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vrm.3.71 "Oh, Rama, soon you have to toss me into trench to burn me customarily, sooner than the Sun s going to Mountain Dusk when his Horses are fatigued.
vrm.4.42 "The Sun courses across those ten thousand Yojana s from Mountain Meru Saavarni to Mountain Astaadri in one and half hours, and quickly reaches Mountain Astagiri, or Mountain Dusk.
vrm.4.42 "On the pinnacle of Mountain Astagiri, or the Mountain Dusk, there is a supreme and heavenly manor house compacted with multi storied buildings, which in shine will be similar to Sun and which is arranged by Vishvakarma, the Divine Architect.
vrm.4.42 "On effacing the utter darkness of all the mortal world up to here, the illuminator of mortal world and the decliner of night, namely the Sun, will go to the Mountain Astagiri, say Mountain Dusk.
vrm.4.42 "You shall return within a month on knowing about Vaidehi and also about the residency of Ravana, or on your reaching Mountain Astagiri, say Mountain Dusk.
vrm.4.46 "Such as I was, on seeing diverse cities and the best mountain Astagiri, Mountain Dusk, I reached that excellent Mountain Dusk also, and since Vali is at my heel, I took to my heels, by a long way to north.
vrm.4.61 "Before the sages on the peak of Mountain Kailasa we have staked a stake that we two shall follow the Sun till he reaches the great westerly mountain, namely Mountain Dusk.
vrm.4.67 impetuosity shall I venture to start with the Sun who starts his journey of the day from Mountain Sunrise, and shall I go to Mountain Dusk before Sun, and again shall I venture to comeback even before the sundown towards the same day s flaming Sun when he is garlanded with flaming sunrays around him in midday, that too without my touching the land.

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