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vrm.6.51 "Those very arrows, bright as fire, which in battle have taken the life of my enemies, have now been rendered void indeed!" Having spoken thus in furious tones, hissing like a snake, he addressed a Rakshasa called Dhumraksha who was seated amidst the Rakshasas and said.
vrm.6.51 Thus commanded by Ravana, the intelligent Dhumraksha, going past from there, quickly departed front her royal palace.
vrm.6.51 Hearing the words of Dhumraksha, the general of forces, having the army which followed him, kept the army ready quickly, as per Ravana s command.
vrm.6.51 Those strong Rakshasas of terrific form, making sounds with bells hung on their bodies, joyously surrounded Dhumraksha.
vrm.6.51 Dhumraksha, with a mule like clatter, set out in a celestial chariot to which mules adorned with gold and heads of deer and Lions were hitched.
vrm.6.51 That Dhumraksha of mighty prowess, surrounded by Rakshasas, set forth amidst mocking laughter, through the western gate where the army chief Hanuman was stationed.
vrm.6.51 Streming with blood, a huge decapitated trunk fell to earth, emitting inarticulate noise in Dhumraksha s vicinity and the sky rained down blood.
vrm.6.51 Seeing those terrible amones that appeared in all their horror to the Rakshasas, Dhumraksha became perturbed.
vrm.6.51 Terror seized all the Rakshasas who were advancing in front of Dhumraksha.
vrm.6.51 Then, Dhumraksha, the highly terrible and strong Rakshasa, surrounded by a multitude of Rakshasas, eager to enter into combat, set out and beheld that army of a multitude of Vanaras, resembling a flood, protected by the arms of Rama.
vrm.6.52 Beholding the Rakshasa, Dhumraksha of terrible prowess coming forth, all the Vanaras waiting for the war, roared with joy.
vrm.6.52 Seeing his army routed, Dhumraksha that lion among the Rakshasas, in his anger began to create a blood shed of the Vanaras wishing to fight.
vrm.6.52 Dhumraksha on his part, wielding a bow in his hand and laughing at the battle front, made those Vanaras to run away to all the quarters by a shower of his arrows.
vrm.6.52 Seeing the army perturbed due to tormented by Dhumraksha, Hanuman was enraged and turned towards him, taking a gigantic rock in his hands.
vrm.6.52 Hanuman, who was equal in strength to his father, with his eyes inflamed with anger, flung the rock on the chariot of Dhumraksha.
vrm.6.52 Beholding the befalling rock, Dhumraksha lifting his mace hurriedly, jumped down speedily from the chariot and stood there on the earth.
vrm.6.52 Having driven away the army of Rakshasas, Hanuma born of Maruta, breaking off the peak of a mountain, ran towards Dhumraksha.
vrm.6.52 The valiant Dhumraksha lifted his mace and making a roaring sound, ran towards that Hanuman who was rushing on him suddenly.
vrm.6.52 Thereafter, Dhumraksha with an outrage, brought down that mace studded with countless spikes on the head of that Hanuma.
vrm.6.52 That Hanuman, who was endowed with an energy similar to the wind, was in no way disturbed by that blow but struck Dhumraksha on the middle of his skull with his rocky peak.
vrm.6.52 That Dhumraksha, struck by the rocky peak, which shattered all his limbs, soon fell down on the ground like a mountain crumbling.
vrm.6.52 Seeing Dhumraksha having been killed, the Rakshasas left surviving were frightened of being killled by the Vanaras and re entered Lanka.
vrm.6.53 Hearing the death of Dhumraksha, Ravana the King of Rakshasas was possessed of anger and began to hiss like a serpent.
vrm.6.72 Hearing Atikaya having been killed in the hands of the great souled Lakshmana, Ravana was worried and spoke as follows: Dhumraksha, who was greatly impatient Akampana who was excellent among all wielders of weapons, Prahasta and Kumbhakarna were killed by Rama, who was unwearied in battle.
vrm.6.89 The valiant Nikumbha, the mighty Kumbhakarna, Kumbha, the Rakshasa called Dhumraksha, Jambumali, Mahamali, the highly swift Ashaniprabha, Suptaghna, Yajnakopa, a Rakshasa named Vajradamshtra, Samhadri, Vikata the destroyer of enemies, Tapana, Manda, Praghaasa, Praghasa, Prajangha, Jangha, Agniketu who was difficult to be conquered, Agniketu, the valiant Rashmiketu, vidyujjihva, Dvijihva, Suryashatru, Akampana, Suparshva, Chakramali, Kampana and the mighty Devantaka were also killed.
vrm.6.123 Here, Dhumraksha was killed by Hanuma, the Vanara.
vrm.7.1 Hearing the speech of the ascetics of sacred souls, Rama, coming under the influence of a mighty wonder, said with joined hands, "Ye worshipful ones wherefore, passing by those exceedingly powerful ones Kumbhakarna and the night ranger, Ravana do ye praise Ravana s son ?Wherefore, passing by Mahodara, and Prahasta, and the Rakshasa Virupaksha and Matta, and Unmatta, and the irrepressible Devantaka and Narantaka redoubtable heroes all do ye extoll Ravana s son ?And wherefore, passing by Atikaya and Trisiras and Dhumraksha, that night ranger all endowed with exceeding prowess, do ye extoll Ravana s son ?What was his prowess ?And what his strength ?And what his might ?And by virtue of what cause did he surpass Ravana ?If I can well hear the same, do ye tell it me.
vrm.7.5 O mighty king, do thou, gradually, know the offspring that were begot by Sumali on Ketumati, Prahasta, and Kampana, and Vikata, and Kalikamukha, and Dhumraksha, and Danda, and the redoubtable Suparswa, and Sanhradi, and Praghasa, and the Rakshasa, Bhasakarna, and Raka, and Pushpotkata, and Kaikasi of luminous smiles, and Kumbhinasi these are known as the offspring of Sumali.
vrm.7.14 Accompanied by his six counsellors Mahodara and Prahasta, Maricha, Suka and Sarana, and the heroic Dhumraksha eager for encounter the graceful Ravana, elated with his strength sallied out, as if consuming all creatures with his wrath.
vrm.7.15 And then Manibhadra dealt the Rakshasa a blow with his mace ;and thereat Dhumraksha smit at the head fell down senseless on the ground.

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