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vrm.7.68 She was the more beloved of the two ;his other spouse was Devayani, grand daughter of Usanas.
vrm.7.68 Puru was born of Sarmishtha and Yadu of Devayani.
vrm.7.68 The son having, weepingly and distressingly, said this, Devayani was greatly enraged and thought of her father.
vrm.7.68 As soon as he was thought of by his daughter Bhargava speedily came there and beholding her senseless and deprived from joy said Daughter", whatisthe matter ?"The effulgentfather having addressed his daughter repeatedly in this wise, Devayani, enraged, replied "O foremost of ascetics, I shall either enter into fire water or drink poison by no means I shall preserve this life of mine.
vrm.7.69 Having thus addressed his son Puru, the king Yayati angrily said to Yadu, the son of Devayani Thou, vicious Rakshasa, art born of me in the shape of a Kshatriya, or else why shouldst thou disobey my orders ?For this thou shalt never be a king.

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