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vrm.1.58 Destiny is the ultimate course, isn t it? b, a
vrm.5.37 Destiny" drags out a man into a very extensive fortune or into a very dreadful adversity, as if being dragged, tied with ropes.
vrm.6.104 Impelled by force of Destiny and with his red blood eyes through anger due to infatuation, that Ravana spoke to his charioteer as follows: "O evil minded fellow! Despising me as though I were bereft of manliness, incapable, deficient in prowess, cowardly, petty minded, devoid of energy, bereft of brilliance, deserted of conjuring tricks and abandoned by mystic missiles, you are acting as per your discretion!" "Why have you carried away this chariot of mine, thus humiliating me in the presence of my enemies and overlooking my will?" "O vulgar fellow! You have destroyed my fame which was earned through a long period, prowess, vital power and the trust of people today.

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