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vrm.1.7 The misters for the great soul from Ikshvaku kings of Emperor Dasharatha, are epitomised ones of their tactfulness, adroitness and are always obliged to undertake welfare activities of their king and the kingdom.
vrm.1.7 Emperor Dasharatha has not encountered either a superior or an equal in his kingship, and to him there are many friends, subdued are his
vrm.1.14 Then after completion of one year and on regaining the ritual Horse, the Emperor Dasharatha commenced his Vedic Ritual on the northern banks of River Sarayu.
vrm.1.14 Elderly people, sick ones, women and children though dining on always thus, there is no satisfaction to Emperor Dasharatha, for it appeared to be too meagre a serving and a lot more is to be served.
vrm.1.29 As such, oh, Vishnu, you may effectuate the most suitable merited deed for the welfare of Gods on resorting to your illusory power, Vishnu Maya, and on assuming the form of a dwarf to deal with Emperor Bali.
vrm.1.29 a Oh, god, oh, sinless one, you may please attain the sonship of Lady Aditi and myself, oh, dispenser of Rakshasas, it will be apt of you to render help to Gods who are agonised in the anguish owing to the predominance of Emperor Bali, by becoming the younger brother of Indra.
vrm.1.29 "That great resplendent Vishnu then adopting a semblance of a dwarf emerged from Aditi, and that dwarfish ascetic boy approached Emperor Bali, the son of Virochana.
vrm.1.29 Vishnu gave the earth back to Indra restraining Emperor Bali with his vitality.
vrm.1.68 Oh, Emperor Dasharatha, your young and valorous son who serendipitously arrived at Mithila along with his younger brother Lakshmana,
vrm.2.50 Rama, the mighty armed, reached the river Ganga, which is devoid of sins and which dispels all sins, which had fallen from the mass of matted hair of Lord Shankara through the spiritual power of Emperor Bhagiratha, which is rendered noisy by Cranes and Herons, which is a consort of the ocean and which is in the vicinity of Shringaverapura the modern singraur.
vrm.2.54 Having penetrated into a deep forest, they the illustrious trios, while seeing many stretches of land and at some places, attractive scenery never seen before, proceeded in the direction of that region where river Yamuna was flowing forth towards river Ganga, associated with the name of Emperor Bhagiratha.
vrm.2.110 From Prithu was born the Emperor Trishanku.
vrm.3.39 "I am well acquainted with his efficacy, and a war with him will be an unfair thing for you, for that Raghu s descendant can in fact kill either Emperor Bali or Namuchi.
vrm.3.61 Oh, insightful brother, you will reacquire Janaka s daughter Maithili, as Vishnu once subjugated Emperor Bali and reacquired this earth.
vrm.4.50 b, a Though a suspicion in general is evoked in them, as they presumed that cavity to be Naraka, The Hell of Yama, or Patala, of Emperor Bali, those highly resplendent and great mighty fly jumpers have neared it, rejoicing for the availability of water in there.
vrm.4.50 That hideous cavity is dispersed with diverse beings, similar to the residence of the emperor of Rakshasas, namely Emperor Bali, in Patala, the Netherworld, and it is unsightly and impermeable from anywhere.
vrm.4.65 all the three worlds, during the time of Vedic ritual of Emperor Bali, the legatee of Vairochana.
vrm.6.7 "Oh, Emperor! You send that Indrajit alone, so that the army of Vanaras together with Rama will be brought to an end.

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