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vrm.5.46 Virupaksha, Yupaksha, Durdhara the Rakshasa, Praghasa and Bhasakarna, all of them brave Rakshasas, skilled in strategy, eager to capture Hanuma and equal to the speed of wind in battle.
vrm.5.46 Durdhara discharged five sharp and fierce steel arrows with a lustre of black lily petals and yellow tops to descend into Hanuma s head.
vrm.5.46 Then the mighty and the valiant Durdhara leapt into the sky with his chariot.
vrm.5.46 Thus afflicted by that Durdhara, Hanuma then emitted a roar once again and swiftly expanded his body.
vrm.5.46 Like a mass of lightning on a mountain, Hanuma instantaneously fell on Durdhara s chariot, by jumping up from far above with great speed.
vrm.5.46 Losing his chariot whose axle and pole had been broken and all his eight Horses destroyed, Durdhara then dropped down, losing his life, to the ground.
vrm.5.49 Durdhara, Prahasta, Mahaparshva the Rakshasa and the counselor Nikumbha and looked like the entire terrestrial globe enclosed by four oceans.
vrm.6.30 Here too is the virtuous Lakshmana, resembling the most excellent Elephant among Elephants, in the path of whose arrows, even Indra himself could not survive Sweta and Jyotimukha, the sons of the sun god, a Vanara called Hemakuta, another son of Varuna, Nila the son of Visvakarma the strong and the best of Vanaras, as well as that mighty and swift Durdhara the son of Vasus are all here.

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