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vrm.1.1 "Then in a combat Rama eliminated all the fourteen Rakshasas who rebelliously came at him in the first round of combat incited by the provokes of Shuurpanakha, and then in second round Rama eliminated Rakshasa chiefs called Khara, Trishira, Duushana, who are none but the cousins of Shuurpanakha and Ravana, together with all of their hench Rakshasas.
vrm.3.17 "And the mighty Kumbhakarna who will always be in profound sleep is my brother, and the virtue souled Vibhishana too is my brother, but he does not behave like a Rakshasa, and two more bothers of mine are Khara and Duushana who are renowned for their bravery in war.
vrm.3.22 Though she denounced him earlier she alone praised him now for which Khara is overjoyed, and then he ordered his army commander, namely Duushana.
vrm.3.22 "And oh, gentle Duushana, those domineering Rakshasas are with dark clouds like complexions, and they are the pamperers of genocide, as such, cause them for a belligerency, all at once.
vrm.3.22 "Oh, war pert Duushana, I wish to start ahead of all the Rakshasas of ours, who are the clans Rakshasas of the great souled Paulastya, for the purpose of elimination of that evil minded Rama.
vrm.3.22 So said Khara to Duushana.
vrm.3.22 While Khara is saying thus Duushana heralded saying, "Here comes the great chariot with sun s dazzle, yoked with very good Horses of variegated colours.
vrm.3.22 On overseeing that great army with chariots, skins shields, weaponry and flags, and even at Duushana too, Khara charged all those Rakshasas saying "proceed.
vrm.3.23 Likewise Mahakapaala, Stuulaaksha, Pramaathi, Trishira are the four commanders of Rakshasa forces and they followed Duushana marching at his behind.
vrm.3.25 Comforting all of them and taking his bow, very highly infuriated Duushana rushed towards that infuriated Rama like the furious Eliminator Yama.
vrm.3.25 Or That highly infuriated Duushana rushed towards Rama as highly infuriated Yama rushes towards Rudra, where Rudra being the ultimate eliminator himself, angry rush of Yama towards Rudra is therefore futile.
vrm.3.25 Coming under the shelter of Duushana all of those Rakshasas are but emboldened and returned, and they once again rushed towards Rama with saala trees, palm trees and boulders as their weapons.
vrm.3.26 On seeing the shattering of his own forces, Duushana bid five thousand mighty armed nightwalkers of monstrous impetus, and who knew no retreat in war, to attack Rama.
vrm.3.26 Exasperation prevailing on him who appeared to be highly blazing with the blaze of his own virtue, he then diffused Duushana and his army with arrows from all over.
vrm.3.26 b, a And on becoming enraged Duushana, the railer of his rivals and the commander of that army, then virtually forestalled Raghava s onslaught with his arrows that are simulative of thunderbolts.
vrm.3.26 b, a That valiant one in warring Rama is then infuriated and with his crescent barbed arrow shivered the sturdy bow of Duushana, shredding four of his Horses with four more arrows.
vrm.3.26 b, a On destructing the Horses with excruciating arrows, he even fragmented the head of the charioteer with a crescent barbed arrow, and even impaled the chest of Rakshasa Duushana with some more arrows.
vrm.3.26 With his bow fractured and chariot shredded, and with Horses and charioteer killed, he that Duushana grabbed a mace which outranks a peak of mountain and a hair thriller at its sight, and which girt with golden girths once gritted the armies of Gods, the head of which is studded with incisive iron spikes and saturated with the fat of foes, a coequal of a diamond and a thunderbolt in its hardiness and flashiness, and a ransacker of the archways of fortresses of his adversaries.
vrm.3.26 b, On firmly gripping that mace which in war is akin to an infernal serpent, and the touch of which tantamount to snakebite, rushed that nightwalker Duushana with infernal exerts rushed towards Rama.
vrm.3.26 While Duushana came falling on, he that Raghava sheared off his shoulders that have wrist ornaments on his arms with two arrows.
vrm.3.26 When Duushana s arms are thus sheared in the van of war, his gigantic mace slipped and spun in his own front, like the flagstaff with flag raised in honour of Indra, and collapsed
vrm.3.26 With both of his arms strewn around Duushana fell down onto earth like a haughty and gigantic Elephant when both of its tusks are broken down.
vrm.3.26 On seeing Duushana eliminated and fallen to ground, all the beings have applauded Rama saying, good, good.
vrm.3.26 Then still infuriated Rama forthwith eliminated the five thousand hench Rakshasas of Duushana with five thousand arrows, and thus he led them to the residence of Time god, namely the hell.
vrm.3.26 b, a On hearing about the killing of Duushana and also thus of the followers of Duushana, Khara irately ordered his army captains, under whose captaincy mighty forces are there.
vrm.3.26 b, a Duushana" is killed in war along with his followers, hence all you Rakshasas, take formidable army, take weapons of diverse designs, combat and kill that evil human Rama.
vrm.3.28 Khara is intimidated on seeing the elimination of Duushana along with Trishira inasmuch as the intrepidity of Rama is concerned.
vrm.3.28 On seeing the annihilation of the insufferable and mighty force of Rakshasas, even that of Duushana and Trishira by lone Rama, and thus to apprehend that the Rakshasa force is wholly destructed, that Rakshasa Khara became apprehensive, and then he lunged at Rama, as with Namuchi who once lunged at Indra.
vrm.3.30 They in their amazement said among themselves that in one and half hours, say seventy two minutes of this extreme crack down Rama with his sharp arrows has eradicated fourteen thousand guise changing Rakshasas, including their chieftains Khara and Duushana.
vrm.3.31 "He is blue black in complexion, a highly renowned one with matchless might and valour, a magnificent one such as he is he slew Duushana along with Khara in Janasthana.
vrm.3.32 On seeing the fourteen thousands Rakshasas of heinous crimes, and even on seeing Trishira, Duushana, and even Khara, who are all exterminated by lone Rama, then Shuurpanakha emitted a thunderous blare like a thundercloud.
vrm.3.33 "Without keeping the kingdom under your personal control, you have shuffled the administration onto the ministers and army personnel like Khara, Duushana et al.
vrm.3.33 "A single soul called Rama has eliminated fourteen thousand Rakshasas of dreadful deeds in Janasthana, even Duushana is killed, even Khara is also killed.
vrm.3.34 "What is the weapon of that Rama by whom these many Rakshasas are killed in war, likewise Duushana and Trishira are killed, and even the unkillable Khara is killed? Oh, lady with fascinating limbs, who disfigured you? That you tell.
vrm.3.34 b, a "Thus a lone foot soldier with his excruciating arrows has exterminated fourteen thousand Rakshasas with fiendish might, including Duushana, and along withKhara, say, within one and half hours.
vrm.3.34 "On recognising that Rama with his straight shooting arrows destroyed the night walkers positioned at Janasthana, and further on distinguishing that Duushana, and even Khara, is dispatched, it is apt of you to awake to a workable action.
vrm.3.36 "You are aware as to how my brother Khara, and the mighty armed Duushana, also my sister Shuurpanakha, and even the highly fiery Rakshasa and devourer of raw flesh Trishira, and even numerous other night walking Rakshasas who are cocksure of hitting their targets have made Janasthana as their residency, and while residing there they put the sages of that great forest that tread a righteous path to torture, of course, all this as assigned by me.
vrm.3.36 b, a Khara" is hewed down, Duushana is mowed down, and even Trishira is hacked down, thereof that Dandaka forest is rendered free from the fear of Rakshasas.
vrm.3.54 "Though highly forceful forces are deployed in Janasthana, Rama s arrows have utterly destroyed them, together with Khara and Duushana.
vrm.3.54 "I for myself will be comfortable only on eliminating him who has eliminated Khara and Duushana as with a pauper acquiring riches.
vrm.5.16 By Rama with a famed mind, Khara has been killed, Trisira also has been fell down, Duushana with great glory also has been killed in war.

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