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vrm.2.1 By patience and the related virtues, he was equal to earth, by wisdom to Brihaspati and by valor to Devendra.
vrm.2.1 Rama" is equal to Yama and Devendra in valor, to Brihaspati in wisdom and to a mountain in courage.
vrm.2.1 Surrounded by the respected and humble kings sitting closely to him as well as the important heads of cities and villages, king Dasaratha shone like lord Devendra surrounded by Devas.
vrm.2.2 "My eldest son Rama is equal to Devendra in valor.
vrm.2.2 "Oh king! Rama is equal to Devendra in heavenly qualities.
vrm.2.2 "He is equal to moon in making the people happy equal to the earth in the quality of forgiveness equal to Brihaspati in wisdom and verily to Devendra in valour.
vrm.2.2 "All people desire Rama, who is endowed with this wealth of qualities, who has true valour, who is equal to presiding deities like Devendra, to be their lord.
vrm.2.3 Afterwards the kings belonging to east, west, north, south as well as those belonging to Mleccha kingdom, Aryaa Vartha kingdom and those ruling in hill and forest areas sat there and attended on King Dasaratha as Devas attended on Devendra.
vrm.2.3 The sage king Dasaratha, sitting in the midst of those kings like Devendra in the middle of the Devas, saw from the palace itself, his son Rama arriving in a chariot.
vrm.2.3 King Dasaratha, the best among those who have sons, smilingly conversed with his son, and addressed Rama as follows, as Kasyapa does to his eldest son Devendra the ruler of Devas.
vrm.2.5 He walked up the royal palace, which was akin to the top of a mountain enclosed by a white cloud and met king Dasaratha in the manner Brihaspati met Devendra.
vrm.2.5 That palace with women in top dress and form was like the palace of Devendra.
vrm.2.9 "That great Asura famously called shambara, who had several magic effects, defeated all the Devas and conferred battle upon Devendra.
vrm.2.16 King" Dasaratha will give you kingdom, being served by brahmanas, which will invest you with eligibility to perform the great sacrifice at the coronation ceremony like Brahma to Devendra.
vrm.2.25 The illustrious Kausalya gave the desired fee to that chief of brahmanas and spoke as follows to Rama: "Which felicity occurred in Devendra the thousand eyed, adored by all Devas when Vritra was destroyed, let that felicity occur to you" "Which blessing was invoked by Vinata to Garuda who was setting off to bring nectar in the past may that blessing happen to you.
vrm.2.25 "While blessing was bestowed on Devendra, the wielder of the thunderbolt killing the Rakshasas at the time of producing nectar, let that blessing come to you.
vrm.2.29 "Oh Rama! Even Devendra by his strength, cannot over power me, who is in your vicinity.
vrm.2.32 Then, Rama who speaks polite words as coolly as Brahma to Devendra, spoke to his beloved brother Lakshmana as follows:
vrm.2.35 "Incitedby the evil minded, do not put before the public an improper course of conduct of your husband who spendour is equal to that of king Devendra and who is a protector of this world.
vrm.2.52 As a doer of wicked deeds cannot enter Amaravati, the capital of Devendra, so also I cannot enter Ayodhya without you.
vrm.5.1 "O best among mountains Mainaka! You have been positioned here by Devendra as an obstacle to the groups of Asuras living in Patala.
vrm.5.1 "Then the angry Devendra who performed a hundred Asvamedha rituals, cut off the wings of thousands of mountains by his weapon vajra then and there.
vrm.5.1 "That Devendra angrily reached me with raised vajra.
vrm.5.1 Devas and the thousand eyed Devendra who were there, became happy by the task of that golden hued Mainaka.
vrm.5.1 The wise Devendra himself spoke these words through faltering tones due to extreme happiness, to Mainaka, the best among mountains.
vrm.5.1 Thereafter, the best among mountains obtained great happiness on seeing Devendra, the lord of Devas being happy.
vrm.5.1 Then that mountain with a given boon from Devendra stood still there.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma went, like Garuda, in the sky served by clouds or streams of water, served also by Birds, tread by masters of music Tumburu and other Gandharvas, served by Airavata, borne by Lions, Elephants, Tigers, Birds and serpents, decorated by clear Vimanas moving with great speed, shone by fires with thunderous jolt equal to that of Vajra the weapon of Devendra, decorated by people with good deeds, people with great luck who conquered the heavens, served by the God of fire carrying great quantities of oblations, shone by planets, stars, moon, sun and starlets, occupied by groups of great sages, Gandharvas, Nagas, Yakshas but unpopulated by humans, clear and all pervasive, served by the Gandharva king Vishvavasu, roamed by Elephants of Devendra, the path of the moon and the sun, the auspicious one, a wide canopy of the earth constructed by Brahma, served in various ways by excellent courageous groups of Vidyadharas.
vrm.5.13 Devas together with ascetics will make success to me here, self born Brahma the divine one and devas and Agni and Vaayu, Devendra wearing the weapon of Vajra and Varuna with Pasha in hand and also the Sun and the moon and the aswinis.
vrm.5.24 "Withheld in the house of Ravana well protected by us, even Devendra himself is not capable to protect you.
vrm.6.6 Having seen the fearful and the terrible act in Lanka done by Hanuma, like Devendra the powerful King of Devas, Ravana with his face descended a little with shame, spoke to the Rakshasas as follows: By him, who was only a Vanara, the irresistible City of Lanka was entered into and was over powered.
vrm.6.7 The earth was filled, like with big trees, with many warriors who were strong with a courage equal to that Devendra.
vrm.6.7 Approaching that huge ocean of army of Celestials, whose fish are lanes and spheres, whose guts thrown asunder as duck weeds, whose turtles are the Elephants, whose frogs are the teeming Horses, infested with Alligators in the form of Rudras and Adityas with Uragas, Maruts and Vasus, having chariots Horses and Elephants for its volume of waters and the sandy Elephants for its volume of waters and the sandy banks its infantry, Devendra was captured by him and was impelled to come to Lanka as a detenu.
vrm.6.7 Oh, king! Having been released by the orders of your grand father Brahma, Devendra who killed Shambara and Vritra and who was adored by all Devas, went back to heaven.
vrm.6.11 In that assembly, that Ravana, full of mind, shone with brilliance among the assemblage of those Rakshasas possessing great strength, like Devendra amidst Vasus
vrm.6.13 Kumbhakarna and Indrajit of great might together with us are capable of keeping off even Devendra, wielding the weapon of a thunderbolt.
vrm.6.13 Even Devendra with thousand eyes or Varuna can not conquer me in battle.
vrm.6.15 At one time, the competent Devendra, the lord of three worlds, was indeed tossed down on the floor by me.
vrm.6.50 "Even the most valiant Asuras or the exceedingly strong Vanaras or the Devas together with the Gandharvas having Devendra in their forefront are unable to untie this awfully terrific entanglement of arrows created through his power of sorcery by Indrajit of terrific deeds.
vrm.6.61 "That Devendra, tormented by the hit of Kumbhakarna, was burning with rage.

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