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vrm.1.56 Fie upon the might of Kshatriya, mightier is the might of Brahman s resplendence, only with one baton of Brahma all of my missiles are defused.
vrm.2.38 On seeing Seetha wearing bark of trees like a helpless woman, eventhough protected by her husband all the people there loudly cried out: Fie" upon you, Dasaratha!" Pained by that loud cry there, King Dasaratha lost interest in his life, religious merit and esteem.
vrm.2.99 O Fie unto my birth and life! Rama the Lord of Men with great luster,has been overtaken by this misfortune
vrm.3.45 Fie" upon you, you are acrimoniously tempered owing to your faminality, and by which impulsive reason you mistrust me who am presently abiding in my brother s order, may God damn you for that crotchety.
vrm.5.25 Fie" upon human condition! Fie upon being in the control of others.

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