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vrm.7.60 O Lakshmana, when Durvasa was addressed by the king Dasaratha as to thy future he replied in the above way.
vrm.7.60 O foremost of men, Durvasa said this unto Dasaratha before me, Vasishta and other great men.
vrm.7.61 Being thus requested by the high souled Lakshmana, Sumantra began to reveal the mystery of Durvasa s account "In the days of yore the great ascetic Durvasa, the son of Atri, resided for a year in the holy hermitage of Vasishta.
vrm.7.61 He saw the great ascetic Durvasa, burning like the sun in his efulgence, seated on the right hand side of Vasishta.
vrm.7.61 During an interval Dasaratha, with folded hands and uplifted arms, said to the high souled son of Atri Durvasa, having asceticism for his wealth.
vrm.7.61 Hearing the words of the king Dasaratha the highly effulgent Durvasa replied "Hear, the early history, O king.
vrm.7.61 Having thus related unto Dasaratha the past and future of his family the highly effulgent great ascetic Durvasa became silent.
vrm.7.61 I had heard there all these words of the great ascetic Durvasa.
vrm.7.103 Hearing their sweet words Rama again began with the story of Kardama s son and said "In turn, the heroic Ila, having regained his manhood, the highly illustrious and intelligent Budha, well informed of birth and well skilled in the art of speech, sent for the highly liberal Samvarta, Bhrigu s son Chyavana, Aristanemi, the foremost of Munis, Durvasa, capable of affording delight, and other friends gifted with patience and said "Ye all know well, how this mighty armed Ila, Kardama s son, attained to this peculiar condition.
vrm.7.109 Next morning Rama, being present in the sacrificial ground and having sent for the Rishis, Vasishta, Vamadeva Javali, Kashyapa, Viswamitra, carrying on penances for a long time, Durvasa, Pulastya of hard austerities, Salastri, Bhargava, Markandeya living long, the highly illustrious Madgalya, Gargya, Chyavana, Satananda, conversent with religions, effulgent Varadwaya, Agnis son Vasuprava, Narada, Parvata, the great Gautama and other ascetics of firm vows, assembled with minds possessed by curiosity.
vrm.7.118 While Rama and Kala were thus conversing with one another, the great ascetic Durvasa arrived at the gate for seeing Rama and approaching Lakshmana said: O Saumitri, do thou soon take me to Rama; my time goes away, so do thou take me first.
vrm.7.118 Hearing those words that foremost of Rishis, Durvasa, impatient with rage, said with blood red eyes: O Saumitri, if dost thou not go even this very moment and communicate unto Rama my arrival, I shall impricate thee, Rama, Bharata, Satrughna, your sons and grand sons.
vrm.7.118 Hearing the words of Rama, the highly powerful Durvasa, the foremost of Munis, said.
vrm.7.118 And feasting on that nectar like sweet food, Durvasa, the foremost of Rishis, thanked Rama and repaired to his own hermitage.
vrm.7.119 Thereupon having invited his priests and ministers there he communicated unto them his promise and Durvasa s arrival.

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