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vrm.6.27 O, king! He who is standing in the middle, with terrific eyes and of fearful appearance, encircled by all like Parjanya the rain god being encircled by clouds is the army chief called Dhumra, the Lord of all Rikshas, who drinks the waters of River Narmada and resides on an excellent mountain named Rikshavanta.
vrm.6.27 See him who is appearing like a mountain the younger brother of Dhumra, though in form resembling like his brother, is more distinguished in prowess.
vrm.6.42 Accompanied by a crore of Rikshas having terrific rage, Dhumra brother of Jambavan, the king of Rikshas of great prowess and the annihilator of enemies, took up his position by the side of Rama.
vrm.6.66 Rishabha, Sharabha, Mainda, Dhumra, Neela, Kumuda, sushena, Gavaksha, Rambha, Tara and more particularly Dvipada, Panasa and hanuma marched ahead very quickly, with their faces turned towards the battle.

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