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vrm.1.6 Born in Vindhya Mountains, and also from Himalayan regions, mighty are the Elephants fully vigorous and fattened ones, and most powerful in their strength and each in similitude is a huge mountain.
vrm.1.6 are the Elephants of that city
vrm.1.6 That city is always full with vigorous and mountain like Elephants bred mainly from three classes viz.
vrm.1.13 "For Horses stables, reposing stalls for Elephants, like that great billets for soldiers may be built for those foreign country dwellers arriving in here on their Horses and Elephants along with their soldiers.
vrm.1.17 They can catch ruttish Elephants that tumultuously move in forests, and just with the sound of their blare they make sky flying Birds to fall.
vrm.1.18 Rama is admittedly a champion of riding Elephants and Horses, also in tactical charioting, and he rejoices in the art of archery, and absorbed in the obedient service of his father.
vrm.1.24 "Various Vultures are screeching with fierce sonority, and Tigers, wild Boars, and Elephants render this forest atypical.
vrm.1.24 b, a "Later at sometime, a Yaksha female who is a guise changer at her wish, possessor of the strength of a thousand Elephants, wife of clever Sunanda, and she whose son is Maricha, the one equal to Indra in his bravery, prevailed here, let you be safe Rama.
vrm.1.25 "It is said that Yaksha s strength is trivial, and this is an yakshii, more so a female, how then this yakshii frail by her femineity can exert the strength of a thousand Elephants? On hearing the sentence of Raghava with illimitable dynamism, Vishvamitra said this sentence to the enemy subduer Rama along with Lakshmana, cheering them up with his pleasant words, "Listen by which a female became outstanding by jeer strength.
vrm.1.25 Forefather" Brahma also gave the strength of a thousand Elephants to her, but he that highly remarkable Brahma did not give a son to that Yaksha, anticipating male to be more hazardous.
vrm.1.41 "On hearing that word of that directional Elephant he departed from there, and on sequentially reaching other directional Elephants that are abiding in other directions of earth, he commenced to ask the same enquiry which he made with the first, according to the positioning of Elephants in directions, and according to the established procedures of their venerability.
vrm.1.41 "All the Elephants that safeguard the directions of earth which have the faculties of articulation and eloquence have adored Amshuman and motivated him by saying, you will be going from here taking the Horse.
vrm.1.41 "On hearing that common blessing of all the directional Elephants, he that nimble footed Amshuman has gone to the place where his paternal uncles, sons of Sagara, were rendered as mounds of ashes.
vrm.1.43 b, a "Some of the Gods with Aircrafts that are like cities in their shape and size, and some with Horses that are prancing, and some with best Elephants that are staggering, at the very sight of plunging Ganga, have entered the firmament at that place.
vrm.1.48 "These two youngsters, oh, sage, let safety betide you, striding like audacious Elephants and arrogant Lions, bearing a similitude to adventurous Tigers and adamantine bulls, and wielding quivers, swords, and bows, are valorous with their valour matching that of Vishnu, and with their eyes broad like lotus petals and with youthfulness in the offing they look like the exceptionally beautiful twin Gods, Ashwin brothers, by their physique.
vrm.1.50 b, a "These two youngsters, oh, sage, let safety betide you, striding like audacious Elephants and arrogant Lions, bearing a similitude to adventurous Tigers and adamantine bulls, and wielding quivers, swords, and bows, are valorous with their valour matching that of Vishnu, and with their eyes broad like lotus petals and with youthfulness in the offing they look like the exceptionally beautiful twin Gods, Ashwin brothers, by their physique.
vrm.1.53 I bestow upon you fourteen thousand Elephants adorned with golden girdles, golden necklets and golden goads.
vrm.1.53 truly, this alone is my treasure, thus I do not require your gilded chariots, Horses or Elephants.
vrm.1.54 This Akshauhini unit of army is plethoric, overcrowded with Elephants, Horses, and chariots, and overspread with flags and Elephants, thereby he is mightier than me.
vrm.1.55 "At that very moment, oh, Rama the legatee of Raghu, Vishvamitra s army comprising foot soldiers, Elephants, chariots and Horses is utterly slaughtered by the Yavana, Mleccha etc.
vrm.1.74 He has also given umpteen number of Cows, millions of excellent shawls and silk dresses, and Elephants, Horses, chariots, foot soldiers, besides hundreds of highly decorated girls, divine in their mien, as unexcelled chambermaids and handmaidens to the brides.
vrm.2.1 He was efficient in riding and taming of Elephants and Horses.
vrm.2.7 The Elephants and Horses were also merry.
vrm.2.15 The ministers in chief who were beloved to the king, were well adorned and came there on Horse carriages and Elephants.
vrm.2.16 Excellent Horses looking like infantine Elephants were tied to the chariot, which was moving quickly.
vrm.2.16 Thereupon, hundreds and thousands of important people mounted on excellent Horses and soldiers mounted on Elephants, then followed Rama.
vrm.2.16 While bards and panegyrists were moving in front praising with great respect, invoking blessings and eulogised by the most excellent instrumentalists, Rama, like Kubera the god of wealth, went with resounding Horses and Elephants.
vrm.2.16 It was full of male and female Elephants, Horses and chariots.
vrm.2.18 "Let Bharata rule this earth, by residing in Ayodhya filled with various types of precious thing together with Horses, chariots and Elephants.
vrm.2.23 This earth will become impermeable, uninhabited with heads hands and thighs of Elephants Horses and men crushed, having been hit by my sword.
vrm.2.23 "Now, Elephants can fall down on earth, being hit by the gush of my sword, like mountains in blaze, like clouds, savidyutaH with flashes of lightening.
vrm.2.23 "As I stand holding a bow with fingers wound with shields made of allegator skin, how any man will fancy himself a hero among men?" "While I overpower one with many arrows and many with a single arrow, I discharge my arrows at vitals of men, Horses and Elephants.
vrm.2.25 "Oh, son! Let the great Elephants Lions with tusks, Tigers, Bears, terrible he Buffaloes with horns not to be hostile to you.
vrm.2.27 I shall proceed to the forest, which is very much inaccessible and occupied by Vanaras, Elephants as well as other animals.
vrm.2.28 "Even streams filled with crocodiles full of mire are difficult to be crossed by rut Elephants also.
vrm.2.29 "Oh Rama! Antelopes, Lions, Elephants, Tigers, Sarabhas, Birds, Yaks and all others which roam in the forest, run away after seeing your form, since they have never seen your figure before.
vrm.2.31 "If you decided to go to the forest filled with antelopes and Elephants, I, in front wearingthe bow, shall accompany you to the forest.
vrm.2.32 "Oh, the best of brahmanas! I am giving you this Elephant called Satrunjaya, given earlier to me by my maternal uncle as well as those thousand Elephants.
vrm.2.33 The same Sri Rama who was followed by a strong four wings of army comprising Elephants, Chariots, Cavalry and Infantry, is walking lonely with Seetha followed by Lakshmana.
vrm.2.33 Scared by fear of us, let all the snakes abandon their holes, the dears and Birds the mountain peaks, the Elephants and the Lions the forest itself.
vrm.2.36 "Let important weapons, chiefs of police and vehicles, hunters knowing the secrets of forest accompany Ramascion of Kakutsa" "Killing deer and Elephants, drinking forest honey, seeing various rivers, he would not remember of sovereignty" "Let the granary and the treasury belonging to me be sent to Rama residing in the uninhabited forest.
vrm.2.37 There is none indeed in this world who is not devoted to Rama" "Oh, Kaikeyi! You will see now itself that beasts, Elephants, Deers and Birds going with Rama and trees also turning their faces towards Rama.
vrm.2.40 The city of Ayodhya is filled with flurry, with its Elephants intoxicated in rut and highly excited and resonant with tinkling of ornaments of Horses.
vrm.2.40 In front of him was heard a huge noise of crying women, echoing like trumpeting of female Elephants when a lordly Elephant has been pinioned.
vrm.2.41 Elephants threw out the morsels of food they had taken into their mouths.
vrm.2.41 Afflicted by fear and grief, the earth with its mountains, deprived of that great souled Rama, suffered a terrible convulsion, as when it is abandoned by Indra the lord of rain, and a great uproar reigned in the city which was filled with Elephants, warriors and Horses.
vrm.2.43 Together with his wife, accompanied by Lakshmana and walking like king of Elephants having a bow in hand, the mighty armed hero surely will have entered the forest In the forest, what fate will befall them who had never seen such a suffering before and who have been sent by you to a forest life as per the wishes of Kaikeyi?”
vrm.2.50 The interior of the forest was reddened noisy again and again by the Elephants guarding the quarters, by the ruttiest wild Elephants and the Elephants of excellent breed used for riding by Gods.
vrm.2.51 We can able to withstand even a vast army too, comprising of four parts Elephants, chariots, cavalry, and infantry.
vrm.2.51 People will joyfully move in the capital belonging to my father and the city with its quadrangular places allocated at lovely sites, and well aligned roads, rich in mansions of well to do men, temples and royal palaces adorned with the foremost of courtesans, its chariots Horses and Elephants that obstruct the roads, the musical instruments that resound there full of all blessings and crowded with merry and well fed men, well provided with gardens and royal parks and bright with festivities carried on under the patronage of associations.
vrm.2.54 “I consider the abode of Chitrakuta as the right place for you to stay, Oh Rama, possessed of great strength! You set off for that well known, sacred and lovely mountain, Chitrakuta which is adoned with clusters of trees of every description, frequented by Kinnaras and Nagas, is rendered charming by the cried of peacocks and infested with lordly Elephants and bountiful with tubers and fruits.
vrm.2.54 “Since herds of Elephants and troops of deer wander all around in the woodlands there, you will visibly notice them Oh Rama!”
vrm.2.54 “After reaching the auspicious and absolutely beautiful Chitrakuta mountain, reveberant in all direction with the notes of small white cranes and cucukoo Birds as well as with many kinds of deer and Elephants in rut, settle down there in a hermitage.
vrm.2.55 Seetha who was walking in the middle of both of them was like an auspicious female Elephant in the middle of two Elephants.
vrm.2.55 Having strolled in the charming forest, mad noisy by a number of Peacocks and which was inhabited by Elephants and Monkeys and reaching an agreeable level ground at the bank of the river wearing an undejected look finally sought for an abode for the night.
vrm.2.56 “See this Chitrakuta mountain with a high and mighty peak, wide spread with a multitude of Elephants and made to resound by a congregation of Birds.
vrm.2.56 Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana who subdued their senses, very happily strolled in that excellent forest, filled with many classes and multitude of beasts and Birds, trees having multi coloured crowns of flowers, and resonating with sounds of Elephants in rut and of antelopes.
vrm.2.57 Beholding Ayodhya as if deserted in silence, Sumantra becoming very much distressed in mind and having afflicted with intense anguish, surmised as follows: “I hope the city of Ayodhya with its Elephants, Horses, people and the kings was not burnt away by a fire of sorrow and blazing grief towards Rama.
vrm.2.58 “Oh, Sumantra! Where can Rama the virtuous man abide, taking refuge at the root of a tree? What that Rama, who enjoyed very many pleasantries, can eat now?” “Oh, Sumantra! How can Rama the prince, who was habituated to good beds, sleep with such discomfort on a floor like an orphan?” Foot“ soldiers, Chariots and Elephants used to follows whenever Rama was marching ahead.
vrm.2.59 “Oh, emperor! The city of Ayodhya with its joy less people, with its Elephants and Horses looking miserable, with sighing exhaustion due to cries of pain, filled with sounds of moaning, cheerless and feeling anguish due to Ramas’ exile, appears to me, like Queen Kausalya without her son.
vrm.2.65 Then, those beautiful women miserably cried loudly with their voice, like female Elephants crying when their group leader an Elephant was removed from their place in the forest.
vrm.2.67 “In a land without emperor, sixty year old Elephants with bells tied around their tusks, do not roam around on royal high ways “In a ruler less land, the noise of plucking the bow string with the palm, produced by archers continuously discharging arrows while practicing the use of their bows, is not heard.
vrm.2.68 Perceiving a locality called Vishnu padam, Vipasa river, Salmali trees, rivers, ponds, tanks, pools and lakes, as well as seeing many kinds of Lions, Tigers, antelopes and Elephants, they proceeded by that broad lofty high way desirous as they were to execute the command of their master.
vrm.2.70 The king Kekaya, treating him hospitably gave that Bharata the best of Elephants, Woolen clothes of varied colors, antelope skins and riches gold and silver vessels etc.
vrm.2.70 Likewise, Aswapati sent some attendants, who were dear, reliable, endowed with virtues and inmates of his palace with Bharata to accompany him on the return journey Yudhajit, his maternal uncle gave him as gifts, Elephants of Airavata race born in Indrasira mountain range and which were charming to behold as well as mules which could walk quickly and were well trained
vrm.2.70 The glorious Bharata crossed his very big palace, augmented with men Elephants and Horses and entered the excellent royal high way.
vrm.2.71 “Here, as before, important persons indeed are not seen going into the city or coming out it in carriages or on Horses or on Elephants.
vrm.2.75 “This vast kingdom, endowed with Elephants, Horses and chariots and stock piled with grains and riches, has been made over to you by her.
vrm.2.75 “May the sin of him, who fails to observe the code of warfare followed by the virtuous in a battle abundantly provided with Elephants Horses chariots weapons and men, be his with whose counsel my elder brother went to exile.
vrm.2.81 There was a huge hallooing sound generated while the people invited were coming on chariots, Horses and Elephants.
vrm.2.82 Thereupon, from every house, warriors merchants, Shudras and Brahmanas rose up and harnessed their chariots to Camels, mules, well bred Elephants and Horses.
vrm.2.83 Nine thousand Elephants suitably duly arranged escorted Bharata the joy of the Ikshvaku dynasty, on his journey.
vrm.2.83 Having gone for a considerable distance in their chariots, carts, Horses and Elephants, they reached the River Ganga close to the city of Shringaverapura, where the valiant Guha, a bosom friend of Rama along with multitude of relatives was ruling that region carefully.
vrm.2.86 "They will joyfully inhabit my father capital City, with its pleasant cross roads and meeting places, with its main roads well laid out, sumptuous with large houses and lofty mansions, with all the gems they are encrusted, with Elephants Horses and chariots that abound there, the sound of trumpets with which the city resonates, the many diversions it contains, its properous and well fed people, its luxurious gardens and parks as well as the assmeblies and festivals that continuously take place inti.
vrm.2.86 Rama" and Lakshmana, who were capable of tormenting their enemies, possessing great strength, wearing matted locks of hari and clothes made of bark, like unto the leaders of herd of Elephants, wielding excellent bow, arrows and sword, looking back at me, went away with Seetha.
vrm.2.88 "Without guards to watch over its ramparts, with its unrestrained Horses and Elephants, with its city gates laid open, without any defenders, denuded of its happy army, plunged in desolation in difficulties and exposed, that royal capital of Ayodhya will be shunned like poisoned food even by the enemies.
vrm.2.89 Goaded on by their mahouts, Elephants adorned with their flags, swimming across the river, looked life winged mountains.
vrm.2.91 "O, Venerable One! Either the king or the prince should always keep away from the places occupied by ascetics" "O, Holy one! Spirited Horses, men and rare Elephants in rut covering an immense area are accompanying me.
vrm.2.91 Splendid square mansions with stables for Elephants and Horses as well as resplendent gates with watch towers flanked by turrets were seen.
vrm.2.91 The keepers of animals fed Horses, Elephants, Donkeys, Camels and bullocks the offspring of Surabhi the divine cow with their suitable feed.
vrm.2.91 Let Bharata be well! Likewise, let Rama too be at east!" Having obtained that hospitality, the infantry, the cavalry as well as those mounted on Elephants and their keepers too, no longer acknowledging their leaders, spoke the following words:
vrm.2.91 Elephants, Donkeys, Camels, bullocks, Horses, animals and Birds there were suitably well fed.
vrm.2.91 Those soldiers saw there heaps of twings used for cleaning the teeth with white brushes at their tips, white sandal pastes stored in caskets, polished mirrors, piles of Clothes, thousands of pairs of shoes and sandals, caskets containing collyrium for the eyes combs, brushed, raiments bows, protectors of vitals, strange couches and seats, drinking ponds for Donkeys Camels Elephants and Horses, lakes with good stairs for descent having water lilies and lotuses with sky blue colour, with clear water offering a comfortable bath and soft grasses having a colour of Nipa tree and of cat s eye gems useful for feeding animals.
vrm.2.92 "O, the illustrious chief of army! Direct the forces filled with Elephants Horses and chariots either towards the southern route or to the left proceeding southward.
vrm.2.92 Female and male Elephants, wearing golden chains and flags, distinguished by the sound of bells, like thundering clouds at the end of a summer marched in a form.
vrm.2.92 That vast army with its countless Elephants Horses and chariots proceeded, covering the southern direction, like a great cloud that has risen in the sky and on the other bank of the Ganges, by mountains and streams, crossing the woods inhabited by deer and Birds.
vrm.2.92 That army of Bharata, with its squadrons of rejoicing Elephants Horses and warriors, penetrating into the vast forest, frightening innumerable beasts and Birds, appeared resplendent there.
vrm.2.93 Submerged by the waves of Horses and Elephants of great speed at that time, the earth became invisible for a long time.
vrm.2.93 "By my Elephants appearing themselves like mountains, the lovely peaks of Chitrakuta mountain are being trampled.
vrm.2.95 "There is none in the world, who would not be relieved of his fatigue and feel refreshed on the banks of this enchanting river, frequented by herds of Elephants, who with Lions and Monkeys, come here to drink and which is adorned with innumerable flowers in full bloom.
vrm.2.96 Meanwhile, frightened by that gigantic clamour, the leaders of Elephants and other animal troops, in rut, were tormented and fled in different directions from there.
vrm.2.96 "The lordly Elephants in the forest, the Buffaloes in the great woods and the wild beasts frightened by Lions are suddenly running away in various directions.
vrm.2.96 Looking in northern direction, Lakshmana saw a huge army, full of chariots, steeds and Elephants accompanied by smart foot soldiers.
vrm.2.96 Lakshmana informed Rama about that army which was full of Horses, Elephants and chariots decorated with flags and spoke the following words also.
vrm.2.96 Among the cavalry, some are cavorting merrily on their swift Horses, while others are beaming with delight, mounted on their Elephants.
vrm.2.96 "The Elephants and Horses whose breasts were laid open with my darts and the men too struck down by me, be dragged about by savage beasts.
vrm.2.97 That royal army of Ikshvaku race, crowded with Elephants Horses and chariots was encamped around the edge of the mountain occupying an area of one Yojana and a half.
vrm.2.99 At the side of the mountain, this is a roaming place of Elephants, having huge teeth, violent as they are and ferociously roaring at each other.
vrm.2.100 "Are you supervising the woods inhabited by Elephants? I hope female Elephants are there to you in good number.
vrm.2.100 I hope you are not simply satisfied with the existing population of female Elephants, Horses and male Elephants.
vrm.2.103 Some went on their Horses, some others on their Elephants, some in their chariots covered with ornaments while the youthful people went on foot.
vrm.2.103 Frightened by that noise, the wild Elephants, surrounded by female Elephants, perfuming the quarters with teh scent of their ichor, went to another wood from there.
vrm.2.105 "O, Rama! May the Elephants, intoxicated with ichor be heard trumpeting on the highway, when you do return and the women of the inner apartments rejoice, all happily joined together.
vrm.2.113 That extensive army of Bharata, following him with vehicles, carts and Elephants, turned back again towards Ayodhya.
vrm.2.114 He entered the city, frequented by cats and owls, abiding with crouched men and Elephants and looking like a night enveloped by gloom, indistinctness and darkness.
vrm.2.114 Ayodhya looked like an afflicted army, shattered of its armour in a major conflict, whose ensigns borne on Horses, Elephants and chariots had been torn, and its heroic warriors slain.
vrm.2.114 "O, Sumantra! I do not hear, as before, the sound of the Horses, the sound of the intoxicating Elephants and the clattering of the great chariots in this city now.
vrm.2.115 When Bharata had left, the army too, abounding in Elephants, Horses and chariots marched unbidden.
vrm.2.117 "The dry dung of Horses and Elephants of that high souled Bharata s encamped army caused much spoliation around here.
vrm.3.11 The moved on watching spotted deer banded in herds, the wild Boars, large horned Buffaloes maddened in virility, and the ruttish Elephants rending trees like their enemies.
vrm.3.11 On going far on their way, and when the sun is dangling in the western skiy, together they saw a charming lake of one Yojana width fully overloaded with red and white lotuses, overspread with sporting Elephants, and over flurried with waterfowls like saarasa Birds, kaadamba Birds, swans and with others kinds too.
vrm.3.11 Rama has seen hundreds of flowered forest trees that are battered by the trunks of Elephants, that are adorned with Monkeys, reverberated by hundreds of lusty bird
vrm.3.14 "Then Maatangi s childrenm are Elephants, oh, best one among men, Rama, and Shveta gave birth to eight Elephants that are at eight quarters of world, sustaining the world on their head.
vrm.3.15 "Here and there are the golden, silvery and coppery ores on the mountains, and they are shining forth like cow eye ventilators on walls and also like the superb paintings on Elephants.
vrm.3.19 But then, though the nightwalker wielding sharp arrows have become ineffectual to trounce Rama like the wild Elephants which will become ineffectual to overcome the blazingly uprising wildfire.
vrm.3.25 Those massive bodied and exceptionally mighty Rakshasas came jostling like immense clouds in their eagerness to kill Rama in that war, while some mounted on chariots and Horsebacks, and some more riding mountain ridges like Elephants rushed in on Rama.
vrm.3.25 And even shred are the heads of Rakshasas, along with their ornamented arms and thighs similar to the trunks of Elephants.
vrm.3.25 Likewise, he even ripped off the Elephants along with their riders, and the Horses along with their cavaliers.
vrm.3.25 Numerous Horses and Elephants are felled.
vrm.3.29 "Although you hold sway over a gigantic force abounding with Elephants Horses and chariots, you have perpetrated heinous deeds in Dandaka forests that are loathsome to all the worlds, that is unseemliest to this soldiery.
vrm.3.33 "If a king is inaccessible to spies for exchange of information, unavailable for subjects for an audience for a similar appraisal, more so if he is intemperately not able to impose self discipline, people will eschew such a king from a distance as Elephants will refrain themselves from the mud of river from a distance.
vrm.3.35 On seeing the delightful, serene, and marvellous cascades, and cities that are abundant in wealth and agricultural produce, and abundant with gemlike womenfolk, and that are replete with Elephants, Horses, and chariots, Ravana proceeded further.
vrm.3.38 "At one time even I was on the rove around this earth, taking pride in my valour, bearing the strength of a thousand Elephants, mountainous in my size and black cloudlike in my sheen, wearing ear knobs and a crown made out of refined gold, with a bludgeon as my weapon, and such as I was, I rambled Dandaka forest causing terror to the world, and eating the fleshes of sages.
vrm.3.46 How you are not frightened from them? b, a "Being alone in this forest, oh, lady with a lovely face, how you are unafraid of horrendous and mighty Elephants possessed of rut? b, a
vrm.3.48 "It is encumbered with Elephants, Horses and chariots, well sounded by the sounds of trumpets, and with trees which yield fruits that fulfil all the savours, and it is bedecked with chirrupy pleasure gardens.
vrm.3.69 He is eating the highly brutal Bears, Lions, predators, and Elephants, and he is outstretching both of his deadly arms, each of which is stretchable to a Yojana distance, and the bothers neared such a Rakshasa.
vrm.3.71 b, a "Such as I am, I have been eating the Lions, Elephants, animals, and Tigers that are on the move in this forest, hauling them in with both of my overlong arms.
vrm.3.71 b, a "Oh, brave Kabandha, on bringing dried up firewood that was rent at times by Elephants, and on digging a large trench, we will incinerate you in it.
vrm.3.73 Sage" Matanga so methodised that woodland, where even the Elephants are rendered incapable to trespass in that hermitage of sage Matanga disturbing its serenity.
vrm.3.73 "In front of Pampa there is a bountiful but an unclimbable mountain is there with trees in full blossom, which is well protected by baby Elephants, and which in earlier times was purposefully created by Brahma, and that alone is Mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.3.73 "Oh, Rama, there the blaring trumpet blasts of baby Elephants that amuse themselves at Lake Pampa, and of those that are the indwellers of Matanga hermitage, even there on Mountain Rishyamuka are audible.
vrm.3.73 "The mighty and massy dark cloud coloured Elephants will be hitting head on, and with dripping blood streams on their jumbo heads and temples, they disperse and move about separately, only to come together for yet another round of head to head collision.
vrm.3.73 "There the Elephants are quenched on drinking water of Pampa Lake, that is daintily clean, and neatly clear, springlike for touch, and in which all scents of flowers of that lake are included, and then they will be collectively re entering the forests, for they are forest ranging Elephants.
vrm.4.1 rambling Snakes and Elephants and restless are the deer and Birds flocks, as well.
vrm.4.1 "This Pampa Lake is shining forth with its tranquil waters, that contain lotuses, blue water lily s, and red lotuses, along with swans and water Birds that permeate it Lotuses" with the resplendence of tender sun enwrapping its waters, pollen grain pilfered by honeybees enwrapping those lotuses… with them this Pampa is beaming forth… "This Pampa is always bedecked with the ruddy geese, amazing deep areas of the forest, and with water thirsty herds of Elephants and deer, and with them it gleams forth.
vrm.4.3 Elephants’ trunks are your arms.
vrm.4.11 One" named Dundubhi was there in the form of a Buffalo, whose size shone forth like Mountain Kailasa and who bears the strength of a thousand Elephants.
vrm.4.11 "Fathoming that ocean to be scared of him that noted Rakshasa Dundubhi arrived at the forests of Himavan like an arrow darted from bow, and that Dundubhi started to blare discordantly and toss the rock faces of that mountain that are like white Elephants in their figuration, severally.
vrm.4.13 They have also seen the forest Elephants that have white tusks for their ornaments and that are moving in herds, and which are the dangerous enemies of lakes as they destroy lakebeds.
vrm.4.28 "With electric charges as their fluttering flags, and cranes engirdling them, and in design well gleaming like the pinnacles of lofty mountains, these clouds are thundering in a very high pitched voice, like lofty vigorous Elephants standing up to a fight.
vrm.4.28 "Surging are the rivers, showering are the clouds, shrilling are the rutty Elephants, and shining are the forest interiors, and reminiscing are the lover less, rocking are the peacocks, resolving are the Vanaras to stay a place.
vrm.4.28 "Verily joyous are the Elephants on whiffing the aroma of Ketaka flowers and thus they are rutted, and baffled are they by the sounds of streamlets that are falling well in the forest brooks from the mountain rapids, and those best ruttish Elephants are blaring along with screaming peacocks to the tune of waterfalls.
vrm.4.28 "Well ornate with the flags of lightning, spewing forth great and profound rumbles, those clouds by their shapes are verily shining like the enthusiastic warring Elephants.
vrm.4.28 somewhere else, they are ruttish, virtually, for choicest Elephants are there.
vrm.4.28 "Well screaming are the peahens voluptuously, overspread are these pasturelands with red beetles, also fragranced are they with Neepa and Arjuna flowers, and the Elephants are moving about these verily pleasant interiors of the forests.
vrm.4.28 "In forests moving about are the select Elephants that are rutting, the ideal bulls that are delighting, the peerless Lions that are striding, lofty are the pleasant mountains that are standing, the choicest kings are withdrawing from their campaigns, and the noblest of Gods, Indra, is playing with the clouds.
vrm.4.30 "On blackening ten quarters of earth blue black clouds that looked like petals of blue lotuses are now quietened in their nimbleness like rut less Elephants.
vrm.4.30 "The rales of clouds, Elephants, peacocks, and oh, merited Lakshmana, of the freshets too, are suddenly quietened.
vrm.4.30 "Presently autumn has shown itself dividing its charm on the branches of seven leaved banana plants, on the stars, sun and moon, and also on those best Elephants that are rollicking.
vrm.4.30 "The breeze is wafting the fragrance of flowers of seven leaved banana plants, and the swarms of honeybees that are singing in accompaniment to the rustle of breeze are tagging along that breeze for its fragrance, and because that breeze is breezing unceasingly, that alone is fetching the pride of rut for the already rutted Elephants, and thus this autumnal season is highly glistening.
vrm.4.30 "Divided variously the autumnal glory is shining forth among the overbearingly ruttish Elephants that are trumpeting, among the herds of haughty bulls bellowing, and among the limpid waters that are murmuringly slopping down.
vrm.4.30 "On scenting the fragrance of the seven leaved banana plants, the ruttish lather of those best Elephants that have a fond for forests and lotus lakes has started to flow on their temples, thus they are indulgent in rut and their strides are slackening while they are moving along with their beloved female Elephants.
vrm.4.30 "While a ruttish male Elephant is going in the forest the slow paced she Elephant is tagging along her male along with other Elephants of her breed, and with an intensified attachment and passion she is bumping and rubbing her husband.
vrm.4.30 "With their blaring trumpeting lordly Elephants with slit temples are alarming Karandava and Cakravaka Birds abiding in lakes that are embellished with blooming lotuses, and those Elephants are drinking water after swishing and swashing the tranquillity of those lakes.
vrm.4.31 Some of those vanara s are with the might of ten Elephants, some ten times more, and some with vigour matching that of a thousand Elephants.
vrm.4.37 Also thus, the fly jumpers who are similar to black mascara and black clouds in their shine, and who match Elephants in their vigour, and who live on Mountain Anjana, they too are to be convened.
vrm.4.42 "The Elephants inhibiting on the top of that mountain are contended and conceited, and trumpeting like thunderous clouds they will be moving everywhere in that vast area of the mountain abutted by water and near at the lairs of flying Lions.
vrm.4.42 "Listening the sonorous sounds of waterfalls and rapids of that mountain, and construing them to be the roars of their opponent beasts, the Elephants, wild Boars, Lions, and Tigers will always be facing that mountain and roaring proud heartedly all around it, by which that Mountain Meghavanta itself appears to be roaring, proud heartedly.
vrm.4.43 "The carrier Elephant of Kubera known as Saarvabhauma will always be visiting that place along with she Elephants.
vrm.4.48 Where there are no Buffaloes, no Elephants, no animals, nor even Birds or Tigers, or no other forest moving beings are there, for they do not have their feed there, they entered such a province.
vrm.4.61 Himalayas", even Mountain Vindhya, and even the very high mountain Mountain Meru, shone forth like Elephants in lakes.
vrm.4.67 b, a Then that Vanara who is the son of Vayu and a selfsame of Vayu shinned up that towering mountain Mahendra, as he is an enemy subjugator about to subjugate the arch rival Ravana, where that mountain is hedged in with diverse flowers, its pastures are the sweethearts of deer, it is constrictive with diverse flowers of ever flowering, ever fruiting trees and with the flowers of climbers as well, and where Lions and Tigers are freely moving and ruttish Elephants love it, and where the flights of Birds are uproarious, and pent up
vrm.4.67 Virtually and widely bestrewn are the heaps of boulders, essentially scared are all the animals and Elephants, and actually rocked are the gigantic trees, and its rapids and waterfalls have spouted out of that mountain by the impact of foot stepping of Hanuma.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma went, like Garuda, in the sky served by clouds or streams of water, served also by Birds, tread by masters of music Tumburu and other Gandharvas, served by Airavata, borne by Lions, Elephants, Tigers, Birds and serpents, decorated by clear Vimanas moving with great speed, shone by fires with thunderous jolt equal to that of Vajra the weapon of Devendra, decorated by people with good deeds, people with great luck who conquered the heavens, served by the God of fire carrying great quantities of oblations, shone by planets, stars, moon, sun and starlets, occupied by groups of great sages, Gandharvas, Nagas, Yakshas but unpopulated by humans, clear and all pervasive, served by the Gandharva king Vishvavasu, roamed by Elephants of Devendra, the path of the moon and the sun, the auspicious one, a wide canopy of the earth constructed by Brahma, served in various ways by excellent courageous groups of Vidyadharas.
vrm.5.3 It had Elephants positioned at archways and had white gates and archways.
vrm.5.3 Thereafter Hanuma the Vanara, became happy seeing the doors which were of golden color, with platforms of cat s eye gems, inlaid with diamonds, crystals and pearls, embellished with floors of gems, graced with Elephants made of refined gold, crowned with spotless white silver, stairs studded with cat s eye gems, with inside walls made of crystal free from dust, provided with lovely assembly halls, with sounds of Krauncha Birds and Peacocks, served by royal Swans, looking as though flying toward the sky, with auspicious houses resounding everywhere with the sounds of clarionets and ornaments, equalling the city of Vasvankasara, as though flying towards the sky.
vrm.5.4 The great Hanuma entered secretly Ravana s inner city which was equal to paradise, rendered noisy by neighing of Horses and tinkling of ornaments, by chariots, vehicles and aerial cars and decorated by auspicious Elephants and Horses and great Elephants with four tusks and by Birds and animals in heat.
vrm.5.5 That Hanuma the courageous one, the intellectual one, saw houses with people in heat, houses filled with people, full chariots, Horses, Elephants and best furniture and also full of wealth.
vrm.5.5 Hanuma saw the city of Lanka that shone with great Elephants making sound and also with gentlemen well respected, shone with warriors in a wresting bout, with long sighs, like serpents in a lake hissing.
vrm.5.6 Ravana s house waited upon by men on Elephants, warriors, people with removed tiredness, drivers of Elephants, by undefeatable Horses, and by charioteers.
vrm.5.6 That great Hanuma thought the house, which was shining with its form filled with Elephants, Horses, chariots, to be the jewel of Lanka.
vrm.5.6 That Hanuma in that house saw Horses in red colour and in white colour, slightly whitish, capable of great speed, Elephants born in a good breed having good appearance capable of harassing enemy s Elephants, skilled in good Elephant training, equalling Iravata, capable of killing enemies armies in war, rutting like raining clouds, like mountains with water falls that are pouring down, with trumpeting resembling thundering of clouds, unassailable by enemies in a battle.
vrm.5.7 Birds were made with corals on their wings and ogether with golden flowers, with good wings, with curved and bent wings in a playful way, shining like helpers of the god of love himself Images of Elephants in a lotus pool with filaments of lotus on body, with lotus petals held in their trunks, were devoted to the worship of an image of Goddess Lakshmi.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma, the destructor of enemies, moved around in all directions searching for Seetha the wide eyed daughter of King of Videha Thereafter, Hanuma the glorious one neared and observed the best residence of Rakshasas and the house of Ravana, containing Elephants with four tusks and also those with three tusks, those with two tusks and still not crowded.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma saw another house in the middle of that house, a well built one consisting of many Elephants in rut.
vrm.5.11 That Ravana himself surrounded by those women, shone like a great Elephant surrounded by she Elephants in a great forest.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma saw horrible Rakshasis, dark complexioned ones, angry ones, those who like quarrels, ones wearing big darts, mallets and clubs of Iron, with faces like those of Pigs, Deer, Tigers, Buffaloes, Goats, she Foxes, with feet like those of Elephants, Camels, Horses, with heads sunk into bodies, with single hand and single foot, those ears like that of Donkeys and Horses, those with cow ears, those with Elephant ears, those with Vanara ears, and some others without nose, those with horizontal nose, those with crooked nose, those with Elephant like nose, toes with nose fixed in forehead, with feet like those of Elephant, those with big feet, those with cow like feet, those with hair on their feet, those with big heads and necks, those with big nipples and big stomach, those with big eyes and mouths, with long tongues and nails, and also the a face like that of a she goat, those with Elephant like face, those with face like that of a cow, those with face of a she Pig, those with faces like those of Horses, Camels, Donkeys, those with horrible appearance, Rakshasis carrying pikes and clubs in their hand, angry ones, those who like quarrels, those with high teeth, with hair color like that of smoke, with horrible faces, always drinking liquor, always desiring meat and liquor, with body smeared by meat and blood, with meat and blood as food, whose appearance made hair to stand up, sitting around a great tree with huge trunk.
vrm.5.27 "This beautiful city of Lanka has also been seen together with Horses and Elephants with broken gates and arches fallen down in the ocean.
vrm.5.31 He owned chariots, Elephants and Horses, becoming very famous.
vrm.5.36 O Seetha! You will see soon Rama on the Prasravana mountain, like Indra seated on the back of Airavata, the chief of Elephants.
vrm.5.39 "You can see soon those valiant Vanaras, with their claws and tusks as weapons, having the prowess of Lions and Tigers and looking like lordly Elephants, coming together.
vrm.5.41 "Thereupon Ravana will order for an army consisting of Horses, great chariots and Elephants and armed with weapons like great tridents and spears made of iron.
vrm.5.43 "Some of the Vanaras are having a strength of ten Elephants.
vrm.5.43 Some are having a strength of a hundred Elephants.
vrm.5.43 Some are having a prowess equal to that of a thousand Elephants.
vrm.5.45 Their Elephants trumpeted with a wrong accent.
vrm.5.46 All of them, having a great strength and a blaze equal to that of fire, accepting the orders of their king and augmenting their strength with chariots, Elephants in rut, Horses of extra ordinary swiftness and various kinds of sharp weapons, sallied forth with a great speed.
vrm.5.46 Like Indra the thousand eyed god destroying the Rakshasas, Hanuma destroyed the Horses by striking them with Horses, the Elephants with Elephants, the warriors with warriors and the chariots with chariots.
vrm.5.46 The earth had its path ways blocked on all sides with the Elephants and the Horses killed, with the Rakshasas killed and with the big chariots which had their axles broken.
vrm.5.47 Aksha, filling the sky earth and its mountains with sounds of Horses Elephants and chariots, together with his army, approached the efficient Hanuma the great Vanara, standing at the archy door way.
vrm.5.48 "All the Kimkaras, a Rakshasa called Jambumali, the heroic sons of ministers and the five chiefs of army have been killed, as also the army together with highly abundant number of Horses, Elephants and chariots.
vrm.5.51 "There was a king named Dasaratha, having chariots, Elephants and Horses, like a father to the people and endowed with a splendour equal to that of Indra.
vrm.5.51 "I am indeed, even alone, undoubtedly, destroying Lanka, along with its Horses, chariots and Elephants.
vrm.5.54 Then, Lanka having been scorched with its Rakshasas, Horses, Chariots, Elephants, multitude of Birds, animals and trees, cried pitiably with tumultuous noise.
vrm.5.56 That mountain was covered as it were with dark green rows of gardens inhabited by towery Elephants with red spots on their skin and with its clouds hanging between its summits, as with an upper garment.
vrm.5.59 Even these Mainda and Dvivida on their part are capable of destroying the entire city of Lanka together with its Horses, chariots and Elephants.
vrm.5.61 Then, the excellent Vanaras, resembling Meru and Mandara mountains, like Elephants in rut, as if covering the sky, having huge bodies and colossal strength, keeping Hanuma in their front, leaving Mount Mahendra, went ahead leaping delightfully.
vrm.5.68 You can see soon those valiant Vanaras, with their claws and tusks as weapons, having the prowess of Lions and Tigers and looking like lordly Elephants, coming here together
vrm.6.3 “I shall tell you the details of how the Rakshasas are attached to their king, the excellent prosperity of Lanka generated by the glory of Ravana, the awfulness of the ocean, the division of the body of his forces and of animals like Horses and Elephants carrying his forces other than the infantry.
vrm.6.3 “The great Lanka was rejoiced and gayful, full of Elephants in rut, abounding in chariots and inhabited by gangs of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.3 That Lanka is abound with Horses and Elephants and is extremely difficult to conquer.
vrm.6.3 Horses, foot soldiers, Elephants and chariots are positioned at the southern gate of the city.
vrm.6.4 At that time, Rama went surrounded by Vanaras, looking like Elephants, numbering in hundreds, hundreds of thousands and crores.
vrm.6.7 Elephants, chariots, cavalry and infantry were defeated by you in a battle.
vrm.6.7 “Approaching that huge ocean of army of Celestials, whose fish are lanes and spheres, whose guts thrown asunder as duck weeds, whose turtles are the Elephants, whose frogs are the teeming Horses, infested with Alligators in the form of Rudras and Adityas with Uragas, Maruts and Vasus, having chariots Horses and Elephants for its volume of waters and the sandy Elephants for its volume of waters and the sandy banks its infantry, Devendra was captured by him and was impelled to come to Lanka as a detenu.
vrm.6.9 "Before the City of Lanka with its Elephants, Horses and many riches are shattered by arrows, let Seetha be given away to him.
vrm.6.10 The air was filled with the sighing breaths of Elephants in rut, with tumultuous noise produced by the blowing of conches and made to resound by an ensemble of musical instruments.
vrm.6.10 Excellent Elephants are bereft of rut.
vrm.6.11 Great chariot warriors in chariots, on excellent Elephants in rut and Horses supportively coming in different gaits, rushed after Ravana quickly.
vrm.6.11 Some of the Rakshasas mounted beautiful chariots some mounted wild and strong Horses and some mounted on Elephants.
vrm.6.11 That city, extremely crowded with chariots Elephants and Horses rushing fast together, appeared like Birds rushing fast in the sky.
vrm.6.11 Parking Horses, Elephants and various kinds vehicles like chariots, they entered by foot the assembly hall as a mountain cave is entered by Lions.
vrm.6.12 cavalry, infantry, chariots and Elephants are entrusted with the defense of the city.
vrm.6.13 Perceiving Ravana enraged, a very strong Rakshasa named Mahaparshva thought for a while and with joined palms, spoke as follows: “That man indeed is a fool, who after reaching a forest inhabited by wild beasts and vicious Elephants and having duly found honey, does not drink it.
vrm.6.16 “Previously in a forest called Padmavana, some maxims were spoken by Elephants, which saw men with nooses in hand.
vrm.6.21 “See here, O, Lakshmana, the coils of water snakes, the huge bodies of alligators and the trunks of sea Elephants being shattered by me.
vrm.6.22 On the first day, fourteen Yojanas of bridge were constructed by the Vanaras speedily, thrilled with delight as they were, resembling Elephants.
vrm.6.27 “He who usually roams by the Ganges, sowing terror among leaders of herds of Elephants, remembering as he does the old quarrel between Elephants and Vanaras, thundering and uprooting trees, he is the commander and leader of Vanaras called Pramathim who dwells in mountain caves, subduing wild Elephants.
vrm.6.27 Some of the Vanaras are tawny coloured, some are white coloured and with nails as their weapons having four tusks, with nails as their weapons having four tusks like Lions, difficult to be approached like Tigers, resembling fire, like unto serpents vomiting poison with their very long coiling tails, resembling Elephants in rut, equal to mighty mountains and making great thunderous sound like that of clouds.
vrm.6.28 “O, king! Do you observe those Vanaras resembling huge Elephants in rut, rising like banyan trees on the banks of River Ganga or Sala trees on Himalayas? Those warriors, able to change their form at will, are irresistible, equal to Daityas and Danavas, and in a battle, are endowed with the valour of the Devas.
vrm.6.30 “Here too is the virtuous Lakshmana, resembling the most excellent Elephant among Elephants, in the path of whose arrows, even Indra himself could not survive Sweta“ and Jyotimukha, the sons of the sun god, a Vanara called Hemakuta, another son of Varuna, Nila the son of Visvakarma the strong and the best of Vanaras, as well as that mighty and swift Durdhara the son of Vasus are all here.
vrm.6.31 The Vanaras sleeping there were crushed by Elephants and multitude of chariots, like clouds are crushed to pieces by the velocity of
vrm.6.31 The enemy fled in terror, pursued by Rakshasas, while being struck on the bak, like Lions pursuing great Elephants.
vrm.6.33 Hear also the thundering crash of the kettle drums, which resembles the rumbling of clouds” Elephants“ in rut are being caparisoned for war.
vrm.6.33 Here is seen the flurry of chariots, Horses and Elephants following the lead of Ravana as well as of energetic Rakshasas thrilled with joy.
vrm.6.33 “Hear the sound of bells of Elephants.
vrm.6.35 Drops" of tears drop from the weeping Elephants, Horses etc.
vrm.6.37 "The Elephants and chariots number some ten thousand each, the cavalry twenty thousand and there are more than a crore foot soldiers.
vrm.6.39 Those Vanaras, great in making noises causing the Birds to frighten and displeasing to the animals and Elephants, went, causing that Lanka to tremble, by their noises.
vrm.6.39 Frightened by that sound, Bears, Lions Buffaloes Elephants, Deers and Birds were trembled and terrified and hastened towards ten different directions.
vrm.6.40 The two heroes, who resembled a tiger and a a lion having their tusks growing or two young lordly Elephants encountening in a hostile manner, with arms interlaced and having duly tried their strength, fell on the ground together.
vrm.6.41 Mountain peaks shake and the Elephants bearing the earth trumpet.
vrm.6.41 Vanaras, the annihilator of enemies, resembling Elephants, took hold of mountain peaks and hundreds of well grown huge trees.
vrm.6.41 Some were having the strength of ten Elephants, some a ten times of that and some were equal to the strength of a thousand Elephants.
vrm.6.41 Some were having the strength of an ogha of Elephants.
vrm.6.42 The Vanaras who resembled great Elephants hurled themselves towards that Lanka, springing, leaping and roaring.
vrm.6.42 With the trumpeting of Elephants, the neighing of the Horses, the clattering of the chariot wheels and the sounds of the foot steps, the sound of the couches reechoed over the earth, sky and sea.
vrm.6.43 Those Rakshasas, the best of Rakshasas, doing terrific acts and eager to triumph in Ravanas’ name, marched ahead on steeds with golden trappings or Elephants resembling pointed flames, or in chariots flashing like the sun and themselves wearing beautiful armours, creating reverberant sounds in the ten regions.
vrm.6.43 The battle field became frightening with extra ordinary spears, other arrows, maces, javelins, lances and some other weapons with three points, shattered chariots and military steeds Elephants in rut, Vanaras and Rakshasas which had been killed, wheels axles and yokes broken and lying on the ground and frequented as it was by herds of Jackals.
vrm.6.44 Agitated with anger, the Vanaras dragged the Elephants and those mounted on them and also the chariots with their banners and flag staffs duly breaking them to pieces with their teeth.
vrm.6.51 With downcast faces, those Rakshasas skilled in speech, faithfully informed Ravana of those unpleasant tidings, saying: "The two brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, whom Indrajit had bound with his benumbing shafts and whose arms he had pinioned, are free from the arrows which paralyzed them and now appear on the field of battle, as two strong Elephants who have snapped their fetters.
vrm.6.51 Clad in mail, mounted on chariots that were magnificently dressed with flags and decorated with bands of pure gold, harnessed to mules of many heads or steeds of exceeding fleetness or Elephants in furious rut, some other excellent Rakshasas went forth like veritable Tigers.
vrm.6.52 Crushed by the great rocks of Vanaras, the earth was scattered with corpses of great Elephants resembling hills and Horses with their riders.
vrm.6.52 With the bow strings as the tuneful lute, the neighing of Horses as a measure rhythm and the trumpeting of Elephants as the vocal music, the whole battle resembled a symphony.
vrm.6.53 With the utmost attention, he assembled teams of Elephants, Horses mules Camels and chariots adorning them with conspicuous flags and banners and he himself was well prepared.
vrm.6.53 All those excellent Rakshasas in their resplendent and coloured uniforms, full of strength and mounted on Elephants furious with rut, resembled moving mountains.
vrm.6.53 All those excellent Rakshasas in their resplendent and coloured uniforms, full of strength and mounted on Elephants furious with rut, resembled moving mountains.
vrm.6.54 The Vanaras of mighty prowess, resembling Elephants in rut, showered down giant trees and huge lumps of rock on the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.56 Hanuman struck down Elephants as also who rode upon them and charioteers with their chariots and the terrific infantry of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.57 They do not tolerate your sound, as Elephants the lion s roar.
vrm.6.57 Within a short while, that City of Lanka was filled with those terrific Rakshasa warriors, resembling Elephants and wielding various types of weaponry.
vrm.6.57 He emerged from the eastern gate in the midst of an immense, formidable and orderly arranged army, resembling a herd of Elephants.
vrm.6.58 With the heaps of warriors for its banks the broken weapons its trees, the torrents of blood its huge waves, death appeared like an ocean receiving its floods, livers and spleens its mire, entrails its moss, severed heads and trunks the fish, and morsels of flesh the grass, the innumerable Vultures its lovely Swans, Herons its Geese, covered as it was with fat for the foam, the tumult the sound of its waters, the battle field resembled a river, incapable of being crossed by cowards, visited by water fowls at the end of the rainy season, those Rakshasas and the foremost of the Vanaras crossed over that impassable river, as Elephants lead their herds across a lake that the lotuses have covered with pollen.
vrm.6.58 Those two army chiefs, who were courageous and in whom enmity had sprung up, with their limbs covered with blood, wee standing like two Elephants in rut.
vrm.6.59 Elephants fell.
vrm.6.59 standard, banner and canopy, armed with javelins, swords, stakes and other weapons and missiles and composed of imperturbable soldiers and Elephants as high as the Mahendra Mountain? Hearing the words of Rama, Vibhishana the equal of Indra in valour, then narrated to Rama about the choicest army of the foremost among Rakshasas of the highest peculiarity as follows:
vrm.6.59 eyes, with heads of Tigers, Buffalo mighty Elephants, deer and Horses, under an excellent white canopy with slender ribs and shining like a moon, he who is the humbler of the Gods themselves, shining like unto Rudra amidst the genii, is the suzerain Lord of Rakshasas there.
vrm.6.59 Lakshmana then saw Ravana with arms as large as the trunks of Elephants, who was brandishing his dreadful and fiery bow, covering those Vanaras whose bodies he had severed with a close rain of darts.
vrm.6.60 They beat Horses, Camels, Donkeys, and Elephants with sticks whips and thongs, so that they trample upon him and blasted kettle drums, couches and drums.
vrm.6.60 A thousand Elephants ran up and down on his body till Kumbhakarna lightly woke up and became aware of the pressure.
vrm.6.60 "Already, a single Vanara set fire to our great city of slew the youthful Prince Aksha with his escort of Elephants and retinue.
vrm.6.65 With loud sounds of counches and kettle drums, with an army wielding excellent weapons, with Elephants, with Horses and with chariots making sounds of clouds, mighty charioteers accompanied him who was the foremost among the charioteers.
vrm.6.65 Those Rakshasas followed that terrific and mighty Kumbhakarna, mounting on serpents, Camels, Donkeys, Lions, Elephants, wild beasts and Birds.
vrm.6.66 Like Elephants in rut, those Vanaras, having came back, hurriedly hit Kumbhakarna, very much enraged as they were.
vrm.6.67 That excellent mountain crushed the Horses, Elephants and the chariots.
vrm.6.67 Thereupon, at the mere sight of Rama, Ravana s relatives were perturbed at the killing of Ravana of great intelligence and loudly roared, as Elephants roar at the sight of a lion.
vrm.6.69 Mighty Rakshasas, holding excellent weaponry, accompanied them, mounting on Elephants, Horses and chariots making sounds of rumbling clouds.
vrm.6.69 The mighty Vanaras too saw that army of Rakshasas, which appeared like a black cloud but blazing like fire and sun on all sides, abounding with Elephants, Horses and chariots, made to resound with hundreds of small bells and wielding well raised great weaponry.
vrm.6.69 Some killed valiant Rakshasas, sitting or standing in chariots and also those Rakshasas mounted on Elephants and Horses.
vrm.6.69 Some Vanaras in the battle front destroyed chariot with chariots, Elephants with the very Elephants and Horse by the very Horses.
vrm.6.70 Then, Mahaparshva was holding a large mace, which was resplendent, completely made of iron, wound round with golden wires, filled with a froth of flesh and blood, satiated with the blood enemies, the upper most part of which was blazing with splendour, decked with red coloured garlands and which frightened the Elephants supporting the quarters like Airavata, Mahapadma and Sarvabhauma.
vrm.6.71 “He is respected for his counsel, for his rides on the backs of Horses and Elephants, for his drawing out of the sword and the bow, for his strategy winning over to his side by sowing dissention negotiation and bribery and for his steering capacity of an army.
vrm.6.73 Some rode on the back of Elephants, some ascended excellent Horses, Tigers, scorpions, Cats, Donkeys and Camels, looking.
vrm.6.74 Fiercely seizing hold of the top of that mountain, furnished with thousands of minerals, with its trees, Elephants and gold, with the projections of mountain shattered and the crest of its plateau set on fire, at once sprang up with speed.
vrm.6.75 of diverse and peculiar designs of Horses, the chains worn round the neck of the Elephants as also their girths and polished ornaments meant for the chariots were also burnt.
vrm.6.75 Coats of mail of the warriors, the armour of the Elephants and Horses, swords, bows, bow strings, arrows, lances, goads and javelins were burnt there.
vrm.6.75 With their Elephants let loose by the superintendents of the Elephants and Horses too set free, Lanka was like an ocean, with roaming alligators in it at the end of a world cycle.
vrm.6.75 That army of Rakshasas was looking awful with flags and banners, with excellent axes shaped like swords, consisting of terrific Horses, chariots and Elephants, crowded with foot soldiers of every description, distinguished by shining pikes, maces, swords, spears, lances and bows, noted for its redoubtable valour and prowess, with shining lances and rendered noisy by hundreds of tiny bells tied around chariots, Elephants etc, the arms of its warriors adorned with sets of gold ornaments, their axes being brandished, mighty weapons being waved about, arrows fitted to the bows and the whole atmosphere rendered fragrant by the abundance of sandal paste, garlands and wine.
vrm.6.76 Then, they stood breathing heavily again and again as Elephants in rut, having their bodies fastened against each other, rubbing one another and emitting a flame to blaze with smoke from their faces because of their fatigue.
vrm.6.78 Those cruel Rakshasas, who can change their forms at will, who had protruding tusks, had tawny coloured eyes, had their disheveled hair, creating terror with their colossal bodies, then marched forward like roaring Elephants, shaking the firmament and surrounded the huge bodied Makaraksha.
vrm.6.78 Saying thunderously, “I shall take the lead”, those Rakshasas who resembled black clouds, Elephants and Buffaloes in hue, who had been wounded pointedly more than once by maces and swords in the battle front and who were skilled in martial art, moved hither and thither in the battle field.
vrm.6.83 “O the foremost among men! O the long armed one! O the firmly resolute one! Arise! Why are you not knowing about yourself, who is the great souled and whose spirit is disciplined?” “O faultless one! On seeing the death of Seetha and enraged, rising to do favour for you, I shall completely destroy with my arrows, Lanka with its chariots, Elephants and Horses along with Ravana.
vrm.6.84 That Vibhishana, surrounded by four warriors, wielding many types of weapons, and who were chiefs of troops, looking like heaps of black collyrium and who were appearing like Elephants, approached Lakshmana who was totally engrossed in sorrow and saw the Vanaras also, whose eyes were filled with tears.
vrm.6.89 Seeing Lakshmana and Indrajit, fighting with commitment to gain victory one over the other, like Elephants in rut, that strong and valiant Vibhishana, wielding his excellent bow, stood there at the battle front, with an intent to behold their combat.
vrm.6.90 Those two warriors, holding their bows, having an extreme intent to kill each other with their arrows, were like two excellent Elephants going out in the forest for the purpose of conquering one over the other.
vrm.6.92 Nay, even the three worlds!" "Now, I shall hear the hue and cry of the Rakshasa maidens in the gynaecium, even as one would hear the roar of a troop of female Elephants in a mountain cave.
vrm.6.93 "Surrounded by the entire Elephants and Horses, as also graced with columns of chariots and foot soldiers, all of you march forward.
vrm.6.93 With Elephants and chariots as their river banks, with Horses as their fish and with flag staffs as trees, rivers of blood gushed forth, carrying dead Then, all those Vanaras were drenched in streams of blood.
vrm.6.93 "Here is Rama, killing the army of Elephants.
vrm.6.93 Within a matter of three hours, with his arrows looking like tongues of flames, Rama killed an army of Rakshasas, capable of changing their form at will, including ten thousands chariots possessing the swiftness of the wind, eighteen thousand strong Elephants, fourteen thousand Horses with their riders and a full two lacs of Rakshasas fighting on foot.
vrm.6.93 That battle field, with Elephants, foot soldiers and Horses killed, looked like a pleasure grave of the powerful and the enraged the lord of destruction.
vrm.6.94 Rama, who was unweary in action, with his shining arrows adorned with pure gold, killed those thousands of Elephants dispatched by Ravana, thousands of Horses, valiant Rakshasas who can change their form at will mounted on thousands of chariots with their flag staffs, having the colour of fire, fighting with maces and iron rods and conspicuous with their golden banners.
vrm.6.94 "The valiant Rama killed hundreds and thousands of chariots, Horses and Elephants in the battle.
vrm.6.94 "There is no refuge whatsoever for us, who stand in great danger, as indeed there is no shelter for female Elephants, enveloped by a wild fire in a forest.
vrm.6.96 Those Vanaras tormented by sharp arrows, fled away roaring, as Elephants run away, when enveloped in flames of fire and getting scorched by them.
vrm.6.108 Blazing like a fire at the time of universal dissolution enveloped in smoke and looking like a venomous snake, it was swift in action and capable of bursting hosts of men, Elephants and Horses.
vrm.6.110 Those women, who were overcome with grief about the death of their husband, having their eyes filled with tears, loudly lamented like female Elephants who had lost the leader of their herd.
vrm.6.123 Thereupon, the Vanaras along with the Rakshasas beheld that Ayodhya, having rows of white palaces, intersected with wide roads, and crowded with Elephants and Horses, looking like Amaravati, the City of Indra
vrm.6.125 “Whose mind does not turn round, with a kingdom abundantly rich in all coveted enjoyments, teeming with Elephants Horses and chariots and which is in herited from one’s father?”
vrm.6.126 Rama", thereupon, entered that large, terrific and solitary forest of Dandaka, which had been trampled by Elephants and extensive with Lions, Tigers and Deers.
vrm.6.127 Some rode on thousands of well adorned Elephants in rut and bearing banners.
vrm.6.127 Some others rode on female Elephants provided with golden girths, along with those Elephants.
vrm.6.127 Descending from their chariots, Elephants as also Horses and standing on the ground, all those people saw, like the moon in the sky, that Rama seated in the aerial car.
vrm.6.128 Assuming human forms and adorned with all types of ornaments, Vanaras sallied forth, mounting on mine thousand Elephants.
vrm.6.128 The great souled Vanaras, resembling Elephants and going speedily like Eagles, thus ordered by Sugreeva, leapt quickly into the sky.
vrm.7.33 And they all stood there in a half sensible mood, some holding the car, some Elephants, some Asses, some Camels, some Serpents, some Horses, some Porpoises, some Boars, some Pisacha mouthed animals and some embracing the Pannagas.
vrm.7.36 Her waters were being agitated by Buffaloes, Deer, Tigers, Lions, Bears and Elephants distressed by heat.
vrm.7.36 And she was agitated by those elephantlike leading Rakshasas like unto the Ganges by Vamana, Anjana, Padma and other Elephants, Thereupon having got up from the waters the highly powerful Rakshasas culled flowers for Ravana s offerings.

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