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vrm.1.4 b a And another Sage bestowed a black Deerskin, and like that yet another a sacred thread.
vrm.2.30 "While walking with you, blades of kusha grass, shrubs by the name of kaasa, reeds and rushes and plants with prickles which fall in the path will touch my soles like a heap of cotton or soft Deerskin.
vrm.2.50 Know me as under a vow to be an ascetic, wearing the robes of bark and Deerskin and by piety, I am determined to live in the forest by eating roots and fruits only.
vrm.3.1 They have age old saints with controlled senses who are clad in jute cloths and Deerskin, and who subsist on fruits and tubers alone, ye their resplendence is like that that of the Sun or the Fire.
vrm.3.19 "Those two are in adulthood, good looking, gentle yet greatly mighty, eyes broad like lotuses, dressed in jute cloths and Deerskin, subsistent on fruits and tubers, composed, sagacious and celibate, and they are the sons of Dasharatha, namely Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.3.19 "Wielding weapons and wearing jute cloths and Deerskin two humans have got into ghastly forest of Dandaka along with a woman of age.
vrm.3.35 At that place Ravana saw the Rakshasa named Maricha, wearing jute clothes and black Deerskin and tufts of hairs, and the one with regulated diet.
vrm.3.39 "From then on wards, I am indeed descrying Rama at this tree and at that tree, dressed in jute cloths and black Deerskin, and handling his bow like the Terminator handling a tether.
vrm.3.43 "Else if that best deer does not come into you capture while alive, oh tigerly man, at the least its gorgeous Deerskin will be remnant of it.
vrm.3.43 "I wish to sit along with you on its golden Deerskin, overlaying it on a seat of tender darbha grass blades, in case the deer is felled.
vrm.3.43 "I think the skin of Kadali deer, or of Priyaki deer, or of Praveni deer, or as a matter of fact the skins of best breed of deer or sheep will not be match to the Deerskin of this deer, insofar as the soft touch is concerned.
vrm.3.43 Lakshmana", see how Vaidehi s percept is overtaken by Deerskin.
vrm.3.64 lappet fold of lips jerking spasmodically, he girded up his jute cloths and Deerskin and twined up the mass of his matted hair.
vrm.3.74 Thus that way said by Rama in consent, she who is wearing tufty matted hair, jute cloths, and Deerskin as her clothing, she offered herself as an oblation into Ritual fire, and then like a flaring fire, she went to heaven alone.
vrm.4.28 "Donning clouds akin to black Deerskin, showers akin to the sacred threads, caves replete with breeze akin to vocal cavities, and the mountains are like the young scholars.
vrm.4.51 Thus, Hanuma on saying therein that subject, again spoke to that most reverential and sainted lady who is dressed in black Deerskin and conducting herself in probity.

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