrm.4.40 b, a "There exists a fantastically refulgent Fire in the form of Horse s Face that originated from the anger of Sage Aurasa.
vrm.4.40 The victuals to that Fire is said to be that highly speedy waves of the ocean, together with all of the mobile and sessile beings of the world at the close of each Era.
vrm.4.40 b, a "There the high squealing sounds of oceanic beings dwelling undersea are audible, and although they are capable ones, they are incapacitated on feeling Fire from the Horse Mouth as such they yell.
vrm.4.41 b, a "Whereon the sandalwood trees of ochry yellowy, lotus leaf greenly, sky blue colours, and even the most attractive sandalwood trees which will be in the glow of Fire are produced, that mountain is this Rishabha.
vrm.4.41 It is also the dwelling place of those who achieved ethereality by their pious activities, of whom some resemble the Sun, some Moon, and some Fire by their physique.
vrm.5.9 Well made by Visvakarma and resembling Fire and Sun in splendour, with stairways made of gold and with beautiful and best platforms With windows and ventilation holes made of gold and also made of crystal, with platforms made of sapphires and emeralds
vrm.5.32 for what reason?" "My salutation to Brihaspati the Lord of eloquence, together with Indra the wielder of a thunderbolt, to Brahma the self existent Lord and to the Lord of Fire eating the oblations! Let whatever words spoken by this Vanara be true! Let them not be untrue!"
vrm.5.43 Fire was also generated there due to friction with other pillars The edifice was then consumed by fire.
vrm.5.55 Fire does not indeed destroy fire!" Fire" is not indeed entitled to touch Seetha, the wife of that Rama the virtuous man having unlimited splendour and duly protected by her own good conduct.
vrm.5.55 Fire does not ignite her.
vrm.6.19 O, Rama! The glorious Indrajit, having propitiated the God of Fire, strikes his enemy while remaining invisible in the battle field with a huge battle array on both sides Mahodara and Mahaparshva along with a Rakshasa called Akampana who are equal to the guardians of the world in battle they are the commanders of his army.
vrm.6.19 Having been thus exhorted, Rama then sat on the shore of the ocean covered with blades of Kusha grass, as the God of Fire ascends the altar.
vrm.6.30 Here is Nila the army general himself, the son of Agni the Lord of Fire.
vrm.6.59 Seeing that rock crumbling to pieces, Nila the Army general the destroyer of enemies who resembled the Fire of Time, glowed with fury.
vrm.6.59 The mighty Ravana, amazed at the Vanara s agility, seized a marvellous and glowing arrow called Agneya the weapon of Fire.
vrm.6.59 arrows and struck Lakshmana in the forehead with a struck Lakshmana in the forehead with a shaft as bright as the Fire of Time, which had been bestowed on him by Brahma the Lord of Creation.
vrm.6.59 Hearing the words of Rama, Ravana of great strength, full of rage and recollecting his former hostility struck with flaming arrows resembling the tongues of the Fire of Dissolution, on Hanuman the son of Vayu, who with extreme velocity, was bearing Rama in the battle field.
vrm.6.60 "Now, I shall drive away the misfortune from Ravana the King of Rakshasas, even if I have to cut Mahendra himself to pieces or to freeze the Fire.
vrm.6.109 Fire has extinguished its flames and a strennous effort has become inactive.
vrm.6.117 Fire is your anger.
vrm.7.9 O Rama,that twice born one Pulastya s son was performing the Agnihotra, like the fourth Fire itself.
vrm.7.10 On a thousand years being complete, he offered his own head as a sacrifice to Fire.
vrm.7.10 In this way he passed away nine thousand years ;and nine of his heads entered into Fire.
vrm.7.15 And having by his energy obtained the victory, the powerful night ranger wearing a bright diadem and necklace, and seated on that superb car, appeared radiant in his cout like Fire himself,"
vrm.7.23 Thereat Ravana made friends with the Nivatakavachas in the presence of Fire ;and then rejoiced greatly.

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