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vrm.4.43 "Where an expansive lake is there, which is replete with lotuses and costuses, overrun by swans and partridges, and adored by throngs of Apsara s, that is the place of Kubera, Deity for Wealth Management.
vrm.6.125 Tell him about the bestower of boons by Indra by brahma the lord of creation, and by Varuna, my meeting with my deceased father, through the grace of Shiva the Supreme Deity.
vrm.7.6 And coming to that enemy of Kama and foe of Tripura the three eyed Deity, the gods, with their voices faltering through fear, represented with joined hands, O reverend one, the creatures of the lord of creatures are being sorely troubled by the sons of Sukesa, given to harassing their foes, swolen with insolence on account of the boon conferred on them by the great father, Our asylums, constituting our refuges, have been divested of their power of granting shelter; and driving of the deities from the etherial regions, they are sporting there like the immortals.
vrm.7.44 He alone can see him with whom he is pleased, O my son; neither by the fruits of sacrifices, asceticism, self control gifts, sacrifices, nor by anything else can one behold the Illustrious Deity.
vrm.7.45 The highly effulgent and illustrious Agastya,sprung from a vessel, again addressed the humble Rama as the great Patriarch sprung from lotus spoke unto the Great Deity.
vrm.7.82 This effulgent, ever existing arrow was made by the Primeval, Deity, Vishnu the lord of creatures.

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