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vrm.1.35 "As such, that marvellous and sinless daughter of the lordly mountain Himavanta, ever flowing in the form of water, ascended to the abode of divinities and became Deva Ganga Divine River.
vrm.1.37 "While god Shiva is undertaking ascesis thus, then the Devas desiring an Army Chief for Deva forces have arrived in the audience of Forefather Brahma, along with Indra and keeping Agni at their fore.
vrm.1.37 Oh, god Brahma, he who has hypothetically given a Chief of Deva Army in the form of his potence that god Shiva is undertaking a supreme ascesis, indeed along with Goddess Uma.
vrm.1.37 In whom the Agni can procreate an enemy destroying Chief of Deva Armies, such an empyreal Ganga is there.
vrm.1.37 "All of the Devas have then come together under the leadership of Agni and they anointed that highly resplendent boy, Skanda, or Kaartikeya, as the Chief of Deva Army troops.
vrm.1.49 There chanced an abundant floral fall form firmament to the drumbeats of Deva Dundhubi, and the Gandharva s, Apsara s revelled in a splendid festivity that is superb.
vrm.3.30 In this meantime Devas gathering along with Carana s drummed Deva Dundhubis from all over and showered flowers on Rama from all over.
vrm.3.65 As no altruist can evoke indignation in a hallowed person who is performing Vedic ritual, honestly, these rivers, oceans, mountains, Deva, Gandharva, and Danavas too cannot evoke indignation in you, because they are always gentle to you.
vrm.4.22 "And by the impetus of whose great rapidity flowers available in forests and woodlands used to shower on him in torrents and enwreathe him from behind, that Vali is no more, and now who has got such an impetus? b, a "By which great souled Vali a ferocious duel was given to the Deva, namely the great armed Golabha, which did not cease either in the daytime or night till Vali felled Golabha, that Vali is no more.
vrm.5.18 While He was going only a hundred of women followed that Ravana like Deva and Gandharva women following Indra.
vrm.5.22 Seeing Seetha being frightened by Ravana those Deva and Gandharva maidens grieved with troubled eyes.
vrm.5.22 Deva and Gandharva maidens and Naga maidens surrounding Ravana in all directions entered that best among houses.
vrm.5.51 "This Sugreeva is indeed neither a Deva, nor Asura, nor human, nor Danava, nor Gandharva, nor Yaksha, nor Pannaga.
vrm.6.59 Hearing that Prahasta had perished in the fight, Ravana was afflicted with anger and his heart filled with grief and he addressed the foremost of his leaders as Indra to the leaders of the Deva troops as follows: That enemy is not to be despised under whose blows the destroyer of Indra s host the leader of my army with his followers and
vrm.6.59 The body of Deva or Danava heroes may not be so radiant in this manner as this body of the king of Rakshasas.
vrm.7.15 And the Ten necked one successively assumed the shapes of a tiger, a boar, a cloud, a hill, the ocean, a tree, a Yaksha and a Deva.
vrm.7.32 And with various sharp pointed weapons, he, highly angered, began to assail the Deva host like unto the winds scattering clouds.
vrm.7.33 Thereupon Ravana s son struck the Deva host with thousands of huge mountain summits, Sataghnis, maces, Prasas, clubs, daggers, Parashos and various other sharp pointed weapons.
vrm.7.33 Being overpowered with arrows on all sides the Deva army, leaving aside Jayanta, became restless.
vrm.7.80 Without perfectly subjugating the earth how lost thou wish to lord over the Deva kingdom ?If the whole world is under thy subjection, O hero, be thou, with he whole host of thy servants and soldiers, installed on the celestial throne.

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