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vrm.1.36 a Oh, Earth, your appearance shall be bizarre and you will be a wife to many.
vrm.1.39 Mother" Earth bewailed while she is ruptured with spears also that are similar to thunderbolts, besides with very gruelling ploughs.
vrm.1.40 To whom this Mother Earth belongs in all her entirety, he is that prescient Vasudeva, and she is also the consort of that Madhava, and that Vishnu eternally props up Mother Earth.
vrm.2.11 "Oh, King! The protection of the Earth, the one who has true promise! I am hunting for those boons, which were given by you and kept with you for safe custody.
vrm.2.11 There afterwards, Kaikeyi spoke these words to Dasaratha who was ready to give boons and who was infatuated by lust: "Oh, King! the lord of Earth, now only I am asking for those boons which were given by you then.
vrm.2.44 Indeed, what handicaps are there for him in the forest or in Ayodhya? Rama the best among men will be installed on the throne soon along with the Mother Earth Sita the princess of Videha kingdom and Lakshmi Seeing Rama departing, all the people in Ayodhya smitten as they were with upsurge of grief shed tears born of agony.
vrm.2.99 Bharata saw that Rama clad in an antelope skin and robes of bark, seated close by, resembling a fire in brilliance, with the neck and shoulders of a lion, mighty arms and eyes resembling the lotus, the very virtuous Lord of the Earth extending upto the ocean, the Eternal Brahma, and seated on the ground spread with Darbha grass, with Seetha and Lakshmana.
vrm.3.66 This Mother Earth who is the mother of worlds and venerated by all animate and inanimate, oh, king of Kosala kingdom, even she undergoes tremors and earthquakes.
vrm.4.17 "With you as her espouser the Earth is not with a correct spouse, as with any lady who is with full fledged chastity, but with a husband who is without rectitude.
vrm.4.24 Earth", waters, trees and women took the burden of Indra s sins, but who in name will bear the burden of this sin of mine, that too the sin of a Vanara, who wishes to share?
vrm.5.14 There the Earth sprinkled by flowers of various kinds which fell down from trees shone like a well decorated woman.
vrm.6.22 O, beloved Rama! Earth, wind ether, water and light remain fixed in their own nature, resorting to their eternal path.
vrm.6.23 Earth will become a quagmire of flesh and blood, covered with rocks spears and swords hurled by Vanaras and Rakshasas.
vrm.6.71 Earth also made an uproar.
vrm.6.111 "O my lord, who annihilated yourself and your people! Seetha is the model of forbearance even to the Goddess Earth and a model of grace to Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune and charm.
vrm.6.117 The Earth constitutes your firmness.
vrm.7.7 And the Earth was seen to be covered with night rangers resembling lark clouds, adorned with jewelled necklaces and ear rings, falling down, as if covered with dark mountains dropping down.
vrm.7.18 And thereupon, the lord of Earth Marutta desisted in consonance with the instructions of his spiitual preceptor; and composed addressed himself to completing the sacrifice, giving up his bow with the arrow set.
vrm.7.22 Hiranyakasipu, the gracaful Namuchi, and Shamvara, Nishandi and Dhumketu and Virochana s ofspring Vali, and the Daitya Shamvu that mighty monarchs, Vritra and Bana ;and Rajarshis versed in all branches of learnings and Gandharvas, and mighty Nagas, and Sages, and Pannagas and Yakshas, and swarms of Apsaras and the Earth herself containing vasty oceans and mountains and rivers and trees, at the unrolling of a Yuga all these, O mighty monarch have I brought to dissolution.
vrm.7.110 Being present in the welkin and beholding Sita enter into the Earth, the Devas again and again eulogised her in various words.
vrm.7.110 In this wise beholding Sita s entrance into the Earth the ascetics were greatly delighted.
vrm.7.122 On his right hand side was the lotus handed Sree, on his left hand side was the goddess Earth and before him was the power of destruction.

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